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8 St Edward's Passage, Cambridge, CB2 3PJ

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This has to be the worst service I have ever had the girl behind the counter was good but when my ficatia came out that was meant to be a bugget th n when I went to take a bit I notice it was full of lettuce I took it back explaining tuna and tomato I asked for then the woman think was maneger or owner came out with a passive aggressive attitude giggling that I had a complaint about there being lettuce on my roll so she went away came back with what I thought was another roll no she just took the lettuce off witch left the bottom soaking in the warty substance that come out of veg when you cut it or as I said the lettuce juice I have worked in the service industry before I would have took it back no question asked but no she wanted a argument and could not get in her stupid scull that making a mistake you should rectify it don't think I will ever recommend it to anyone go as far to say places to avoid

1 by thomas sutherland Review source

A small cute and boutique coffee shop which on the face of it should be rather good. One would expect that they would know how to make a decent shot when that is the main produce. But heavy sigh, another pseudo coffee joint that doesn't know the difference between a ristretto, espresso (and it doesn't have an X in it!), or a long espresso.
Mediocre blend at best made by someone who is clearly a self taught Saturday worker, into a cold glass and then into my cold cup. By now my 'coffee' is luke warm and rather thick.
Much as I desperately try to avoid chain coffee houses, the disappointment of half arse attempts like this send me back to a consistently average costa.

2 by neil parrock Review source

We were about to order some cake when after spending one hour in the cafe we were asked by unfriendly staff to leave the cafe because we only had two coffees so far. So we left instead of spending anymore money there and never returned. Very inappropriate behaviour. Rather spend your money some place nicer in Cambridge.

1 by Miriam Nahid Wallner Review source

Indigo café is a very cosy little place with excellent food, coffee and service! Lots of vegetarian and vegan options. The vegan bagle with hummus and sundried tomatoes is recommended. The staff is super friendly and the coffee is great. We always come here for breakfast when we are in Cambridge.

5 by Diana Undén Review source

Lovely small place in the very center of Cambridge. Seriously good coffee and the price is just great. I have always struggled to find a good independent coffee place at the town center as Cambridge is full of chain coffee shops. Indigo coffee house makes a very good alternative.

5 by Lidia S. Review source

I don't want anyone to go here because I feel like it's a little lovely cwtch hidden in the middle of cambridge that I can hide away just for me! With lovely company or a book and a simple sandwich and coffee. Standard. Like I like. Please don't change.

4 by katie m Review source

Cute little coffee shop tucked away into a narrow lane. Little seating and average selection/quality, but the environment is unique. Short of 5 stars as the combination of lack of WiFi and little cellular signal makes getting work done here difficult.

4 by Veera Mirdavoudi Review source

Had a lovely coffee sitting outside with my sister. Lovely casual atmosphere, good coffee, and very relaxing. Not much seating inside so great for takeaway and very central if you don't fancy the big chain coffee shops!

4 by megan murray Review source

Indigo is great - the coffee and the food are excellent. It's a very small cafe, so sharing tables is encouraged and a great way to meet random people. Staff are friendly and normally not particularly hung over...

5 by Tom Oinn Review source

Ok for a quiet coffee for a few minutes. Coffee is just passable. Dare I say, not the most friendly service. Made me come and get my coffee from the counter when she could have brought it to the table.

2 by Lewis Cooper Review source

Great little cafe. The freshest salad ever. Great looking coffees...will try next time. And such friendly staff. Dog friendly as well. Loved our little find. They do have seating upstairs as well.

5 by Side Note Review source

So charming and comfy, simple and tasty food. Smoked salmon salad is delicious.. The sandwiches too.. I think I ate there six times or more lol. And the best part, inexpensive and not crowded.

5 by Alan Fappi Review source

Fantastic independent cafe which does great lunches and coffee. Really good atmosphere. Very small and popular though - don't always expect a table at peak times!

5 by Jack Fellows Review source

This was my boyfriend and I's favorite part from our visit to Cambridge. The staff was so helpful and welcoming. The coffee was delicious and the price was great!

5 by Daniela Martinez Review source

Had delicious warm bagel- good price and cosy atmosphere. Cake was not the best but overall great experience if you want to go somewhere quirky and friendly.

5 by Review source

This place is a cozy little coffee house.
The food was delicious and that coffee was good. I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and a cappuccino.

5 by David Harada Review source

Amazing. Lovely smell of coffee and other delicousnesses as you enter, and the staff are friendly and welcoming. Recommended. Thank you.

5 by Review source

If you don't know what to get ask for the dirty chai latte, the only place I know that has a chai latte with a espresso shot in it!

4 by Jolien Dirix Review source

nice coffee and environment but lady in charge not very friendly. If you stay there too long she will ask you to leave the coffee house

2 by Zachary Seow Review source

Lovely little independent coffee house with freshly made food and snacks, and makes a great variety of delicious teas and coffees.

5 by Review source

Fantastic, independent and ethical. A far cry from the impersonal and indistinguishable chains that dominate every high street.

5 by Matt Berry Review source

Amazing!!! Tiny cosy wonderful place wooden made, surrounded by silence and a peaceful atmosphere. Very good cakes

5 by Review source

The coffee is always excellent and food too. Really like the atmosphere and friendly staff. Best cafe in town!

5 by Review source

Nice place to grab a quick coffee in the rain. Seating upstairs is eclectic but it adds to the atmosphere!

4 by Robert Powell Review source

Very cute, independent café. Lost one star because it's very small - can be hard to get a seat!

4 by Tim Kasoar Review source

average coffee, rude service, totally underwhelming when compared to aromi, which is 50 metres away

1 by Boris Fackovec Review source

Lovely coffee place in the heart of Cambridge, off the main Street, great decor and tasty coffees!

5 by Lucile Paisant Review source

nice cafe, very little seating, but worth the squash for great coffee served by caring staff.

4 by Matt Horsnell Review source

Cute little cafe! Much more cosy than the common chain. Great coffee and cake too. Thank you

5 by Review source

I loved this unique independent coffee shop. An absolute must if you are visiting Cambridge!

5 by Martina Dunne Review source

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