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First experience of GDK was when I went to the one in Angel which was brilliant; clean, fast, great staff and I enjoyed the 'high end kebab' experience so much so I hoped it would come to Croydon. To my excitement a Croydon branch soon opened which I have now visited 3 times with each time being just as poor and a far cry from my Islington experience hence my need to write this review. The service is incredibly slow, staff need to be better at customer service and more aware of what makes a good restaurant environment. My last visit has put me off going back, member of staff who took my order was dressed in a scruffy t shirt and joggers he charged me twice for my order to which I asked to be refunded, this took over 10 mins (bearing in mind I have now received my take away so am just waiting) which would have taken longer had I not asked 'how long will I need to wait?' Their systems then crashed meanwhile I am watching a worker who has walked behind the till near the food coming out with her coat on (unhygienic) and after all this I get home to my food having gone cold and completely put off. Whilst I understand some instances cannot be helped each time I have visites the Croydon GDK has gone from bad to worse, a way to improve a customers experience would have been to acknowledge my wait and apologise, refund the total amount as an apology or offer a free drink to show customers are valued and redeem a bad situation. I think this GDK need to take some lessons from their colleagues in Angel Islington!

2 by Kirsty A Review source

Food is good. However, speed and customer service is poor. Waited 25 minutes for ‘fast food’. Firstly told the wait was due to one of the meals being vegetarian and the server, Daniela, wanting all meals we ordered to come out at the same time but that it would only be a few minutes. 10 minutes later and still no sign of our order only to then be told one of the meat spits had broken and had to be replaced. She also said they were understaffed that night and busy. To be honest, I saw 4 orders up on their screen and there was only one other group of people waiting so I am inclined to disagree they were busy. If that was the case, just update your waiting customers before they have to go up to the counter to ask when/if their food is being prepared. That said, I was watching the two kitchen staff and did not feel there was a real sense of urgency to get the orders out between them. When we were offered the explanation also, the server apologised with her back turned to us. Didn’t feel sincere at all and lacking customer service. Food’s good but I don’t think I will be back to wait around 30mins for take away food thanks.

2 by Review source

Thee quality of the food is very good. However the quantity of the meat and chips is lacking. First went there about 3 months after opening. No complaints at all.
I have been there twice in the last 6 weeks. The first occasion there was hardly any meat (mixed doner) and a lot of the kebab was made up of salad. Went again yesterday and this time ordered chips as well as extra meat - extremely disappointing.
A small regular doner contains more meat than either of the kebabs I had even after being charged £1 for extra meat. The chips although tasty were only a handful - max no more than 20. The chip box was not even full.
It is amazing that these establishments entice customers in initially but then treat them with contempt afterwards. My experiences are for the take-away service only.
It'll be interesting to see how long this place stays open for, as I certainly do not intend visiting this branch any time soon. Judging by the other reviews also, it seems their customers are on a steady decline

2 by tera dynes Review source

So after much hype i Decided to check out GDK in Croydon. First off, I had to walk a mile from the car because there was no car park anywhere close. Then comes the food itself. As a german i demand that they drop the G in GDK!

I ordered a dürüm Döner meal with extra meat for which i had to pay about 50 to 60p extra (of course). The meat itself did not taste like any GERMAN Döner Kebab meat AT ALL!! The Portion of fries was too small. Close to the end of my dürüm my Hands looked like they had just Slaughtered a cow! The whole Sandwich simply Fell appart. Oh and then there were these little tiny Portions of garlic and Chillie Sauce.

And aaaalll of that cost me almost a Fortune! Which never happens at a REAL german Döner kebab! I will definatly never ever go there again...

1 by Review source

Coming from a person who loves food and travels to eat, my first time here when it was opened food was amazing. Sadly i have just eaten here tonight, the food and service has got worse. At first requested for the 2 for 1 Tuesday but apparently this offer is no longer valid even though i have a snapshot of their offers which states offer ends 31/05/2017. On top of that if you like your doner meat with an eyelash hair in it then please feel free to dine here. Croydon branch gives this franchise a terrible name. I have taken a pictures of my hairy food and even kept receipt that the owner signed stating offers are no longer valid. This chain has lost a customer will no longer be going back. Thank you for the horrible food and appalling service.

1 by Review source

Came here at 9pm after the gym as there were limited options.

