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It was ok, but we were quite a large party, 24 in all, and they didn't accommodate very well. They put us in one of the conference rooms for our evening meal, but there wasn't enough tables or chairs set out and six people hadn't turned up, so where they would have put those I haven't a clue.
It took us a while to work out how to use the shower and things like that, there are no instructions, which would have been helpful. If you use these regularly it would be great, but as a one off and in a hurry, we didn't have time to stand there trying to work out everything in the room.
The duvet cover was put on inside out, which I didn't think was very professional.
We had the same conference room for breakfast. Again not enough tables and chairs and we hadn't changed the amount of people, still 24 of us. There isn't anywhere to clear away the pots that you've used and they left us in there for quite a long time, without coming to check if everything was ok. One of the staff popped is head in and we'd stacked plates as best we could, but there was so many of them he gasped and said 'oh my god' and walked back out. I did find it quite amusing, but if there was somewhere we could have put our plates, we would have.
All of the staff are foreign, but I suppose it doesn't matter much, because I think 80% of the guests were too. Coming from Yorkshire it's a bit of a culture shock.
I must admit, I did expect higher standards and more attention to detail. Sorry

3 by ginette warne Review source

This is a god-send to anyone who travels out of T4, Heathrow.
* It is connected, via an elevated, covered walkway, to the departure area of terminal 4. From there, one can drop down to level -1, and take trains to other terminals, or even travel to London city.
* The hotel itself is appears to be a new one, and is very well furnished. Rooms are (as is the standard of almost any Premier Inn), of the (same) good quality, and almost completely noise free. Water is *really* hot!
* The breakfast is sumptuous, hot, and tasty. The hotel has a bar located within its premises, and seems to well stocked, with beer on tap too.
* Staff - courteous, helpful, cheerful and friendly.
* Parking - the underground (well, basement, although it is not quite underground) parking has enough space for car parking
This is nit-picking, and does not take away from the rating of the hotel.
* Inability to make external calls from the room (indeed, from the hotel itself, except to London city)
* Some staff need to be trained in spoken English

5 by Review source

My first stay here in 2017 was because of the cheap price but since then I always returned if I was in London. Yes, it's an airport hotel but with a very easy connection to Terminal 4 and the tube via a covered walkway. Beside my general love for Premier Inns this is one of the best Premier Inns I know. New modern, clean and quiet rooms - 24hr Costa coffee shop INSIDE the hotel - enough space at breakfast/restaurant - and the most important thing: The great staff is really making the difference! From the warm welcome at the reception desk to the good morning smile of the breakfast team (Hello to Maninder, Judith, Supreet, Alvito and all the rest) and not to forget the wonderful Desmond Desa (guest relations). Everybody at this hotel is doing a wonderful job to let me feel home from home. A big thank you from me and see you next time.

5 by Review source

It’s brand new, and it’s usual Premier Inn fayre, but the design is all wrong. The covered walkway - all downhill to the hotel, but uphill back. If you have more than one large suitcase, find somewhere else.
The walkway will take you to level 2. The reception (and restaurant) is on level 1. So after walking all that way over the walkway, you queue up at an elevator to go down for your key. Then back up again..
There’s no front to the hotel at all. Call a taxi or Uber? They will immediately cancel on you because they don’t know how to get into the place (hint - there’s a tiny road that plunges drivers to a small car park - this is level 0...
Also, if you’re flying out of T2, 3, or 5 - go somewhere else too. The Heathrow express between terminals 4 and the rest is horrible - especially in the morning.

3 by Kevin C Review source

Stayed here overnight whilst waiting for a plane connection. Don't expect anything outstanding from the cosmetics of the rooms but it has everything else you would need for what is likely to be a short stay here. Good shower, very comfortable bed and very quiet considering its location next to terminal 4. The amenities on site are great. You have the on site restaurant which serves up typical pub/bistro style food. A spacious bar which also had a smoking balcony and then there is a fully stocked 24hr Costa including all their sandwich and cake ranges along with a good selection of vending machines. All in all, great place for an overnight stay, good atmosphere and the staff were lovely! You can't really go wrong for £75 a night.

