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Grand Arcade, 1 Fisher Square, Cambridge CB2 3QF

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Came for day trip with family from abroad for lunch. As a group of 6, we were seated pretty quickly, but it went downhill from then. The menus were just dumped on the table and no one made themselves known to us as to who would be serving us. No one came to take our drinks order and all the passing waiters/ waitresses would be 'with us in a minute' and then went off to serve other customers who arrived after us. When no one came after 15 minutes we tried to attract someone's attention. The waitress who saw us chose to ignore us and made fun of us with her colleagues mimicking us gesturing for attention. Credit to the waiter who eventually came to serve us, he was helpful and courteous. The food arrived fairly promptly and were of a fair quality. Unfortunately the whole mood of the meal had already been completedly ruined by this point. Sadly this branch did not live up to the standards of the Carluccio chain. Needless to say we would not be recommending this place.

1 by Lok Lui Review source

Ate here for our works Christmas party and was a little dissappointed.
Have eaten at the bury st.Eds branch which is superb, but Cambridge is not so good
The starters were very hit and miss with the pear and gorgonzola salad being a plate full of dry raddichio and no cheese and two small strips of fruit and barely anything else, no dressing. Presentation was really poor. The complaints on five of these salads saw the management give people there money back. The mains courses varied, some good others not so, again poor presentation with no garnishes and plonked on the plate. What you see is what you get! Guess I was disappointed and left feeling 'meh' as your works christmas do is something you look forward to all year. Desserts were ok. As an established chain of restaurants considering we had all pre ordered, I expected a higher quality and better presentation of food

Wouldn't choose it again for a Christmas venue.

2 by Carol Matthews Review source

The Cambridge restaurant is fabulous. Not so fond of the Norwich one, though. We went there after a show, having booked, and they couldn't wait for us to get through our meal - felt v unwelcome. And a couple of weeks ago, they over charged us by over £17 !! Recently I had to eat on my own and chose Carluccio's, Norwich again. I was shown to a table, and sat there for 12 minutes being totally ignored. Other customers after me were attentively served. I left, having told the staff near reception of my predicament. I went to Giraffe instead - where I received superb service from three of their staff. I should add that we've been to Carluccio's, Norwich, on other occasions with no complaint - but three unlucky visits......not good. I need to repeat, this is about Norwich, not Cambridge.

5 by Richard Burke Review source

I visit Carluccios now and then, usually for breakfast but also for dinner on a few occasions. Overall I'd say its a decent place to eat. The food is generally pretty good and decently priced, my main issue is that sometimes the service can be a bit slow. This isn't a criticism of the staff themselves really as they've always been helpful, but the place can get very busy and there are quite a lot of tables, so perhaps they need some more staff there to cope a bit better. The staff are generally pretty quick to take the orders and deliver the food, but as they are rushing around serving tables it's sometimes hard to get the attention of someone mid-way through the meal, or when you want to pay.

3 by Mr Latency Review source

Waiters with no experience and completely outdated compared to customers.
Noisy staff, like 'beach bar', so no relaxation room.
Vaguely Mediterranean inspired food but served in a casual and conceptual way. Still acceptable to English standards.
The waiters do not know the food they serve, so the basics are missing.
Standard has declined sharply over the last three years.
Concitations from metropolis in a harmonious town. Outside context.
To refuse, because some ideas are good. Dear Prosecco.
The espresso is good but served warm .... it needs to be served just ready, but the waiters are too busy with each other to get interested in the clientele.

2 by Flavio Scudeler Review source

When it first opened service was agonisingly slow but the food was great and good value. Last week we found faster service but portion size and quality of food was well down. The 'funghi fritti' was disastrous - a tiny pile of what looked like what someone had found left over at the bottom of the frier - horribly greasy and flavour-free. The calamari that used to be a generous pile of super crisp deliciousness was now served on a slate - cold, about half what we used to get and no longer either crisp or delicious. Sad.

3 by Bill Amos Review source

Some of the slowest service ever! Took one and a half hours for part of the food to arrive. Afterwards, we waited another 30 mins without recieving anything. We asked the staff were are food was and they said that they forgot about it!!! After waiting even more, all the food finally arrived. But even then they didn't include the ice cream that came with the meal! Still, the food was pretty decent, so can;t say anything about that, but the service was aweful!

1 by Yacoubinator Review source

A friend and I had lunch today 12 April and my friend was quite satisfied with her lasagne, while I must say that my Abruzzese Salad was not very good. There were approx. 4 tsp Mozzarella and a few flakes of tuna, and not worth the price. I had the Chocolate Bread & Butter pudding which unfortunately was somewhat dry. However, the service was very good and also the price on the whole. I've been to Carluccio's many times over the years.

