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In general, I always give positive feedback, maybe I was lucky until now and I can't prevent myself of being honest. I'm a financial consultant and travel to all corners around the world for work.
I recently stayed in this London hotel called The Tower Hotel By Guoman, great location just by the Tower Hill Bridge, I've been told some rooms have a nice view to the bridge, just that my standard room wasn't, I was fine with that, some people pay more for the view.
But I’m challenging my travel agency why my company is paying 440 GBP when there are other better alternatives.
As you enter to the hotel for the check-in it smelled like fish, I though to myself, maybe the restaurant and/or kitchen couldn't be very far from the reception and the fish of the day was cabillot or some sort of other fish (we are in England), but then I started to get worried when I was on the elevator, it still stink fish, my only hope as I was going up was that my room wasn't smelling like that.
When I got to my third-floor room, not expecting much from the hotel, I noticed the carpet looked like it wasn't replaced since the 70s, but worst of all was the bed, looked like a 10 years old bed (see photo). I was tired that night so I slept like in the old times.
The day after when going for breakfast, waiting next to another guy for the elevator to come up, he didn't reply to my 'good morning' I though he was just a bad mood, but 10 minutes later I realized why, the elevator took forever, literally 15 minutes.
As we went out from the elevator on first floor, I noticed the long and eternal line to have breakfast, I said to myself, It’s must be normal in this crowded city so I’ll wait 5 minutes before giving up, I waited 10 minutes until I realized I will be late for my 9 AM meeting, time to go up and down again, so I went up to my room, picked up my stuff and left the hotel. The afternoon after a long day of work, same story again. I honestly don’t understand how this hotel is 4 stars…

1 by Review source

Had 4D3N stays during my vacation in London.

→ nearby tourist attractions
→ allow us to checked in earlier (before officially stated check in time)
→ breakfast hours is long

→ some distance walk to public transport in rainny days (not a super big deal though)

However, I had a slightly unhappy experience with the reception. Without killing the whole forest because of one tree, it would be great that Guoman takes care its reception attitudes. Our room got locked despite we reserved it for 'extended weekender' deal, went to the reception and explain it. She asked if we told the reception when we checked in, we said no(expecting they know what is extended weekender and their system recorded it). She then said we should, and asked to show our print out. We didn't have print out but a booking reference. She denied that by saying she has booking ref but want us to show the deal and what the deal includes. We said, well, it stated it is 'extended weekender' here, and it is in the Guoman tower hotel website. She then questioned us (like what's in the deal) before she checked with her colleagues.

Long story short:
Guoman Tower hotel, you should know your hotel deals better than your customers, don't you? And you should check with your colleagues before you questioned and suspect your customers due to your lack of understanding of your professional, don't you? And you should at least sound friendly, don't you? It is your job to know your company's offer, not your customers'.

3 by Zan Ell Review source

I stayed at the Tower Hotel as an overnight stop over as I am working nearby so just somewhere to relax! However, honestly I didn't really like this place very much at all. The entrance of the venue, the reception areas and the restaurants all look striking and very pleasant but that's where it ended for me. The staff on arrival were friendly but it feels like the hotel is trying too hard to be up market, I felt quite uncomfortable for most of my stay just being a normal person here for work. The room was small, you can tell they have crammed in as many rooms as they could, however, it is clean and functional if not a bit dated. I ordered room service and had to call them 4 times before anyone answered to take my order...although when they answered they could barely hear me through the chorded phone with a broken chord! When my food arrived it was sub-par and it was just about warm...not very hot, however it was good that they could take money from credit and debit cards in the room. The number 1 on the remote didn't work so it was interesting trying to get channels on the TV! The view from my room was the saving grace I spent most of my stay staring out the window at the gorgeous tower bridge. Also, I did sleep very well and the bed was extremely comfortable!

2 by Jessica Salmon Review source

I wrote a very long and detailed review on my laptop, to copy & paste into here. Unfortunately Google has disabled pasting in this app, and it's far too long to type out on a phone. So, in summary: standard double room with tower bridge view had an excellent outlook. Breakfast was good quality & plentiful, although veggie options had to be ordered, we weren't told this in advance. Hotel VERY tired and in need of extensive updates, i.e. the lifts had ashtrays & emergency phones in them rather than intercoms, bathrooms had phone line sockets. Furniture & decor was straight from 80s. Shower was dirty & fixed to the wall so low I couldn't get under it. Paint chipped off doors & walls left right & centre. Check-in took a long time due to staff not knowing their own processes. Basically, you're paying for the view. That's it. Worth it for maybe one night to get a good photo of the cityscape, but in terms of decor, upkeep & facilities, I've been to better Travelodges.