Supposed to be fast food but I had to wait for 25 mins for a mix kebab.

2 customers odered the same thing as me (after me) and their food arrived first surprisingly.

For the money you are spending in comparison to a local kebab shop this place is nothing special.

The meat is frozen, sauces are poor and my kebab was cold when it was finally provided. Save your money and go elsewhere.

I have provided an extra star because in fairness the place appeared to be much cleaner then your typical 'local kebab'.

2 by Naz Haque Review source

Everything was terrible. Not one order was correct and when everything was resolved it was still horrific. The meat was lukewarm and it was hard to tell what it meat it even was as it was so oily and bland and for some reason white. The chips tasted as if they were old and refried. The people who cooked the food must have never had a kebab in their life as even the cheapest takeaway kebab has been miles better than this. The lahmacun was shockingly bad and didn't taste anything like what I was expecting. The dough was thick and raw and the toppings just tasted off. Overall, a terrible experience in every possible way.

1 by Review source

I went to this place twice. I'm not a big fan of donner kebabs however I must admit that it was well cooked and presented. The place is clean and tidy and the lady who served my table was friendly. My main concern is about the supervisor, there was a rude man of colour there bullying one of the employees, a young fella working in the kitchen. He was having a go at him and in front of customers. It was too much and I felt uncomfortable. This was last year, on summer. I guess this person doesn't work there any longer. He was a real bully. The food great, generous portion, not too many chips.

4 by Ivan A. Review source

Best kebabs i ever had in Croydon (and i live here almost 7 years now) Meat is very clean and lean. Nice, polite staff. They sometimes ask millions of questions at the till but that's to make sure customers are getting what they really want. Annoying as it is we need to forgive that. All comes with the good intentions. Kitchen team seems to be quite cool as well. I always try to at least have a short chat with them as they are all very friendly. Shout out to the jamaican chef! Huge positive energy! Bless!

5 by Jakub Michalski Review source

Had lunch there today and the place was very clean and service was fast but the food was not that wow. For that price I would expect more meat and less salad. There were no sauce in the kebabs. The chip was £1.49 And it's the same as 99p from McDonald's. And I must say McDonald's one is way more good than there. Was disappointed and left there still hungry and not at all impressed. Not going there again as had better kebab from the chicken shop and for less the price as well.

2 by Boring fish Review source

Used to be very good. The last few months unfortunately it took a turn for the worse. Portions have been getting smaller, staff has been appearing more demotivated. Today's meal was the low point. They forgot to bring the drink with the order and the chilly cheese bits they brought were frozen solid so had to be sent back. The chips were burried at the bottom of the box covered in soggy meat which turned the 6 or so chips soggy aswell. Unfortunately I won't be returning.

2 by C Mitu Review source

Best doner kebab ever and I'm a doner lover and today I had the best doner sandwich in a very stylish way, the meat is delicious and the bread is new and crispy, my kids had the quesadilla kebab which was rich and delicious and had a kebab and chips box too.all was great and the service was 5 star, my kids dropped Apple juice twice on the floor and the waitress did not complain instead they replaced the juice.i will come back again and again.. I very much recommend it.

5 by Review source

Literally love this place, order here all the time but just had an order delivered and wow it meant I had to write a review, food is EXCELLENT, honestly the best kebab I’ve had, all the sauce options are fantastic and they genuinely go the extra mile, asked for something if it was possible, they went to so much effort to even put a bit extra separately for me it made my meal. Can’t recommend this place enough. If you haven’t already, try them!

5 by Alex Weir Review source

Nice attempt but this is far from a “German” Döner Kebab experience. Döner itself tastes nice and is a lot better than what you get elsewhere in London, however charging 4.49 GBP for a mini Döner is an absolute joke. The service is slow, staff preparing the Kebab doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing, so slow, no commitment to deliver a quality kebab.
Then the extensive wrapping and additional paper bag, waste of packaging.

3 by Review source

What a pleasant surprise. Friendly, very helpful staff, immaculately clean and the food was great. To top it all, really good value for money. Had a horrendous trip around the M25 from Northampton, this place put a smile back on our faces. Whatever your experience has been of kebab places in the past, this place is several rungs up the ladder. Well done to the manager and his team. Thank you.

