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Staff here in the food hall apart from one or two are rude. A woman with long grey hair and late fifties is rude if you complain and she becomes defensive and she was on the service desk. Yea, 'service' desk; giving no service. Problem at the self-service till? Another woman comes along and doesn't even say hello and just swipes her card to get the till working again and off she trots. Too much gassing and less arguing with customers if head office don't stipulate the exceptions in the terms and conditions of Sparks offers that staff want to implement to be difficult and ease their boredom. Don't argue with customers.

1 by D Mwah Mwah Review source

Went Marks and Spencer's Shoreham today, bit disappointed to see no spring fashions. when the weather is dull and it's raining outside there's nothing more cheering than seeing spring clothes on display.
I understand you have to have your sales but seeing so many sales can be a little depressing, just a taste of what is to come would make everyone want to come back very soon. Knowing spring is around the corner and a new year has arrived can be most cheering.
I know you have got them, I saw them online maybe that's why I was so disappointed.
Best wishes Rochelle oberman

2 by Rochelle Oberman Review source

I tried to order a handbag online to find it was out of stock. I then phoned the Shoreham branch to ask if they had it in stock there and was told I would have to go into the store to order it. As this is a 30 minute car commute for me, I asked if they could check if they had it in store to save me a possible wasted journey and was told they were not allowed to do that! I had to either order it online or go into the store to buy it! What sort of customer service is that? Shame on you M&S, I am greatly disappointed and liable to spread the word as to how unhelpful you have been.

1 by Review source

My wife and I had a coffee in the cafe and I was discussed by the state of the place tables not clear food And drink over the floor ,staff standing around chatting about there social life!! It wasn't even a busy time of day for it to be such a mess!! Some of the pricing made no sense either very over priced the so called new items to the menu and how can a standard can of ginger beer be £2.00 when you can go in the food hall and buy a large bottle of ginger beer for 84pence!! You obviously pay the extra to sit in messy cafe area. Not what I expected from M&S!!

1 by Review source

Raving about M&S is difficult. It is my mother's favourite shop. The food is the main act I feel with clothes playing second fiddle. The niche is 'good quality assured fare' for every day eating. For me the clothing has become difficult to distinguish by price nor design nor quality from alternative stores and that is fundamentally different on the food aisle. Come on guys up the price and quality on the clothing side again and save sales for Christmas old stock.

5 by Neville Clark Review source

Called to be put through to lingerie dept, waited over 5 mins, just ringing.
Called back and explained there was no reply, operator put me back through and exactly the same happened.
Called back third attempt and eventually she managed to get my call answered by the dept.
I appreciate it is not her fault if no one answers but she couldn't have appeared less interested in my call if she tried.
Poor customer service at first port of call

1 by Review source

Came to firstly browse over the shirts for my promotion at work.. Well when finding out they wanted sixty quid for a shirt I thought even if I earnt £100k I still couldn't justify that mark up for something of same quality elsewhere a lot cheaper.. Got all my outfit for work for less than the shirts here by going to a rival company that is more the average person salaries choice...

1 by Zeon Xavier Review source

After a visit to your cafe in Holmbush yesterday I was bought a takeaway tea. Unfortunately the plastic cup had a faulty base and tiped boiling tea on my lower arm causing a nasty burn. One of your staff gave me a bag of frozen pease and sweet corn to put on it. I have had a night of burning pain and found it hard to sleep it's a bit less painfully today but is very discoloured.

2 by Review source

Lovely store But M&S have forgotten their core trade chasing the promised land of the
young professional folk who prefer the designer outlets.
Have the M&S executives ever walked the aisles of their stores to see just who does shop with them and what their average sizes are ?
At least they have got their foodhalls and cafes just about right.

3 by michael willison Review source

Just wanted to praise the staff in the cafe. I went there with my two young children yesterday and the two ladies on the till were nothing but helpful, told me to sit down and they brought me over everything as my baby was playing up. Really lovely and friendly. The two ladies were working at about 3.45pm on Tuesday 11th July in the cafe. Thank you!

