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43 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 4UA

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jajjajajjja. Don't go to complain. The manager has died. This Snowflake has a sad story of popularity to abodonment like Whiteleys. In Summer they had late night service. So we were going round one or two after midnight to get profiteroles and crepes for our movie nights and the manager served us every night. When she 'left' no, sorry, 'died'- RIP, some criminal sounding men were there the next day who served us a piece of dead human skin instead of crepe. The crepe takeaway box contained something as white as her skin and she was not there so I am sure it was her. We didn't eat so no judgement on the taste. I am sure if I inserted the fork blood would come out instead of nutella. After that no more crepe no angelic smile. We changed to crispe diet. Then Snowflake was closed, closed, closed and when I found it open a couple of days ago and went inside, there were two girls who had not heard the name of profiteroles and could not pronounce it and said they didn't have a manager. The place looked quiet and abondoned. Any idea where we can buy profiteroles?

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how standards have dropped usually dont write reviews as this place is a usual spot of mine and their waffles are amazing

I was greeted with take only away which we confused for take away orders only when ordering at 2200 when the store closes at 0000 upon enquiring was told hours are not as reflected and can change

instead take away meant we would be served in take away boxes 2hrs before closing whilst guests next to us had cutlery and plates making us feel like paupers

to my dismay I was bringing two friends out of town whom I'm highly rated the place, to my further disappointment

overall poor customer service downgrading otherwise a quality gelato establishment

#waffles served in a take away box with plastic cutlery not gram worthy


Thanks for your kind gesture I'm certain this was a one off and happy to take up the offer when I am next there


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Interesting points friends. I have great interest in linguistic and have been running a company for years. I don't know about other sites but even the reviews here are not logical. Either one star ratings or five star, which means an angry customer has complained and the company has faced it with putting a five-star rating for themselves. Still, these kinds of juvenile activities are never the work of the head of the company. They are the attempts of either a novice staff to gain acceptance or a failing one to survive, specially because in many of the reviews the managers' and staff performance is highlighted. Unfortunately, these kinds activities by lower members damage the reputation of the whole company. For me, this place was an average shop. Nothing much to highlight or comment on.

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This particular branch was exceptionally clean very friendly staff including Louisa and Sivden (apologies for the name spelt wrong) as our waiter. We ordered a strawberry milkshake with a hazelnut cookie and a latte with a Belgian waffle and vanilla ice cream after eating at Tinseltown we decided to go to Snowflake to try it out and after the pleasant service we got the amazing quality of product and the very fortunate 10% discount as a matter of first time goodwill by Louisa. It goes without saying we shall be back again for more ice cream and waffles...Next time cream soda with ice cream is on the agenda...Thanks Snowflake @Bayswater..You have tantalised our taste-buds!!

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Having lived in London for a few years, my expectations of ice cream have plummeted over time. So I was very pleased and positively surprised by this rather large ice cream shop. It's a bit pricey, but directly in Hyde Park you pay the same for much worse quality.

Here, on the contrary, they offer a huge assortment of flavours in different styles of cones or cups. We only took some ice cream for take-away, I don't remember if they do sundaes as well. In any case, the ice cream itself tasted very good and I'll definitely come back some time.

Apparently, this is now part of a chain, with a new shop opening in Wardour Street soon.

5 by Sebastian Dörner Review source

Came here after dinner for a dessert and Snowflake does not disappoint. Had the regular cone with 2 scoops and they were both solid choices.

I went for the standard pistachio and its nutty and fantastic, I also went for the 'Chef's special' which is something made from chocolate and by Odin's beard that is some dark dark magic. It was so heavy and chocolaty and awesome.

Next time I come here I will definitely go for the 30 pound bowl, which is a huge bowl with 23 scoops of icecream I think + biscuits and other goodies.

5/5 Zhao certified quality

5 by Zhao Peng Review source

Average spending per pax: £10.00
Ambience: 3/5 (does not feel cosy, can be pretty noisy)
Accessibility: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Service: 2/5 (Untrain staffs, feels like only one staff is aware of what to do)
Speed: 2/5 (forgotten our order and spilled our coffee. Spilled coffee is then continued to be serve without topping up the spilled portion)
Portion: 4/5 (just right)
Must try: nothing in particular, the gelato does not taste natural.
Queue: No
Remarks: Management should quickly look into staffs training.

2 by Jayde Neo Review source

Thisbplace is busy basically because the taste is amazing but the staff were the best out of everything especially the manager (Luisa) were she was also very kind to give us two complimentary macaroons strawberry flavored. This wasn’t my first time as she prepared for me a 4 box of ice cream that i was taking for a small gathering and they finished it all!
I would definitely recommend this place and come for dessert again! :)

5 by khalefah malallah Review source

I work closeby and took my family a few time a week. No longer recommended for families. Tha manager is always outside the restaurant smoking with a strong smell. She is old and had wrinkles but since last month her face has completely decayed and sometimes I talk to her she is logical but sometimes completely high and talks nonesense. She does coke drug one hundred percent. Not for my family anymore.

