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Waterstones is an amazing place to draw from the well of creativity. The shop is divided into many zones with staff who are not just retail drones, but people who have a love for their products and books. Downstairs hosts a vast childrens section plus a small collection of boardgames.

There is also a large collection of note books and journals. By the 2nd entrance, you are greeted by the latest books; what's clever and unique I think is the handwritten staff notes about these books, giving a personal insight and review of a book.

Upstairs hosts an even larger collection of books, graphic novels and school help text books. Seemingly every topic under the sun is here, complete with several very comfortable couches to just fall into with a newly purchased book.

There is also a handy coffee and hot food stop overlooking the streets below but luckily not overly loud to break a readers concentration. Unfortunately Waterstones falls into the high street RRP of books which can be higher than online competition but it seems to be weathering this. Perhaps they should offer an instore service - buy it noe for RRP or order it online at discounted price; but you have to wait.

Overall Waterstones is an amazing place for books and related material.

5 by Claire Bradshaw Review source

This is my favorit place to take a coffe. Nice stuff and lots of good books you can read freely while enjoing your drink. Best time to go is in the week, it is usualy too crowded on Saturday.

5 by Lenka Janoušková Review source

Great booky atmosphere, table displays as you walk in. Helpful staff. Upstairs coffee shop, recently refurbished and offering good fare. Toilets!

5 by Diane Hellyer Review source

Nice bookshop, not too crowded as some can be.

Good cafe, slightly expensive but good selection of food and drinks.

4 by Pete Wilson Review source

Always helpful and friendly staff, very loyal to this shop, window displays are good and I love the book reviews

5 by Emily Gibbons Review source

Lovely coffee shop. Delicious cakes. Friendly, obliging staff. Positive experience.

5 by Angie Cooper Review source

Amazing space, great cafe with lovely pastrys and welcoming staff

5 by AARON T Review source

Love this place..and so much more than just a book store..

5 by Beverly Marshall Review source

Staff are fantastic, always helpful and love books!

5 by Peter Ward Review source

Great service and quick response thank you

5 by Geoff Turner Review source

Great book selection, even better coffee

5 by Furious Furian Review source

Great selection of books, friendly staff

4 by Eleanor Simmonds Review source

Only bought a book voucher this time

5 by Lynda Butler Review source

Great place for a book and a coffee

3 by Adrian Richards Review source

Brilliant book shop. Lovely cafe

5 by Eric Kingston Review source

Excellent coffee with books.

5 by Atul Awasthi Review source

Nice contry side book shop

4 by Tomas Bieliauskas Review source

Excellent comics

5 by joe tighe5 Review source


3 by Karl Byatt Review source