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Pages Corner Retail Park, Pages Corner, Ham Road, Worthing BN11 2QL

+44 1903 211687




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Depends on who is there, time of day, day of the week etc .

Some really good staff members. Some should have been drowned at birth. Complete waste of good skin.

Always crowded and difficult to circumnavigate, sometimes impossible for the likes of me, disabled.

Some customers can also be downright offensive, knock you over and then complain you were in the way.

Another lady gave a foul mouthful because she couldn't find a parking space in front of the store, so thought it ok to block three cars. Did not like it when she was told how to drive and park courtesly .

Parking is difficult at busy times but there is space at the rear, and traffic is coming and going all the time.

Having complained about all that, I still like most of the products. For the dog, kitchen and crafting.

3 by Michaela Harper Review source

Shocking customer service. Bought the last 7ft Xmas tree and because it was not boxed properly was given 10 percent off which I didn't ask for. Got home and the stand was missing. Took it back the next day and waited half an hour to be seen my a truly poor manager with zero customer service skills. She said I could only exchange and I said I wanted my money back. Bear in mind I spent a lot more on decorations etc. She then said all she could do was charge me the difference (£3) to then refund me the cost of the discounted tree. So basically charging me £3 to take it back. Rude and constantly talking to other staff before customers. Will not return after spending a lot through the years. Customer service head office were excellent.

1 by Sean Willoughby Review source

OMG One of my favourite places. The café is good, it now serves 'Costa' coffee. There are tables and chairs and sofas for a longer stay chatting and having a chilax. That level has furniture displayed. It usually houses the Christmas decorations and toys. The lower is a feast of art, ornaments, gifts, graft items, curtains, cushions, bedding, faux flowers, pet food and all you need for your pets. Be it a bird, rodant, cat or dog. Beds, scratch posts, grooming and medication, toys and more. Household goods, cleaning Products, DIY and tools. Sweets and food stuff. Toys and games, stationery and books, hobby products, electrical goods, mirrors and lots more. Free parking also. Give it a go you'll love it I'm sure.

4 by Susan Bradford Review source

Awful shop and appalling customer service. The products sold here are on the whole not fit for purpose. The majority of the stock is tacky but those practical items are so cheap they are not even fit for purpose. Their price tag might seem cheaper than other stores but it's a false economy as the products are cheap and won't last. If you're looking for a bargain a number of the items are available at Poundland which are far cheaper than the prices of The Range so I'd recommend doing yourself a favour and staying well clear of this store!

1 by Paul Budd Review source

Staff in store told us it would be easier for us to order the product we wanted online and we could be guaranteed delivery on a Saturday. When courier service called to arrange delivery they said they didn't work weekends or offer time slots. Complained to store, not interested, complained to online department, not interested, not their problem. Told we would get a refund e cancelled the order but wouldn't say when. All round a terrible, uninterested service, attitude and staff. Will never buy anything from this place again

1 by Simon Fuller Review source

Awful delivery service awful customer service nobody knows what they are doing in the furniture department. Endless phone calls to them to try and sort their errors out, no communication with other staff members it's very frustrating dealing with them.. it's been three weeks and unfortunately I am still awaiting missing furniture parts and nobody in the department can find my documents now although somebody told me this morning the warehouse had them and my order was there ?! The wait continues .... DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM

1 by Willow Tidey Review source

Visited after forgetting a few storage boxes from my time at Eastbourne store and Christ, talk about horrid experience.. Car park is so tiny bit pointless for a big store. I ended up parking on street only to discover when walking in store it is dis organised chaos. Stock dumped in many isles blocking ways for customers turning round to find more customers trying to get out. Trying to pay for goods wasn't as easy as Eastbourne as so close together, not much room to move. Was glad to get out of here..

1 by Zeon Xavier Review source

The only complaint about this business is shortage of staff at the tills otherwise for household basic items of all kinds it is good and well worth a check out for prices and choices than other stores,plenty of car parking even at back of store where not many go or know about even in peak times,it is busy at weekends and the cafe is good for an in-store one and even camping goods,well worth a visit if you looking for reasonable priced huge variety of goods.G&T

4 by Reeuben Haste Review source

Visited The Range at Worthing this afternoon and purchased a large mirror/jewellery storage item. The young part time lad who assisted us checked the mirror and package for damage. Having ascertained all was in order he waited whilst I paid and volunteered to carry the heavy item to my car. He was both pleasant and polite and a credit to your Store. We'll done. I wish him sucess in his future 'drumming' career.

