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25 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, London, W6 9TD

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My daughter took me to the Old Ship tonight for a Mother's day meal. We were both profoundly disappointed.
It was between 7.30 and 8pm and the place was almost empty. There were speakers everywhere so it's difficult not to sit near one, and the music was a ghastly racket and, to me, like supermarket 'musak.' The waitress was kind and friendly and offered to turn it down but it didn't make much difference.' I asked if it was possible to change the track but after long delays they came back and said it was pre-programmed on the internet so not possible. There wasn't a great deal of variety on the menu... various roasts and veg and a few other fairly uncreative dishes. There was no info saying if things were suitable for vegetarians or vegans, and though I am neither of these I have several food intolerances, but settled on chicken and some kale and parsnips which would be dairy and gluten free. My daughter chose belly of pork. Mine came first along with my daughter's veg also. My veggies were only warm and a bit greasy but the chicken was ok. The menu hadn't stated if it was free-range or not and for the price I think it should have been. My daughter was hungry and started on her veg and had almost finished when her pork arrived. We both looked at it in shock. It was a large cube of white fat, about 5cms high, slightly brown on top, and with less than a centimetre of actual meat at the bottom. 'I'm sorry,' she said 'I can't eat this. It's a huge lump of fat'. 'No, it's pork' came the reply. 'No, I'm sorry' said my daughter ' I know what pork should look like. I'm afraid I'll have to have something else'. She wasn't rude, she was polite, and said she would go for the beef. 'WELL DONE, please'. She had finished her veg and eventually the beef with its Yorkshire pudding arrived delivered by a man, don't know if he was one of the chefs. We couldn't believe our eyes...it looked like a pile of raw meat. 'I can't eat that, it's almost raw'
He didn't apologize but turned to take it away and I said, 'It needs to be VERY well done please'.
We waited 10 minutes more and at last a different waitress came bearing a plate and our jaws dropped as we beheld another pile of pale pink almost raw meat. The waitress stammered, 'Oh I don't know anything about it, I've only just come on'.
It wasn't her fault we know, but the kitchen's? the management's?...or lack of. We'd absolutely 'had it' by then. My daughter got up to find the manager and told him she was cancelling her order and didn't want anything else. She was polite. He just said OK, didn't apologize, didn't offer anything else.

They brought the bill for my meal and my daughter paid. (Personally I think they should have charged nothing for this appalling experience)
She had had to go without a meal.
It was so sweet of her to drive all the way to London from the country to take me out.
This pub has just spent a massive amount on a cosmetic refurbishment, but sadly, to us it doesn't seem to have gone more than skin deep.
It will be a memorable Mother's day meal but unfortunately not for the right reasons.

1 by Review source

My black labrador wouldn't eat the pie crust I offered her at the end of my lunch at the Old Ship- and she's been known to eat her own feces. That may be down to a matter of taste but that shouldn't distract from the fact that the food was well below average.
As other reviewers have said, the Old Ship's location is its biggest (and I'd say only) selling point and really does a disservice to the idea of a gastropub. The Old Ship sells decidedly pub food at gastro prices. We ordered the Caesar salad and fish pie. Both took well over half an hour to arrive. The service was poor and although the started (flat bread and cold meats) was tasty and promptly delivered, this is likely down to a good supplier than any effort on the chef's part.
Whilst we enjoyed the terrific Thames view and sunshine we were at no point reassured that our food would be forthcoming and never offered extra drinks (which were similarly overpriced). When I enquired why the food was taking so long the waiter explained that the fish pie took 25 minutes to cook in the oven. Understandably they wanted to bring both meals at the same time but when they both arrived it looked like the Caesar Salad had been ready for a while and the fish pie could have done with less than its 25 minute 'needed' cooking time. The Caesar Salad was too creamy I was told and not worth the £8 it cost. My fish pie was bunt on the outside and lacking moisture on the inside. Not inedible but not worthy of the £12.50 it cost. The mashed potato which came with it had clearly been reheated from some Tupperware and was incredibly heavy. All in all we were left with a bad taste in our mouths and regretting that we hadn't gone to the Black Lion which was just 50 feet away. I've had a good basic Sunday Lunch at the Old Ship in the past but its clear that since I last visited something has seriously slipped- and it isn't the prices.