3 by Richard Terry Review source

I usually stay at chain hotels for the points but, for several reasons, ended up at the Tower Hotel. It was outstanding and exceeded my expectations. When I first walked into my room, I was stunned by the incredible view of the Tower Bridge. The room was very nice. They have a very good breakfast buffet, including made to order omelets. Finally, the most amazing feature is the staff. We had a business meeting with a client in one of their board rooms and the service team from the hotel did an excellent job taking care of every detail. I had to check out a day early and had made my reservation through Expedia. I didn't realize that I needed to call Expedia to cancel. The hotel staff apologized and said they were tied by the contract with Expedia and that I would need to contact them. When I spoke with Expedia, they called the hotel and the hotel cancelled the room without any hesitation. The hotel then sent me my updated bill via email before I got of the phone with Expedia. I highly recommend this hotel.

5 by Review source

Stayed in the past and was very pleased with the room and service. On my most recent (current) visit I am less than pleased. The room is on the inside corner of the L shaped building, so I feel uncomfortable openeding the custains as there are other guests feet away in direct sight. The service seems incredibly intrusive, with literally 20-30 staff running around the foyer, room service walking in and moving my stuff around to tidy. Breakfast is an awkward ordeal, requiring 'guidance' from staff to a table, to be sat down awkwardly and then promptly leave to go get your breakfast once the staff leave. Would feel much more comfortable just being left alone to sit and eat at the buffet when and how I choose, as a paying customer. Then again, work has paid for my stay and the view of the bridge is lovely. So yeah I've stayed at worse, but if a professional firm like Premier Inn ran this hotel i would rate it much higher, though that sounds bizarre.

3 by Skylar Simoncelli Review source

Stayed here two nights with my girlfriend very nice hotel impressive lobby and perfect location we had a executive room witch had seen better days with broken fixtures and things that don't work flaking paint etc etc not what you expect from 4 star also the lady at check in knew nothing and forgot to do my room keys so had to go back down to have them reset the hotel is also very busy had to talk the stairs a few times and the executive bar was far to small for the amount of guests but 5 hours of free booze is impressive the food not so much apart from the cookies I had a fire drill the second I got out the shower witch was fun . I've stayed in loads of hotels in the area and would say the double tree by hilton is the best by far just treated so much better all in all the a nice hotel could be better.

3 by James Hubbard Review source

Love this hotel, stayed on five occasions, only had breakfast once and not good value (I'm a small eater so £20 per head is rather expensive for a cup of tea and slice of saying that, there was a HUGE spread available for those who can eat a large breakfast) booked room only for each other visit and got small breakfasts out in nearby cafe's. The rooms are spotlessly clean, beds so cosy and everything in the worked great, friendly staff, fab bar, great range of drinks with complimentary nuts and stunning views of Tower Bridge at all times of the day, very busy hotel but always staff around to help if needed. The ideal location for visiting London, taxi rank outside and one always available, very close to tube station, will stay again for my next trip and can't wait!

5 by Laura Barrett Review source

A pretty crowded hotel - I had to wait for approximately 20 minutes at the check-in queue! The views are stunning - and even though I didn’t manage to get a room facing Tower Bridge, I was still impressed with the panorama. The room was quite large and the bed extremely comfortable. I only had a small issue, due to which I give this place 4 stars - long story short, I travelled for “business” purposes, but there appeared to be some sort of problems when checking in. I had to call my company and tell them to re-send the hotel receptionist a statement demonstrating that the payment for the room has been completed. This is just bureaucracy and it is the hotel’s responsibility to take care of it, but somehow I ended up being the “middleman”. Other than this, everything was great.

4 by Andrei Apostol Review source

At at the restaurant on site. The waitress took our orders (after a few minutes wait) and then disappeared. The food was delivered by back kitchen staff. The waitress never re-showed at our table. We requested (and received) water from another staffer. At finish the waitress finally showed and cleared the table, then disappeared again--not asking if we wanted the check. We finally (after almost tripping here) requested and received a check. When it came, it had a 12.5% service charge added. We requested the manager and had the tip removed. He told us that we didn't ask for the check (prior) and that's why she didn't bring it! A table two away from ours had a similar experience (no service). The food is ok and a bit on the expensive site.

1 by Joe Review source

Another professional event at the Tower hotel... And I'll have to admit that after the last one I was looking forward to it. We were in the same space as last time... The Tower suite and the Bridge suite. I can't remember which was which, but the presentation facility was excellent with decent AV capabilities. For me though, whilst the space outside the presentation area is good, with stunning views of Tower Bridge and the Shard, it wasn't great for what the organisers of the event were trying to use it for. Not a reflection on the hotel by the way. Catering was excellent (a beef dish to die for and really good cookies in the afternoon). Staff were pleasant and helpful. I'm looking forward to when I need to go there for the next event.