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The staff were absolutely wonderful, incredibly welcoming and helpful, whilst the pristine yet full of character boutique perfected what was my best experience of a gelateria. The ice cream was exceptional, no matter what flavour I tried it was more delicious and satisfying than any similar I'd had before. Always incredibly smooth with perfectly balanced flavours. Cannot wait to go there again

5 by Ali Nayeri Review source

Amazing Place, Good atmosphere

No sure Why someone described the Store Manager as a woman with a creepy voice.(wrong place?wrong manager?)
The manager here is a lovely lady, polite and with really high standards as we never have to ask for something in this place.
Good attention to details.
Also compared to a couple of months ago it is really clean.

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A bit on the pricy side for gelato but worth every penny! In addition to numerous flavours they have a menu with creative selections that are worth trying if you've got a few minutes to eat indoors; we tried a crepe with gelato and a 'Hot Fudge Snowdrift'...One of the best places visited during our gelato crawl (codename #OperationGelatoStrike on Instagram)

5 by Kevwe Edewor Review source

I will never recommend this place!!horrible customer service...while we were waiting looking at the flavours,the lady at the counter was speaking about her own business at the phone laughing and screaming,she didn't care about us and the other customers...after 5min waiting we left...she even didn't realize!!!!fu**them!!never again!!!

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The prices are confusing and slightly expensive. Its not obvious what you get for what cost and what flavours there are as they aren't helpfully labelled. What is venice cream flavour for example! The ice cream is ok qulaity though. The place itself is moderatley clean but staff are slow to clear tables and not always especially friendly.

2 by Mike Moritz Review source

Saw the first sun and jump to buy pistachio gelato. They are totally closed. Recently they are totally annoying. 2 months ago they took away the staff and brought some scowly women who did not even scoop our gelato. making annoying mountains. Now totally closed till March. Just open and give our pistachio gelato.

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Really good icecream, just not when they run out

Tried to order a milkshake, with my favourite flavours chocolate and peanut butter, but they didn't have it so had to make do with nutella and almond butter... not the same...

Otherwise this place is pretty damn nice for icecream!

4 by Timur Hasan Review source

Service is poor, number a very clean place, furniture falling apart, terrible place. The table was broken and we should hold it as it was almost on our knees. When I said about it to the lady she said, yes I know it, but didn't even come and help us! Absolutely wrong place for weekend ice-cream

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Came here with my friend to eat ice cream. They've got some really exotic flavors and everything tasted great. The ice cream isn't your average cheap ice cream - it's actually well made, tasty, high quality stuff that gives you layers and layers of flavor. Definitely worth a visit!

5 by Charles Tiu Review source

Simple, organic ingredients, excellent service, quint ambience and decent prices. Plenty of varieties to choose from and also available in waffles and pancakes--not just cups and cones! In our stay in London, we went here for about 3-times and weren't disappointed. Highly recommend!

5 by A K Review source

First time I went since the refurbishment! Really excellent customer service & attention to detail. This is possibly the best ice cream place in London. Love the strawberry & salted caramel flavours!! The dark hot chocolate is amazing as are the milkshakes ❤️

5 by K I Review source

Went there after cocktails at the Waterway and fancied gelato.

The selection was quite good and had great friendly service even it being nearly midnight. My espresso was also decent. I will go back when I get late night craving for gelato.

5 by Review source

I didn't have gelato. So can't comment on that, but had the cake. Cake was decent, and presentation nice. This place is nice for a quick visit for dessert after going to a restaurant. So will definitely go back to try gelato next time.

3 by Lacey Henry Review source

Went there after a year being away from in England to do a gap year. All is gone for good. The cosy atmosphere, the staff, the aura and food has all changed. It is like a whole new place. One place is crossed out my favourite list.

1 by Bushe Taznia Meri Review source

The manager puts her hand in the rubbish bin and works just like that. Trashy dessert. And my review in trip adviser didi not get published. The tripadviser reviews are complete fake. This is really unpleasant place to be.

1 by Maria Kaloskti Review source

Lovely and delicious deserts at this place! The place is very comfy to sit in with your friends and just relax! Definetly recommend this place to anyone who is loooking to have fun and just enjoy a nice day out

4 by Review source

Our cake was tasty but at 9.30 they started to clean making us uncomfortable.The site says closes at 11:30. They close at 10. Why don't they change the time on the site and the atmosphere is depressing.

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I ate a luxury waffle with red berries! It was wonderful!!! I regretted not having asked for the big one! Incredible place, extremely friendly staff. Would go back many more times, for sure!

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Be very careful with their 'non-dairy' gelatos - they are sometimes REALLY not OK for people with proper milk allergies. My son ended up with a severe anaphalatic reaction.

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Good selection of delicious ice cream and a choice of a few cakes. I had a milkshake made up of a few flavours which was heavy but satisfying. Open late on Sunday aswell.

4 by Andreas Kavallaris Review source

Not the kind of restaurant for me. It is too noisy with staff talking Italian loudly and people talking at yelling voice to each other and all dessert full of sugar.

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