WWT London Wetland Centre - Barnes, London

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Queen Elizabeth's Walk, Barnes, London, SW13 9WT

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I can't believe I've never been here before, having grown up just half an hour away. If you need an escape from the hustle and bustle - as I did on the day of the London Marathon - this is the perfect place to go.
The area is huge and has a wide range of British wetlands birds. You can buy a map from the front desk in which you can check and mark off each species as you see them, or you can just read about them on the boards around the reserve. Highlights for me were the otters (pretty sure that's the case for most people) which are adorable and playful. I highly recommend coming for feeding time to hear all about them and see them in action. Also the info on conservation efforts is very interesting and makes the entry fee a little easier to swallow!
It can get a little repetitive walking around if you aren't an avid bird watcher, and it is quite steeply priced, but it's really a nice way to spend a few hours. I felt like I had meditated afterwards - happy, relaxed and clear headed.
Special shout out to the staff who are SUPER friendly and helpful. The girl on the front desk gave me lots of tips and I had a nice chat with a few staff members throughout the park. Maybe their good nature is a benefit of working in such a beautiful peaceful place.

4 by Olivia B Review source

Wonderful experience of nature in the heart of London.
Wetland is a natural reservoir full of life. If you are a bird lover this is a must.
You can access the place by public transport (33 and 72 buses from Hammersmith till Red Lion stop) or by car.
The place is accessible and suitable for wheelchairs.
The ticket can be purchase in advance (a bit cheaper) and they are family friendly with a family ticket discount.
Once you are there, you have some facilities (Catering, shop and toilets) as starting point to two main itineraries: West and South.
At this point you can get some information about events in the day (guides explanation and feeding schedule) that could enrich your visit.
Both itineraries are interesting and you can do both in the day. A very nice walk in the middle of a wonderful landscape and full of life (ducks, birds and otters)
In the south itinerary you can reach the peacock tower that is a perfect place to observe the wildlife from a distance so take your binoculars!!!
The catering services are affordable but you can bring your own food and drinks. There are several facilities to get your picnic.
In a sunny day I recommend you to keep some water and a cap for the walk.
A wonderful family experience.

5 by Gonzalo DELGADO ESPINOSA Review source

The WWT London Wetland Centre is very disappointing. The vast majority of the park is an enormous marsh that you can only really see from an observatory on the far edge. There are several smaller ponds for exotic ducks and geese but you can easily see them in an hour or so. Several of them were empty. There are a few other features, like some Asian Small Claw Otters, but you can see those at any zoo. You can't feed any of the waterfowl. They have a cafe onsite but it managed to feel simultaneously clinical and grimy, we didn't even look at the prices. The Centre was practically empty for a Saturday morning in summer, which is unsurprising - there's nothing here for anyone except for dedicated bird watchers who want to sit in a hide for hours on end with some binoculars and a thermos. I'm sure even dedicated bird watchers are probably scared off by the hefty entry prices.

If you want to go to a good wetlands centre, try the WWT centre in Arundel. Far more exotic waterfowl, you can feed them and that park runs a guided boat tour of their wetland.

2 by Alex Huth Review source

Completely love this place. Hard to believe you are in the centre of London! You can watch otters being fed or sign up to follow one of the guides on their feeding tour and learn more about birds. So much to do and see for little people too. There is a children's playground, a dedicated pond dipping area with nets and an indoor exploration area for those little ones who like to push buttons and watch water going down to the sewer etc. Its very educational and there are often nature trails and Easter egg hunt type of activities. Super peaceful with proper bird watching hides dotted around for those serious bird watchers. We have seen dragon flies and all manner of lizards and birds in our time as members. There is even a night time bat walk which you can go along to. Great cafe with indoor and outdoor seating and also bring some money for the shop on the way out which is a great place to buy something different for a birthday or Xmas present. Membership is not expensive and well worth it, but you can just go for the day if you want to check it out!

5 by Moira Walsh Review source

Always interesting and varied birds to see. Bitterns in the reeds in winter are a high point.

Personally I find the non-native bird enclosures a bit theme park like and can't wait to get into the wilder parts. I wish they provided more information about how they are managing the planting, the lakes and ponds and the place as a whole. Many wetlands offer board walks and piers to let visitors get out onto the lakes but here the hides and paths are places at the margins and most of them don't let you feel you're really amongst wild creatures.

Too many chattering parents with buggies ignoring the educational opportunities for their hapless infants. Too many telescope junkies more interested in talking loudly about their expensive kit to notice the wildlife. But what would you expect in the affluent inner suburbs?

I still visit often though and the cafe, recently refurbished, does decent breakfasts!

