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0 star for the Heathrow Parking. hlgave 2 because the customer service was decent but they have not resolved the problem.

I was trying to find the terminal 2 long stay parking as it says on the OFFICIAL PAGE that 2 hours are free as long as I don't come back within 24h.
5 times I drive around terminal 2 and couldn't see long stay instead short stay and drop off.
I went in the short stay hoping it was connected with the long stay. at the entrance displays 4pound for 30min. I go in and try to leave straight away as I couldn't do a ut-turn.
Calling the intercom assistance . the guy forces me to pay . I told him I want just to leave..he says we allow grace period of 2min,I explain him I can't get in and out within 2 MIN unless I crash my car somewhere or drive like a crazy man...he keeps repeating pay the 4 pound.

I asked him to use then my 30min and go back in..he says 'sir pay then get another ticket and pay for that also then you can stay' Lol I was screwed both ways.

Be carefully if you enter the car park expect to pay even if you don't use it and drove in by mistake.

I wonder how much profit they make will all these charges. As if there is a good salary for the workers? I doubt so ..only the top gets advantage.

2 by TheCrowdsOpinion Review source

11May18 12:55pm. It's a long time since I rated an airport because they are just so bleahhh and it's a lost cause to think they can improve their customer service and pedestrian passenger flows in the current age of security and necessarily detailed scrutiny. But Heathrow (or at the least terminal where I landed from LAX and then went through immigration and customs to check in for a Scandinavian Airlines flight to Stockholm) was dazzling today in it's processing speed. Not to mention that laid back British aplomb which seems profoundly ingrained into the diverse ethnicities working for regulatory & border control agencies at Heathrow. It took me 20 minutes to walk out of the Air New Zealand plane at Heathrow and make my way through a couple of kilometers of walking and immigration queues to check-in for my SAS flight and walk into the Luftahansa Lounge in Terminal 2. And there were aa lot of people here at Heathrow. Very good compared to LAX. No comparison to the Heathrow of 1990s or early 2000s.

4 by Ulu Aiono Review source

I am very concerned about the service Heathrow Airport provides its customers. I was present when an elderly lady fell down in the bus station of Terminal Five. After helping her to a seat, the help button was pressed on the concourse. No one arrived. I later flagged down a member of staff who said he would return in five minutes. No one came back. I then pressed the help button again, and was told someone was being sent. Finally when I had to leave the lady to catch my own bus, I made a final call and was told that help was still arriving. In total, we waited over 45 minutes since the initial call, and no one came to the aid of this lady. Leaving her, I asked people at the bus stop to look after her, as still no one had arrived. What an utterly abominable failure of Heathrow Airport to provide support for customers who need extra assistance in completing their journeys. It is not a case of you can do better; you simply must do better! Shameful!

1 by Thomas Swinburn Review source

World's best airport. Nearly impossible to get lost here. Seriously, just follow the always available instructions to get to your destination. Crossing the UK border might take some time, but that depends on when you are traveling.

Plenty of restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, and top end retailers abound just in case you haven't spent ALL of your money already! Trains will take you from one terminal to another. Trains leave from Heathrow to take you directly to all points London. Trains leave from Heathrow to take you directly to Paddington Station, where you'd be able to catch a train to Cardiff (highly recommended!).

I go to Heathrow very often, at Terminals 2 and 5. This is the world's greatest transit center, a very well oiled machine. Makes sense, since London has the world's best transportation system...

5 by Mainman Slim Review source

Excellent airport to use, can be a bit tricky working out where to go because it is just so vast in size. Planes seem usually on time depending on the weather and the prices inside are typical airport prices!
There are plenty of practical shops inside including WHSMITHS, I always tell people that it's cheaper to buy a meal deal from them (sandwich, crisps/chocolate and a drink) than purchasing a meal on the plane.

The planes are always well looked after and good clean for anyone who needs some reassurance before getting on one. I'm a rather nervous flyer and everytime the staff have made me feel comfortable and safe.

The facilities are usually very clean and the airport itself is clean and tidy the shops inside are very well laid out and all staff inside seem very friendly.