2 by Robbie Davidson Review source

We went there for breakfast. We called the day before and the told us to go there by 11am. We got there at 10.45am only to be told that on a Sunday the stop serving breakfast at 10.30am. After a bit of negotiation they agreed to give us breakfast but they told us they were running out of eggs (yes, you got it right, EGGS). After more than thirty minutes waiting they served us the most sorry looking, flavourless, shoddy SINGLE pancake I’ve ever seen, garnished with a spoonful of yogurt, ONE strawberry, TWO raspberries and a couple of blueberries. All of this for 7 pound 50. According to the menu this masterpiece also included honey but guess what, they ran out. Luckily a member of the staff must have had a stroke of genius and popped to Tesco to buy some, so we got a thimble of it at last. Their colleagues unfortunately weren’t as bright, and they’ve been unapologetic and quite rude all the way through. After all of this we only managed to get half of that slop refunded. Guys, seriously, get a grip.

1 by Nick Galetti Review source

Slowly service.
This place has staff shortage for sure. I saw that young and kind guy working very hard without break. My food was ready in 30 mins after ordering. One waitress told me it's because they are busy and they cook from starch rather than from frozen food.
My meat in the burger was under done. It was still red...i complained. The staff said it's because i didn't ordered the very done option. No-one asked me when I ordered about it. I was disappointed.
I didn't want to sent it back because you know i was worried i had to wait an other 30 mins until my food comes back.

It was terrible busy on bank holiday Saturday! The management of the pub didn't seem to be organized and didn't prepare for the sunny day. I am sure there wasn't enough staff. And the staff who was there worked so hard - i would not blame them for anything.

P.s The prices are high. You have to pay to enjoy the view.

3 by Anna Jánosi Review source

Being a member of the Youngs Pubs team as a Team Leader and floor / bar worker l can say this pub is appalling.
Whilst the bar staff were friendly, the floor staff - particularly a ginger/haired guy, were very unprofessional and bordering on rude in the clumsy way of placing items on tables. His general facial expressions were frightening.
The music was stupidly loud with the transitioning between songs farcical - RnB followed by power ballads.
The aesthetics of the building could be lovely and timely but are severely run down. Glasses and plates etc are absolutely disgusting; with hairs on the trays and stains on glasses. Food is collected in gray trays, even when people are still eating and are then presented with a pile of leftovers about to be thrown away!

The presentation of the pub borders on unhygienic and unsanitary. It's got complacent with itself and being in such a nice area. Dramatic improvements needed.

2 by Pyotr Kurzin Review source

Absolutely infuriated, never try to book lunch here! Used to be a lovely old pub, but the current management is atrocious. I booked a week ago for a group of 16 for sunday lunch and it was cancelled on me this evening by a 'manager' who phoned and was extremely unpleasant and initially said they'd phoned to say we'd have to be out within two hours, and when I said that that wasn't what I'd had in mind when booking a party for a sunday lunch and why hadn't they said that at the time of booking told me that taking the booking had been a mistake (theirs presumably!) they didn't take bookings for that many and in fact they couldn't take our booking. I couldn't believe it, having booked a week before, and asked for her name as I said I wanted to complain, to which she said 'you can't complain about me'! I kid you not! Customer service that is not... You have been warned...

1 by Review source

It's a shame you can't give no stars! We waited at the top bar for 20 mins to get served, I eventually asked the staff where the bar staff were, they said 'he should be there, I'll go and get him'. 10 mins later, still no one turned up...I politely ask again, 10 more minutes, still no one turned up....I eventually got bored of waiting and left. The food didn't look great as it went past anyway. Dirty plates were left for the full 40 mins we were there on tables. I would feel genuinely embarrassed if I ran a premises like that. If you're understaffed then keep some sections closed as opposed to opening the whole place and providing rubbish service. Its a shame a decent manager isn't put in place to run it properly. What a complete joke to have such a lovely pub in a great location run by muppets.

1 by Chris Goodenough Review source

WARNING Do not go to this pub

I booked a table in advance advising dietary requirements when we arrived it took 20 minutes to get service....then the starters arrived before the drinks which had been 'forgotten ' and then advised that there were no vegan options left apart from mushrooms on toast and a cauliflower curry.....which when arrived, looked like something from a cheap takeaway over cooked cauliflower and overloaded with curry powder not really work £20. The service from our first waitress was appalling who had forgotten our drinks and didnt try to offer any alternatives.... however the second waitress was lovely and very helpful. Paid £100 for the worst food and service. I am so upset as I really expected a high quality of both. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking about going here.

