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WASTE OF TIME!! Rubbish Sales Customer Service!

I was interested in an alfa romeo which they had in the used car section here! I left my details online and someone tried to call me so called them back first time I was told by the automated message the phone line was not working to try another number then I called the other number after been waiting for somone to pick the phone up, it became clear I got though to someone in the call centre or other area of the business, they then transfered me again and I got though to Reece the sales advisor. I explained I was interested in the alfa and the I'd like to trade my car in. Reece noticed I had given my car details at another Evans dealership an would be able to call me back with a price before I came to view the alfa for my car against the alfa. The alfa also needed some work to. It before I viewed it as well which reece was going to update me on so I could test drive. He never called me back i contacted the dealership again and had the same issue as before on hold 15-30 mins got though Reece told me the alfa would not be ready for test drive which was fine as I was ready to wait for it to be sorted. I then asked for my valuation of my car against the alfa, Reece said he had to check with somone if it had come back..... I was waiting while he did then I got cut off and I rang back and was told they would put me though to him each time I got through to the voice message of Sarah (annoyingly). All in all I just think its rude and bad customer service to not try and ring a customer back if they did not want my part ex then just say be up front and honest rather than cutting me off and been rude. This has definitely lost Evans a sale and a customer.

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Evans Halshaw Hyundai Leeds have moved to this their new address, I have been with this garage for the past five years and they are good at their jobs. I was given a lift home by Keith whilst my car was been serviced, this saved me taking a garage car for the day. Sue was there like a Trojan working away and she is super friendly, she is probably the reason I have stayed with this garage for so long. I also had a chat with Andrew Porter about cars and the pros and cons of leasing and buying a car, he wasn't pushy, but very informative and I felt at home the minute I went in there. I helped myself to two cups of coffee but didn't take the mug!. The car was serviced well and the mechanics did their jobs well, I was paranoid about my breaks but they informed me that the brakes were ok and didn't need doing! I find them all very fair and decent people. The cost was also very fair and good value for money. I can highly recommend this garage for fair pricing and good after sales care. Give them a try and if you have the same experience as I have had for over five years you won't go anywhere else. Customer service is second to none.

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Bought a runabouts BMW 1 Series which was part exchanged in, all was fine even though the salesman was quite pushy to get the sale through and it appeared to be an excellent car which is what I thought anyway. After buying the car the parking sensors didn't work which the salesman I think his name was Andrew didn't check it out anyway. Initially they wouldn't do the repair even though it was described as having parking sensors and only after saying I wanted a refund did they actually then offer to do the repair. About 2 months after purchase have had countless oil pressure issues which is now costing to the tune of £1000 and won't make a discretionary contribution to the repairs because I had it took in to be repaired somewhere else. Avoid this dealer especially the runabouts scheme.

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Made use of the pickup and return service and later on, watched back my dashcam footage to see what went on ! Who knew the driver couldn't sing.
The service was well done although topping up the windscreen washer with a few drops using a Hyundai product and charging for the whole bottle wasn't really necessary...I've a massive dilutable bottle at home so didn't need that doing.
The car wash was excellent...showroom quality, although surprised to see it done before the service.
The video of the underside of the car with the service guy's comments was sent the next day via an email link to it on YouTube....a nice touch.
Overall an excellent service and recommended.

4 by Ian McKillop Review source

If I could give 0 stars, then I would. If you are thinking about buying a car from Evans Halshaw, then I would implore you to reconsider, and if you ever find yourself in one of their showrooms, remember these words. 'get out of there as if the building were on fire'. The car I bought 9 months ago has broken down 5, yes, 5 times since I got the car and every time I have taken it in I have been told that there is nothing wrong with it. Avoid like the plague, I would rather get the bus to work than buy a car from this company ever again.

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Absolutely useless.

Literally caused more problems than they fixed. Cars power steering didnt work, which granted they fixed, but managed to damage the battery to the point where it won't charge and now can't get in touch with them fo then to come and fix the car that's marooned on my driveway. Why would you send me home with this vehicle if it hadn't been properly tested?

Find another Hyundai garage... literally any other Hyundai garage!

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They've looked after our 2 Hyundais with servicing for years. Easy to deal with and good on the detail too. Fair courtesy car deal too.
Although I preferred Roseville Road, I quite like the new site on what was the old Co-op Diary (new to Lewis's Depot - if you're old enough).
Can't fault them

5 by Richard C Review source

Busy garage. Staff too pushy to try to get you to buy a car on finance rather than with cash. Call back promised after I liked a certain car and wanted to test drive it. However call not made untill 3 weeks later when I had purchased a car elsewhere.

2 by Sabina H Review source

Went here and bought an audi a4. Taps who dealt with me was fantastic. However the sat nav needs updating and having to fork out £204 at audi leaves a sour taste. They also tried their best to get me on monthly finance

4 by Craig Fletcher Review source

Staff were very friendly and extremely helpful they answered all our questions and gave us the information that really helped us to try and decide which new car we wanted we will be going back and making a purchase.

5 by Julie Whetstone Review source

I have tried to contact this garage fore 3 days now nobody every seems to answer the phone and when I have been down to the Garage it has taken a least 30 minutes before been seen to

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Staff are great. Unfortunately it's Evans Halshaw and the sales team have zero leeway to negotiate prices.

3 by Constance A Grayson Review source

Excellent customer service from Service Department

5 by Greg Lumley Review source

Was cheaper than Hyundai showroom in Manchester

4 by Hitesh Bhatt Review source

Great staff on service desk and had no issues.

5 by Steve Taylor Review source

Poor service was provided by the mechanic.

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Good service. Enthusiastic saled staff.

5 by Girish Kale Review source

Takes so long to get some service.

3 by faruk miah Review source

First Class service(Keith)Thanks.

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