5 by Katie Bowden Review source

Lots of choice. Nice cafe but always very busy. Staff are friendly and helpful. Also has an on site M&S bank and cash point within the store. Very adequate toilets, has left and right disabled toilets, parent and baby changing facility and baby feeding area. All on one level which is handy.

5 by Louise Bates Review source

Good selection especially Dine in For Two.
Confusing layout in food hall, if you want Food to Go ie sandwiches, small drinks etc, you literally have to hunt for it, there is no signage to point you in the right direction - if you are in a hurry - you have been warned.

4 by who mee? Review source

Good range of clothing & home wear ranges, always good for pre-Christmas shopping because of the size of store. Food section also good. Revamped cafe is much nicer than the old one. And I have always found the staff throughout the store to be friendly and helpful.

5 by Sue Wilson Review source

Starting to look a bit tired, despite various refurbs and refreshes over the years. Long bits of gaffer tape covering gaps in the flooring, for example. Not what you expect from what was once their flagship store.

Staff are always nice though.

3 by Paul Ockenden Review source

Not enough sale bargains given it was boxing day however the woman who had dyed her hair silver was thick like oatmeal which pushed it to three stars. The toilets were, in my opinion, some of the best retail toilets I've ever used. Spacious.

3 by Review source

Disappointing visit to M&S on this occasion. The person in charge of laying out the store must have enjoyed a previous career designing mazes. We were lost for ages, but fortunately, unlike a maze, we simply headed for the nearest exit.

2 by Ben Kelly Review source

Terrible Service last week, I asked if they had something in stock in mensware in my size and got a one word answer NO without even checking the stock or saying anything else. grumpy old blonde woman doesn't deserve a job.

1 by Review source

Love M and S wouldn't shop anywhere else, can buy every thing I need. Always find the Homebase shoreham the best in my area. Only negative is the restaurant, tables are not cleared and cleaned as they used to be.

5 by Review source

Went to buy summer trousers and found rack after rack was full of waist sizes 28-32 and 38 upwards but very few of 34 to 36. A member of staff told me it was (A popular size ) sic and try online. What a joke.

2 by Review source

It's always a pleasure to browse, shop or have a coffee there. A great selection available in all the departments, helpful staff on hand, plenty of parking, lovely relaxed atmosphere........shear bliss.

5 by Review source

Lucy pope is an absolute star, so helpful and so willing. She was very professional and I had a great experience with her helping me find the items I wanted to buy. She is a credit to the team. Thank you !

5 by Review source

Food good but expensive and small portions
Inadequate signage for toilets
Hand dryers too low to use standing up
A poor experience from a company that should treat customers better

2 by Review source

Good location and great coffee. Whoever is buying women’s clothes though must be delusional - nothing classical, elegant or stylish for any generation of women. Tango mode is a broad description.

1 by Review source

This is a large Marks & Spencer store with free parking. There was a good selection in the food department, but many sizes were out of stock in both the clothing and bed linen departments.

4 by Margaret Andrews Review source

There was a problem with the lighting yesterday in part of the store but staff were apologetic and there were people there trying to fix it.
I found everything I wanted in my size.

4 by Review source

The sales assistant who dealt with my purchase was so helpful and friendly whilst being completely professional. An excellent ambassador for M&S very impressed!

5 by Review source

Same as other M and S stores, cafe clean, choices good but expensive, same applies to rest of stores, staff very good, very good sale on at present, no complaints.

4 by ray edwards Review source

All very plush but poor range of clothing for the older man. All boutique styles wife and I very disappointed. Have shopped at M&S for years not anymore.

1 by Steve Gardner Review source

Store ok but the cafe is the slowest and most disorganised I have ever experienced. Used to enjoy coming here to shop and grab lunch, but never again.

1 by Review source

Visited today. We would like to see more items produced in the UK. So many items seemed to be produced cheaply in China sporting the M&S logo

3 by Spencer Davies Review source

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