Saatchi Gallery - King's Rd

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Duke of York's HQ, King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 4RY

+44 20 7811 3070




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The Saatchi will never be everyone's cup of tea, but it will always sit proudly as my favourite gallery in London.

The art on display is extremely varied from one visit to another. Although you're bound to enjoy some visits more than others, every time you go you feel like you see something new and interesting. This is helped by the fact that you're able to get so close up to each piece, taking each and every paint splat, pixel, cm. You absolutely shouldn't lick the work but you could definitely get close enough to do so.

Speaking logistically, the gallery is in a pleasant area and is free to enter. The cloakroom is also free to use and the staff are more than happy to help. The gallery itself is small so you're able to get round in a good amount of time. It takes me around two hours but I faff and read and take bench breaks.

All in all, if you're looking to feel just that slight bit more cultured, for free, you could do worse.

5 by Kelly Jones Review source

Split over three floors, and changing its exhibits about every three months this is easily the best contemporary art gallery I've been to. Definitely a place worth returning to. It is also worth noting that there ample sitting & quiet areas which are excellent for reading if you are visiting on your own.

If you are visiting there on a Saturday there is a morning market nearby which is perfect for easing your way into the gallery. Or if you are looking for a place to go after the gallery the mess is next door which does afternoon tea, failing that the cafeteria at the top of Peter Jones has an incredible view.

5 by Anthony Charalampous Review source

A must visit art gallery.

Was looking for places to see in Chelsea and this popped up on google maps as a highly recommended place.

Was not disappointed. Many galleries in a relatively accessible location, gorgeous and thought provoking artwork. Especially loved the main gallery with performance art by Oleg Kulik on oppression and man in the post soviet era.

Other artwork were just as thought provoking.

Highly recommended to go with friends and family. If you’re bringing kids, please do supervise them as the artwork and sculptures are not barricaded.

5 by Joshua Review source

Your enjoyment of the Saatchi Gallery will depend on the exhibition that is currently showing. This is a modern gallery that can feature avant-garde artwork. It is not going to pander to a mainstream audience. At the time of my visit the gallery was featuring self portraits or selfies which certainly will polarise people as some will question whether this is actually art. There was a more interesting photo gallery upstairs to the back of the building dealing with human trafficking. The space is open yet also feels empty.

3 by Ark Well Review source

Not the biggest gallery, but it doesn't need to be. The Saatchi Gallery is spacious and light, giving off a great atmosphere to view art in. Exhibitions are changing every so often and I had the pleasure of view the Iconoclasts Exhibition which I really enjoyed. It is a wholesome viewing experience and I didn't feel like there was too much to see nor too little. The gift shop is large and has gifts for past exhibitions too but offers too little of the art for example, in the postcards.

5 by Chirag Patel Review source

The attractive restoration of the Duke of York's Headquarters in Chelsea provides ample opportunities to enjoy the various exhibitions of the Saatchi Gallery.
My wife and I discovered it in August 2014 with the 'Pangaea : new art from Africa and Latin America' exhibition.
We enjoyed the site, the exhibition, our lunch at the Gallery Mess just after our visit.
An exceptional Gallery located in an exceptional building, with free exhibitions!

4 by yann hamet Review source

One of my favourite places in London! With free entry and wonderful exhibitions it’s a no-brainer.

However do check their website ahead for 2 reasons:

1 make sure the exhibition(s) they have on interest you
2 double check they’re not randomly closed for an event (happened to me once on a weekend)

Bonus: make sure to check out their gift shop for quirky little things (however sometimes a tad expensive)

5 by Diana H Review source

Only my personal opinion because if modernism was my thing, it would probably get 5 stars.
Pros- great location just off Kings Rd, beautiful building, spacious & well presented. Courteous staff, free cloakroom, great loos. All free exhibitions, not at all crowded. And the gift shop was fab!
Cons- the art itself! Some interesting pieces but as I said, not my thing. Too weird! But still glad I went &worth the effort.

3 by Meesh G Review source

A relatively cheap exhibition to mount, and despite the lack of annotation/notes, it works. The selfie is partially examined as a photographic phenomenon, and digital screen versions of self portraits of Rembrandt to Emin do help to contextualise, but would be so much better to have real paintings/photo prints.
Popular as ever with the young particularly, It's a good size for a couple of hours.

5 by Tristan Antoine Review source

Innovative, unique and some great exhibitions so I keep coming here every 3 to 4 months.

Putting aside London's world-known art galleries, this is my favourite gallery and have seen some very impressive and controversial exhibitions here (and others not that good); but with a free admission, great location (Chelsea), and helpful staff, this is a must visit if you are visiting London.

5 by Victor Review source

Contemporary art gallery over 3 floors. Exhibitions change around every 2 months. The Iconoclasts: Art out of the Mainstream showcased many individual collections. Bright and well lit building. Good gift shop reflecting current exhibitors. This is a gallery one could visit time and time again and something different will always be on offer. Visiting Saatchi Gallery could easily turn into a hobby.