4 by James White Review source

Stayed here on overnight layover in London. It's a very nice hotel, comfortable, modern rooms, friendly service, and had great coffee & food service. We enjoyed our stay, and I would have given more stars but was disappointed in our experience to request a taxi to another terminal. It doesn't make sense to request a specific time, be instructed by staff that the driver would meet us at that time, and then show up to see that the staff making the call to the taxi company. We ended up cancelling the taxi and rushing to the terminal to take the express train to the right terminal.

You'll have a great stay if you choose Premier Inn, but be mindful of requesting certain services from the staff.

3 by Review source

Absolutely the best and cleanest hotel I have ever stayed at! Completely modern amenities with a super comfy bed and very nice night light behind the bed to help you rest well. The covered walkway to Heathrow terminal 4 is a fantastic bonus for those of us that are visiting from out of town and using public transportation.
The restaurant is delicious and well priced. I also highly recommend the breakfast for £10.50 as it is all you can eat and has many vegetarian and vegan options as well! I have included a very basic English breakfast that I threw together from the buffet to see how it compared and it was very well prepared. Sometimes simple is important :)

I wish I could give 6 stars!

5 by Pete Freedman Review source

Convenient location provided you don't mind an (undercover) walk from T4 itself - it is good that you /can/ walk it rather than needing a transfer vehicle. And of course, since inter-terminal connections are so good at Heathrow, it's still a convenient location if you need to get to/from T2/3 or 5 as well.

Hotel is essentially just what you'd expect from any in the Premier Inn chain, and right at the brand-new fancy end of the spectrum. (Touchscreen check-in, very new modern decor etc.) No plane noise at all in the room, good night's sleep, and the restaurant was good (like every other Premier Inn I've eaten at). Great value overall.

5 by Stuart Cuthbertson Review source

Outstanding customer service from check in to the professional house keeping.
At check-in staff are friendly and helpful with the automated systems. What i like is how welcoming staff are often far more than in most hotels i have ever visited.
House keeping is great rooms are spotless but what i like the most is that the house keeping staff are quiet and considerate. Unlike some places you dont hear staff talking loudly or banging doors or playing music whilst they work. With the exception of a few loud conversations on phones/walky talkies the house keeping team was excellent.
Rooms quiet even though near an airport. Easy access to terminal 4

5 by Bernard Mahon Review source

My company I work for book me to stay for four nights but I only ended up staying two nights Due to the cost of the parking! that was £25 per night which I refused to pay so I had no other choice but to park my along the busy A30 in a lay by with other car and take a five minutes walk back to the hotel. And in the mornings had to cross the busy road again to get back to my car!
I have stayed in other premier inn before and have never had to pay for parking this is disgusting when I'm paying good money to stay there!
Is this the way premier inn are treating their customers now days?
The only good thing I have to say is the room was good.

2 by Lloyd Simpson Review source

Really clean, really quiet, really good staff. We were leaving the next day and it felt like the holiday had already started. There is limited parking so we had to use the overflow which is about 3 minutes walk away.
They had self service check-in terminals in the lobby, but there were lots of staff available to help. Our room was small but flawlessly clean and perfect for one night. Breakfast in the morning was also very good, and, again, there were plenty of friendly staff on hand to help. When you leave the hotel and hear the airplanes overhead, you suddenly realise how good the soundproofing is inside. Definitely recommend this place.

5 by Jamie Street Review source

I stayed for a night back at the end June on a very long layover. They were quick to greet me and the gentleman that helped me was very nice and pointed out everything I needed in the hotel. The room was very nice and comfortable. My only 'complaint' would be that the bathtub/shower was very high up and slightly odd to get into, but that wasn't anything major.

