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Interesting for the hole family. We had a fabulous afternoon here. We had made a little plan before our visit, as our kids are some years apart, 5 and 10. I was supposed to take the youngest to visit «the garden» and «pattern pod». So I decided to start with the garden. To get to the garden, which is below ground floor, we had to walk through some of the exhibits on the ground floor. And I was impressed of how inspiring the exhibits were. My 5 year old was so engaged and interested in what she saw so we ended up spending an hour walking through the exhibits. And all the information signs were very helpful to me as to explain and answer her questions. «The garden is a wonderful place for children to learn and experience, just as the information on their web page says. The staff was helpful and interested in the kids. The different zones in the garden was organized in a manner so the children can learn about different things in each zone.
We didn't have time to visit pattern pod. But I have a 5 year old that still talks about the exhibits she saw and really wants to visit the museum again.

5 by jaurvik Review source

Amazing exhibition, lots of things to see and learn, especially to remind you things you have forgotten on how they came to be. Perfect for kids and young teens. At least for the main exhibition.
The other floors offer different exhibitions for a limited time.
If you got ADD or short attention span in general, this is your place. The exhibits are crammed up, almost everything is on top of each other. Which makes it hard to keep focus on something.
It’s overcrowded, too many people in one place which can be really annoying and too noisy.
My main concern is that there is no good security, they don’t check bags for safety standards. Anyone can enter, harm people in any way and the rest will be history.
There are too many young children and infants, for the security not to be strict.
I understand, too many people enter the museum every day and it can be hectic to check each individual; but I wouldn’t risk it in a place like London.

3 by Mike Bravos Review source

So much to see and do for all ages! There is a very generous suggested donation of £5 per person (note as of my visit in April 2018) though more is obviously welcome, plus a gift aid contribution if you are able to. The museum halls are vast and cover a huge range of scientific subjects including medicine, space exploration and rail travel. Facilities are very good, with toilets situated throughout and different places to pick up lunch or just a drink. Exhibitions are frequent - we were lucky to catch the long-running Illuminating India exhibition which was fascinating and gave a great insight into Indian life and the country's contribution to the world. Overall a fantastic place to bring the whole family, group or visit alone or as a couple. Within a few minutes underground walk of South Kensington underground station.

5 by Andrew Courtney Review source

Love visiting the science museum. Great learning weather you are young or old. The space enhibition is amazing with the rockets as installation on the walls and ceiling. Thee is a great enhibition on transport showing planes, trains and cars. There are new installations all the time with new exhibitions covering all manor of subject from science, technology and culture.
I would always recommend you give a whole day to get enough coverage around the museum and plan the things you want to see ahead so you make the best use of time.
The cafe on the 3rd floor sells a range of different food but as expected the prices are expensive. If you have kids it's advisable to bring a picnic and eat in the basement where there is an area to sit down and eat or purchase something from the cafe and have both!

5 by Anish Shah Review source

The one thing I didn’t like about the science museum - and it’s the only thing - was the way the public is funnelled through gates at the beginning of their visit, where a member of staff asks if you’d like to give a donation. I’ve got nothing against a voluntary donation, but it should be just that, voluntary. It’s embarrassing to be asked for money. I much prefer the boxes you see at other museums.

But don’t let that put you off. The museum had a particularly fine collection of items including Stephenson’s Rocket and a moon lander. In fact, the space exhibition is worth whatever you care to donate as it is crammed with interesting displays.

Our visit was a necessarily short one, but we have vowed to make a longer visit next time we come to London.

5 by Martyn Davies Review source

Surprisingly naff. As a nerd, geek and lover of science I had high hopes for the Science Museum, but found it bafflingly lost amidst a lack of clarity and direction. Is it for school children on trips or for adults exploring science? Is it to give enthusiasts more information, or for inspiring new enthusiasts?

The mixed messages leave you often feeling slightly left out, in the knowledge that you are specifically not being targeted and that a display is somehow 'not for you'.

Nonetheless, some great sights and some great machines. Airplanes, spacecraft, weird and wonderful equipment. If you're just looking to get up close and personal with a few hunky bits of metal, this might be for you in a way it wasn't for me.

3 by Stephen Tatlow Review source

Wonderful musuem..very informative one! Children must be taken along.There are lil experiences for the young ones, like in the raw materials section they can feel it by the little boards they put on a lower height.It is very difficult to look around it in a one day..There is a 3D movie theatre..It is for 6 pounds or 12 for one.We saw 'The beautiful planet' and it was phenomenal experience..It was kind of virtual reality and 3D I've never experienced before! We have been to place twice..once for the movie and other to look around..The medicine gallery is yet to open and has collection of things about medicine and it's impact on our world in 2019.I wished it was open earlier this time nevertheless the experience was amazing!

5 by ashraz terrian Review source

The launch pad area (where the children have practical, science related puzzles to solve) and the explosions workshop/show have been highlights on previous trips, but the museum really does have something for almost everyone especially those interested in physics, astronomy and engineering.

It also has possibly the most awesome gift shop in London. I sometimes come here looking for unusual or slightly off-the-wall gifts and am rarely disappointed.
Plan the timing of your visit carefully though, as it is a VERY popular destination for school visits and you could find yourself swimming through oceans of little (or large) people in identical sweaters and high-viz jackets.

