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525 Ocean Blvd, Blackpool, FY4 1EZ

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Located at the south end of Blackpool, pretty easy access from the south so you don't need to drive all through the town.

Booking online is advised as it does work out cheaper, you do have to pay £6 for non riders aswell.

Plenty of food and drink outlets, but a picnic is advised as this can end up being very expensive.

Some staff are lovely and great with kids, but others you can tell are there just because it's a job,

A great range of rides in nickelodeon land for the kids, and adults alike,

Park seemed pretty well kept,

Large selection of roller coasters, and other rides alike, valhalla the water ride gets you soaked, either a change of clothes is needed or one of the ponchos you can purchase as you enter the queue. We worked this out the hard way!

If you like the Wallace and gromit movies the ride their is highly recommended, brilliant ride.

If you are visiting Blackpool and like theme parks this is definately a must, you can come and go throughout the day as you please, plenty to keep all ages entertained.

4 by Review source

Kids love it age group 7 and up for they have more rides for that more daring age group. U got your big rides your toddler rides but rides inbetween like Darby racers, Nickelodeon roller coaster and the blue flyer which is also a roller coaster ride my 6 year old loves them both she went on them aged 4 nearly 5 years momma had kittens but she got on being tall same again this year we all loved it older kids loved the new ride too. Queue waiting is much less then Alton towers and Drayton manor by far.
You can leave the park and eat at McDonalds or the restaurant think it was a Wetherspoons both close by all on the Pier it's cheaper than Alton towers open longer less queue waiting kids went on around 30 rides in 1 day(same rides as u can imagine) no half hour to an hour queues not as long distance from 1 group of rides to the next.
Top tips:
Order 7 days before more savings
Buy a water poncho before hand
Don't go on the big dipper if you love your neck and want to keep your head

5 by Emily Holt Review source

Amazing place, we been lucky to get there on 24th March, the weather was stunning and we got there for half price 19,50£ each. We've been first to get in and to get out. Ride on everything, including nickelodeon rides. 4 times on big one. No queues, average wait 5 minutes, not more, I bet if visited on summer, would be terrible. Glad they have good security there, make us feel safer this days..Toilets nice and clean. Valhalla great,but buy in advance waterproof top and bottom, you'll get wet.There is no option to leave bag,so hide bag,cause it will be wet too. Very friendly staff. There was an option to buy 4pictures from different rides for 20£. Train ride amazing and my favourite. The new icon ride is ready to open soon. Will recommend visit not in high season. No picnic allowed there, strictly prohibited

5 by Roland Fry Review source

Astonishing experience. There are rides and attractions for every type of person, whether you're a dedicated thrill seeker or nervous around rollercoasters. The Nickelodeon Land is completely suitable for kids of all ages, featuring the calm serene educational rides for the super youngsters all the way to the kids who were born for the thrill. Most of the adult rides are a treat to experience. The Grand National and Big Dipper are fun to go on as classic rides, while The Big One and Infusion seriously get your adrenaline pumping. There's food available in the form of doughnut and hot dog stands as well as a Burger King restaurant and there's plenty of space to sit and take it all in. A second visit is absolutely necessary if you want to take in at least half of what this park has to offer

5 by Ben Mitchell Review source

Although this is an amusement park, not a themepark, the place holds huge potential for fun. The Pleasure Beach has changed greatly over the years. A long time ago now, entry was free and you needed tokens or a wristband to ride. Following the death of Geoffrey Thompson, with the park struggling in the declining popularity of Blackpool, the new manager changed to a general admission model to enter. Once in, if you want to ride, you can choose a wristband or individual ride tickets.

It has continued to invest in new rides and is still a must visit amusement park, not just in the UK, but worldwide. There are historical rides, one of a kind rollercoasters, shows and world class rollercoasters. There is also a mini park for kids, themed around Nickelodeon.

5 by Lee Minett Review source

After years of going to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, from a boy to now a young adult, (I'm nearly 17) I've been most years of my childhood. Now, I've gone on every ride there and I must say, this theme park is my favourite in the UK.