4 by Gemma Martin Review source

Yes there are a lot of shops but the staff are rude and intrusive. The transit passengers are treated poorly. The service was appalling and the staff are too busy working out who is going on break. They must use actors on border security because I had trouble understanding a word of English. Stylish stores but no help for disabled passengers. UK is not the hub of EU with respect. You do not get treated like that in French Airports. No smoking rooms was a nightmare for those passengers who smoke. The duty free was terribly expensive my new suitcase was broken by security staff and thank goodness the Salvatore Ferragamo employee was so kind she helped remove the scratches on my new handbag made by staff checking transit passengers. If I wanted to go to the UK again I think I would catch the train from France.

1 by Corinne Pascal Review source

Heathrow terminal 5 is an exclusive hub of British Airways.

An airport shuttle train connects the three buildings.

The security check is remarkably thorough. Passengers cannot carry food articles in Cabin Baggage. The body scanner created an alarm even for a small handkerchief in a trouser pocket.

Terminal A is accommodating a spacious waiting hall. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available all over. So here it is easy to use your time productively. Power supply sockets are available in some of the chairs.

Many eating houses are spread all over the hall. With some search, one can locate the vegetarian items easily.

Departure Gate is displayed two hours before take-off. So a constant watch is necessary to avoid last minute rush.

4 by Chandrashekhar Tilak Review source

Great place to relax before u get your plane. Many shops, cafe bar, fast food etc, a lil bit expensive as all airports in the world. They have play area for kids, comfortable seats to wait, it is like a small city. And I am talking just about ONE terminal, and there are FIVE. Friendly staff ready to help u. Also halal food, Lebanese restaurant. Sea food, Italian food, coffee, tea etc. In one word: it's fine. I just suggest to airport to provide some plastic bags or slippers to frontier when they ask you to take off your shoes. This is the only inconvenient, the security control is necessary, but we stay in bare feet on dusty floor. In rest everything is fine. Amazing place. I waited 5 hours now and I was very happy and excited. Clean toilets. Prayer area. Ablution site.

4 by Mimoza Maimutza Review source

Good points about this airport is the modern accommodations with many choices of beverage and food concessions throughout the facility. Security check system is abysmal. Just be aware that your belongings have a good chance of being misplaced or lost when going through the security scan. Personal items put in trays will end up on a different conveyor belt than you think it will end up. My friend lost her jacket and her husband couldn't find his wallet for a while with only minutes to connect to another flight. For some reason the olive oil they had bought at the duty free store in Mallorca, Spain was taken out of the sealed airport packages and re-examined with the 'sniffer'. Seems like a very inefficient and hap-hazardous security check point.

3 by Rene Garcia Review source

It's a really busy international airport so if you're flying from here make sure all your liquids are in the correct amounts in the correct sized plastic bags, or be prepared to have them taken from you. Standing and moaning about it will just delay you. Getting it wrong will just delay you. It doesn't mean the staff are rude or are picking on you, they're just doing their job.
I once had an emergency at this airport and a lady who worked in one of the outlets came and helped me and made sure I got my flight so I even though I've had an emergency, and also had liquids taken from me as I'd got it wrong! I still have to say that Heathrow is an excellent airport with excellent staff throughout.

5 by MeMe Bonsconski Review source

Heathrow Airport (also known as London Heathrow) is a major international airport in London, United Kingdom.

Heathrow is the second busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic (surpassed by Dubai International in 2014), as well as the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic, and the seventh busiest airport in the world by total passenger traffic.

In 2016, it handled a record 75.7 million passengers, a 1.0% increase from 2015.

As the airport is located west of London and as its runways run east–west, an airliner's landing approach is usually directly over the conurbation of London when the wind is from the west.

4 by srinivas singri Review source

London Heathrow Terminal 5
I went there to fetch some friends who were arriving on a British Airways Flight. The Car Park was pretty convenient as the “Green Light Parking Indicator” has been installed to inform the drivers that a parking bay is available. The first time I saw this in operation was in Melbourne, Australia and muttered to myself, I hope this Green Light Parking Indicator will be introduced in the UK. Yes - it is now in London.
Meeting our friends from the Arrival Hall in Terminal 5 was very easy and straightforward. I spotted them when they spotted me. I was out of the Terminal within 30 mins with a £4 parking fee. Not bad for London Heathrow.

