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I'm from Derbyshire myself and the Peak District is honestly my favourite place ever. I'm so proud of it. It doesn't matter what season it is - summer, winter, autumn - there are so many walks in which you can explore the stunning countryside scenery of the Peak District. It's no surprise that people travel from around the world to visit - there is so much to do, from traversing up Kinder Scout (the highest point and only mountain of the Peak District) or visiting the historic Chatsworth House. The Peak District is easily accessible from major cities such as Sheffield and Manchester, and is served by Manchester Airport. Perfect for cycling, walking and driving alike.

5 by Roan Knowles Review source

Stayed here 3 times but this time it has been the best by far. We stayed in room 10 which was massive with plenty of period features including the beams and huge cast iron radiator. The flat screen telly on the wall at the far end of the room is just the right size so that you can actually watch in whilst in bed. We had food in the pub which was amazing and its get our recomendations. The bar serves a great mixture of real ales, largers and spirits (including gins which they have a good selection of and flavoured tonic waters to match or complement) Overall a lovely place to stay with friendly, afficent staff and amazing food and drinks.

5 by Review source

I'm a big fan of this national park. Every time it has offered more than what was expected. If you love outdoors, long walks and hikes, this is the go-to place with no doubt.
Edale has been my favourite little village on the edge of the peaks. Even if you travelled by train, there are lots of walks around. This place has two little cozy pubs which are good. They are Ramblers Inn and Old Nags Head. Village has very limited mobile signal and at times I need this isolation with the world I live in!
There are many tiny villages, towns that are having unique little touch. Many attractions may need private transport though.

5 by Prithviraj U.K. Review source

This is a lovely place to visit. Very busy today with the weather being as nice as it was. Staff were lovely and rum off there feet. One staff member however long dark hair,slim and glasses could of pitched in and helped more instead of walking up and down with a piece of paper.Was a very rude custimet shouting at the staff 'am I invisible ' and responded very well to it. Bless them.
If I was running this place, bank holidays and nice hot weekends I would serve all drinks in plastic cups. Would tale a lot if pressure of staff running in and out for glasses, and from a safety point of view of broken glass.

4 by Review source

I’ve loved the Peak District all my life. There is something for every one. Most school children from the midlands will have been taken on school trips here to explore geology. The scenery in places is stunning due to being carved out from glacial melt waters from the last ice age. Walking,climbing,hand gliding,pot holing. The place has everything. There are also many picturesque towns and villages to enjoy shopping and good eating. Motorcyclists love the place, especially around Matlock and Buxton. If you like epic scenery, rolling countryside or quaint villages you’ll love the Peaks.

5 by Nostro Three Review source

A beautiful part of the world. You really don't have to go far to find great walks or rides. Lovely restaurants, coffee shops and good base for exploring. Why not try a spot of fly fishing? Head to the Bakewell Fly Fishing Shop. Peter, the proprietor is a mine of info, expertise and encyclopaedic knowledge. Hathersage Social Club worth a visit but you need to book- check days and availability before you travel. Grasshopper Cafe in Hope is a must visit. Why not do a 3 day light peak to dark peak walk? A great way to see a wide range of this stunning scenery.

5 by Matt Silverton Review source

Great place to go for a long or short walk. There are multiple routes to take long the way. If you have kids there is a mini woodland playground and a duck pond or you could go to paddly gorge at the bottom of the estate where there is a river to swim in and paddle, there is also trees to climb and swings. If you want to take photos you can get some good ones.
On top of all this there is a small shop and a cafe opposite some bits feeders.
It can get quite muddy in winter so bring your boots but I would definitely recommend this place to people.

5 by nano tank master Review source

If you like photography ,walking ,climbing,cycling,sailing, and so much more you have to come to the peaks ,the Lake District gets so much attention yet the Peak District is just as good if not better a wide topography of natural features and diverse terrain couple with unique historical villages that have been used on tv and film. The Peak District truly has something for everyone.
Find little johns grave go to the blue John caverns ,follow the monsal trial. If you want to holiday in the uk make it the Peak District you won’t regret it.

