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1a Philpot St, London, SE9 5DL

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The sainsbury's itself is fine no problems and staff are quite lovely.
My complaint is that you have to pay to park which is a pain if you are running in for literally one item and have a baby with you too. You have to park, get change and bring baby with you to the pay and display machine (I refuse to leave my child in the car), go back to the car and then go back to the sainsburys.
Would be great if it uses the standard 2 hours or even make it a max parking with no ticket 15 mins or so etc.

3 by Review source

Big car park. Parking fees are going up soon. But the first hour is free so shouldn't effect anyone just using the car park for shopping at Sainsburys.
Car get my car cleaned there as well.
Staff are friendly and helpful.
Wide range of stock. But often the shelves are empty of certain products; which I thought was a thing of the past with modern computer technology. Guessing it's distribution problems. Plenty of tills. You rarely have to wait long.

4 by Hissing Sid Review source

Terrible customer service.
Stood for abwhole minute at the new pizza counter whilst staff talked among themselves.
Then to be told abruptly 'just take one fromthe front!'.
Back to Tesco islt is where they are more polite and also dont dictate to you on what to buy.
Ill never shop in a Sainsburys ever again. Sooner shopbin a sloppy Asda.

1 by juan def Review source

Tina is awesome! You may see her whizzing around from customer services to the shop floor multitasking .. a very helpful pleasent emphatic beautiful lady, Tina made my shopping experience with my young children seemless from help with the trolley to items that I forgot to purchase she whizzed around & got those essentials to me with a smile and still asked if there was anything else she could do Thanks Tina

5 by Review source

I asked the butcher man how much the lamb was,his reply was it's individual priced where I said there is no price. He examined the meat and said it has a bar code price will come up at the till.i did not wish to go back and fro with different pieces of lamb for a appropriate piece. I left unsatisfied and found My lamb priced correctly in lidl.

3 by Anna Hill Review source

It's a sainsbury's supermarket. Doesn't have a massive clothes / electrical section, but you can get a weekly /monthly shop here. Be careful when buying baby milk. I picked up the wrong one by accident, realised before I had even left the store, but they still refused to allow me to exchange. A costly error.

4 by Andrew Abbs Review source

It's alright. Parking relatively cheap and good access to high street. A bit tired looking and things move around from time to time making it difficult to locate some items. Good for most basic groceries and home products.

4 by Review source

Re furbishment a total waste of money... still looks old and tired.
Toilets need modernising and parking fees exorbitant...
Shopping wise, lacks choice and variety and is generally overpriced.. especially fish counter.

1 by Review source

Is small for a Sainsbury's store but has everything you need. Staff are friendly and helpful. In all was a very good experience and would definitely recommend to others as well as going back there again myself.

4 by Patrick Penny Review source

Store under going a refit and not for the better.
Aisles are cluttered and narrow, alcohol aisles now have unnecessary increased. A new pizza station has been squeezed in instead of a hot food counter.

2 by Mark Collins Review source

Typical Sainsburys. Not massive and not the newest, but well looked after. There is a car park, but good luck finding the entrance to it. Even from the high street this place is a bit hidden.

4 by Matt Watkins Review source

Unfortunately Sainsbury's have for a long time been pricing themselves out if the market. Prices are far to high even with inflation added. So I only use them sparringly.

3 by Barry Keetch Review source

Busy, popular store. Well stocked. Wide variety of choice. Self service and manned checkouts.
Toilets. Coinstar. Food bank - for contributions. Helpful staff.

4 by Review source

Sainsbury's Eltham will be having a major re furb at the beginning of August costing a few million but will stay open,Chislehurst one has already been done xxx

3 by Review source

Tucked away just off the main High Street. A nice big Sainsbury's store, with friendly & professional staff, and customer toilet facilities too!

5 by Chris Gibson Review source

I shop regularly there and it is always nice and clean. The only downside would be the unfortunate back-alley location if you are coming with a bus

5 by Kristiyan Kovachev Review source

A good store lots of produce and fair prices ..There is car parking on site if you drive but main bus routes to local areas on the high street

4 by Karen Whitewood Review source

Really annoyed have to pay parking on a Sunday!! Never had to pay before on a Sunday , prices also gone up dramatically. Not happy customer.

1 by Review source

Good store but parking is very very tight, after receiving damage to my car stopped going, to many old people who should give up driving.

3 by David Dunn Review source

This Saintsbury is OK but doesn't always have as much of a range as other supermarkets. I come here more out of convenience .

3 by Richard Walden Review source

It's ok, decent size and stock. Not well advertised to get to though. Check the map and take money for 1 hours parking.

3 by Chris H Review source

Its a sainsbury, has parking, if your not aware what sainsbury is. It's a supermarket, better quality than Walmart.

4 by Barrie Shoare Review source

Well stocked and helpful staff. Large open top and underground pay and display car park. Store currently having a refurb.

5 by Review source

A pretty standard Sainsbury's. Not an extensive selection of wine so had to go elsewhere for the one we wanted.

3 by Nicola Shoults Review source

Very disappointed shelves empty several things I wanted didn't have .what's going on in the Eltham store .

2 by Review source

Just been refurbished but money spent has made what was a good Sainsburys into a poor one. What a waste of money!

1 by Review source

Absolute nightmare shopping here whilst they are changing things around. Always miss things off the list now

3 by Mark Moulton Review source

Place is good. You have to pay for parking there and only the first hour will be reimbursed (£0.60).

4 by Serg K Review source

Medium sized shop with pharmacy, deli, instore bakery and really clean toliets. Good disabled access

5 by Louise Degenhart Review source

Ample parking..clean environment.. Has all u need..toilets need a refurb..but clean enough.

4 by christina mence Review source

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