4 by Michael Oon Review source

London Heathrow International airport is so big. Be prepared for large crowds. Please arrive 3 - 4 hours before your flight if you are taking an international flight. Security lines are ALWAYS extremely long. There are places to eat in all the terminals. When ordering food at restaurants be sure to ask how long it will take to receive your food. Need a book to read on your long haul flight then stop buy one of the book stores for magazines, books, chips, candy and much more. Check out the electronics stores for phone accessories and headphones. You can catch the train from London Heathrow to see some of the major tourist attractions in London.

4 by Brown Eyes Review source

I was at heathrow on 9 mar 2018 and was stuck there because my flight from Toronto to londLo was late and missed the connecting flight to New Delhi was missed. That was my worst nightmare of my life. Airport was closed, not a single flight from 10 PM -6:00 AM to anywhere, no helpdesk, no food, no place to rest, it was cold, we 3 passengers stuck there. Very badly designed architecture on the way to gate walking time 20-25 mins after walking 10 we realised that it took 10 min in reaching to other side of a glass wall they may make entrance through the glass wall instead of 10-15 mins walk ....there is so much to write ..... It was worst.

1 by Rajeev Mishra Review source

As a non-EU resident, you normally have to queue at least one hour (or most of the times 90 minutes or more) just to pass border control to enter UK. The reason why it takes so long is not because there are too many passengers, but the lack of border control officers (the desks are half occupied at best).

I can't imagine how much time has been wasted collectively from all passengers everyday because of the incompetence of Heathrow airport. But it sums up pretty nicely about how UK welcomes foreigners these days.

I would try void Heathrow if possible. use London city or Gatwick if you can

1 by Y Dong Review source

This was the first time I was using this airport and I had a great experience, I was flying from Star Alliance Terminal 2 which the most modern one. Also getting to airport is easy and cheap, because if you go from zone 2 its only £1.50 which is really good and it's fast, really no need for taxi. Airport is really modern and security is fast and efficient. Central departure area is really nice and there are plenty of shops and restaurants and gates are really close so you don't have to sit at the gate until boarding call. I can really recommend this airport and I'm looking forward my next time there.

4 by Nicholas Pratt Review source

All of the people that work here are soulless and don’t care about the well being of anyone. They threw away all of my medicine which will cost me hundreds to replace and they didn’t show any ounce of care (not to mention I’ve taken them through at least 15 other airports and have never had a problem). It’s not very well laid out, the signs are quite confusing. There’s snow on the ground outside and it’s about as hot as hell inside, they really could stand to lay off of the heat. I can now say I’ve spent 90 minutes of my adult life in the UK and it was a horrible experience and now have no intention of returning.

1 by Andrew Baumert Review source

Huge modernised sprawling airport which is the main hub for London. Terminal 5 is really 3 terminals in 1 with a rail shuttle that connects all 3 of them. If you land at terminal 5 expect to wait for everything. Security is especially slow and the lethargic staff at the clearance checks make for a depressing and frustrating experience. The shops are top notch and priced accordingly. Some restaurants offer usb charging ports but they're limited to .5 amps, making them pretty much useless for modern devices. The Harry Potter store was the highlight of my stop.

3 by Steve Caron Review source

Nice airport complex.A travellers great transit hub.Flying with British airways is always a pleasure so is the transit at London Heathrow airport.There was snow during the landing yet the operations took place without much delay.
On arrival especially at transit one is guided with the time frame planning for reaching the respective departure gates.
Wide variety of stores for shopping and good restaurants for leisure on avail at the airport.
Staff courteous in handling the travellers.Have free WiFi which is quite good.A thumbs up to this great airport ...

5 by Tony Morais Review source

Stayed a night in transit at the Hilton airport hotel. Except for the long line at the passport control which is not a surprise being one of the busiest airports in the world, everything else went smoothly from transportation to navigating the corridors and walkways going from one building to the other, all made easy thanks to the genuinely kind staff at the airport who go out of their way to help. Going through terminal 5 on departure was so easy as well where there is a large shopping area with restaurants in a pleasant setting worth the time waiting for the flight

5 by U H Review source

I mostly go to Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 because I’ve flown with Iran Air many times to visit my family in Iran, My favourite terminal at Heathrow is Terminal 5 because it looks like a shopping centre and it is very big and you can get great views to see a lot of British Airways aircrafts departing and arriving, I do like Terminal 4 even sinced I’ve flown on Delta before from Heathrow to Atlanta before I went to Orlando and I really do like seeing all other airlines from around the world including some other airlines from the USA and Europe.

