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This gorgeous garden in Chiswick easily tops some (or rather most) of London's public green spaces.
It is free to enter, large enough to offer variety of viewing points and landscape arrangements with open or secluded spaces to picnic or meditate.
The Italian Garden is particularly well mentained but on ocassion, you might be asked to leave because of a private event taking place on the day.

Your kids won't be disappointed either. There is a well equiped kids playground and enough of open space to run arround. The garden cafe will keep you watered and fed but if you are planning to spend half of your day there, I very much recommend to plan ahead, dig up this long forgotten picnic hamper and bring your own food and drink. The recovered extra cash will come handy at the ice cream stand or Chiswick House entrance (£7.50 per person to see interiors and collection of paintings).

As long as London weather permits, this secluded green oasis will make you relaxed and rested like nothing else in this busy and rushed metropolis.

5 by Sebastian Latala Review source

A slight walk from the station, but you'll pass a lot of nice cafés and restaurants on the way. I took my boyfriend to Chiswick Gardens for the Lantern Festival; despite the dark sky and the bright lanterns, we still noticed how beautiful the gardens were.

There's a lot of ground to traverse so you can really enjoy a good wander with lovely scenery. There's an impressive lake with a small waterfall in the rock face before it; at the other end, there's a cute bridge to perch from where you can gaze at the swans and other wildlife.

There's a café close to the entrance -- at least where I entered from. I didn't go in there, but it looked pretty popular. If it is too full, you could bring snacks with you while you wander around or just eat afterwards. I'd like to go back sometime during the day just to see the scenery.

5 by Catherine Reynolds Review source

Visited here in daytime, early in December, when the lantern displays were out. They certainly brightened up the gardens when they look least appealing. However they weren't so good that I would pay the (rather large) entry fee to see them lit.

The rest of the year the gardens are very popular, but seem to be over run with dogs and screaming children, which tends to detract from the peaceful atmosphere the gardens were intended to have.

It's a pleasant place to spend some time breathing fresher air, but not a patch on what it used to be.

Parking is available off the A4 westbound side. Users of wheelchairs and prams/buggys will find certain areas of the gardens a bit challenging. The main house is only accessible at ground level.

3 by Mark Pearce Review source

We came last night to the Magic Lantern Festival and my 89 year old mother realized she couldn’t manage the walking after walking to the entrance of the gardens. It’s a long way from where we were parked in the handicapped car park. Once alerted the staff kept into action and arranged for a golf cart to carry her around the park. She loved everything about her experience and I can’t be more grateful. The support team are amazing and really saved the day. They treated her like family and made what might have been a disaster into a cherished memory. Many thanks to you all and please pass my thanks on to your team, they are great!

5 by Review source

Had a few hours to kill whilst in west London so decided to visit. Parking is very limited, though to be fair it was a Sunday afternoon. The gardens are quite pleasant, but certainly not spectacular. I can see the attraction for locals as there is plenty of space for kids to run around, walk the dog or just chill on the lawns.
I didn't look around the house, so can't make any comment in that regard.
OK, to spend an hour or two, but IMO not somewhere to make a 'special' visit, unless you have a particular interest in the history of the house and gardens.

3 by Stephen Newbury Review source

Grew up opposite the park since 1970's. Parents still there so seen it change over time. The cafe food isn't as good as the old one. It has no atmosphere. The park is nice. Took two stars away for cafe and a very bad experience with a park keeper. Discriminated against and persecuted for the breed I own. Staffie, Rottie etc. owners tread carefully in this place. I know Staffie owners that won't come here to avoid grief. Some unpleasant trouble making types come to this park. Wasn't like this back in the day. Good otherwise.

3 by Review source

We went for a lanterns event which they run every year. We were given a time slot but upon arrival were still met with a huge queue for no reason.

The lanterns were spectacular and truly works of art, but the grounds could have been a little well lit as there were occasions where paths had turned to bogs and trying to push a buggy round was far from fun.

