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I went there for the first time today as I have been wanting to try it out ever since it opened earlier this year. So me and my dad sat down at our table and got handed menus. I went straight for the bubblegum Sunday! I was expecting it to have a few scoops of bubblegum in it and only take a minute or so for it to arrive. No it took about 5 minutes to arrive as well as my dads latte-which had been ordered with the ice cream . It had this big mountain of vanilla on top, a few scoops of bubble gum and a few scoops of strawberry. All mixed with bubblegum sauce and strawberry sauce. It was horrible. The bubble gum tasted like nail varnish and the sauce smelled and tasted like I don't even know. Never going back. Highly overpriced and I DONT recommend going there if you only have a small budget.

2 by Horsey_Megan Review source

I usually visit creams but today I Visited Kaspas for a takeaway, the cashier checked my £20 note as he informed me they had taken in some fake notes, which isn't a problem, however, several people ordered after me and none of their £20 notes were checked, I couldn't help but feel a slight discrimination from the staff. There was only one member of staff who seemed pleasant, the woman who prepared the food.
On top of this, when the deserts came, the crepe was very chewy and was very difficult to cut, they were very stingy with the toppings for how much it cost... however, the ice cream is very creamy and flavoursome, but overall this was a bad experience, leaving a bitter taste in my mouth! I think I will stick to visiting creams who seem to never disappoint!

1 by denni pedley Review source

My family travel up from Yorkshire and every trip my mum insists we visit kaspas for a fresh waffle. She doesn't meet any resistance as we all agree they are unrivaled on their array of desserts. There is a waffle for every family member, some stick to our favourites and some go off piste and make their own from the toppings menu. My brother and sister have each had a sundae and the gelato is delicious. The decor has an American diner type feel with booths. The food is great value for money at around £5-6 for a waffle which are so filling they constitute a meal!

5 by Leah Stewart Review source

Amazing desserts. The service is amazing and there is so much to chose from. The only issue is that I can never decide on what to get. Love the desserts so much and I will definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone because the desserts are extremely tasty. The service is extraordinary and the look of the desserts place is amazing. I love the contrast of black and pink, and the dessert place is also decorated in a party way with the different coloured lights and the disco ball. Love the desserts so much and will definitely be returning.

5 by Adeem Asghar Review source

My partner and I had the ice cream milkshake and chocolate peanut cake. Both were very good. You can choose any two ice cream scoops (mint and pistachio for us). The cake was heavenly with a side of vanilla ice cream. Calorific for sure but worth it on a cold blustery day! Service was great. We managed to get sat straight away but just 5 minutes later and we'd have to had queued. No bad thing as they have comfy seats and the rotation of customers is pretty constant so no big wait I guess.

5 by David Brazier Review source

We both really enjoyed our desserts.
Quite something you would expect from a successful chain.
What was lacking unfortunately was the service. Very cold, and unwelcoming. Service upon purchase was lower than the standard at a fast food place.
The server actually went out of his way to elbow my head as he passed. No apology followed. To be honest, I should have played hell but I was feeling defeated that day... Lucky for him.

1 by Liam Webster Review source

If you like ice cream then this could be your heaven. There are lots of mouth watering ice cream sundaes to choose from and they all look delicious. I went for the bubblegum sundae and it came beautifully presented and tasted great. Be prepared for a short wait as this place gets busy. You wait at the door and are then shown to some seats where you wait until a table is free. Gives you a bit of time to drool over the menus

4 by Ian Foster Review source

Had been before and got the caramel one this time around and there didn't seem a lot of it, in fact two of us got the same one and there were big gaps in the ice cream around the middle. A few of my friends got different ones and they had plenty of ice cream and no big gaps. Was disappointed this time around especially for the prices you pay. Service was fairly quick though.

4 by Martin Parkes Review source

Wow. If you love desserts you may have just found a little bit of paradise in Newcastle. The place has an American diner feel to the decor. It's bright and contemporary. The whole menu is dedicated to desserts. Sundaes, waffles, crepes, cake, pancakes, cookie dough. If you can manage it, the birthday extravaganza sundae looks immense.

5 by Duncan Phin Review source

The place lacks good service, it took them couple of minutes just to notice our presence. The chocolate pudding was merely a chocolate cake off the market with nothing special and worse plating. The strawberries in the crepe were dry and not delicious at all. In addition the crepe was overly cooked. I would not recommend it at all!!!