1 by Review source

A second hand review but I'm drawn to post it anyway. My wife and her friend have stopped going there when on their weekly morning walk. The last time they stopped for a coffee (which my wife has given up for tea there due to it being pretty rough) her friend's coffee was tepid. When she asked politely if they could do her a favour and either heat it up or give her a new one, the man behind the bar said yes if you do ME a favour and take these (tea and biscuits or some-such) out to some customers sitting outside (she did so to the amazement of the said customers). Cheeky b•••••d! One of the female staff was also huffy and rude too. Looks like a touch of arrogance born out of being in a prime position.

2 by Review source

Dear Eaters!

Please keep it in mind that every single staff in there starving during their long shifts, with no break in the first 8-9 hours, staff food is some left over food, they are not allowed to drink soft drinks. I had to drink some water from soup bowl. The bowl you eat your soup from. I wasn't allowed to use glass. They said the company is 'tight'. I've seen your serving people bringing dirty plates back with some left over food on it, that is what they could eat, just a bite :(
I worked there only for one day, 12 hours shift got paid (£67) pounds! They promised £8 per hour. Something is not right with that place.
I would call it a modern slavery!

1 by Review source

The Old Ship is a superb pub located along the Thames river near Hammersmith. You can sit and watch the rowers, the ducks, or simply enjoy the sun during summer. It has won awards for it's food and when I ate there I could see why.

I had the best fish and chips ever at this brilliant little place. My friend had a really tasty looking burger too. So the food is superb, the drinks selection is great and the comfy sofas and other inside seating/tables are welcoming. The outside area is also incredibly popular in summer. At any time of year the friendly staff and ever changing river views will provide you with a memorable experience.

I really recommend this place!

5 by Julian Tozer Review source

Be warned. It's £9 for a kid's menu fish and chips, which includes neither not a drink nor dessert. Absolutely ridiculous prices IMHO, even taking account of the location. Despite the prices the food itself is thoroughly disappointing. The fish finger sandwich is in fact a dry unbuttered baguette, which is certainly not fresh and tastes as if it is thawed from frozen, filled with greasy fish gougons with very little fish in them, accompanied by a pitiful handful of bog standard frozen fries. One of the worst lunches I've ever had.

1 by Review source

This place is amazing.
Ok, lovely location, not many in London in a cute place like that, menu is lovely too, lots of space lovely terrace upstairs, a park on the side, all with view right on the Thames!
Lovely lovely lovely.
But boy the staff is incredible, unbelievably welcoming, kind, professional, really cheerful and happy, with us they've been truly amazing, so kind with families with kids and dogs!
Do yourselves a favour and have a nice chilled meal or pint in this incredible place!!!

5 by Saza Cat Review source

No evil-manager sightings, but an order mix-up did take place - and was quickly corrected. (In addition, two of the items we ordered - a wine and an ice cream - were reported unavailable, and we needed to choose an alternative). The restaurant area on the first floor was pleasant. A dish of roasted vegetables was very good. On the other hand, my wife's order of scallops was very stingily portioned, and my burger was average - although the chips were excellent. So, some problems, but a positive experience overall.

3 by Dimitri Shvorob Review source

I've been to the Old Ship a few times and never been disappointed. Let's start with breakfast. Their food is really good across the board and having eggs benedict, a glass of OJ and a coffee in the sun whilst watching the rowers go past is delightful. Lunch and dinner menus are also excellent with a decent range that you would expect from a gastro pub but made very well. Their service really is what makes it however. Their staff are always attentive and welcoming. Definitely worth a visit.

4 by Chris MacEwen Review source

Excellent food, very nice location and atmosphere. Staff is helpful and kind (apologised many times for getting one of the starters wrong). Some very good beers. The food service was very slow, but seeing the only one person in the kitchen it's not a surprise. Still, the food quality made up for all the waiting, one of the best pork bellies I had (and I had many). Some of the food come in small portions though. And only come here if not in a hurry, but in that case definitely recommended.

4 by Borbála Tóth-Apáthy Review source

I really like the new refurbishment it will definitely be my new spot near Hammersmith to have a drink when the weather is good. It is in a great location beside the river and there is good space to relax.
The staff are friendly yet also a little awkward. I love a bit of small talk while I am waiting for a drink especially if its quiet.
There is a good selection of beer & spirits.
I haven't tried anything off the menu as so far nothing has quite tickled my fancy.

4 by Review source

As usual the service was awful, staff was rude and food not good. They stop serving breakfast at 1030 on Sunday, despite the fact they took a booking for breakfast the day before for 1045. Nevertheless they did sell us 1 cold pancake for 7.5 £ without honey with 2 raspberries and 1 strawberry on top. The staff was not apologetic and said they didn't have enough eggs to make enough pancakes. I am astonished of how bad service can be in such a nice, well located pub. Such a shame.

