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Battersea Park, London, SW11 4NJ

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For 5 people it's around £50! A lot for an hour at the zoo as it's small half of it is play facilities, by the time u have spent in the small cramped cafe you have probably spent £80 or £90 may Aswel spend the day at the seaside for cheaper , not putting this place down but it doesn't justify the cost , defiantly needs a revamp been here a long time now needs a makeover and more space ... I would come back but only if I could get some sort of discount voucher and bring packed lunches ,I don't mind spending more if I think it's worth what I'm getting for my money , sometimes small things that don't cost make a big deal and a better experience , party's here very very over priced 15 kids and at £30 each is steep then on top u have to pay for adults which is quite bad parents have to bring there kids .............!!!!!!!!!!!! Not fair!!!!! Even a small charge of a pound for an adult to bring there kids to the party would be better , your talking around 4-500 for a kids party , I think this place could still do well with a bit if restructuring , diffrent party packages for diffrent budgets ..... cater for all! More space please revamp ! offers on certain days! Better cafe, adults love a decent cafe , would pay more for the coffee if it was decent , . Doesn't have to be posh to be better . All in all worth visiting on a discount but not worth full price ... just needs a bit of tlc this place

1 by Carla Ashby Review source

Even though I only live a couple of miles away from Battersea Park, I didn't realise there was a zoo here until last weekend! It's not the biggest of zoos. Don't expect lions and tigers roaming huge enclosures. In fact, if you do see a lion roaming the park, I think the best advice is probably to 'inform a member of staff immediately'. But, as I maintain, size isn't everything, and what they do have here is a lovely family friendly park with a variety of animals. The main attraction for me was to see the meerkats. They have a mob here of 12, next to the otter enclosure. There are feeding times throughout the day (meerkats are around 14.45), and the keepers seemed more than happy to spend some time with the visitors to answer their questions. Quite a lot of the park is aimed at kids, with places for them to play, and tunnels for them to go underneath some of the enclosures to get even closer to the animals. Nice place :) Oh, and take your camera!

4 by Phil Verney Review source

We had an amazing time as a family of 4 at the zoo.
Although the animal part wasn't that big as expected more like local children farm but for children age 1-5 I think it is just right.
The zoo it self got a large play ground for children,so my children spend more time in playing area and were less interesting in visiting animas.
Also there's animal feeding time table which your children can get involved in.
As a family we had packed lunch so it wasn't that costly to us, although tickets were bit to pricy aspecialy\\u200b with children age between 1-4
Overall we spend round 3hour in zoo.

5 by Julita Sekonaite Review source

We booked the zoo to host our daughters sixth birthday party and it was fantastic, the team were waiting for us when we arrived, and handled the whole event from beginning to end. Most of the parents commented on how well the party was managed, and how happy and calm the kids were whilst under the supervision of the staff. all in all, possibly the most relaxed and structured kids party I've ever been to. 10/10 to the staff who ran the party for us, they couldn't have done a better job.

5 by Ron Sibayan Review source

According to my 5 year old daughter, going to the Battersea Zoo was the best day of her life. She really liked all the animals but the one she spend the most time with was definitely the donky. There were a lot of other kids and the whole atmosphere was quite lively. My experience differed a bit since I didn't really like the coffee there but in the end it is a Zoo not a Cofe Shop. I would recommend spending a day there with your kids as they would really enjoy it.

3 by Alex Review source

I absolutely loved this wee zoo. Our son is 16months old and it was brilliant for him - lots of animals to see, sand to play in, some huts for when it rains, a playground, small rides and all easy with a buggy. The cafe is a bit cramped - but has a good selection of healthy and unhealthy provisions (and highchairs). Loos are at the other side of the zoo, but as it's quite small, it's not too much of a hardship to get to them.

5 by Katie Brewis Review source

A glorified farm; not worth the entrance price. I don't know if I'd recommend this 'zoo' to parents with young kids. There are *more* play places (sand pits, life-size play fire engine, paid for machines and toys, etc) than there are 'zoo' areas/animals which distracts attention from seeing the animals. You'll essentially be paying £20-40 for your child to play with sand or go on some swings.

3 by Mikail Tunç Review source

Very lovely place,my 3year old and I visited couple of days ago. We haven't seen all of the animals as they were hiding,but we have seen some and my son enjoyed it a lot. The one thing he loved the most was the fire engine,he didn't want to leave. Also,lots of playzones and seating areas,perfect for a day out. I think they were building a helicopter there as well,we will visit again for sure. Very lovely staff!

5 by moncuska888 Review source

Small, all too small. Too many birds in far too small cages. Parrots squeezed around light lamp looking for heat and again very small space without any green brunches. No sky view. The list is long... all animals have less then minimum ... corn snake wouldn't be able to stretch his body in his enclosure. For me it was traumatic experience but my 2yo had good time on the play area. Price to big. Never go there again.