The staff at the Costa cafe were nice, as were the staff at the official breakfast the next morning. I was there early enough that it was quiet and had no issues with food selection.

Overall, it was a lovely stay.

4 by Andrea Gallegos Review source

- walking distance from heathrow terminal 4, about 7minutes.
- very clean and modern, everyday cleaning service
- rooms are big, confy tall beds. The pillow is very soft which i do not like, i prefer hard pillow
- nice employees of many different nationalities
- you can prepay a full meal service for the day
- you have the picadilly underground line which takes you to the city

- far away from the city, about 60-90 minutes by underground
- the breakfast is the same everyday and is not so diverse
- a little bit expensive in the restaurant

4 by George Oncea Review source

The hotel is connected to the Terminal 4 of airport by easy walking covered bridge. The checkin took about 5 minutes close to midnight, we've got a room for 2 adults and 2 teens on the last, 7th floor with quiet parking view. The room has bath with shower, towels, eletric kettle, TV and everything else for nice overnight sleep before our next flight. The breakfast for 4 of us was included - it was fulfilling and conveniently open between 5:30am to 10:30am, so we did not need to get early to catch it. Very clean, eazy, convenient and economical place to rest at Heathrow.

5 by Galina Strizheva Review source

+ Good price (got a room for ~$75USD online) + Really nice room + Close to airport (although still a decent walk) ~ Awesome sound proofing on the outside windows, but you could hear noises from other rooms and the hall fairly easily. ~ Restaurant was really nice, but service was pretty awful and food was a bit limited - Room had terrible ventilation. Was muggy and smelly the whole 2 days we were there with now way to open a window or turn on a fan. - Hallways to get to the room were ridiculous. Incredibly long walk after leaving the elevator on our floor.

4 by Dustin Linnington Review source

The Premier Inn at Terminal 4 is a great hotel to stay in before or after a flight to Heathrow. The hotel is accessible by a footbridge in the departures area of terminal 4 and is easily accessible via the free terminal transfers from any Heathrow Terminal. The foyer has plenty of check-in machines and staff to help when necessary. The rooms are nice and clean, and most importantly for an airport hotel, well sound insulated, minimising the sound that gets through to the room. Would definitely stay there again if having to catch a very early flight.

5 by Robert Garner Review source

We were comped a room from British Airways due to flight changes. That being said, I expected an underwhelming accommodation. I was very surprised by the quality of the hotel. It was clean, very modern and despite being very close to the elevator, extremely quiet. The room we stayed in was handicap friendly and had a shower seat and rails with emergency cord. Wifi service is free for a slower connection and a premium wifi service is also available for a service fee. The bed was comfortable. All in all it was a good experience.

4 by Christopher Watson Review source

Very nice hotel. It is quite new, rooms are nice and space. They have tv, a/c, and a big bathroom.

Food is good, restaurant and bar service is nice.

Parking is a 15£\\
ight either valet or self parking.

The best and main feature is the walking bridge inside the Terminal 4 Departure floor.

You can walk in a covered tunnel from the second floor of the hotel over to the terminal in less than 4 minutes.

Great for fast connections like in the early morning.

5 by Andrea Invernizzi Review source

Formulaic design as every other Premier Inn but this one stands out because of the staff. Brilliant team that know the needs of air travellers. Really spot on folks at this property.

Highly recommended and yes it's a 7 to 10 minute walk to Terminal 4 through a cojoined airbridge with the Hilton. The walkway is accessed from the departures level of T4.

Costa Coffee is there plus the Premier Inn bar and restaurant. All in all a great budget property to relax pre or post flight.