1 by Review source

Awesome desserts with portions that will leave you stuffed. Place was crowded but was seated (group of 6) within 5 mins. Staff was helpful and let us taste and chose the ice cream flavours we weren't sure of even though it was a busy time. Deserts were very tasty and presentation on point. Definitely recommend it.

5 by Ravindu Ranaweera Review source

A place where delicious dessert is made. I was a good time time snack with friend. Yet there is a number of teenagers were in the restaurant during day time over the weekend and holidays. It would get a bit noisy sometimes. Yet everyone was there for a good time to enjoy the sweetness taste of dish.

4 by Michiyo Kurosawa Photography Review source

Average rating for an average place. Places like kaspas, kreams and other mainstream dessert establishments, must use the same suppliers as everything is the same bar the branding.

Decor great, service is okay but that doesn't takeaway from the fact that nothing is unique.

3 by Mohammed Miah Review source

The food was excellent, but after having to send mine back twice I overhead on of the waitresses having a good old natter to her friend about me (not in a nice way) which actually really upset me and I ended up crying into my delicious waffle and rushing straight out. Not a nice experience.

3 by Kahina Grant Review source

Love this place me and my mam try to come every week fantastic crepes lovely smoothies waffles lovely to first time me and my mam came here was on my birthday a couple years ago and the staff were really kind and sweet the service is brilliant to if i could give more then 5 stars i would :)

5 by Phil Taylor Review source

so, kaspas you really ruined our relationship. i thought we were moving forward from this however when i pulled that piece of plastic out of my mouth that had come from my waffle i knew, that this had to end. right now im laying in bed thinking why, why did you try and choke me with it.

1 by Jenny Brown Review source

Nice location. Need to improve on the quality. Wide selection of items. I think they have lost focus on quality and management as they are busy. They will loose customers if they don't focus on quality as other similar places opening in newcastle this season. Should improve.

5 by Review source

So you've just been dancing and singing along to your fav band and you walk out the door hungry and this little Angel of a place is opposite with some of the baddest choices for desserts around! So much choice for toppings too! You are going go be spoilt for choice ENJOY

5 by Peter Bowers Review source

Fantastic desserts and definitely worth going to. Only issue is that sometimes the place can get very busy, so you may have to wait a long time before you can get in due to its popularity. Menu is moderately expensive but it's acceptable for the quality of the desserts.

4 by Harry James Review source

Sat and waited over an hour before we got our waffles, when asked where our waffles were the response was 'the machine has ran out of paper' yet people who came in a minute or two after us still got there's. Overall the waffles were lovely.

1 by Review source

Sugar overload heaven of pure sweetness and brain-melting chocolate/strawberry/nuts/all the good things desserts. The waffles are a delight, try the Choc-a-lot one, I can guarantee it'll redefine what a dessert means to you :)

5 by Ovidiu Naclad Review source

Quirky space with diner-style desserts and music. During the day it's for youth, but later in the evening, folk like me can get a nice dessert although the restaurant we had main course at only did ice cream

5 by Hugo Minney Review source

Can get very busy at times so expect a wait if there is a show on at the Academy. Quite a varied menu with a good selection of both cold and warm dishes. On the expensive side for the size of the portions.

4 by Peter Kerr Review source

Very expensive for what you get. A waffle is around £6 with a topping and they are very tight with the toppings. Wouldn't recommend! Tried to speak to the manager but she could barely understand me.

1 by Mark Andrews Review source

Sells overpriced desserts targets towards teens. It's a good place to visit once or twice but I'll definitely won't be going there again.

Deserts are nice and decent size

3 by Z a k Review source

Great choices of desserts. Couldn't fault the service and lady who served us was welcoming. Lost a star due to the price - £8.50 for a waffle and a latte (the waffle was delicious however!).

4 by Amanda Moralee Review source

Great place for desserts. Such a wide range it is hard to decide what you want. Nice atmosphere and I love the colour scheme. It feels like a casual place. I would definitely recommend it.

5 by AnA castilli Review source

We usually always come here for desert after eating out. More often than not I will just grab a coffee but they do fantastic chocolate dipped strawberries, as show in the pic attached.

5 by Ben Coomber Review source

Not a great offer for those with allergies to eggs and nuts. In fact, you can't have anything here if you have those allergies. Nice place to chill with friends however.

3 by Brian Terry Review source

The takeaway shakes we got were ok. The service was a little slow but it wasn't so bad I wouldn't go back! I'd like to try sitting in and getting waffles..

3 by Nick Hilton Review source

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