1 by Daria W Review source

Had a good time at the Zoo with my daughters. They enjoyed looking at the animals, and especially liked feeding the Rabbits & Guinea Pigs. The playground is also good and there's lots to do. Cafe could do with a little enhancement as the food range is pretty limited. Apart from that it's a nice place, but the range of animals to see is fairly limited, possibly due to space.

3 by John Sampson Review source

Like the idea behind the zoo but it just doesn't cut the mustard. Very few animals worth seeing and the whole place is looking a little run down.
They do have lots of new play equipment, but that's not why you go to the zoo!
Really wanted to like this but not finding it easy to say something positive, especially for the entry cost.

2 by Stuart Review source

Small zoo with a playground and lots of activites for kids. Check their website for feeding times so you can hear someone from the zoo talk about the animals. Be sure not to miss the actual size fire engine truck, the manually operated cranes and the huge sand and water playground (be sure to dress your kids accordingly for that, though!)

5 by Gabriele Catania Review source

I was very concerned about the sheer volume of different animals in such a concentrated space. For example, one of the monkeys was just walking round and round and round a tiny enclosure (shared with other monkeys) in a manner indicative of psychological disturbance. If they had fewer animals in larger enclosures, it would be much better.

1 by John Usher Review source

Great fun little zoo. It's a morning or afternoon rather than a full day, but the keepers are really good at telling you about the animals during feeding time, and it's set up well with cafes, hand washing points and plenty of seating, as well as sand pit and playground when kids get bored of looking at animals.

5 by Jenny Scott-Thompson Review source

A lovely little zoo, very well set up for children. As well as the animals there is a large and varied play area and a cafe with rides for children. It also has a full sized bright yellow helicopter which my son loved seeing! Amongst other things we saw monkeys, wallabies, donkeys, pigs, parrots, otters and emus.

5 by Amy McIntyre Review source

The cafe facilities are abysmal. There's no excuse for serving a crappy cup of coffee in this day and age. The cafe is cramped and basic and they are missing a trick as it could be a great revenue stream for the zoo. The zoo itself is pretty average for the cost but the play areas are excellent

2 by Peta Wilson Review source

I took my two nephews to the childrens zoo while they stayed with me in London.
Being young (2 & 6m) I didn't want to take them to the London zoo so thought this would be an ideal compromise.
It was fairly cheap for us all and the kids had a great time.

4 by Matt Robinson Review source

Went as a family of 4 today. Most animals were not out in fact we saw only saw 6 animals and managed to be in and out in 25 mins. Cost to us over a £1 a minute. would only take children aged 1 to 4.

Not great value for money. Will not visit again.

2 by Karene Harmon Review source

It was really good, kid 14 months loved it, animals looked well kept and chilled out, there's an amazing playground with sand inside, lots of amazing games/rides for kids and it's a tiny place but well packed with fun!
Lovely afternoon out!!!

5 by Saza Cat Review source

Great place for our 1 year olds. Zoo is just the right size to keep them interested without getting bored. Has a nice sandpit play area and cafe. Afterwards can take a walk in the park. Overall get for a central London location.

5 by Chris Connell Review source

I really enjoyed the sandpit with my little one, it's not a humongous place, but for children it does the trick.. has play areas for them not just the animals. It also has a good range to keep them entertained! Liked it!

4 by Mary Emedo Review source

Overpriced for what is in the zoo just feels like it's being run with minimal effort had to stick my finger in the monkey cage just to give the kids some excitement. save your money rent a bike enjoy the park.

2 by Tom Vernon Review source

Nice atmosphere, reasonable price (do check online) got a code from vouchercloud for free child entry. Enough animals for a full afternoon of fun. They have feeding times and talks schedule. Cafe was pricey

3 by Ayisat D Review source

i like to go to this zoo as it is a nice day out but my children prefer to rush to the end just to go to the park which is abit annoying as i dont have to pay to go to a normal park but fun all the same

3 by Paula Hudson Review source

Very nice little zoo for children. Lots of monkeys and small animals.
The playgrounds inside are really good as well, the ice lollies in the café were a lot cheaper than I expected!

4 by Julie Colombat Review source

Lovely place in a beautiful setting. You can't spend hours in the zoo but what you get to see is rather nice. There's a little gift shop with reasonably priced item's.

5 by Josie Hall Review source

Really disappointed. I just dont see why they charge so much for farm animals. Its not a zoo and most of the animals were hibernating or just empty cages. I will be complaining.

1 by Lisa Langley Review source

If you have small children this is good. Not bad value. Animals are pretty average but play areas are very good. Bring a picnic and your kids will spend an afternoon happily.

3 by John Duggan Review source

My daughter loved the donkey and play area way more than anything else but it was great day out without having to go too far. Could do wit s better coffee shop though

4 by Jade Hendrickson Review source

The playground with water and sand was by far our kids (4, 5 and 8 years old) favorite. They also loved the small farm animals which you can have a bit of a contact.

5 by Rachel Goffer Review source

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