5 by Review source

This is my third time visit. The food is great! Portions are of good size and worth the money! The place is clean and always maintained even during busy periods. The front staff are always smiling and assist. I have no complaints.
Some customers do get grumpy if order is late but when you have large orders before you, sometimes you have to wait. It's not your average Doner shop!

5 by Review source

Made in heaven! This Has to be the best Doner kebab eatery in Croydon and around for miles! The moment you walk in you are greeted with the smiles and true professionalism from all the staff and then you are going to eat with out doubt the finest freshest 100% best Doner Kebab and salad going! 5 Stars all the way! Thankyou to all the staff for making our visit unforgettable!

5 by Review source

I'm from Germany and i just love GDK for bringing the German donner kebab to the UK. However, the staff in the Croydon restaurant are really not trained to the standard I was expecting from GDK. They are rude and show no interest in working there. This is also effecting the food quality. GDK in Croydon is far the worst store I have been to. PLEASE GDK FIX THIS PROBLEM!

1 by Review source

I had a mini kebab in here and it was so tasty. My brother had a wrap. the portions were quite generous. the staff very friendly asking us if everything was ok. I have seen the previous reviews. they listened to the feedback I think. There were very professionnal. I will go back for sure. Good place for babies as well. changing facilities and enough space for a puschair.

5 by Review source

I have to confess, I was totally underwhelmed by my visit here, this just screamed 'Donar Kebab desperately trying to be different here'!! End of the day what you're served here is just tarted up Donar you could get from any corner takeaway. Stick with a decent charcoal grilled Turkish Ocakbasi kebab, SO much better than what's served here!!...

2 by Keviin Linch Review source

Great food, great service, great staff! I cannot believe there is finally a place near me that serves German döner kebab - the RIGHT way! I had the best experience at GDK. It had great atmosphere and the staff are absolutely amazing but most importantly, the food is spectacular! Excellent authentic flavour for a very affordable price - would highly recommend

5 by Review source

Best Kebab ever, I am a repeat customer. Lovely soft and tasty meat, unlike other Kebab places, it's not swimming in grease. The sauces are wonderful and the taste is pretty decent. I would recommend. Only niggle is that the staff sometimes forget to leave out the salad.

The chips are lovely if you like the style of chips they have.

5 by Hello Fiends Review source

A wicked place to eat, service is quick food is ok , decor is very pleasant....better than the norm kebab shops....all in all give it a try.
I used to work there and i worked in the kitchen making the gourmet tell the truth , it was a lot better bk then ...but don't take my word for it, go give it a try for yourselves.

4 by Matthew Morgan Review source

We been waiting for our food for so long, okay there was que before us but when we got our kebabs my boyfriend didnt had salad at all and our chicken wasn't cook enough. They try to be nice and make us new one but we had to wait till the que is finishing so my boyfriend been waiting more than an hour to get his proper food.

1 by Review source

Best kebab place in London. The veel with the German bread is excellent. The drinks are in a glass bottle and tests better than a can, I always get fanta. Get the meal deal, drink, Chios and Kebab for around £7. It's always crowded though. You can get delivered to you via Uber eats or deliveroo.

5 by Aleem Ishmael Review source

Food is good but waiting time and customer service is poor. They don't seem to do the orders in order according to who ordered first. They don't make you aware when u are there that you may have to wait. But I must say one of the best kebabs you will every have just that service is slow!.

3 by Oj Whittaker Review source

Too understaffed and not managed well. Dirty trays stay on tables unless someone is delivered food to eat in. I ordered mix but got something else. And it was cold because it took too long to serve me. Not blaming any one in particular but they need more help or I will not be eating here anymore

2 by Kaveh Goodarzey Review source

So I've been going to this place for a while now and it has totally gone down hill.
My order took half an hour, was cold, portion size has changed even paying for extra and it was wrong.
The food is still good though but won't be going back anytime soon

1 by michael ward Review source

The food was harmonious: wonderful flavours. We were going to give a 5 star but we thought the lady who served us spoke too quickly and was slightly too impatient. A part of that, the rest of the team was extremely helpful, pleasant and polite!! Best kebab in London!!

4 by Every History Matters Review source

This kebab place reminds me of the kebabs I used to eat when in Europe, especially Germany. The bread, the salad, meat, all mix together into an amazing deliciousness. I enjoy the option of having smaller portions as well as meat boxes that are perfect for lunchtime.

5 by Review source

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