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Home Park is the much less well known and therefore less frequented neighbour of Bushy Park which is the home to the Long Water which provides an amazing vista from the Palace. It's hard to find the way into it from Hampton Court Palace these days as the original linking gates are locked shut so that the Historic Royal Palaces can maintain its admissions revenue stream from tourists. If you are local and have time there are ways in from the riverside a few 100 metres downstream of Hampton Court bridge or a little way from the Middlesex side of Kingston Bridge. Other obscure entrances exist on the riverside between the two bridges and strangest of all and tucked away a few places from the Lion Gate via a paddock. Worth the hunt though for great views, wildlife and peace.

5 by Peter Wilson Review source

Great secluded park, very few people utilise this little gem of a park, so ideal for long meandering peaceful walks
Access is a gate 250m from the Lion Gate at Hampton Court Palace or a Gate at the end of Kingston Bridge
Stunning wildlife with always something to marvel at.
For info no cafeteria or restroom facilities available. But a real Oasis of calm that is well worth visiting.

5 by Damian Sweeney Review source

This is a gorgeous wild park to run in or for a long, long walk. There are some lovely areas to sit by a brook, the occasional herd of deer, lots of dogs running around and lots of space for everyone to have their own peaceful time there. There's a large parking lot nearby for anyone driving in. The location is great for a long day outdoors, with Hampton Court Palace and the lido nearby.

5 by Ranjani Natarajan Review source

Fantastic like always! Worth come in early spring to watch carpets of snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils, and have some good and drink in the café. They serve cold and hot food along with drinks and selection of salad. Sunday roast as well. Great for day out. Only disadvantage, another part of the gardens is free of charge only 9-10 am while it used to be free till Easter.

4 by Danka Nowakowska Review source

If you had enough time in Richmond park , it time to discover Hampton Court Park, nearby , this park is really clean, with little lake, pond, trees, flowers, rabbits and deers ! Hard to don’t spot them as they are many around the park and really not afraid of humans. Then the Hampton Court Palace is just a the west side if you want to visit.

5 by Kevin Levionnois Review source

Very clean cut park that is basically a large field with a couple ponds, planted trees and deer. We went specifically to see the deer and we're not disappointed as we saw two different large groups. While they are used to people they are still wild and not meant to be approached, so don't be that guy.

5 by Caitlyn Stewart Review source

An Historic Royal Palace,beautifully interesting inside and the grounds are imme se with the Longwater,Rick Pond and Diana Pond. Deer roaming freely. These grounds,in parts look wild in places,but the gardeners are 2nd to none. The grounds and fountain are exceptional.

5 by Review source

The crowds tend to stick to nearby Bushy Park and Hampton Court. As long as you steer clear of the golf course, you can easily feel you're a hundred miles from the nearest human, which is virtually unique for London.

5 by Aidan Merritt Review source

Admission is expensive. But it is worth a visit at least once. There is a lot more to see than the Tower of London. If you have plenty of time, take a good look around the back garden.

5 by Jongwon Lee Review source

Beautiful as the pictures posted online. You need a lot of time when going as there is so much to explore walked along the canal. Such a great experience. Will go again very soon.

4 by Review source

As with all the royal parks it is meticulously kept and beautiful. However considering the masses visiting the palace the park is very quiet and undisturbed.

5 by Baz Churchill Review source

Beautiful park with deer's, ponds. Blooms wonderful cherry blossom during spring. Relaxing and not too busy. Great for cycling/inline skating.

5 by Staryyeyed Review source

Magnificent beyond expectations, reinterpreted with contemporary displays, worth the very considerable entrance fee; go see it if you can.

5 by Review source

Lovely park with an attractive water feature with fountains. Usually very quiet and peaceful, on account of the well hidden entrances

5 by Edward Rushton Review source

What's not to love.. the opulence, the beauty, nature, big sky and wide open space.. quite simply. Heaven.

5 by Simonne Davis Review source

Its a worth visiting place. I would recommend to spend a full day in and around the palace and the gardens.

1 by Review source

Lovely Park with a great space to let kids play. Long walks for grown ups. A real little gem

4 by Mayu Amakura Review source

Wonderful place with a well maintained garden. The privy garden is a not to miss place .

5 by Gayathri Ramakrishnan Review source

Beautiful park, some better enforcement of littering and dog mess would be good.

4 by Laurent Brickell Review source

Beautiful scenery. Good amount of deer population as well. Worth a visit.

5 by Jatin Sethi Review source

Nice park! Much nicer than expected! Animals roaming around freely too!

4 by Karan P Review source

Home Park. Another place to find magic msuhrooms growing on cowpats.

5 by Sophie Loe Review source

Beautiful open green space. Spectacular red spotted deer.

4 by Miriama Eyre Review source

Near where SHAEF had its headquarters during WW 2.

3 by Review source

Absolutely stunning open space which is usually quiet

5 by edwin yeo Review source

Stunning place...very lucky to work here..

5 by Daniel Pretlove Review source

It's so lovely there very peaceful x

5 by Louise Young Review source

Beautifully stunning scenery, a real gem

5 by David White Review source

Fantastic! Very quiet and peaceful place

5 by Sergio Grande García Review source

Awesome grounds amazing in the summer

5 by keval sedani Review source

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