It was great fun and my toddler and baby loved it but I might leave it until they're both walking to go again, and bring my own torch.

4 by Garry Spicer Review source

What a lovely experience it was .the gardens were holding the showing of the chinese lanterns anf lights it was really lovely the rain started and stopped .some amazing lights the ones on the lake were really lovey with the reflections of the water. And we made it all round with petes wheel chair .a shame pete missed a lot of the lights hedging was a litte high .pete did enjoy all .what a lovely evening. Then home to faversham and sheppy in kent ..thanks from us all .you must have all worked very hard xx

5 by Gina Packman Review source

Visited by dark for the Magic Lanterns festival and would highly recommend a visit! A beautiful exhibition that was well worth the ticket price. Well staffed and although incredibly popular, the queues didn't take too long to navigate due to their efficiency. A really lovely display for the whole family.

Tip: despite really good efforts to keep paths safe and accessible it can still get a bit muddy in the dark so best to stick to sturdy shoes and limit pushchair weight if possible!

5 by Selina Kindrat Pang Review source

Amazing lanterns. However enjoyment of magic lanterns was distracted by the wet, muddy and slippery sightseeing road causing health and safety issues. Also there was two direction way at some areas which was crowdy and chaotic. Also there were a long queue to the entrance with not clear time slots and mixed up entrance times 6pm, 15 minutes past 6pm, half past 6pm etc. Slots times to the festival were not organised well as two years ago.

4 by Milda Poderiene Review source

Beautiful park containing English Heritage palladian mansion, monuments and a superbly refurbished Victorian conservatory. A big thanks for the fantastic conservation work of Friends of Chiswick House and their numerous educational and social events. Can we have a decision on bikes in the park soon please before someone and/or their pet dog is run over and hurt? Current signage is ambiguous and unclear. Other than that a wonderful haven.

5 by Stephen E Review source

What a fantastic place. Ideal for families especially during Monday to Fridays. Lovely walks around the gardens. A lot of the work is carried out by volunteers who are doing a great job of keeping the place up to its high standard. The café and facilities are really good and at decent prices. Nice helpful staff. They even sell there own produce fresh and straight from their garden flowers vegetable's all at reasonable prices.

5 by ROBERT Briscoe Review source

If visiting Winter Lantern display.. pretty lights bit con tricks to buy expensive tickets. Nothing special nor time slots not exist as there is no show or event to be seen fir any time slots. The head security officer a bald six footer is very bully and rude. The management is poor and there response to customers is.. go on our website to complain. All a con.. do not waste your money and time...

1 by John Crowley Review source

Visited for the Magic Lantern festival which was beautiful, unusual and very worth it! Really interesting and varied lanterns, which take about 45 minutes or so walking fairly slowly. Toilets at the start and halfway around, where the food stalls and bar are. There is also a little funfair and Santa's grotto at the end. Not too busy. It says it closes at 10 but seemed to be open later.

5 by Joanne Lancaster Review source

I loved it mainly because I worked a wedding there which I absolutely loved because I was working with amazing people!! The venue is lovely utility I didn't go inside, because I worked in a marquee. However it was a very far and expensive place for me to get to from Tottenham! I almost didn't think it was in London because it was so far and complicated for me to get to!!

5 by Ellen Mensah Review source

The somewhat underwhelming (interior) historical House additionally hosts events, functions and workshops.
The celebrated and legendary gardens are charming with much original fabric and overall conception surviving.
Many differing aspects and period divertissements worth seeking out.
A worthwhile and distinguished destination that will assuredly not disappoint.

5 by jeff benjamin Review source

Came here during national tea day. Was the perfect venue as the sun was out and the place is very well maintained.
Very large and lots of thought put into how the hedge maze and ground layout is set.

By the water is also amazing. Little gazebo's and places for kids to play.

Very clean and plenty of bins provided.