5 by Mike Warner Review source

It's all tall hills, but you can still do a pretty decent hike if you have time. Terrain is good for mountain biking, although trails are not the best. Some nice views over Ladybower Reservoir if you come from Bamford side via Bamford Edge. Easily reachable by train from Manchester. Popular routes get very busy on weekends when the weather is good, so might be nice to take less obvious routes. Overall it's nice because of reachability and some workout you can still get there. Pack sunscreen though, there's little to no shade.

4 by Boris Turchik Review source

The Peak District is a place that is not fully used with best potential and has so many hidden gems and secrets for everybody to explore, see and discover. Would living in Derby it's such a built up area the Peak District is such a nice place to visit out into the Open looking at fantastic scenery of the Peak District. It's always nice visiting with friends could you could always have a laugh when walking all looking around things.
Plan your adventure in the Peak District soon and see its head and beauty for yourself

5 by Ashley Waterhouse Review source

What can one say extra about the best and first national park! The scenery is awesome, the places to visit, the history and atmosphere are outstanding. To sit on a hillside overlooking magnificent valleys and hills with the rustle of wind in your hair and the only noise is birdsong and bleating of sheep in the valley below, reflecting on the beauty of nature around you- Life's best experience!
World Tourists miss out on this treasure of England because it's not on the London hot-spots route. What they miss...

5 by Peter Carver Review source

Smashing place for a day out with a picnic, nice and clean with paths and parking with toilet facilities ( not the best, a bit basic but up to the job and free )
Take a coat and brolly as the weathet can change vey quickly in this area.
As we take our dog's, we always pick up and bin after the dogs and take home our drinks bottles etc, as we hope you will.
Have a great day, its smashing.
PLEASE DON'T LET YOUR DOG'S WORRY ANY SHEEP, If you do come across any, and be aware of sheep ticks.

4 by Review source

I live in the Park, but every time I go out I seem to get asked to review my visit. Well most of the Peak is beautiful. Every season is a joy for a huge variety of reasons. Getting around can be a challenge at popular times & I can't really recommend public transport, but with a bit of local knowledge you can avoid any hotspots. And you have to like hills because that is what we do best. But if you are walking up one, you can pretty much guarantee that you will be rewarded with a fantastic view from the top!

5 by Julian Henson Review source

Stunning! It was a glorious day. The WiFi signal is rubbish though, so be prepared to wait for a while for the card machine to sort itself out in the ice-cream shop (I'd eaten my 99 before the money had gone through and there was a bit of a queue behind me!!), and download your map for the journey home to be accessible offline if you can... I didn't. It was a nightmare!! But that doesn't detract from the sheer beauty of this place. We are a supremely lucky nation to have areas like these!!!

5 by Jane Farrell Review source

Just stunning all year round. Its beautiful! In touch with nature and the British landscape and wildlife is really amazing..Kids loved it and it was a great experience.

Our advice is if your coming from far, you can always book a cottage or a hotel (maybe 30-40mins away, works out cheaper). Be prepared for all weather.

Lots to do, plenty of walks and lots to see.

Whatever the age 0-110 peak district is the place!

5 by Hiraa Ali Review source

The Dark Peak has long held a special place in my heart. The views...The feeling of the clear clean air in my lungs...The views (again! )

It's also a great place to start to get young uns into the idea of walking out in 'the wild' rather than just on paths in town and city parks.

Also, the semi-wild ponies that live on the ridge near Cold Side give a good chance to see 'real' wild animals easily.

5 by Christopher Roe Review source

I didn't get far into the Peak District. I was really trying to follow part of the Sheffield Round Walk. Graves Park was nice and sunny, Beauchief Abbey was interesting before I got lost again on my way to Dore Station, up Limb Valley should have been pleasant but I ventured off the track and caused myself a lot more work than it should have been before I got to Ringinglow and down Clough Lane to Fulwood. Not a bad spot of exercise.

4 by Tim Foulstone Review source

One of my favourite places in the world. Alright, I'm out there in almost any weather, from significantly below zero to pouring rain and baking sun, any of which could be dangerous without experience and the right kit. It isn't always safe and the more remote regions aren't for everyone. But in good weather an amble around the margins is for anyone, and if you have the skills and kit, do explore. You won't regret it.

