Caffè Nero - Darlington

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8-9 Horse Market, Darlington, DL1 5PW

+44 1325 354484




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Usually very good, a place me and my family go for drinks and lunch.
However, they have recently hired a new girl and her service is nothing short of appalling and rude.
Drinks are cold, served with a bad attitude and when returning have sarcastic rude comments made.
Used to be a place I would recommend, not anymore. (Well not days she is working at least, other staff are very pleasant)

3 by Keith Hall Review source

I usually like cafe Nero but this one in Darlington wasn't a good experience nearly every table was covered in coffee cups when we finally got our coffee it was Luke warm and it wasn't that busy

3 by Jackie Harris Review source

Coffee was good and they were nice to me but the two workers behind the bar were being rude and bad-mouthing another worker this afternoon, it left a really sour taste in my mouth.

2 by Jane C Review source

fantastically irritating policy of serving people further back in the queue as standard. Never understood this. Doesn't make anything quicker. Just more frustrating.

2 by Robert Lyons Review source

Great service. The staff are friendly but not obnoxious like an advert for a teen movie. Coffee quality is better than most places. Especially the big names.

5 by Joel Sharp Review source

Property 'coffee lounge' feel - not to cramped, light & airy, feels like a place you can really linger. Good food and, of course, great coffee.

5 by Steven Tilly Review source

I'd love to treat myself to some of the snacks but there is little for vegans and it's all so expensive. Friendly staff and good tea though. Cheers

4 by David Langley Review source

I generally really like Nero coffee but wasn't impressed this day. Staff were nice but service was slow, especially for a toasted sandwich.

3 by Garrett Meehan Review source

Great coffee shop - definitely the best chain coffee shop in the town! Staff are always helpful and friendly, fantastic coffee and good snacks

5 by Oliver Braithwaite Review source

When in the town centre we like to drop in for a coffee. Plus they provide the best coffee beans for our bean to cup machine at home

5 by Duncan Malloch Review source

The coffee and staff are excellent but the step into the café is very difficult for a single parent with a pram or similar.

3 by Chris Gibson Review source

Beautiful and Kind service from all the staff. I am very grateful for their great support and friendship!!

5 by Alistair Smith Review source

Friendly staff and they make a nice cup of coffee. Snacks and cakes aren't bad either.

5 by Matty Brown Review source

Lovely place my son works here the boss ladey is very nice it's lovely and relaxin

5 by Dorothy Blackie Review source

Great service and atmosphere. Almond crossiant was lovely and fresh. Coffee delicious.

5 by Heather Perry Review source

Fantastic staff. They know their regulars well and always have a chat. Love it here!!!

5 by Julie Perry Review source

Standard café Nero - just what you expect. Consistency etc. Pleasant friendly staff

4 by Andrew Vickers Review source

Not bad. It's a shame the chocolate coins they sell are euros and not sterling

3 by Liam Zalaiskalns Review source

Nice coffee, but watch the step at the entrance it's dangerous if disabled.

3 by shaun hawes Review source

Great cup of coffee in a nice relaxing atmosphere .love spending time here

5 by Jason Carlsen Review source

Best coffee in Darlington. Lovely staff. Comfy seats and a good view.

5 by Reuben Speed Review source

Very good coffee and pleasant staff and convenient as in town centre

4 by Sally Singleton Review source

Nice to warm up with a single shot small latte and ginger biscuits.

4 by David Harrison Review source

Always good staff and service. Gingerbread muffins are a favorite!

5 by james hornby Review source

Won't go anywhere else. Coffee is great, staff are greater.

5 by Tracey Mallaby Review source

Great staff.. lovely coffee and the red velvet cake is amazing.

5 by Dave Dome Review source

Good coffee nice place polite staff. Derved with a smile.

4 by Glynis Johnson Review source

Nice place for a coffee and treat the staff are friendly

4 by Yvonne Reed Review source

Best coffee shop around! Remember my order and everything

5 by Meg Wilson Review source

Quick and easy. Always good coffee. Time for refurb tho

4 by Allison barron Review source

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