(from my experience) It is the most safe, fun and best for the money theme park around. I have bad anxiety and I'm always skeptical of things, however Blackpool Pleasure Beach is really fun for me.

5 STARS! I couldn't recommend this more to people. I am happy that this theme park holds a special place in my heart and my childhood. Thank you for entertaining me and I hope that it will entertain a few more because of this review.

Thanks for the read :)

5 by Review source

Had a wonderful day there today, we had 'Resort Passes' to make it cheaper. The Resort pass also includes entry to Madame Tussauds, Sea Life Centre and the Blackpool Tower.

We only tried out the the coasters that are of the 'wooden' variety, i.e. not going upside down etc and the Nickelodeon area but it was a very enjoyable day.

It rained (I don't remember it) and we are allowed to come back tomorrow, free of charge, because of it, so we are able to sample the other rides we couldn't before!

One downside is my under 3 child got in for free and could only go on 6 tokens worth of rides, some rides cost 3 tokens. Then again, I should be grateful he was allowed on any with free entry!

5 by Christopher Mayfield Review source

Always have an amazing day here no matter what time of year we go. Staff are usually really friendly and helpful.
I think this is a great place for children of all ages as there are many rides for toddlers right up to thrill seeking adults.
Que times can get extremely long but that's expected at most theme parks. There are plenty of other things to keep the children occupied such as arcades and shows.
There is a car park here but often fills up very early on in the day.
Special events such as Halloween etc are fantastic as lots of extra things are going on.
There are many places to eat but I would recommend the all you can eat pizza place in Nickelodeon Land. Really nice food and fantastic value for money.

5 by Gemma Jones Review source

Our experience at the Pleasure Beach was great, we ordered online so the children's tickets were only £28 each. The park was busy, but we didn't have to wait long in line. The only issue we had was that alot of the rides require your child to be atleast 120cm tall, so our daughter missed out on a few of the rides, even in the Nickelodeon section. However, there was a show going on quite regularly so the kids got to see their favourite TV characters, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Paw Patrol. We would advise to take plenty of spending money for food and drink because they are quite expensive, and the games if you want to take home a big teddy! Your guaranteed a fantastic family day out.

4 by John Hardacre Review source

I first went as a child with my parents, this time I'm older, I loved it then and I thoroughly enjoyed myself this time. It was nice to see some of the original rides as well as new ones. It rained the day I went so I got a free return pass for the next day, I've never had that before at any other theme park. Lots of various coasters to enjoy including the very old wooden coasters to the innovative and unique horse racing coaster ride called the Steeple Chase, I've never seen another one like it ever. It's a must, but I would suggest you buy your tickets online before you get there as you can get cheaper deals than at the ticket counter when you're there.

5 by Review source

Absolutely love the pleasure beach! Visited for the first time in October 2017 which was perfect because it was quiet with it being off peak. We didn't have to que more than 5 minutes for any of the rides and were offered a voucher to come back the next day for free as part of a promotion! All of the staff are really friendly and helpful which adds to the pleasure beach experience. There is a range of rides and rollercoasters to suit all ages, whether you are a thrill seeker, ghost hunter or after something a little less exhilarating, the pleasure beach has it all! I loved it so much that I have planned by next trip back in just a few weeks time!!

5 by Review source

Given the low price of the tickets and the poor state of the rest of the town we weren't expecting a lot from the Pleasure Beach but it was actually really good!! The queue times were not excessive, even though it was the school holidays and the rides are really close together so it was easy (and quick) to get around the park. There were plenty of places to get food and drinks and I even found a reasonably priced healthy snack! The toilets were well maintained and clean and the staff were friendly. The low ticket price and long opening hours (compared to other UK theme parks) made the Pleasure Beach really good value for money.

