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Amazing castle with lots of history.
The guides are usually history students with a wealth of knowledge about the castle. The castle is now part of Durham university and mostly used to accommodate students during term time. Some rooms are available for rent outside term time via the university website, mostly in the more modern castle keep, which has spectacular views across the city.

Sadly photography is completely prohibited inside the castle, which is a shame. And the tours which although interesting are quite short and access is severely restricted inside the castle, with visitors only having access to a very small portion of the castle, which undoubtedly holds many fascinating rooms to visit.

Ot is a shame that the university allows its residential students full access, yet restricts visitors to such a tiny portion of this magnificent castle.

4 by Alan Forrest Review source

Definitely worth taking a tour of this historic building which was the first college of Durham University, donated by the Cathedral. It is extremely cheap to get a ticket; between 3-5 quid. It is students who lead the tours, and so it is nice to tip if you can.

You will get to see parts of the Castle you would not otherwise get to see. As a former Jo Butler student, we could only ever go into the bar, but the tour takes you around the beautifully carved black staircases, the dining hall, the Norman Chapel and newer chapel, as well as the landing of the former Prince Bishops.

5 by Andrea Hanna Review source

I went on the tour by myself. I was made very welcome and met some lovely people on the tour. I would recommend to all 'Geordies' in order to hear and learn about the fascinating history of our region. Some very funny stories about the discoveries of parts of the castle that had been boarded up for centuries e.g. two students came home having had a couple of beers and fell through a plastered wall to uncover the best preserved Norman arch in Europe. This is where the phrase 'plastered' originated (only Geordies will get this!) . Well worth the visit.

5 by Review source

This would have to be the best priced accommodation in town, amazing! Highly recommend it to anyone considering staying in the student halls of residence during the summer break. Rooms are clean, bright and very well appointed. Breakfast is in grand hall- spectacular! Only downside- beware the stairs....as expected for a castle on a hill, theres a few staircases to climb to get to your room....

5 by Review source

I took a tour of the castle. It was very interesting and the guide was fantastic and knowledgeable. You get great access to the castle. The nearby cathedral may be more spectacular but the castle also has so much history that i was unaware of.

Be aware you can't get access to the castle unless you book on a tour which are often fully booked.

5 by James Davies Review source

A fascinating place to check out when you're in Durham. It's just across the lawn from the cathedral and us easily combined in a day trip (or half a day, even).
You can only access the castle through a guided tour and they're only offered at particular times each day. Make sure you check and book in advance so you don't miss out.

5 by Michael Turtle Review source

Stunning castle with some spectacular views, well maintained with friendly and informative staff, our tour guide was fantastic and very knowledgeable, the Norman Chapel, Black staircase and Great hall were spectacular to see, some parts of the castle are off limits as student live in the cattle, right opposite is Durham Cathedral and the Palace green.

5 by Review source

Very cool to walk around inside a castle that is still in good use today that was built around a 1000 years ago. Has some amazing sandstone with iron banding in parts. Students from Durham university get to stay here and entrance is by way of a guided tour only. Tour guides have a great spiel o the history of the castle and it's previous owner.

5 by Dale Cusack Review source

I booked and payed a tour of the castle. I was really disappointed by the fact that you're not allowed to take pictures of the inside. Pointless reasons since others were doing that and students does. Need also to say that actually you will just visit the lowest part of the castle not the octagon. It worth definitely time and money.

3 by V. Augusto Valentini Milleri Review source

Still in good condition this old castle from the 11th century.
Lies in central Durham on a hill overlooking the river and old bridge.

One of many nice old ruins that I passed by during my roadtrip, in England, Wales and Scotland back in 2001, that I took time to visit and enjoyed exploring.

4 by Tomas Johansson Review source

An amazing historical site, but still full of life! The tour guides, bar and restaurant staff are extremely friendly and welcoming and the castle is extremely impressive with a great history and wonderful current day purpose! It's definitely worth visiting and spending a night here if you can!

5 by Sevastiyan Raychev Review source

We arrived at the castle for Durham's Fire and Ice Festival. It was £5 per adult for admission. We've been to plenty of castles around the country and Durham Castle was just as lovely. We were there for about an hour or so, so £5 for an hour isn't too bad of a price.

4 by Review source

I'm a student at University College, and Castle is a beautiful place to live. They serve an excellent brunch on Saturdays. The castle and courtyard are beautiful and historically significant with the old Norman archway and chapel.

5 by Review source

An interesting place to visit in Durham. I'm been into the cathedral a number of times but didn't realise there were tours at the castle until recently. If you're in Durham it's worth a look and not too expensive

3 by Peter Angus Review source

I stayed in the B&B here. Great location for an overnight in Durham if you can get a booking in advance. Breakfast was a buffet affair in a giant hall in the castle. Cold surroundings, but a good meal in a fascinating location.

4 by Paul Alford Review source

Amazing. We were shown around by a very enthusiastic student - Caitlin Potts - who had both knowledge and an interest in the building herself. She brought it to life and it didn't feel like a tired talk/tour. Very well done

5 by Review source

Wonderful place to sight see! It is also a student hostel. During December, the place is empty as most students are back home. Do note that you need to purchase a castle tour pass inorder to go in. Guided tour only.

5 by Daniel Chng Review source

I work at Durham Castle so I am biased, it is a beautiful building I would recommend for a visit. The Cathedral is close by. If you happen to bump into me I will point you towards the best views of both building.

5 by Keith Wright Review source

Only by tour as is a student hall. The student running the tour was very good and had great knowledge and did it in a way that felt very light with many curiosities being told. Would recommend.

5 by Hugo Aguirre Review source

It was very nice on the inside and the people were friendly but we weren't able to use the facilities (e.g. the pool table) due to refurbishments taking place. There is a toasties shop!

4 by Byron Hemingway Review source

I want to mention especially the castle bar. If you have the chance to get in (e.g. you are a Durham University student) do it. It is worth it. Student friendly prices; cosy atmosphere.

4 by Marcel Bourgeois Review source

It was closed during the Saturday. I had the chance to go to the main entrance and take some pictures. It is nice even from the outside. Not sure if it's like this every Saturday.

4 by Willian Molinari Review source

I love to explore places and especially with character, this is sure one when you are told the history of the place, but I would have like to have explored more of the castle thou..

4 by Review source

A nice amalgamation of eras in construction. Like the cathedral it is possibly not the most historically significant but it certainly plays its part. The mermaid is nice too.

5 by Chris Hart Review source

Interesting guided tour round the castle. It's a student residence so you can't wander freely but the tour was cheap and our guide was knowledgeable and friendly.

5 by Tom Foster Review source

A must see for Harry Potter fans. I found the best view of the Castle was across the bridge on the other side where you can sit and see the wonderful view with the river.

5 by Christopher Runyan-Beebe Review source

Visited Durham Castle with my Year 1/2 class. Our tour guide John was fantastic and we found out so many interesting facts about the castle. Would love to go back again.

5 by Flamegirl Review source

Great place to stay in school holidays lots of atmosphere room was very comfortable with on sweet. Breakfast was quite special in the great hall well worth a visit.

5 by John Hilbert Review source

Me and my fiancé went to attend their most recent wedding fayre. The staff were lovely and attentive, the canapés were delicious and the castle itself was amazing.

5 by Matthew Booth Review source

Castle is great, although tour was disappointing. The guide was good but could only show a limited number of rooms as the castle is actually halls for students.

2 by David Smith Review source

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