5 by Babak Khanbashi Review source

This airport is humongous. Many terminals. Can get confusing and overwhelming on short layovers. I suggest arriving early since when ever I’m here I would like to be in the airport at least 4 hours before and when I have a layover I only take 4 hours and above since it can be crowded especially during the holiday season. Staff are always there to make sure the airport is running smoothly and if there is a problem a passenger experience manager comes in. Everyone is friendly and if you’re late there is always a chance of being on time!

4 by Hazem Amad Review source

For being one of the biggest airports in the world the services during the night are horrible. At 22h, there is nothing else open (not even service desks) and they basically let you alone inside. Our flight conexion was missed and then we needed to stay overnight at the airport because no one could attend us and provide us with a hotel (and it was only 22:15h). Furthermore more, they forced us to go to one gate with very uncomfortable seats and no facilities to make your night a bit more comfortable... a horrible experience!

1 by Irene Molina Review source

Over an hour was spent in customs after landing from a 14 hour flight. Certainly not pleasant. Staff were busy directing the lines rather than having more people on the desks to get through the two planes that had just arrived with ours. When we finally made it to the front the poor staff member said that this was quiet! You need more staff on guys! By the time we made it to the carousel everyone's bags had been off loaded for the next aircraft

Upside, the staff are reasonably friendly and the airport is clean

3 by Ariana Zoe Review source

If it's freezing outside,. then it's freezing in the terminals as well,. this place needs heating or airlocks,. it's horrible! We were in our t-shirts...

Gate info boards need a current time display.
Shops (food) were wildly expensive. 2 pounds for a tiny cup of fruit, or 2 pounds for a pretty small sandwitch... madness.

Toilets smelled like urine.

The bus to get from terminal 2 to 4, has no 'current time, or expected wait time',. and not much heating either.

2 by Thomas Hansen Review source

This airport is huge, vast, busy, and modern. While I was a bit confused as to where to meet my friend at first, I soon found out which gate to go to, and it was pretty easy and seamless to find and use the underground train system (!).

I am unsure if they have this in the states besides from outdoor connector trains (sometimes from ANOTHER train, like from the MTA to JFK in NYC), but this was very quick and efficient. I'd recommend using this airport to others and would fly in here again myself.

5 by Sha Ro Review source

Since I am retired I am using BA usually for my flights. Much more reliable and cheaper as other airlines available in my home market
The advantage BA takes Heathrow as their hub. The advantage: Flights to Heathrow are judged as a feeder flights and therefore much more cheaper as flights to German hubs.
The Heathrow airport has wonderful facilities and shopping opportunities.
For me is the offer of a 4 hour free WiFi most important.
Looking at Heathrow let other European hubs look poor...☺️

5 by Tired Bicyclist Review source

The female South Asian staff with glasses at the baggage area was so rude. She was nice at first but got triggered when my mum's baggage was just above the limit. We could have easily shifted a few items from one suitcase to another within a matter of seconds, but she told us to go back in the line which took 45 minutes to get round to the front again. She was very lucky we weren't in the mood to make a scene and ask for her manager to complain about her poor attitude that day in summer of 2015.

1 by Justin Clarke Review source

Heathrow Airport is large and mostly well signed. I object to its policy of not announcing gates until last minute and then you have to run for it in order to board. If you have to go to the bathroom, you lose out.

Also the perfume is overwhelming in Terminial A where you have to wait to find out your gate. I was sneezing etc. before I escaped to Terminal C.

And there are a dearth of water bottle filling stations.

It seems all about fleecing travelers.....

2 by Review source

Been through Heathrow Airport loads of times over the years and have never had a problem once. The airport is well laid out and easy to navigate through. The facilities are modern and always kept clean. The only annoyance I have (which is the reason I didn't make it a 5 star rating) is because every time I've been through for some reason I cannot connect to the WiFi. It's definitely not my phone because I can connect to other people's WiFi etc. Can this please be fixed!!!!

4 by Justin Allen Review source

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