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Terrible pompous and patronising staff, who use the old mind trick 'sorry I am not here to be abused by you' routine to transfer fault/guilt to the complainer if you complain about being lied to three times in 15 minutes by the staff.

In the end I was forced to leave the premises and was pushed (i am disabled and nearly fell over) to threats of 'we are calling the police'.

Disgusted at the lack of skills of the staff and management in how to deal with a complaint!

Shame on the staff for treating a disabled person in this manner!

Pizza Hut - you need some staff training at this branch IMO!

1 by Joyce Liddle Review source

A really nice Pizza Hut restaurant ... It's fairly standard fare as pizza and pizza huts go, as it's a franchised business, but the staff are really nice and really friendly. The were actively looking out for us, asking if we needed anything often enough, but not too oftenly to be a pain.

If you aren't too sure about the food, it's quite nice, given franchised business food is usually prepared elsewhere. A bit pricey but makes a nice casual meal with friends or your SO. It's unlimited soft drinks if you buy one, or they have other drinks and alcohol if you are so inclined.

5 by Review source

Been before to this particular 'hut, didn't enjoy it then either. Male waiter seemed distracted and not customer focused. Salad bowls and cutlery were shockingly filthy with bits of old food still left adhered to the inside. The male waiter disciplined a female member of staff in front of customers. So on the only two occasions that I have been here, I have been disappointed. I can honestly say that this pizza hut is the worst I have been to and I will not be going back to this one.

2 by Derek Alfred Taylor Review source

Serves very tasty pizza, and great for a quick bite. I hate rushing a meal but unfortunately Pizza Hut has that 'rushed' feel about it. If you are looking for a relaxing meal which serves Italian food you simply have to visit a nice Italian restaurant and enjoy your food with a nice glass of wine and the kind of ambience a pizza deserves.

3 by Brian Jones Review source

Last time we ordered our meal of pizzas back home after spending nearly thirty pounds on pizza and sides only to.fimd the pizzas weren't cooked on the bottom
How does that happen with the type.of ovens they have. Never been back since. Used to enjoy pizza hut but the prices don't warrant the food you get.

2 by Gerard Killing Review source

This is a quality Pizza Hut. The waiters were very nice and funny. They had good music too.
The pizza was quick to come and the chips were the best chips I had (they had cheese on too). It's so good and had this really good salt too.
The cookie dough was also great (as usual).

5 by AnA castilli Review source

Never coming back here again!! My friends and I went here for a birthday meal, we had more than 8 people coming therefore they added an extra 12% to our bill for their tip! We had all paid for our meals individually and 14 pounds was added to our bill and we were all left skinned!

1 by Review source

I was robbed £14 the bill was supposed to be £71 which for the quality of the food is far over priced but anyway I we ended up paying £85 and they also claimed that one of my friends had stolen our money and try to blame it on one of us I would never go again

1 by Review source

Way over priced for average pizza. Considering there's plenty of local restaurants offering better quality food at less than half the price.
£30 for 2 Pizzas 2 drinks and one bowl of ice cream.
Service staff were very good.

5 by Benny s fenny Review source

It's one of my favourite location, the restaurant it self is same as all the others but it's ideal for when you have shopped to drop or feeling peckish. It's close to the blue mall car park and public transport.

4 by Taj Khan Review source

I absolutely love this place, me and the family have been going for 4 years and have never had a problem, staff have went above and beyond to ensure we have a nice easy time. Food has always been great. Highly recommend.

5 by Review source

Good pizza, and the perennial salad bar.

Absolutely cracking milkshakes (lime sherbet clear winner) but starters were disappointing.

Very excitable waiter, nice chap and more than friendly.

4 by Daniel Rogers Review source

Really tasty food and lots of options. A little pricey depending on what you have but it's worth it.
Management have my little girl a happy birthday ice-cream while we were there..... Made her day

4 by Alan Rodmell Review source

A chain Pizza place with decent buffet deals. Reliable quality at most branches. The service can be slow in this one but its a convenient place to stop off for food while shopping.

4 by Lesley Harrison Review source

Food was ok but the place was playing loud music and had tables with screaming kids

The staff where rushing around and making mistakes.
Not a relaxing atmosphere.

2 by Review source

Salad bar left a lot to be desired, avoided the soggy cucumber & dry looking cous cous. The 3 stars are for our lovely server & pizza. Oh and Frickles are amazing!!

3 by Lauren Webster Review source

You can tell they know their pizza but not only did they send the wrong order, they charged me for a drink I didn't request. Won't be going back there

2 by Daniel Okoli Review source

Absolutely fab service! Nothing but politeness and the staff were so happy to help with anything. Will definitely be going back

5 by Review source

Great food' big portions at good prices' attentive staff and good atmosphere. Oh and lovely pint of lager.

5 by Steven Murphy Review source

Really quick lunch I called in for and your waiter Ian was great and very helpful x five stars Ian! Lunch was great

5 by Leanne Spenceley Review source

This place is the bomb staff are friendly and one of the woman staff members is well fit that served me today.

5 by Review source

You get what you expect. I have had a few issues with pizza hut food but usually they sort it out pretty well

4 by Darren Rundle Review source

Tried out the new vegan pizza and it was great, management were so helpful and we'll be back soon

5 by KatieGardi Mua Review source

Poor quality food. Over priced... But the service was alright... Not going back there again.

2 by Jason Grant Review source

Great place to eat at reasonable prices.. Ample parking.. Good public conveniences on site

5 by wes dolby Review source

Our favourite pizza place the best and only place for pizzas. Super friendly staff too.

5 by Liam Woolrych Review source

What you'd expect of a pizza hut. Decent service here and very friendly staff.

4 by Stephen Cochrane Review source

What to say that hasn't already been said. Great Pizzas and friendly service.

5 by Kev Reilly Review source

Don't think that this is value for money. Greatly over priced in my opinion.

1 by 00LordTedric Review source

The staff are extremely helpful. My wife is disabled and I cannot fault them.

5 by mark bellamy Review source

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