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I just LOVE Chiqutos the staff are excellent from floor staff to chefs and management they make you so welcome and have time for a little chat. The food is brilliant can't fault it at all get yourself along and enjoy the experience and have a great time it's that good I'm there three times a week all the staff are like family if there's anything you like to ask them about they're only to happy to help so come Amigos vamos get yourself along to your nearest Chiqutos and enjoy This is an updated review many people are saying things about not getting a seat having to wait for one then other people saying having to wait for food to be served well sorry I don't agree with those people I've been different times and I have got a table no problem, as for the wait for food being served reason being you have to wait is because it's done fresh not left around under anything to keep warm when you have to wait a little you know it's getting cooked fresh it gives people time to have a chat and drink while waiting the girls and managers are very nice and polite I've never seen a grumpy one yet and if for any reason you have a problem have a word with the staff they don't bite they are there to help

5 by Kath S Review source

Would have given zero stars if possible. We were told it would be a 20 minute wait for the table. After 30 minutes we enquired as to how long a table would be as we had a film to get to. The waitress was very rude and essentially told us it wasn't her problem.
We finally got a table and after another half an hour, had to ask for our order to be taken as we were being ignored. We noticed other tables around us were also complaining and asked what the hold up was. It was explained they couldn't afford more staff. Which quite frankly is unprofessional and not my problem.
The food finally arrived after over an hour in total of waiting. This was also unsatisfactory, and certainly not worth the time invested.
If you intend on going out for a nice meal with family or friends don't bother with this place. You would get better service expecting a lap dance in a nunnery.
Overpriced for food it would have been faster to cook yourself.

1 by Review source

Best Mexican Food Out There and Flexible Service Too!
I have been eating at Chiquitos with my children all over the country for nearly 20 years. The Metrocentre Chiquitos, however, is a bit special. Not only does the menu contain food for almost every taste but their cocktail list is great and the service second to none. I usually go in and order a Chimichanga without the refried beans and with fries, with extra Guacamola and Sour Cream. Neither the servers nor the chefs turn a hair at this and bring me an exceptional plate of food every time. My children have eaten various versions of nachos, tortillas, and most other dishes on the extensive menu, as well as vegetarian dishes. The food is absolutely excellent, the service quick and the overall dining experience very family friendly. Would highly recommend.

5 by Gillian Leighton Review source

Utterly disappointed, went yesterday it was very busy so had to wait 40 mins for a table, staff were all very pleasant, but the food was dismal, I ordered chicken and ribs, the presentation was awful my 9 year could do better, it had been thrown on the plate.
I got a lot of chips, then a very dry over cooked chicken fillet about the size of my palm, 2 onion rings, and 2 Yes 2 ribs I asked if that was the correct portion and was told yes a quarter rack of ribs is 2, oh and don't forget the slaw which was served in a small dipping sauce dish, slightly bigger than an egg cup.
This cost me over £16,
We won't be visting again , bar Burrito is just a couple of doors down and much nicer for half the price.
Was absolutely gutted.

2 by claire cavanagh Review source

We went today at the metro centre at 2'30 pm i have the app on my phone and was looking at it my fiance had ordered drinks only i was looking through the app as havent looked at it for a while I put my phone down at out the way to look at the menu whilst looking the very rude waitress with a pony tail and glasses said ' ive seen your phone you can't use vouchers for dinner menu ' . I had no intention off using a voucher we got up and left and went to coast to coast instead .Will not be going to Chiquitos again the good is mot authentic mexican i go yo cancun every year on holiday only was going for the jalapenos poppers

1 by Boss of the year 1832- . Review source

'would that be the full or half rack of ribs? Full, you'll never get through them.'

I got through them, and the pineapple thins with Chilli sprinkled over, (only if you're daring according to the menu), and honestly, both dishes were surprisingly good.

A quick lunch turned in to a leisurely feast, made even more special by the wonderful staff.

Best I download the App, as I plan to feast some more, my protests regarding visiting the Metro Centre will now be far less vehement, not that there's anything wrong with the Metro centre, simply not my idea of fun that's all.

5 by ModernBeaker Review source

This restaurant has sadly gone massively down hill. Regardless of when you go you will always have to wait for a table, even when the restaurant is half empty. Seems this is because the staff don't clear the tables. The menu has been reduced greatly. The food is hit and miss, sometimes it is cold, sometimes it's cooked well. Most recently I ordered my favourite mocktail (nearly £4!) and it came in a Pepsi glass without fruit. Apparently the barmen had smashed all the glasses! Seriously! Buy more glasses or reduce the price and give staff proper waiter training on clearing tables and general efficiency.

1 by Review source

Very disappointing, ordered Fahitas, portions of meat small, not enough to fill the 3 Tortillas, which were just wrapped in paper and went cold immediately. Peppers and onions were undercooked, tomato relish was freezing which made them even more cold. Complained to waitress who said she would pass comments on to the Chef, which she clearly did not. as she even asked us the same questions when paying our bill as she did when she took our order. Just a load of insincere chat, they are clearly not interested, not good value for money, would not recommend and will never go back

1 by Review source

I've been coming here for years and have always had a great experience with staff and food. Until today we waited an hour for the food to come and when it arrived there was a hair in the fries. I asked a member of staff to replace them and didn't even get an apology. The fries were replaced but looked like the left overs from someone else there was only about 10 of them. The food was mediocre not sure if they have new chefs but the standards have certainly dropped. I think this may be the last visit from us which is a shame as it's always been friendly.

1 by Review source

The food was great. The only downside was the service was so long. It took them 40mins to serve us our orders - even though we could see our food on the counter. Afterwards, we waited another half an hour for one dessert.