A great place to visit

5 by Murat Meah Review source

Interesting location great carols in front of Chiswick House with mince pies and mulled wine. Seems to be a great community atmosphere and great supporters and volunteers. Interesting display of illuminated decorations. Lovely places for walking in summer on a warm Summers evening or taking the children out to burn a bit of Christmas energy. Season's greetings to all

4 by Ro Mo Review source

So amasing to visit!!! Especially we had listened free tour with Angela, thank so mucm for her really interesting story about house itself & his owner, Burlington & gardens, cafe, conservatorium, y cab with children, dogs(who are not aloud in house & cafe but easy to walk & run in the garden, one was even swimming with pleasure)) real gem in London!!!

5 by Compliche2000 Review source

Stunningly beautiful, as always. The gardens are huge and beautifully maintained, with some stunning features. The house itself we've never been into, but the gardens can easily take up a good few hours of your time, especially if you enjoy watching the water birds on the stream. Great place for dogs as well - we always see loads of people playing with them there.

5 by Haydon Lawrence Review source

This park and Gardens are beautiful. It has various interesting features such as a big pond, beautiful birds and old trees, bridges and walkways not to mention the gardens themselves.. It's a big park but with manageable walking possibilities. There's a decent café however they don't have a baby changing facility in their toilets. Well worth a visit!

5 by Simone Nascimento Review source

Such a beautiful place, open spaces filled with gorgeous flowers, gardens and trees that will make you forget you are still in the city, if you are planing to visit chicwick house please check the venue in advance as it is a popular wedding venue and might be closed for your visit. The cafe in the location is also nice for a drink outside on a sunny day

5 by Armando Bracho Review source

An Arcadian delight. One of the best in Arcadian London. Ancient yew avenues ending in temple follies. Beloved by the locals and visitors alike. Complete with bubbling grotto with waterfall and a ha-ha. Excellent tearoom and toilet facilities. Dappled woodland walks and generations of children still climb on the best lions in London!

5 by Jessica Sinclair Review source

The Light Festival was a serious let down. If you live in Chiswick and you get in for free it might be fun, but having traveled from Peckham and paid £30 for me and my girlfriend you leave with a feeling of emptiness. I think the bark is beautiful in the daylight though, so that's why I'm giving it a neutral 3 stars.

3 by Christer Brännström Review source

Went for the lantern garden show pre-Christmas. The communication and customer service beforehand was terrible (emailed with a query, got no reply. Messaged the official Facebook group and my queries weren't answered). The 'magical lanterns' themselves were alright but not worth the expensive entry fee.

2 by Jonathan Anderson Review source

A few nice details and some popular gardens for pet-walkers, but the greenhouse and house itself leave a lot to be desired. Very limited planting species, and the house is quite empty and soulless.

Good for an hour or two, and for a good walk around some pleasing landscaping.

3 by shayne schwendenwein Review source

Lovely place to go with the family and have a picnic. Or eat at the cafe which does hot and cold food. You can ride your bike in there and bring your dog. Some places the dog has to be on a lead. There is also an area for no dogs if your little ones are afraid of them.

5 by WINSTON SCOTT Review source

Went there for the magic lantern festival and on top of being stunning, got to see the house from the outside and cannot wait to go back to see the inside. Hoping to go see the Camelia exhibition in the spring. What a gem of a historic house: wish I had visited earlier.

5 by Lm defelilo Review source

This is just a great resource in west London. There is plenty of space to just relax or have a picnic. The walking paths are a really nice way to spend some time outside. The cafe is also great and serves good food and coffee. We enjoy this place every time we go.

5 by Dean Sellis Review source

Simply superb. Free entry to the beautiful gardens. One can (and I have) wander around these for hours. When you've wandered, grab a coffee at the café there. The house is beautiful too of course and there are regular events here too. You need to go soon.

5 by Alastair Hilton Review source

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