4 by Sarah Alton Review source

One of my favourite places to visit as a child. Still one of my favourite places to visit as a middle aged man.

Entry is free but it is worth making a small donation if you can afford to.

There are often temporary exhibitions which you have to pay to see, but what is on permanent display will make your visit worthwhile.

The thousands of exhibits cover all aspects of science and technology. Anyone with an enquiring mind will find something to interest them.

I always make a beeline for the Apollo 10 command module, which took three astronauts around the moon in 1969.

The museum has a decent cafe and souvenir shop.

5 by Martin Burns Review source

Fantastic destination for the young and less young. Very interactive and informative exhibitions with a phenomenal amount of artefacts.

There's a cafe, huge museum shop, toilets, cloakroom, water fountains, lifts, all making for a relaxed and comfortable visit.

For the truly curious learner, you may want to plan a few or even regular visits. Also check the website before visiting as some exhibitions are ticketed even though they're free. If you do miss out on those though, there'll be more than enough other places to explore.

A modest £5 is suggested for entry, but it's not required, so a free visit is possible.

5 by Chiara Review source

There are some great areas to explore in this museum, depending on your interest(s). I've been a couple of times and have seen quite a bit of it now, I think. The air and aerospace exhibits are quite good and we're tough to drag my friend away from when I went this past time. For me, the maths and applied mathematics e.g. engineering is a fascinating exhibit that I could have spent much longer in. This past time, I went for just 2 hrs but before I've been occupied before on there for 4 hrs. It's location is also excellent: it's right next to the Natural History Museum, where the rest of the day can easily be spent!

4 by Morgwn Review source

This is certainly a five-start museum; even if you are not particularly interested in science, there will be something that will catch your attention; what I like about the Science Museum is that the exhibitions - even with very complex issues – are curated in a way that it is easy for everyone to understand.

The permanent collection is out of this world and with a free admission; and a great location, just next to other world class destinations, there is no excuse not to come here. The temporary exhibitions are really good as well; I previously went to the ‘Illuminating India’ exhibition and the guided tour was excellent.

5 by Victor Review source

The science museum in London is an extraordinarily interesting destination both for children and adults. I would recommend it for anyone above age 6. The entrance is free. The museum is quite big, spread over 3 floors. It has a lot of educational information about math, clocks, energy, space, cars, airplanes. A separate section of the museum is dedicated to the human and the human body, ecology and atmosphere. There are a few 3D rides in the space section, also an IMAX theatre with short shows about 30-40 minutes. There is also a paid section called Wonderland, costing £10 per person, which is interactive and suits school children.

5 by Sharif Amirbekov Review source

I think one of the best museums in London. Food and drink are pricey in the museum so I would suggest to buy food from outside... However they do have a nice selection of hot and cold food if you want to treat yourself. The surrounding area - South Kensington - is full of restaurants anyways so you are not limited. The museum it self has loads of interesting exhibitions going on - free and ticket entry - my favourite was the 'who am I' exhibition - very interesting and interactive... It is a must see. The science museum is also near to the natural history museum so you are not just limited to one museum - bonus!

5 by symone bernard Review source

It's always a fun day out at the Science Museum! A great place for kids and adults alike! A few of the exhibits were not functioning when I visited last, but I was there on a very empty day and I think they were being repaired. The highlight to me was the aviation room... I learned so much about the history of aviation there, and it's very well laid out and presented. Overall, the museum is more modern and enjoyable than the Natural History Museum, which feels a bit old and out of date in comparison. If you can only go to one museum in South Kensington, the Science Museum would be a very good choice.

5 by Pia Salter Review source

Sometimes appear to be place to be because the queue to Natural History Museum next door is too long. However, truth be told - we can't get enough of this museum! Appeals to all ages and every time we're here we find something new and interesting.
Tip for toddlers: In the basement, there is a play and explore area for under 6s. Often they'll run the bubble show which is really entertaining for little ones.
Tip for older kids/adults: Up in the top floor there's stimulators for older kids and adult.
Entrance is free except to exhibition or if you are donating.

5 by Noelle Ng Review source

I love this place. There are many interesting exhibitions. You can learn here how do some engines work or how are vaccines made. You can find out many informations about our world, from traveling through space to discovering which microbes are inside your body. I recommend exhibitions about mathematics, which give you some fresh look on this part of science and shows that it don't have to be just a boring complication of numbers, about creating future world and about patterns around us. There is also a shop with some cool gadgets and a beautiful and well-designed Deep Blue restaurant.

5 by Lilahtyna Shanniel Review source

Extremely busy, do not take young children here for a day out during half terms etc. Accessing some of the exhibits are a pain in the rear due to having to access them by climbing up a large amount of stairs walking the entire length of the building then down more stairs. They are currently refurbishing lifts and other areas. A lot of the interactive exhibits are aimed at older children and adults.

To be fair I would have enjoyed it if it were just my wife a I, as there is a huge amount to see and do. Maybe I will revisit another day and write a more reflective review.