5 by Will Thorpe Review source

Don't go there with a baby!! I was told to leave while I was breastfeeding my baby. The woman working for the gallery wouldn't even let me finish feeding my baby but told me to go outside. I asked if I could finish the one side and she said she would have to stay there and make sure I left afterwards. She couldn't even look me in the eye while she was talking to me.

1 by Review source

It's quite a quirky gallery really, never know what youre going to see. One room had a boat in. Another abstract paintings. Another room had photos of women and children.
The gallery is free entry which is great and the gift shop is reasonably priced so I brought a post card and something else as well as a souviner for myself.
Good visit all in all.

5 by Amelia L Review source

What a treat to have a beautiful modern art gallery in an equally beautiful central location and it is free! Saatchi Gallery always have interesting and thought provoking exhibitions. Definitely worth a visit. Cafe is also nice for afternoon tea but I prefer visiting the lively Saturday food market in the square nearby for some great artisan food.

4 by Bella Verdemela Review source

As a structure it is a model of 'adapted for purpose'. Large works are allowed to 'breathe', and each room has its own artist/theme to examine ....which one may like or not. What is displayed is not the issue, that it is given serious space allows the public to examine works deemed to be saying something of some importance.

5 by Review source

Excellent and tragicomedic 'From Selfie to Self-Expression' will allow for both: self-reflection, as well as laughter. The second floor follows Carmignac Photojournalism Award winner investigating connection between Libyan authorities and human trafficking. All in all - beautiful place that holds subjects many will find interesting

5 by Pawel Trauth Review source

I absolutely love this place, and my husband absolutely hates it. Modern art at its best, and worst. Can be very entertaining, the whole thing, to drag your screaming husband through the halls of vagina and poo pictures, keeping a straight face while passing all the Russian and Chinese students in weird outfits... love it every time.

5 by 0 Review source

The gallery seeks to bring new art from around the world and this can often be quite challenging; the best exhibitions are those which are themed or focussed on particular countries. The current exhibition is on 'The Iconoclasts'. There is an excellent shop and a gallery in the lower level which sells limited editions.

5 by Viola Yost Review source

Great location and space.
Great events.
Friendly staff.
Years ago I brought an age 16 school group from Angola. They loved the guided tour and the visit.
Great to see more restaurants pop up in the area. But can close to early or be full if you are coming out of a later private view at Saatchi.

5 by francesca romanin Review source

The gallery overall is intriguing. There is a variety of different art and photography and the gift shop is good. But, if you are looking for a place to spend a long time in, here is not the place, there is not a large amount of artwork and photography to see so you'll roughly be spending like 20-30 min here

3 by Prisillia Ayod Review source

London's premier private art gallery offers free admission to the public. Controversial, cutting-edge, often challenging and regarded (often grudgingly) as a significant arbiter, 'mover and shaker' in the art world.
Peerless; much imitated but unequaled, though somewhat distant and detached.

5 by jeff benjamin Review source

I’m a frequent visitor to this gallery. Brilliant location with the tube close by. The venue is always well maintained, clean and tidy. There is always a pleasant welcome here. The gallery changes its exhibits regularly and there’s always something raw and edgy about its new installations. Well worth a visit.

5 by P Fladuke Review source

Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. It's not quite as spectacular as, say, the Tate Modern but it's still impressive! Remember that it's modern art so you'll have to put on your pretentious hat before you enter... Try to take everything with a pinch of salt!

4 by A K Review source

Visited here in April 2018 for the Known Unknown exhibition. Entry was swift and free, with a gallery guide for a £1 donation. The room layout is good, and each one has enough space to cater for lots of people and to allow one to examine the art properly. Free glass of wine on arrival too.

5 by Giles Hutchings Review source

We went to see Jenny Saville but not there!!
They need to update their information . Very dissapointed as travelled from buckinghamshire and according to staff we where one of many who have done this
So my conclusion is a better communication from them would improve things

1 by Review source

Stopped by in July 2016 for the Rolling Stones Exhibitionism exhibit and was completely blown away. Beautiful space full of amazing art and the Rolling Stones special exhibit was absolutely incredible. The staff was incredibly helpful and amazing as well. Highly recommended.

5 by Mike Vanlandingham Review source

A must see for those interested in contemporary art. Apart from the more abstract pieces you will see, it is highly possible to stumble upon an exhibition covering an important social, environmental or political issue. As most galleries and museums in London the entrance is free.

5 by Diana Trifonova Review source

Good job there is no charge for this or we would have asked for our money back. We have seen better paintings in an infant school classroom. If this is modern art give me the old stuff at least you can recognise the subject. Some of the paintings were obscene and offensive.

1 by Malcolm Ridings Review source

Based in a large former army barracks off the Kings road, worth a trip too as the art there changes regularly and is usually very interesting to very good. Has several large well lit rooms to view the work in and draws its art from many countries and cultures.

4 by Review source

Was at first sceptical and won't be to everyone's taste. Great showcase for new artists, where we fell in love with a new-corner I will be following to watch how he develops. Very thought provoking work on human trafficking. Will return.

5 by Tracy Whitfield Review source

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