4 by Andrew Parish Review source

A giant cat litter box is the featured view from room 449 unless you want to stare in your neighbor’s window. Quite likely the worst room in the hotel. King bed is two twins pushed together, one two inches lower than the other. Room hot when 7C/43F outside. Had to open window to cool.

No electrical outlets on bed side of room

Every noise is shared: slamming doors, flushing toilets, talking guests in next room. Hotel is in need of serious updating.

The workout room on the 11th is adequate: 1 bike, 1 elyptical, 1 treadmill, a multi weight machine

Hotel smells like soup.

Unless you get a room with a direct view of the Thames or Tower Bridge, I recommend elsewhere. You can do much better

2 by Review source

Considering that we had our wedding reception on premises, staff were cold and unhelpful. They saw me enter and check in in a wedding dress, carrying a suitcase and didn't even offer to help us to our room, or with our baggage behind us!

Our event managers were great at dealing with them, but the hotel staff themselves were extremely standoffish with us. Giving at least 3 stars because the facilities are nice.

Didn't have hot water in our room and the shower was really odd, but given the helpful nature of the staff, there was really no point in getting help. We were meant to have an executive breakfast but they gave us a basic one. Such apathy on their part!

3 by Jannat Shah Review source

If anyone is looking for a great deal on hotels you can check it out on HotelRaven. com Booked a room on there and they had the best rates around...

I loved staying here. The exterior of the building is very ugly but the interior is quite fancy and kept very clean. I stayed above level 5, which gave us access to the business lounge, where free breakfast, snacks, and alcohol was provided. This made the price increase well worth it, just for the free food every morning. The staff were all very helpful and willing to fix anything. Location is amazing, ask for a room with a view of the tower bridge. We had a view of the harbor, which was also very beautiful

5 by Gray Noonkester Review source

Me and my new wife came here on the 19th of August the day after our wedding. This is an excellent hotel in a brilliant location. We had the executive room with tower bridge view and it was everything we wanted. The club lounge is really good with fantastic staff on that day who are very professional and a credit to the hotel. We also had a 3 course meal in the brasserie restaurant and again it was great value and very good food. The xi bar is also well worth a visit with great views of tower bridge and the river,as well as being lively with a great atmosphere. Breakfast is also well worth it. We recommend this hotel to anyone

5 by Dave M Review source

Comfortable large business type hotel. Staff quite friendly on check in. Got a free room upgrade to an executive room too which was nice.

Rooms clean and comfortable perhaps a tiny bit dated.

Executive room had free mini bar with 1 bottle of beer 1 small wine, coke and Diet Coke. Crisps and chocolate as well as water all complimentary. Was also nespresso free in the room.

Room service was mediocre to poor unfortunately it took quite a long time and wasn’t all that nice sadly.

Breakfast was pretty good but super busy so go early!

Ideal for a weekend or business stay.

4 by Fionn McGinley Review source

Location: You won't find a hotel that is more closer to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London than here. Less than 2 mintes walk to the Tower Hill station. Plenty of good pubs and restaurants in the surrounding areas. St Katherine pier is on the door step from where you can take the Thames river boat.

Rooms: This hotel was built in the 70's and the rooms does show it's age and could do with refurbishment. But if possible, book a room facing the bridge and you will appreciate it's location.

Service: The service here is excellent, staff are always happy to help and very friendly.

5 by Fahad Takolia Review source

Mesmerising views of Tower Bridge, changing colour in its lighting from bright daylight, through the evening and late into the night, and one time a room that had windows in two walls so I could also look out and see the Tower of London with famous city buildings rising up behind it. The Exec Room I had was fabulous, the other could have done with tea and coffee-making facilities but did have free sparkling and plain water. Staff were keen to be helpful. Breakfast very generous. I liked the training room - the Great Harry - light, bright, airy, good view, plentiful supply of teas, coffees and water throughout the day.

5 by Lindsey Ambrose Review source

Hotel is not very near to the tube so inaccessibility if you are moving around London is not ideal. However there is a Tesco express just outside and the Tower bridge and park, so that's good. The restaurant needs to be better managed at peak hours as the crowd was unmanaged even though there were empty tables. Entry to the hotel is a single small lane just next to the turn off to Tower bridge. 2 of my Uber drivers didn't know this and either cancelled on me :( or had to make a big U-turn. Not ideal pick up for a hotel. Will stay here if it's my last choice.