1 by Review source

The place serves alcohol, and if you don't mind prepubescent antipodeans clogging the bar, you can have an all right night there.
Can't recommend the food, they do a half decent burger - but DO NOT HAVE THE STEAK, I've had boiled rat in Borneo (a local speciality there) that was less chewy.
The place is overpriced and understaffed, if you're after a nice pub go to The Black Lion or The Dove in stead - both proper old time pubs that do good food.

1 by Review source

It is one of my favourite places in London. It is beautiful. Most of the staff are amazing besides one supervisor with long hair who is recognizable also via a teeth/gum condition who was openly racist. It really breaks my heart as it is an amazing place. This person kept telling me two days in a row that he had issues with me and my 'Irish' frIends drinking there. It was really bad. I would recommend to the owners of the pub to deal with this uncivilzed character.

1 by Review source

Went there on Boxing day for some fish and chips. Was told the kitchen is closed as they were too busy and not sure when it'll reopen. So we waited at a table but not given menus or asked if we wanted any drinks whilst we waited. After 30 mins or so, we were told they'd run out of fish. Went to a lovely pub nearby who had plenty of fish, great atmosphere and reasonable prices. This place obviously does not believe in customer service. AVOID!

1 by Review source

Very long queue at the bar. Rude staff. Disgusting toilets, with no paper towards the end of the night. Kitchen closed until 7.30pm then when we tried to order food at about 8 were told it was closed again for another half hour. Ordered at 8.30pm, lukewarm food finally arrived at 9.20pm! Beer served in plastic as they had run out of glasses... because they hadn't been cleared off the tables! Total sh*tshow, never been so disappointed!

1 by Review source

After Evening bike ride with my boyfriend we decided to have glass of wine and nice cheese board. I'm cheese lover so when I got my cheese board I was extremely disappointed. It was the worst cheese board in my life. I payed 12 pounds for 3 slices of cheese and 3 biscuits and a little bit of chutney. I'm working for youngs too and I had cheese board in many pubs of that branch and yesterday it was just a joke!!!!!

1 by Review source

Worst ever lunch. We have been there for an office event. We ordered in advance from the day's menu and arrived at 2pm. We have been waiting until 3.15pm for the starters. We finished lunch at around 5pm. Glasses were never cleared out from the table. Icing on the cake...we were served apple crumble which contained sort of ham or meat in it. Eventually the manager apologized and we did not pay for the meal.

1 by Review source

A great place to spend a sunny afternoon with a jug of Pimm's. The riverfront location is clearly this pub's greatest asset, with the food looking much nicer than it tastes. The pork roast I had was of a generous size but was on the cold side and almost completely lacking in gravy. Service was friendly and helpful though and can recommend for a lazy Sunday afternoon drink in the Summer.

3 by Caitriona Horne Review source

Came up from East Sussex on a visit. Food very disappointing. Needed a hammer and chisel to tackle the Yorkshire Pudding. Long wait. Overheard several complaints. Price extortionate, but then it is London. Waitress very pleasant and apologetic, but overworked. Kitchen too small to cope efficiently. Not a good advertisement for eating in London. Should sink below the Thames.

3 by Review source

What happened to this place.
Used to visit a lot with family and was always great food and service.
Went last night. There plates left on tables everywhere. Waited 45 minutes for our food. So went to find it.it had been sat under a warming lamp for a long time.everything was getting hard and dry.
When we left there was still plates on the same tables as when we came in.

1 by Neil Smith Review source

Honestly the best food ever.

I ordered a fabulous terrine to start, then followed up with boar sausages which was heavenly.

Desserts are okay as well but nothing special compared to the starter and main dish.

It's packed packed in summer, but otherwise it's nice and chilled thanks to the relax decors.

Go there, worth the money 100%

5 by sevy mada Review source

Great selection of beer, wine, spirits and ales. Staff are a bit disappointing for what a fun place this could be yet, I guess it's down to the majority snobbish clientele. Great food, great atmosphere if you can squeeze between the Xmas decorations taking up the majority of the room space. However, a definite favorite of mine out of most of the pubs and bars along the river.

4 by Delta Romeo Gaming Review source

This used to be an institution but in recent years it had gone massively downhill. Poor service frequently, an absolute nightmare trying to organise an event here, the least helpful events planner I've every tried to deal with. Only given two stars as it is still a nice place for a point in the sun, you're better off buying them from the black lion down the road

2 by Edward Goodeve-Docker Review source

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