Central Arcade - Leeds

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Central Rd, Leeds, LS1 6DE

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A 1920's style arcade. A covered street with shops, really. It did get totally neglected after (and arguably before) the Corn Exchange closed all the boutique shops that killed trade in that area, but now seems to be coming back into fashion as that part of town has more appeal and is getting some investment.

3 by Duncan Agnew Review source

Only a small selection of shops, Nail place, ballet costumes shop and a 2nd hand electrical. Upstairs there's a hip barbers and a hairdresser. Oh and there's a Greggs, standard..

4 by Gurdeep Singh Review source

A fair selection of shops and eating places but unfortunately not in the same league as the new Trinity centre.

3 by Keith Hannah Review source

The dance clothes shop in here is lovely, used to use it a lot. The Greggs here is also good.

3 by Charlotte Whiteing Review source

The place is in the center of town but the shops are few and simple

3 by Review source

Still can't find the point of it, other than to walk through

1 by Warren Ledgard Review source

Lots of shops good place for everything you want or need

5 by Lorraine Cook Review source

Great place, got some good shops. Plenty of bargains.

4 by Rose Marshall Review source

Not the most interesting but always good to walk around

3 by marcel hendrickx Review source

There isn't much there. Most space is unoccupied.

2 by Matt Gorzka Review source

Over rated shops and prices good tattoo shop though

2 by Maxine Glassford Review source

Small arcade in the heart of Leeds city centre

3 by Richard grayson Review source

Had a good night out with 8 of my friends.

4 by Karen Calvert Review source

Oldy worldy arcade in the best tradition

4 by Pete Clarke Review source

Good quality small eateries and shops.

5 by Julie Ebbage Review source

Only one good think there Mrs athers

3 by Janet Chappelow Review source

It's like a link to the past

5 by norman stuart Glasper Review source

Great shopping place in Leeds.

5 by Girish Kale Review source

Good shops got what I needed

4 by Karen Mann Review source

A beautiful historic place

5 by Kasia Umi Review source

Very smart since rebuild.

4 by Richard Walker Review source

Nice place. Diverse shops

5 by Yasmin Ramzan Review source

Cracking place for a dump

5 by Review source

Good for window shopping

3 by ann johnson Review source

Great the best of leeds

5 by JM Remington Review source

Brilliant for shopping

4 by theresa broomhead Review source

Classy nice special

5 by Patricia Foley Review source

Good parade of shops

4 by Cameron Warner Review source

Lovely shopping area

5 by John Macdonald Review source

Old and dated arcade

3 by Colin Gledhill Review source

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