5 by Rachel Saunders Review source

30/06..A wonderful day yesterday in the sunshine at the pleasure beach with a great was very busy (holiday for some schools) but there was hardly any queuing apart from the new ride (icon) which is to be expected for a new ride and well done BPB on your achievement..the only downside a member of staff at the fish and chips stand near the infusion was a little grumpy with a few customers but they were barking orders at her in the heat of the day..

Huge thank you to tegan serving ice cream at the shop near the ghost train for replacing my ice cream which had dropped on the floor (clumsy me) made my day..

4 by Review source

I had the time of my life at the Pleasure Beach, I went in the quiet period so the lines wernt too long and all the rides were open. All the rides felt safe and did not seem to be in disrepair, the staff were friendly and helpful. Getting in was a bit of a nightmare, we arrived about 30 minutes before doors opened but it still took over an hour to get in after gates opened. And they make you walk through a metal detector and search your bag. Food on site wasn't too expensive but be warned that you cannot take food into the Plesure Beach with you and locker storage costs nearly £5.

4 by Nathaniel Js Review source

Me and my family love coming to Blackpool Pleasure Beach - have visited since a child (when the big one was called Pepsi Max!)
There's surpringly lots of different attractions and rides for all ages, with quite a few different roller-coasters being added, it's a good day out.
For the small kids, theres actually a whole 'zone' dedicated to them which is themed with different Nickelodeon characters, so that's pretty great for them.
Food wise, there are a few places to eat and drink - the park also offers a meal plan which works great for families.

5 by Liam Brocklehurst Review source

Great family fun. Took advantage of the return for free day and made the most of our 3 day stay. Kids loved the rides and catered for all ages in our group. Clean and plenty of eateries. Crepes were amazing bit pricey perhaps if buying for lots but big enough to share. Shame some rides were out of action as one was my son’s favourite from a previous visit but didn’t impact greatly. Would suggest more places to shelter if it’s raining. Got soaked our first day towards the end and struggled for shelter also some more seating at the rides. Not everyone waiting in the queue is riding.

5 by Review source

Went on 10th March with a friend to celebrate my birthday even tho my birthday was on 7th March. We had a great day despite the weather,, good value WOW weekend prices even tho price of wristband ticket had gone up in price from £32.50 (full price wristband) to £39 (full price wristband) but the wow weekend price was still cheap at £19.50 so still cheaper than Alton Towers. We had a fantastic day and managed to get on more rides this year than when I went same time last year, hoping to come back again when park is open all week so I can come when kids are at school.

5 by Sammy -Jayne Haddon Review source

Three stars for the rides - The Big One is worth going alone - but the facilities and local area itself are run down and not a nice place to be. The other thing I didn’t like was the amount of drunk people there, which considering this is meant to be a family attraction, should really be addressed by both management and the local police. Finally, local hotels range from the average to horrifyingly awful (read unclean) so I’d suggest trying to get in and out in one day, or play it safe with a corporate hotel chain where standards are acceptable.

3 by JoCo Review source

They mucked up our order and then tried to charge us double to correct it. Knowing we were committed. We are locals who have been coming every year same time, same online booking. For whatever reason that went wrong, and I have some very unhappy kids. The fact we have been coming from many years, they recognised, our booking they recognised, but it didn’t complete so they wanted double money . A company should not profit from their own mistakes. So loyalty means nothing to these vultures, honouring bookings means nothing to them. RIP Blackpool.

1 by Review source

The best theme park in Europe! I absolutely love this park, its come on so much in the last 10 years. The place was clean and very welcoming, the prices are brilliant when compared to the likes of Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, admittedly the food isn't brilliant but its like that at most theme parks. The new ride ICON is coming along great, i love how The Pleasure Beach are being so open about the project. when the new ride opens Pleasure Beach will be the most talked about Theme Park in the UK!!!! I would definitely recommend.