5 by Stephen R Review source

Great service from the staff, parking overnight costs £15. Greeted on arrival and was helped checking in using the self service computers. Tyme restaurant/bar and a Costa coffee available, the room was nice, i believe that premier inns have the most comfortable beds of any hotel! Considering your right next to the airport you can't hear any noise! Added the unlimited English breakfast which came in handy after a night of breakfast and was quite tasty. Would highly recommend this hotel

4 by kris robinson Review source

Great location for Terminal 4 at Heathrow airport. Very clean. To start our holiday we took advantage of the bars offer of 2 double gin and tonic for £8. Fabulous service and good in the restaurant. Could not fault it or our waiter Xavier. The only problem we had was the bed. It was so hard. Yes it's a new bed but both of us found it was like sleeping on a board. There is a topper on but this is not thick enough. This is the only reason I have rated this Premier Inn a 4 *.

4 by Review source

Satisfied. Connect with Terminal 4 by a cover walkway (6min there are signs everywhere in the airport to indicate the hotel the entrance is in zone G). Staff really welcoming but you can use the self check in machine 24h. Costa and restaurant on the reception floor. Room is very clean, simple and modern design, there are everything you need inside. Is not soundproof as they say and bed a bit hard. Price quality strictly recommend!!

3 by Francesca Review source

You just can't go wrong with a premier inn and this was no exception. Such comfy beds, even the sofa bed - my friend said it was the best night sleep shes had in ages. We had the meal deal and breakfast - both were great. Staff were polite and friendly. Room was clean. It's a short walk to the terminal through a covered walkway. There's not a lot more you could want for a quick stay before an early morning flight!

5 by Hayley Birch Review source

A convenient location near the airport, though we had to catch a bus from our arrival terminal (depending on the terminal). The room was clean, cosy and very quiet (great sound proofing as we could not hear the local traffic and planes) and the staff were friendly. There is a walkway to Terminal 4 but it is a long walk to get there, and even more so to get to the airport express train connecting to the other terminals.

5 by Ni Pl Review source

Just wanted to comment on my stay at the premier inn terminal4, I stay at this hotel frequently for business, what makes this hotel great is their staff, from check in to restaurant staff, but I must make a special mention about Sujee one of the bar staff, very curtious, great knowledge of wine, nothing is ever any trouble to him, he anticipates your needs and is very charming, great conversationalist

5 by Review source

LOVE IT! The best airport hotel by far! £29.50 if booked early NICE! I travel 7-8 times a year and was spending way too much money on overPRICED airport hotels. NO MORE The only bad thing is that there is no signal in many rooms so cant make or take calls unless i go out.... And free wifi is not good. Burger is YUMMY! Beds comfy. Staff friendly. Rooms big and clean. Nice size TV. Clean hotel.

5 by Review source

Went to spend the night here during the 'great blizzard' of London 2017 (no)
The proximity to terminal 4, a short 5-7 minute walk via covered walkway is unbeatable.
You could go to the Hilton which is approximately 30 seconds closer and $70/night more expensive.
I was pleasantly surprised by the liveliness of the lobby bar& restaurant!
All in all, thumbs up!

4 by Basit Azhar Review source

Staff is super welcoming, you're meeted and greeted like in a 4+ star hotel. It's super quiet in a room, you can't hear a thing from the airport. TV was broke, so they offered a complimentary breakfast for me. Good access from the T4 through a covered walkway, so you don't need to get out of the terminal. There's a free airtrain between terminals. Good value!

5 by DAINA Siauciunaite Review source

I never leave 5 star reviews, as it’s so rare to find a place worthy.

Checked in, easy simple and good price.

8 min walk from terminal 4 - and Heathrow express
Restaurant in the building
Clean and modern room
0 noise at all - totally quite.
Had an amazing rest here before a flight.

Could not recommend more! Totally happy!

5 by Sam Styles Review source

Great location for terminal 4. There is a covered walkway to the terminal which takes about 5 minutes. The restaurant and bar are pleasant and there is a Costa coffee shop in the reception which is handy for snacks. The car park is under the hotel which works on number plate recognition and costs £16. The rooms are excellent and quiet for a hotel so close to the airport.

5 by Graham Taylor Review source

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