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This is a great place to shop in my opinion! There’s all the shops you’d expect from a decent shopping centre, in a lovely environment and with a great atmosphere. Child friendly with occasional events / activities to keep kids occupied, and The Entertainer’ shop. Good disabled access since this shopping centre is pedestrianised throughout, and there’s a good amount of disabled parking spaces, however parking is chargeable. Plenty of restaurants to suit everyone’s desire, a Pandora shop and plenty of upper end high street stores, and a Vue Cinema! Plus this shopping area is very close by to the river Thames, about a 5 minute walk tops and close by to many riverside pubs and restaurants with plenty of night-life and activity going on.

5 by Laura Gould Review source

Staines like all retail parks has gone downhill. However it is still very convenient. There is normally sufficient parking and that's free after a certain time. There's also a cinema and a probably all the standard restaurant chains you can think of and they are recently refurbished. It's close to the M25 and train station. However Waitrose left and i wouldn't be surprised if Laura Ashley goes next. Over the years the independent stores and normal shops have left to make way for generic high st chains. It's pretty much all catered for those who enjoy a cheeky nandos and Instagram their Starbucks mochas while wearing skinny sweatpants, fur rimmed hoodies and t shirts with a large gold Nike tick.

3 by Aaron Braich Review source

Two rivers has a very good selection of restaurants, coffee shops, general shops and general amenities. I dislike the fact there's always a queue for the car park in peak hours but it's a popular destination so expect it, the parking charges are reasonable and it's free after 6. Occasionally it gets overrun by troublesome individuals and groups of youths who like to drive around aimlessly, take laughing gas in the car park, park in the disabled bays and be a general nuisance. The security are pretty slow to react to these people which can be annoying but they are getting better.

4 by Ryan Martin Review source

Two Rivers is the prefect shopping option in and around Staines/Egham/Cherstey area. It has got all the top brands on the high street with lots of eating options. Situated next to river Thames so you can go for a nice walk if you wish. There is a attached Vue cinema for all movie lovers. There is decent parking space but gets busy during peak hours. Another problem I see is the river bridge which gets very busy during rush hours, so please keep that in mind.

4 by Sajid Nadeem Review source

really like shopping here. it can get busy on the weekends and when the pop up market stalls are up on a Wednesday and Saturday. but love the selection of shops. love the location of the car park as it's not too far from the shops to run back and drop bags off if you have too many. new parking system is great too. you can now pay at the barriers so good for mums go take a little longer to put kids into car seats and put prams away.

4 by Rachel James Review source

It is a well specified shopping centre, the cinema is good and there are plenty of restaurants. Being a town spanning the river Thames, the traffic can be very busy by the bridge, so allow plenty of time if you are travelling during the morning or evening.g rush hours! There are three car parks in the Two Rivers centre and you can pay at any of the locations.

4 by Chris Notley Review source

Shopping very good. Unfortunately the pay kiosks in the pc world carpark let the area down. Away from the shops. One cash kiosk and one card kiosk. It was very cold when I was there There and a long queue. A person in the cash kiosk was having trouble paying so there was just the card kiosk. A long queue was forming. kiosks nearer the shops would have helped.

2 by Carol Anne Beasley Review source

Lots of shops and restaurants within easy walking distance of parking. Main parking lot is outdoors and not too expensive. There is another parking lot indoors approx 5 min walk away which costs a little more. I came here for the Vue cinema and food at TGI Fridays, both very enjoyable experiences.

5 by Alex Holmes Review source

Very convenient. Its like a one stop shop but loads of options to go to. There's Debenhams, Primary, M&S, Accesorize, Next, Newlool, TK Max, 5 main banks including NatWest, Lloyd's, Santander, Barclay's etc.... Selection of Restaurants and Fastfoods are also endless.

5 by Eddie Sison Review source

It's generally a really nice place to hang out with friends or family. it lacks a good supermarket after waitrose closed and sometimes find a parking space can be a bit hard but it's a really nice market area connected to the high street and I visit almost every day !

4 by Thomas Sokolis Review source

Plenty of parking and reasonable prices. Shops are a little limited. Feels like a lot of wasted space. Some.more high end retailers would help. Generally feel a little cheap and cheerful. Lots of food places, coffee places and hairdressers. Drinking places vastly limited.