5 by Jacky Burnard Review source

Offers everything pretty much except clothing. The shop always feels chaotic and very busy. The staff are not experienced and my personal opinion has been they don't know much about the products they sell. Not great customer service but you can pick up plenty here at a fraction of the cost of other larger home textile electrical stationery stores

3 by Deecee Simmonds Review source

Very messy, disorganised, shop floor covered with new stock, unable to get to shelves. Prices were not displayed. Rude staff including the manager. Great let down as good prices and the also have lovely things. I do hate going there because of the mess though. Some areas have never been tidy on every visit I have been to over the past few years

3 by Vinny M Review source

Nice store to shop in with lots to see and the staff always friendly and polite. And the products are at a good price with good quality, but I am a gadget fan and I would like to see a lot more gadgets and gizmo's in the store and that's why I Give this store 4 stars

Plus the car park is free

4 by jar mar Review source

I bought a savoy bed set including mattress, bed base and head board.Bed base was broken within 6 months and mattress became weak. I approached the store. After I did at least 10 visits, they said that they can't do anything. I paid 500£ for nothing. The range officials are lethargic ,rude and irresponsible

1 by udaya kumar Review source

It's cheap and cheerful by reputation though we have found perfect wall art or a finishing touch for the garden so many times that it's beyond the realms of chance. Every time we go there, we frantically search for the cheese filled football savouries, though they seem to only be there over Christmas

3 by Mark Stenning Review source

Its ok when you can walk around with a wheelchair and break loads of display items that are stocked on the ends of aisles or having to walk 2 or 3 aisles out of your way to avoid pallets and cages full of stock. Staff stood around talking blocking aisles up. A totally lovely shopping experience as per normal

4 by Dave Bolan Review source

Wonderful choices. Always good prices but we were not prepared for the huge queues and very long waits to be served. The Range needs to have the staff and facilities especially on Saturdays up to Christmas in place to maintain an efficient service. The staff were doing their best in cramped conditions.

3 by Jennifer James Review source

Very impressed with this store.
Because it was the first time we shopped here, and you could walk around for hours looking at all the wonderful stuff they sell and more, because it's very big inside and I will visit this store again.

5 by Marcus Colwill Review source

This is a shop which sells a lot of stuff to furnish your house with, it has a lot of well priced textiles and a good basic selection of fabrics, there is a fairly reasonable coffee shop in the corner which is great to have a drink and cake at whilst the other half decides what they want to buy!

3 by Trevor Deffee Review source

Good range of products, some of which can be a little pricey. A lot of the furniture on display was of quite poor quality. I wouldn't buy it myself.
The store has a very good range of craft products, I would recommend The Range if you were looking for arts and crafts materials.

3 by Alison Melrose Review source

Rude and uninterested staff members. I have asked a couple colleagues where a product would be located, and they seem to not know where it might be!
The store is always a mess and a majority of the products do NOT have label prices on them. Will not be returning. Disappointing ...

1 by Review source

Awful customer service we were at the till and Danaka couldnt be bothered to talk to us was more interested in talking to her colleague.
And yet the poster outside says to give them feedback.
U cant do that and not even try give half decent service. Just shows u dont care.

1 by Vicky McGowan Review source

If Toilets tell a tale !! This place a nightmare of Dont care ship out this stuff ASAP The furniture upstairs only for people who play the lottery and call their children Chardonnay or Wayne / Gary. Bargains abound down stairs but nothing you really couldn’t find on eBay !

1 by Review source

Useful alternative to going all the way into town, quality of goods is variable, but my main issue is, most of the items I am interested in aren't priced, it's so irritating! The Range needs to employ a person whose sole task is to check prices are attached to items.

3 by Thadeus Lesbotron Review source

Good choice of products - from small items to furniture with reasonable prices. Has a small cafe for snacks, light lunches and drinks. Only downside is customer service when phoning, our experience was pretty poor with staff not able to answer questions or not retuning calls.

5 by Susie Deuk Review source

It's a shop that sells almost everything for your home, garden, pet, birthday party, hobby etc. It also has a small cafe. Prices are good but the queues at the tools are dire. This shop needs some scan it yourself tills. Parking can also be a problem at busy times.

4 by Review source

Great place to get loads of stuff from garden furniture to arts and crafts bits. Loads of nik naks, toys, mirrors, candles even a reasonable selection of DIY bits now.
Price wise, they can be beaten on seasonal goods but otherwise pretty much a bargain

4 by Chris Jones Review source

Always seems very busy.... which is good for them but parking can be a bit of a struggle. They have a very good art selection. Paints, paper ect. They even had coloured graphite which our local Seawhite art shop didn't sell!! So well done The Range.

4 by Lynda Butler Review source

Nice shopping experience, hit and miss with the stock, buy cheap buy twice, however there are some lovely house hold items, which look very reasonable in price, free parking and very spacious shop with two floors, staff very helpful, polite and friendly.

4 by Craig Donson Review source

Although this place has a good range of merchandise there are never any prices on a lot of stuff the staff are unhelpful and surly usually having a conversation and ignore you or just plain miserable customer service definately needs improving

2 by Trish Doyle Review source

A fantastic and diverse range of goods at reasonable prices. A lot of different items you wouldn't see on the high street. Always busy at weekends so best if you can go during the week. If you can't then they are open till 8pm.

5 by Paul Heath Review source

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