3 by Matthew Vines Review source

Excellent place to visit. The place is free, but the entrance is set up to make it feel like the price of entry is £5. I don't have a problem with this, as it seems to fool foreignb tourists into paying a contribution (it's actually a 'suggested' entry fee of £5, which is displayed). Given that there are very few museums outside UK that are free, and few for this price, I think it a good idea to raise revenue.
All you do is just walk past the booth and not pay. If you are a foreign visitor, please volunteer to pay something as a fair contribution.

5 by Paul Hyu Review source

The museum is great, definitely worth visiting several times, most likely you will not see everything in one go. There are attractions for visitors from 3 yo. The cafe on the ground floor near IMAX is not so great. Waiting time like half an hour or so. And there is a service charge £2.94, which I did not find in the menu. Not cheap, slow, but decent portions and taste great. We were visiting on Saturday, came to the parking in the Imperial college parking at quarter past 10 and found few empty spaces. I believe by 11 am it was full. Parking cost - £16 for 6 hours.

5 by Vladislav Kohhantsuk Review source

Nice, but too much disorder. Everything is placed without a specific order, there's not a chronological track to follow, everything is abandoned to the visitors. Just my opinion, for the rest it's beautiful and rich, even if it would be better with more technical description on every object (seems like most of the things is there to be showed, and not to teach something or give information to those who are not interested or have enough scientific knowledge).
Anyway, if you are not interested in these details, visiting this museum is wonderful.

4 by Silvana Godente Review source

A great place to visit if you're a fan of science. It has items of all eras, the early inventions, the modern equipments, a plethora of items making you nostalgic of memories with everyday items you would have used. The space zone is great with its exhibition of space shuttles and images of the universe. Bio zone also has interesting exhibits. The information age has a lot of electronic equipment one could relate to. The airplanes and engines are a treat for enthusiasts of mechanical engineering. Science never ceases to amaze!

5 by Akash Kamat Review source

A superb visit for kids of all ages. The 60 year old in our group had to be dragged away from the engines whilst the two year old kept returning to the patterns section. Having said that I would recommend kids are a little older to really enjoy all of the exhibits as it is a big location with a lot to see and do and our toddler did eventually lose interest. The food on site is good and well priced, we particularly enjoyed the ice cream bar. A must visit if you’re spending time in London and looking for something interesting to do!

5 by Sinéad Kenna Review source

It's just one of the best places to spend any free time, for free. I just caught the small but dense Superbugs exhibition with a researcher talking about it, fascinating. Then I had the briefest walk around the Moon Landing exhibition, and a very fleeting diversion into some of the prototype models before racing for my train. Between this, the Natural History Museum and the V&A, all located in a cluster, there are literally days and days worth of amazing. Genuinely world class museums, and FREE (so please donate!)

5 by Paddy Robinson-Griffin Review source

What a place. I went before with the family and we all enjoyed it - fair to say that I perhaps enjoyed it even more. It really brought the child in me to explore and try with my hands some of the exhibitions that they have it on display.

I went again alone and it was a brilliant place as I saw it last time. Almost all the exhibitions are new and i spend a very good 3-4 hours there without noticing how my leg hurts up till I left where I realised that I need to get some rest.

Strongly recommend

5 by Mohamed Eltawil Review source

Quite possibly the best museum in London. Especially with the free admission. Fantastic offering for the aviation fans like myself. That was my main reason for going, but you do end up being wowed by everything else there too! It's a massive building so you don't feel squashed in like you do with a lot of museums here. Again, a good offering of food and beverages and likewise some good little shops dotted around - especially the red arrows shop near the aviation area, that was a nice surprise!

5 by Hannah Taylor Review source

Great place to enjoy the day and learn many new things. Also, do something new!
The ground floor exhibition was impressive and interactive as much as possible. I was impressed by the possibility to answer and leave a message at the light watch on the tip floor which message was visible for everyone in the museum. There was an exhibition element under construction but got a follow back from the museum via email. Made me think that these people actually work there. That's great!

5 by Flame Fox Review source

A truly vast museum filled with fascinating information about science related topics such as math, information age and many more.

I've spent about 4 hours the first day coming here only to realize that I've spent most of that time on one floor only.

I ended up coming the next day for another 3 hours or so.

I would also suggest visiting the Wonderlab within the museum to see some more practical implications.

Highly recommended!

5 by Ziv Shechtman Review source

A great day out for the family. Best for school-age kids as there are many interactive exhibits for them - check out the 'Secrets of the home' for explanations of everyday household items plus some nostalgic stuff (including playing Pong). So much to do, you can barely see half of it in a whole day.

Lots of food and drink options inside although you're welcome to picnic and there are loads of suitable places to sit.

Best of all, entry is free!

5 by Maximillian Habibi Review source

It's a good day out but beware it is free to go in but you have to walk passed a till to enter upon which you are asked if you would like to make a donation. I understand that it needs money to keep museum going BUT when you have to also pay to see exhibits inside the museum I think it's an awful shame. Especially if someone is on a budget and they donate on entry and then can't see all exhibits because of lack of funds. Otherwise it would have had 5 stars

4 by marie smith Review source

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