3 by Anita Huntford Review source

I cannot believe in 2017 food and service can be so poor....I'm utterly appalled by my two courses last night...a thin rib eye steak so over done my steak knife struggled, and so cold the fat stuck to the roof of my mouth, the calarmi starter so bland and mayo dollopped in a dish...service painfully slow, great when you need to get to the theatre..frankly they don't derserve to be in the prime spot of cambridge.

1 by Emma Weatherhead Review source

We visited this restaurant last night which is ideally situated close to the Arcade shopping mall and the Corn Exchange. The meal was superb, catering for a wide variety of tastes including two fussy veggies who were with us.

What did stand out was the wonderful service we received from our waitress, Kinga (2536) She was friendly, attentive and good fun, a real credit to this restaurant, we will be back!

5 by David Royce Review source

Service unbelievably slow, for a three course meal took us more than two hours despite the place was pretty empty.
They brought us the wrong dish twice!
When it arrived the fonduta was cold and solid, the futuccine with tartufi and funghi tasteless. WiFi did not work. The best dish was the old bread (4.5£) with the table oil.

1 by Mattia Cinelli Review source

Nice restaurant with a decent level of service however the food wasn't very impressive (especially considering that the prices are not particularly cheap here). Nothing specifically wrong with the food just wasn't anything special. A little disappointed, especially as I love the chef Antonio Carluccio!

3 by Samuel Macdonald-Walker Review source

Carluccios now has a vegan breakfast & is open at 8am! The Magnifica for £10.95 is the best & cheapest breakfast in Cambridge; Inc coffee & juice. Rafal was our waiter, very friendly; attentive & fast service. The breakfast is well worth trying at this price!

5 by S Duedal Review source

Well booked this for a birthday party well in advance, but was shocked to learn they had booked us in for the wrong time. This was swiftly sorted by somewhat embarrassed staff. From their onwards, it was superb. Staff friendly, food excellent. We had a fab night.

4 by karisma khurrum Review source

I love having breakfast and lunch at Carluccio's everywhere i go within the UK, but in Cambridge it was a big deception !! the staff was simply awful and rude, they literally suggest us to go somewhere else because there is no table available for 8 people.

1 by MT K Review source

Lovely food, prompt and friendly service up to the point when lunch rush is over, and then all staff seem to disappear, took half an hour to get the bill. Spoilt the whole experience for us, up to that point couldn't fault it in anyway.

3 by wendie walker Review source

Website says open at 8am. Walked in for breakfast at 8.10am, only to be told they were not open. Open times need to change on website as I came in especially early to have breakfast. Thankfully Jamaica Blue around the corner was open.

1 by Louise Clarke Review source

I like the food and the venue and and have been there a number of times. The service has only ever been adequate but last night it dropped well below that. The service was truly dreadful .

1 by Keith Brown Review source

Lovely food & great service, although waiting times can be a little long. I'd certainly return though even if it's just for the truffle samples while waiting for a table!!

4 by Chris Williams Review source

Ill after meal, no response from emails , very poor , you don't expect to ill after meal out. Shame have eaten here many times before, obviously gone down hill, try some else !

1 by James Cole Review source

Carluccio’s. Went for breakfast. TBH it was a bit disappointing this time. The scrambled egg and the salmon is too cooked, and too salty as well. Waited for ages for the bread.

3 by Ebony Zhang Review source

I always go to Carluccio's before the Theatre and have never been disapointed with the service or the food they are always very efficient and polite a great supper spot.

5 by Mike Mullen Review source

Located at the entrance of the shopping mall, for the locals and tourists alike, it is a nice place to have a quick rest, sipping some coffee or wine. Staffs are friendly.

4 by jian gu Review source

They let us pay 50£ more , never again always I go there the staff is not prepared and not nice I couldn't explain my self why this place is still open and working

1 by Giacomo Esposito Review source

A little outside space on hot days and pleasantly decorated indoors. Standard carluccios offerings. It's possible to stop and have a drink without ordering food.

4 by binnie binnie Review source

Food arrived cold. Didn't get a very good response from staff when we complained but they rectified it. Been to this chain in London and it was much better

2 by Lewis Cooper Review source

Food always seems a step above other high Street Italians. Fewer screaming children is also a plus.

The coffee ice cream is particularly good.

4 by Tom Perman Review source

A wonderful meal as always. Good service really pleasant and helpful staff. We try to seek out a Carluccios when we travel and are never disappointed.

5 by Wendy Weaver Review source

I had to ask for my menu after about 15 minutes of waiting and then had to ask for them to take my order another age later. The food was tasty at least

2 by George Miller Review source

Slow service and no communication. Waited 20 mins for our starter and after a further 30 mins our main had not appeared so complained and left.

1 by Stuart Barrett Review source

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