We ordered from the Street food collection - paella, sweet potato croquettes, mini tacos, then churros for dessert. The food was delicious! I especially loved the paella. The price is slightly pricey, but would still go again - just maybe not this specific one because of the service.

2 by Review source

A lukewarm experience. A less than warm reception, followed by tepid food and service throughout. Food sat on the pass for far too long, the kitchen don't talk to the waiting staff it seems. The food was uninspiring irregardless of its temperature, bland flavours and meager portions. I ordered steak fajita, was provided three tortilla but not enough filling for them. There was no atmosphere in the resturant and I can see why now. We shall not return.

2 by James Enright Review source

The front of house team look like they have seen better days none of them knew what a smile was!
Asked to be seated inside the restaurant rather than on the outside simple request? No was told that the whole inside restaurant was pre booked (They just seem to fill the outside seats first to make the restaurant look full!)
Very disorganised.
Safe to say wont ever be going back here TGI Fridays made a much better lunch experience.

1 by Kelly Rose Review source

Been out with the family and wanted to go for a meal. After waiting for a seat, we had to wait over 10 minutes just to be asked what drinks we wanted. Then over 25 minutes later asked what we wanted to eat. I was about ready to walk out, just before being ask what we wanted. Over 45 minutes later the food arrived.
All the staff had the same miserable look on their faces the full time.
This is the last time we will ever be back!

1 by Ryan Moor Review source

Really disappointed! Went on Saturday with a friend We were so looking forward to eating as we had built up an appetite shopping and ordered Fajitas (one chicken and one beef). If it hadnt been for the guacamole and the salsa on the side to add in some flavour they would have been inedible. totally bland with zero flavour. The beef was dried and chewy and the chicken tasteless. :(

2 by Anne Lambert Review source

Really sorry to say this but on a Sunday I think you need more staff. It was disgusting the service was so slow. We have now been in 1 1/2hours and only had starters which on the picture u get about 12 mini breads with the feta and honey we got 2 and 2halfs then a popping candy cocktail without the popping candy. I normally live this place but I've been really put off

1 by Tahmara Mardghum Review source

Honestly, it wasn't too bad. The food wasn't great however, the stake was gristly and overly chewy, and it certainly was not worth over sixteen pounds! However, the wine was fantastic and the staff were warm and friendly. My critique, better the food or lower the cost. Three stars mainly for the excellent service, not so much the food.

3 by Review source

Went to enjoy a birthday meal. What a disappointment. Mexican restaurant with no rice!!!! No rib eye steak, no sides with the thinnest ever steak - told by the waiter it’s because the menu changed?!?! According to the menu we were shown it still came with sides. He read the menu and didn’t know what to say so shrugged his shoulders. Won’t be returning

2 by Review source

It has been a while since I had eaten here,in fact the premises had been moved to the Food Court of the Metro Centre. The meals were OK, nothing special but very unspectacular, luckily we were told of a voucher code which gave us 30% off the main course menu.
This made it a little more palpable.
Not be hurrying back I'm afraid.

3 by Jason Whitfield Review source

The gas was off on the day we visited so half the menu was unavailable, which meant it was empty, not the usual where it's normally packed. Food arrived quite quickly. I got a burrito with pulled pork which was nice. Also got a side of grilled halloumi which was beautiful! Little overpriced for what we received but was nice food.

4 by Review source

Has been moved to Yellow Mall food court, no longer in Blue. I don't think that the Metrocentre map has been updated?

Either way, the food was amazing and the staff were super friendly.

Would absolutely recommend their actual Mexican food: tacos/fajitas/enchiladas etc.

5 by LSG UK Review source

Great food and cocktails and lovely staff, however, we ordered dessert to take away for the kids (chirios) they did not include the chocolate dipping sauce so the kids were not impressed, to dry. They also had no foam for the gin fizz. Saying all that I would still go back, lovely atmosphere.

4 by Tracey Henderson Review source

Shocking customer service. Food is very poor quality and quantity. Expensive all round just a poor restaurant. Had a previous bad experience and complained got a voucher to use went back to use it and got ignored at the entrance for 10 mins till I walked away. Will never go back.

1 by Michael Houghton Review source

Me and the wife have been here for a meal on many occasions in the past and thoroughly enjoyed the food, drink and relaxed surroundings. Though not been there for quite some time now, we do plan to go during the next week as we only live about quarter of a mile from Metro Cent.

4 by Review source

The menu is overwhelmingly big and complicated with different prices for the same items depending on time of day. I went for the Street Food-option and had three small dishes. The tacos were good, but the other dished were just ok and deep fried. Also, the restaurant was cold.

2 by Martina Lima Review source

Great food but service can be very slow. They tend to often run out of things when special offers are on. Other than that the food and cocktails are amazing! One of the best places to go in the Metro Centre. Remember to download the Chiquito app to get even better deals!

4 by Christine Smith Review source

Food was quite nice. Had to wait 20 minutes for the order to be taken at 8pm. Couldn't attract anyone's attention to pay, so downloaded app... Which failed to connect to server. Self service terminals would be a progressive evolution in service.

2 by Review source

Absolutely fantastic food and a great feel about the place. Staff are very kind and helpful, exactly what you want from any restaurant. Definitely be returning to this place sooner rather than later.

5 by Kevin Huntrod Review source

We had a baby with us and the staff were extremely helful when seating us and attending to our orders.
I can recommend the enchiladas with extra filling... it turns a plate of two into three :)

5 by Deadpool Merc Review source

Being a vegetarian i wasn't really sure what to have. They were totally happy to customise anything on the menu for me. This i loved. The food was good as we're the staff.

5 by Paul Riley Review source

Haven't been to Chiquitos for many years. I was very pleased to see it had not changed a bit.
Great atmosphere, great service and beautiful food. Highly recommended

5 by Alan Rodmell Review source

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