4 by Peter Wilson Review source

Something for everyone here - especially when the sun is shining. Varied habitats - ponds, flowers, easy walking, viewable wildfowl for kids to get close to and wild birds with hides and viewing towers. All this with important funding going to conservation projects in the UK and abroad.

Maybe it isn't cheap at about £13 entrance for an adult but if you have the chance to stay in the UK and like nature, get a membership for £48 and make it your excuse to visit their other centres around he country eg Slimbridge being the most famous but there are others! I'll cry dimly be going again - and again.

Very reasonable canteen if you want to break the day up. And you can pick up a present for the family in the shop on the way out. The setting is beautiful and it might be a popular place to have functions as there was a wedding party there on my visit.

5 by Chris B Review source

We had a lovely day out in WWT - an oasis in the city of London. It's well worth the £12 entrance fees, and what's better, get the Visit London 2for1 tickets and it's beyond bargain!
The highlight was seeing the 2 little healthy otter brothers being fed. All the staff there were resourceful and seemed to enjoy what they do. A quiet stroll in the quiet zone was a bliss. Makes you forget that you're in London (if it's not for the planes flying above).
And this is only 1/2 the centre. In the south half, there are lots of opportunity for bird-spotting. The Pheonix tower gives you a panoramic view of the whole wetland.
It's perfect for a romantic date day, or a family day out.

5 by Sally Zhen Review source

We had our wedding ceremony in the thatched hut last weekend, it was so so beautiful - everything we could have asked for! The staff were wonderful and incredibly efficient. We opted for a guided tour before the ceremony and the guy who led it was brilliant, jokey and enthusiastic about the great things that have been achieved at the wetland centre! Really recommend visiting (we're locals and it's a great day out any time of year). They've got a barbecue on Saturday's at the moment and there's really nice ice cream in the courtyard cafe; I think all of our guests had some during the guided tour!

5 by Kristina Barnett Review source

Absolutely love this place there's just a lovely variety of wildlife to see. The otters are a particular joy. You have the main area with birds and lakes and information board however through a secure gate there is a much quieter area with hides acceptor to see the wide variety of birds that fly into use the weapons. The Visitor Centre has a really nice Cafe and shop and more educational things to view. It's a great place to go on a school trip or a family day out we had a brilliant time bug hunting when we took my step daughter there.

5 by Samantha da costa Review source

We had a lovely sunny winter day here today with our four year old. She loved the activities which are currently on (there were more than we did...) - following the Lego bird and animal trail, making a Lego frog (you had to pay extra for this), seeing the otters being fed, seeing the ducks, geese etc so close up. The food in the cafe was good too! The only thing I would say is that it is quite pricey to get in, but it seems that a proportion of this amount goes towards the charitable work the trust does. It is an oasis in London!

5 by Sara Jenkin Review source

I definitely liked this place, which is an oasis of wildlife close to the heart of London. There are incredibly beautiful birds and if you are a lover of birdwatching or just want to get into it, the London Wetland centre is the right place. What I really appreciated was the great accessibility, all premises were wheelchair friendly and it is perfect to spend some time with the family. There are several viewpoints where you can admire birds in their natural environment or areas which host rare bird species like the Hawaiian goose.

4 by pepze pepze Review source

Surprisingly good place for birdwatching in the heart of London - not only for urban birders! Nearly every time something interesting, last Sunday for example - Jack snipes. Bittern shows regularly over winter. Check their sightings web page for the latest information and what to look for. Part of the site is a mini zoo, of interest for children, but 'wild side' is a real bird reserve and quite a good one, not just for London. Good place for lunch as well but not the cheapest.

5 by Jarek Francik Review source

Loved it! Went with my 4 and 2 year old. They relished jumping in muddy puddles for hours, and loved the wildlife.
There is so much to enjoy, will be going back regularly.
Gave it a 4 star as the baby facilities aren't ideal. There seems to be only one place to change babies, main building, 1st floor. I may be wrong but didn't see it in the other toilets, so had to change my baby on the floor at one point.
But still loved it and would go back.

4 by Vanessa Fidalgo-Bruzon Review source

London Wetlands Centre is an oasis with the urban sprawl of the capital city.
Careful scrutiny of the mudflats is very likely to reveal a wader or two and the lagoons are awash with ducks of all kinds.
In the winter you may be lucky enough to spot an elusive Bittern.
Come more than a couple of times a year and membership is great value. A single visit is a little pricey in my opinion though and is the only reason I don't award 5 stars.

4 by Raymond Turner Review source

This is a great day out for parents and small kids. We've had lots of good visits with our 5 and 3 year olds. The animals are great, the kids enjoy the trails, the hides are good, there's a play park they love and the café is decent. There's plenty of indoor activities too if it's cold or wet. A little pricey as a one-off visit, but great with a membership. A place we've been back to many times.