2 by Nora Bakar Review source

I can't really speak about the hotel itself (hence only four stars), but I used the Brasserie section of this hotel where I treated my sister to an after noon tea for her birthday. I had informed the hotel about this and they even made a special effort to double treat her. The afternoon tea was very well presented and there was ample to chose from. The view towards the Tower Bridge and the river Thames was a real bonus too. The waitress was very friendly and if this is representative of the service if you stay here, then I think that says a lot!

4 by Marja Quak Review source

Good hotel at a great location
Regardless of direction you get a great view, of course the best are rooms facing the river. But even in the other direction you get a good view of the newly renovated docks area. Place full of boats and nice places to eat, drink or just have a coffee.
Rooms are of standard quality, clean and tidy. Great beds in my view, on the hard side, which I like personally.
Breakfast was good, omelet chef on duty, another one I really like. Good selection of fruits and bread.
Friendly and nice staff.

4 by Daniel Glifberg Review source

My stay at the Tower Hotel was very pleasant. The room was very nice, clean, well presented and equipped with an enormous and very comfy bed. Bathroom facilities were also very nice. The breakfast spread was great too, a wide variety of food hot and cold. It's ideally located on the Thames with a nice outside eating area and a walk to the Tower Hill Tube is but a couple of minutes away. I would certainly recommend this hotel to anyone else staying here, be it couples, business or leisure and I would not hesitate to return myself.

5 by Matthew Le Feuvre Review source

Stayed here just the once on memorial weekend in 2017. The hotel facilities are amazing and well worth the prices in my own opinion. The rooms aren’t cheap, but the location is fantastic! You are right outside the Tower of London and there’s a tube station round the corner.
Staff are very friendly and helpful, there was a big group of us staying and all checking in at the same time so it could have been a lot worse.
Breakfast was self service the next morning and all you could eat. Would stay at this hotel again for sure

5 by Leanne Kiley-Smith Review source

I loved my stay at The Tower, but that may be because I had the best Suite in the whole hotel!

11th Floor, corner Suite overlooking the London Bridge!

The room was amazing! And looking out the window (day or night) was like looking at a giant postcard of the London Bridge!

The room was simply fantastic on every level!

And the staff (from the Concierge to the Front Desk to Room Service) were all very friendly & accommodating!

Well, done, “Towers,” well done!

5 by Review source

Traditional hotel with solid interior. Unfortunately so not up to date. While each and every consierge was just amazing, polite and welcoming the ladies at the reception desk were bitchy harsh and cold. Slowest internet in the universe which makes it impossible to work, no toilet brush in the toilet, no q tipps, mirrors everywhere (this is freaking me out) and there were cookies and toast underneath my bed, which was gross). Would do the job but to be honest I´d prefer to stay somewhere else.

3 by Review source

The location was the best thing about this hotel. It is located right next to the beautiful Tower Bridge and close to many interesting places and restaurants. The downside is that the rooms in the hotel are very old and outdated. Everything in the room is underwhelming and very old. The sound from the halls carry into the rooms and can be bothersome when trying to sleep. If the rooms were updated to reflect current day standards, I would rate this hotel much higher.

3 by Review source

Refused access to executive lounge both evenings due to overbooking. No alternative offered even tho drinks and snacks paid for.
Manager no help either.

Room very dated. No digital TV, No spare power points.

Concierge was pretty useless. Vague information and no attempt to arrange anything for us. ie book resteraunt or taxi.

I have emailed my comments to the hotel 3 times both during and after our stay. Still no reply.

2 by Review source

A really great hotel, fantastic location around t mins from Tower Hill tube Station plus their room views of the river and Tower Bridge are fantastic! Room was very big, decour was a bit dated, functioning well but the full width room window was lovely to enjoy. Facilities as you would expect of a higher end hotel. Breakfast served was very nice, self serve buffet with an omlette chef waiting to cook to your spec. Great night spent and very helpful staff

5 by Adam Ithier Review source

I have stayed here numerous times over the years since it was the the thistle and its Lovely hotel great views out of the rooms very attentive service given and good breakfast buffet selection. Very close to London sights and infrastructure. Two tiny criticisms though the bathroom was a little dated with the shower not getting very hot and there were no hash browns at breakfast but otherwise would definately recommend

4 by Mark C Review source

I was at the tower hotel for a hosted event. We were in one of the conference rooms. It was very nice with cloakroom and wash room facilities to itself.

Immaculate clean.

Food and drink was good and staff were busy making sure there was plenty for everyone and no dirty plates lying around.

Would be an amazing hotel to stay at. The views on the river side would be stunning.

4 by Paul Armes Review source

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