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London Rd, East Grinstead, RH19 1HA

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This one of the larger stores of ALDI i have only been to this store once or twice is very popular with the locals it very busy when we went around midday but never the less the store looked well stocked and well staffed plenty of check outs wer open and staff wer willing to help attached to the store there is a car park which to be honest is a bit small so parking can be a bit of a mare when trying to park but this is because this store is a victim of its success and it is free to park this done by entering your registration number on leaving the store after going threw the check out.

5 by Stewart Review source

Cheap and cheerful. Just don't buy own brand baked beans. I seriously wouldn't eat those if it was the apocalypse and they were all that was left. And to be fair, they probably would be!!

On the other end of the scale though, the own brand sweet/salt mixed popcorn is by far the best popcorn I've ever tasted and even better, they still taste awesome over a year past their best before date. Perfect!!!

4 by Michael McCarthy Review source

Not as good as they were. Prices have jumped up by 30%or more. Some items are cheaper in Waitrose than in Aldi. No more loose apple's, why? Too much plastic packaging on all items. Very disappointed, even some items in Iceland are now better than Aldi. If you want to stay at the top you will have to improve and bring your prices down again.

3 by Review source

Great shopping and good produce. I shop there regularly and never had a bad experience. I have to say I am concerned by Aldi's infatuation with foreign workers. It would be nice to see them giving school leavers, or English people a job opportunity. Some staff don't speak English at all, but they always do their best to help.

4 by Chris Lomas Review source

They closed the branch only to change food around! What's the point? I was expecting at least to have enlarged the tills area which you haven't got any rooms to fill up your shopping! The only improvement was the wine stock, just little bit of more choices, but I still like shopping in aldi.

3 by Giuseppe Mastrorilli Review source

Good value. Parking is a nightmare. Car park is woefully inadequate. Turning up with my family I was a bit annoyed to see a guy on his own park in the family parking in front of us with no consideration. This should be monitored before a child is run down in this very crowded car park.

3 by Peter Quenault Review source

Don't buy Chinese made cheap imports?
Look for the ''Made in .... for Aldi's.'' to check!
The spanners are unusable. Likewise the garden tools.
Some are just silly , battery powered hedge cutter? Battery powered 8'' chainsaw

3 by Ian Green Review source

Excellent value. Horrendous parking as the car park is too small for popularity. Trolleys only available at the front of the store. Awkward if you have children and park furthest away due to lack of parking spaces. There are no drop off points for the trolleys any where else.

3 by Kelly B Review source

There's not much to say; it's pretty average. Not INCREDIBLE just another supermarket. Good enough prices, fair enough car park. One problem is that it's on a one-way Aroad so you can't leave through the entrance in the car park.

3 by Tate Winter Review source

Aldi at Eastgrinsted the shop might be smaller than the one in Crawley but the new layout is a lot better, with every thing more organised; and not falling over people who have stopped to look at the flowers are lot better by far, and pleasure to go around

5 by Review source

Aldi is totally transformed! Great selection of frozen food, orderly and well presented. I personally like the frozen stake tuna for 2.69, it's a staple food at home. My other favorite is the Italian Salami for about 80p. Simply great value for your money.

5 by José Llaguno Núñez Review source

Average sized Aldi with a small amount of parking. Felt a bit cramped inside when we visited. It seems to be very busy whenever we are there. Standard quality of food lile any other Aldi. Car park is exited from the other end.

5 by Peter Applebee Review source

Good value and wide choice of groceries. We shopped around 8.00pm and quite a few fruit and veg shelves were empty. Staff not very well informed what is where and, considering that they changed the layout, it would be helpful!

4 by Katherine Knowler Review source

Better value, however the staff often are ignorant when you ask questions. The parking is a pain with spaces used up causing congestion. Getting out the same. The prices are good and food quality is better than S'burns.

3 by Review source

Great prices, shipping in Aldi has brought my food bill down considerably, although it doesn't stock everything I need on a weekly basis so usually have to pop to another supermarket too. It can also get crazy busy!

4 by Review source

I like this store very much but a certain female checkout worker needs to learn how to be nice with customers and not demonstrate her impatience if a customer doesn't lay bottles on their sides quickly enough.

1 by TheBestlaidschemes . Review source

Great store, great value for money, only moan is that you have to loaf everything into the trolley and then pack it, bit annoying really, Sainsbury's and Tesco don't do this, everything else is great.

4 by michael harper Review source

Good prices good selection. However, parking can be atrocious here!!! They really need to either expand or sort something out regarding the parking, or even a bigger store in easy grinstead would be amazing!

4 by Review source

If you are careful in what you get you can get some very good bargains and a lot of the food is good quality. They do not try and bribe you by offering points etc but just good quality will priced food.

4 by Neil Julier-Goodwin Review source

Cheap prices, but be aware the quality of the meat is not that great, I had to throw meat only 2 days after I bought it, ( the expired date was 5 days after I bought it). This happened 2 or 3 times

3 by Diego Castillo Review source

For an Aldi this one is one of the better ones, although due to re-stocking there were lots of pallets in the way. I suppose it can't be helped considering the time of year. Well done Aldi

4 by Review source

Great value products. Sometimes the food can be much better than the larger brands. Finding products which are as good as the larger supermarkets is a bit of trial and error, so search around.

4 by James Akehurst Review source

Not bad really sometimes the small car park gets very full and you have to use the car park next to it . busy day Thursdays and lots of pallets in the way and makes getting round a problem

3 by Neil Galloway Review source

Very good prices but one cannot rely on all products being available all the time. Stock control urgently needs improving. Blocked aisles (empty cartons, pallets etc) are also a problem.

2 by Review source

Prices are very good, range of food is good, quality is much much better than it was when I tried it a couple of years ago, it's on par with lidl now. Plenty of free parking too.

5 by Tim coombes Review source

Aldi is what Aldi does. Just recently - Nov 2017 completed a revamp. Often crowded but some seriously good prices against label for label with Sainsburys the local store.

3 by Paul Allievi Review source

I'd rather swim through shark infested waters with blood leaking out my arse than shop in Aldi normally. Let's just say a diy castration would be less painful

1 by Review source

Always very busy, product difficult to find, parking atrocious, some members if staff very arrogant, tills always closing and no checkout for fewer items.

3 by Allan Shaw Review source

Not a bad choice of food and the price is great. Staff can be a bit rude sometimes,rather than wait for you to move they will barge past with their stock

4 by Derek bassell Review source

Also has a fantastic range of products and a fare amount of organic foods too and the prices are lower than lots of the other high street supermarkets.

5 by Review source

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