5 by Jono Hey Review source

By the time (2006-07) I was both into wildlife photography and had become a WWT member, I had to almost pinch myself sometimes in order to remind myself I was less than 6 straight miles from busy central London. Though, in retrospect, the Heathrow-bound jets always end up making sure your (un)fair share of reality is usually constantly present.

In short: a fabulous, well-structured (even soul-searching) place!

5 by Scott Carey Review source

To say this place is great for family without an emphasise on the fact that it accommodate everyone regardless of their interest would be a disservice to this place and what it offers. It is open all year round and offers one of the most intriguing sights in London and please remember that it not only you benefiting from your visit as you learn but you are making a great contribution to wildlife preservation.

5 by Bimeny Ponsiano Review source

It is a very nice area and the environments are varied as if they were continents. You can't really hear too much traffic from outside and it is reasonably peaceful. I think it is quite expensive so decided to get a membership. For a day trip I could only give this place 4* due to the price but if you intend to go on more than two occasions over the year then it is value for money with a membership.

5 by Ash Knight Review source

A little oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of London. A dedicated centre for viewing wildlife. Paths give easy access to the various hides (viewing points) and knowledgeable staff on hand for those curious about how the centre came about and the wildlife they might see.
Worthwhile to become a member if you live in London, great all year round.
Recommended by wildlife experts too.

5 by Paul Review source

Lot of birds and really nice open space to walk around. It takes about 1.5h to walk around everything; longer if you want to sit around in a hide/lookout, obviously.

Don't forget to take both routes (to the North and East through the Disocvery Centre)!

If you want to see the otters it's highly recommended to go at feeding time, otherwise you may not see them.

5 by Róbert Papp Review source

On a sunny day, absolutely great for children and relaxing for adults. Reckon at least 4 hours for a visit. Better 6 to visit both sides with calm and spend some time in the great playground and in the cool 'wetland discovery center'. Very knowledgeable staff will guide you through a feeding session that will be very instructive for adults, but a bit long for kids under 6.

5 by Marco Galbiati Review source

Lovely site with friendly staff and much to see. One sad note though: On our first visit we had a fantastic extended tour led by a very knowledgeable volunteer which greatly enhanced the visit; the management have apparently stopped this practice in the last year or so. I don't know the reasons but it was a great option before and its lack takes away my potential fifth star!

4 by Bob Churchill Review source

An oasis to unwind and relax at
The adult fee of £13.49 I found a bit steep. as I did with price's in the on site cafe thou service was quick Delighted walks,and visters, the birds, otters ect helped me to Chill out.
A fair percentage of the birds are residential
Give yourself a good 3 - 4 hours with lunch to take in all that is on offer here

3 by Justin Foster - Barham Review source

Amazing place, really beautiful and with a very honourable project.
Very close from the center of London and easy to reach by public transport
I saw amazing animals In a wonderful environment,
otters duck butterfly everyone in peace . I recommend to come here wen in London to take a breath from the compulsive cars and human traffic of the city:)

5 by Alice Review source

Lovely place to visit. My place to enjoy the wildlife and relax have a gd restaurant there of which you can sit outside by the lake so nice when the suns out.also a member.i only pay £3.50 a month for subscription can visit as many times as i like.along with the other wwt centres (Arundel) being one of them.cant think of a better way to spend£3.50 a month

5 by Malcolm Hawker Review source

The place is much bigger than I thought and we easily spent a few good hours walking about watching birds and otters (I recommend to plan your visit so that you get to see the otters being fed- twice a day).
A very relaxing place with lots to see.

Your entry fee also helps their conservation efforts which is a great cause.

5 by Doram Jacoby Review source

Great place to take the kids. Over the last year WWT have really improved their family offering. You can do pond dipping, nature craft, wild life walks, animal top trumps and make use of their great play which has a great wet area which is opened up in summer months. Quite expensive as a one off visit but good value with an annual pass.

5 by Paul Callaghan Review source

Big wetlands 'park' quite close to central London. They are, of course, mainly about birds, but my favourite was the otter.
On a sunny summer day this would be a wonderful place to spend the day and have a picnic. Today was a windy and wet days, so a but less fun. However, we still saw lots of ducks, geese and swans.

4 by David Frew Review source

This was such a lovey place for children and adults alike! There is wildlife all around you to enjoy and observe. For children there its learning fun and two playgrounds. We went on a cold winter day and still enjoyed! We can’t wait to see this in full bloom this summer! We will get a membership to enjoy it to the fullest.

5 by Kat Review source

Such a joy to be able to see a wonderful habit like this and all the wildlife it encourages in London! Staff and volunteers are very knowledgeable, good facilities, lots to do for little ones and you don't necessarily need binoculars as if anyone spots anything interesting they'll likely want you to see it to!

5 by Vicky Harrison Review source

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