5 by Review source

Fantastic place to visit. Hold a season pass and go at least once a week and have never been bored. A great mix of rides with something for everybody, there are rides for thrill seekers like the big one and infusion, rides that everyone can enjoy like the flying machines and the Wallace and Gromit ride plus Nickelodeon land for the kids. The queues depend on when you go (weekdays whilst the kids are at school are quiet and school holidays/weekend s are busy). The park itself is clean and safe, the staff are all friendly too.

5 by samuel sheppard Review source

Great day and a wonderful theme park. Appears clean and well maintained, all the staff are friendly and helpful, and the ten day advanced wristband prices mean it's affordable. The queues fluff most rides weren't too bad when we went, and the 6 hours we spent there were gone before we noticed. It's just as good as what I remember from childhood, although lots of the rides have been updated. Nickelodeon land was great for my 6 year old, and the selection of food was also good.

5 by Review source

We take the kids most years. It was open for half term on the Wow Weekend wristbands for £20 quid each thereabouts. Good value for a day out if you can keep them out if the slots and them silly games everywhere.
But the place was filthy this time to be honest. Trainers were black when I got home, the whole place needs a good jet wash on the floors and ride queues.
Was a bit disappointed icon was not open yet either.
Oh well will have to come back next year to ride icon ....

4 by Danielle Walton Review source

This place was amazing I loved almost every aspect of it. We took my little sister and she just went crazy with joy. We went over two days and still had more rides to go on. Staff were really friendly. Great for children. The best part of Blackpool.
I was really disappointed with the food, it was rank and not veggie friendly. My sister who is a meat eater didnt enjoy it. Saying that there is a pizza hut just outside the park and a tram that can take you to town with many restaurants.

4 by Sofya Howden Review source

Classic fairground (I hesitate to call it a theme park whatever their ads might say). Older rides (Grand National, big dipper) are great but do throw you around a bit so be prepared. Big One worth going on if there's a small queue but I wouldn't wait an hour as really it's all about the first hill. The food is cheap and cheerful. Admittance is with a day wristband so you should be able to pop out and back tho have never done this. Usually open quite late at the weekend.

5 by john bazeley Review source

Had a great day. Booked online the night before and had booking ref within 30mins. If you book a week before they can send out wristbands so that you can avoid booking queue and go straight through to security entrance.
Car Park all day £8.00 next door or £7.00 for 8 hours on promenade. Recommend doing log flume and val halla at end of day so your not walking round with wet feet or clothes, Disposable ponchos are available and a sealable sandwich bag for your phone is handy

5 by john godwin Review source

A wonderful theme park. Appears clean and well maintained, all the staff are friendly and helpful, and the ten day advanced wristband prices mean it's affordable. The queues for most rides weren't too bad when we went, and the 6 hours we spent there were gone before we noticed. It's just as good as what I remember from childhood, although lots of the rides have been updated. Nickelodeon land was great for my 6 year old, and the selection of food was also good.

5 by Jenna Letham Review source

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is AWESOME it's for both kids and adults. There is a lot of rides you can choose to go on to such as not scary, a bit scary or Extreme (Pepsi Max). The only negative about this awesome place is that if you go in summer or on a nice, warm day you probably won't be able to go on as many rides as you want to and can take up to 1 hour waiting in line for 2 minute ride. But overall Blackpool Pleasure Beach is great place to visit.

4 by Nikola Chrostowska Review source

I am a disabled person who is unable to use the rides and it does grate on me that I have to pay £10 to go in. It is a good idea to spend an extra £8 on the unlimited drinks package. You can have hot or cold package and refill them as many times as you like. 3 refills on the hot drink package and it pays for itself.
As a wheelchair user there is a steep hill in the middle of the park so some assistance maybe required for manual chair users.

3 by Mark Edwards Review source

Blackpool's history extends to the Victorian times. When visitors would come on their holidays to relax and take in the sea air as a form of therapy. Now it's a place of pleasure and amusement.
There is plenty to see and do in the area. From walking on the beach to playing on amusement rides on the many piers along the beach.
There are various places to visit from theatres, pub's, clubs, eateries and unusual sculptures.

5 by Galib Dad Review source

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