5 by Review source

I enjoy this site because it is quiet and peaceful. There are no facilities here, shower block, toilet or washing up, but I have all that on board. At this moment in time the roads on the site are being tarmacked, but I didn't notice the noise at all. The walk to the town of Youlgreave is taxing if unfit as I am but pleased I managed it as it is very pretty with it's river, but very hilly. Site manager Ron is very helpful.

4 by malcolm hayes Review source

The Peak District is a gem in the otherwise uninteresting part of the UK. Rolling hills, farmland and great walking routes are just a small part of what you will find here.
There are many well marked routes to walk, including The Pennine Way. There are also numerous, well situated car parks run by the national parks authority. Pick a car park and get out for a relaxing (or hard!) Stroll in the best that England has to offer.

5 by Touring with Dan Review source

How do you review a national park? Its big and there is something for everyone. The peak district national park is one of the main caving areas in the country. The show caves are accessible for most people and if you are more adventurous you can approach a cave guiding organisation to take you more off the beaten path. As for the rest walking climbing mountain biking for all levels. Also plenty of places of historical interest.

5 by Dale Gray Review source

It's honestly difficult to pin a rating on the entirety of the peak district, but over all it's a sound winner; one of my favourite destinations. Great for walking, hiking, camping, and photography for the more adventurous, yet peppered with little tea shops great for a sit down and a drink. Over all, a recommended destination for most ages and groups. Oh, and it's unbelievably beautiful. 11/10 will visit again.

5 by Edward Farrar Review source

A bit difficult to review a whole national park. However, there should be something to suit everyone here. Walking and hiking from the strenuous to the Sunday afternoon stroll. Outdoor sports galore, water sports on a number of the lakes and a lot of quaint villages to meander through.

If you can't find something to do in the Peak District, whatever the age profile of your party, I would be heartily surprised.

5 by Andrew Nimmo Review source

The Peak District is a beautiful area, full of peaks and valleys as you'd expect from the name! There are a plethora of interesting walks for all abilities and the scenery can be breathtaking at times. The national park encompasses quaint villages, rolling fields, high peaks, peat bogs, pine woodlands, moorlands, cave systems, tourist attractions and the only place in the world to find the rare Blue John mineral.

5 by Stuart Keeler Review source

Fantastic area. Very beautiful and great to take the family to.

My parents live close to here and we try and spend as much time as possible here!

The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and there is so much to do for people of all ages and abilities.

There is a a lot of walking places and places to relax as well. So many small country pubs that are great following a good day walking!

5 by Mat Cooke Review source

Ample parking space, which you do have to pay for if you aren't a national trust membership holder. As always friendly welcoming national trust staff on site to help with maps and directions and fun activities for the children to do.
Once you enter there is a pub if that's what you fancy. Lots of land for walking, with sheep and ducks by a pond. Views are lovely and children enjoy here very much.

5 by Madeleine Francesca Oatway Review source

Beautiful views wherever you look. Don't just stick to the most popular attractions. Drive down any lane to see where it takes you. Lots of quaint villages. Use the local facilities to help keep them going. Try the local produce in the shops. Some farms sell raw milk. Fresh eggs and meat and vegetables direct from source.
Don't wait till it's packaged up and labeled in the supermarket.

5 by Chris Wood Review source

Stunning place, one of the best places in the UK to visit. Beautiful shallow gentle stream running down side of Castleton visitor centre, can buy ice cream and dangle feet in. Particularly wonderful for toddlers. Totally safe (imo) paddling water experience. Lovely and clean, toilets nearby. Accessible parking and facilities. Landscapes spectacular, recommend Rowter Farm for cheap and picturesque camping.

5 by Callie Catchpole Review source

Like most of the UK's national parks The Peak District is best visited during the week.
There are a multitude of different places to visit along with many different activities to participate in. The scenery is a joy to behold and is full of interest, I could publish many pictures but here are just 2, 1 of The Magpie lead mine now derelict and the other of Dovedale, both well worth a visit

5 by steven silverman Review source

Our first ever visit to the peak district 2 years ago . drove the length of the area , from north to south,fabulous variety of scenery, from mountains to river valleys, historic villages and houses,its all there, in a compact area.
Would especially recommend bakewell village, those famous tarts are to die for.The dove valley ,has to be seen. Too many interesting things to see and do.Explore.

5 by Review source

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