3 by lewis clay Review source

parking is awful, lack of spaces ..queue to get In queue to get out....spaces are to small unless everyone drives minis or micro cars k cars last two cats and my wife's car have all had door banging dents....last one cost £800 to have been warned

4 by wayne spratt Review source

Although often busy there is a nice variety of shops and restaurants. One down side is that you sometimes have to que to park and that can get annoying. But there is free parking after 6pm, which is great if you're just collecting something or going to the cinema.

5 by Stephen Labuschagne Review source

One of the best shopping centres around this area,with most of the popular high st stores located within easy reach . The parking is reasonable and plenty. Quite a few eating places that are popular eg Macdonalds , pizza Hut , Costa etc. And a cinema complex too.

5 by ANIL JOSHI Review source

Overpriced money grabbing parking company runs it. Don't bother using it park away and walk in. 1st 3hrs somewhat reasonable £3:50, 4th hr after 1 minute it doubles £7,from 5th hr doubles again after 1 minute to £12. Damn money grabbing parasites.

1 by Review source

Retail shopping Destination with a varied selection of shops, Dining, Cinema and access to the Main high street of shops located in close proximity. Also a destination to visit for dining in evening with A TGI Friday, Nandos, Pizza Hut, GBK and other.

4 by Peter Clements Review source

Went to visit a hobby craft shop so it was as expected. Parking is always tricky at weekends and holidays and not free. There are a number of stores and eateries but sadly, the waitrose that used to be there, has closed. Easy to get to from the M25.

3 by Gael Somerville Review source

Has everything you could possibly need, the only downside is everybody and their brother seems to know this and getting in and parked is almost always a chore unless you their early or visiting in evening to socialise or for the cinema.

4 by Baz Churchill Review source

Lovely retail park, not many stores but a decent selection, brilliant choice of eateries (TGI, Pizza Hut, Nando's), wonderful cinema. Car park does fill up very quickly however, nice cheap parking on Sunday's (£1.50 all day)

4 by Matt Yeoman Review source

Gives all you could want in walking distance of the Staines train station. All you could ask for on a day out on the weekend. Only thing lacking is parking space which on the weekends or afternoons on Fridays can be quite a lot.

5 by Nick Lightfoot Review source

Reasonable mix of shops. Seems more geared towards cinema and eating - not a bad thing, just seems loads of restaurants compared to retail units. Plenty of car parking, which is not free, until evening time. Clean and tidy.

4 by Kris Meadway Review source

This shopping centre is getting better . Primark has bought much needed business to the area. Needs a build a bear or Disney shop . Plenty of places to eat . Hopefully the empty Waitrose will be filled by a nice store .

4 by Wendy Baldwin Review source

Good section of high street branded stores and high street branded restaurant's also has some larger retailer units with greater selection if products. Park is very close but always busy at weekends expect a queue

4 by London Roof and Guttering Review source

Lots of parking and a shops mostly turning into food places now. Christmas pop up shops were a nice addition. Lots of visible security staff. Avoid on a Sunday evening as over road with teenagers causing problems

3 by Daniel Eaton Review source

Good range of shops which aren't too busy during peak times. Parking was fairly priced although there was only a few payment machines which caused queuing. Overal it was friendly in most retailers.

4 by Luke Roberts Review source

Has most of what you need but was much better before Waitrose closed. Lots of parking spaces and a super TKMaxx. Plenty of places to eat and have a coffee with added bonus of a Cineworld and TGIFriday.

3 by Gill Niblock Review source

Everything you need pretty much under one roof. Clean facilities, parking always available and massive selection of restaurants outside. In the heart of Staines, loads more shops in the high street.

5 by Maria Harries Review source

A decent list of shops in this center and maintenance of the place is good. It got shops of many types make it a good all rounder to spend time. I mostly go here for lunch time and basic shopping.

4 by Rajesh Kannan Review source

Clean and well maintained. The usual array of clothing, perfume and phone stores.

Not much of interest for a bloke unless they're out shopping for presents I would have thought.

4 by Fortysixter UK Review source

Best shopping centre in the Staines area, and easy access off the M-25 and not too far from Heathrow Airport. Sometimes have to wait at car park entry gates for entry during busy periods.

4 by Andrew Campbell Review source

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