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Hard to know how to review a park. It's, like, a big open space with grass and trees and stuff. If you like big open spaces with grass and trees and stuff you'll love it. If you don't then you probably won't.

On a sunny weekend the parking can be hugely busy so if you can get to the park on foot or by bicycle that's preferable. It's a haven for cyclists so if you're driving be prepared to share the road with lots of cyclists.

There are deer in the park too. They are nice to see but need to be respected. There's always some idiot who lets their dog off the leash and it chases the deer. It might make for a funny YouTube video (cue comments about Fenton) but really isn't funny if the deer end up bolting into the road.

There's a lot of wildlife here too. Quite side from the ever-present parakeets that seem to have taken over this part of London there are plenty of other species to watch out for. I like seeing woodpeckers and sometimes after dark you can see badgers.

The park is closed to motor traffic at night but aside from the annual deer cull it's open to cyclists and pedestrians all night. It's a good place to cycle at night, just make sure you have good lights!

5 by John Baker Review source

This is probably the best place to go cycling in London. The park is big enough to put in enough mileage and looks absolutely beautiful. For somebody who used to live in London, I definitely miss this place. Sure enough the road is still a shared space with other motorists but this is, by and large, a cyclist haven. During the summer time it's amazing and you get the odd group of deers crossing the roads which, surprisingly, is entertaining enough to watch. For walkers/runners - the huge open plain gives you plenty of areas to do your laps or simply go exploring. I had a few friends who visited London many times but has never heard of this park. After showing them, they were completely blown away by it and would definitely come back to visit. For wildlife lovers out there, apparently you can find some uncommon species like buzzards or kestrels but I have yet to come across any during my cycles.

Overall a beautiful park outskirts of city centre London that should definitely warrant a visit. I would advise hiring bicycles if you don't have a car though to fully appreciate it. The park is huge if you plan on walking.

5 by Andy Tran Review source

So big and feature packed it's impossible to do more than give an overview.

Richmond Lodge is a highpoint, pun intended. The cafe terrace looks over the internationally renowned river valley view.

The specially created and maintained view from the Mound towards St Paul's cathedral is now spoiled by the tower blocks recently built behind the Cathedral. So much for preserving heritage, clearly this view came second.

So many walks, animals and birds to enjoy. Conditions underfoot can be very variable, bone dry ruts at the top of a hillock and squidgy bog at the bottom.

Watch out for cyclists who are foucused on achieving personal best times on imaginary courses. Children need carefully training to avoid unpleasantness.

The Deer aren't tame - males are particularly hostile in the Autumn and female deer protecting their babies are just as dangerous. Observe from a distance and move away if a Deer focuses on you!

Great place for families, couples and well behaved sports enthusiasts.

5 by Kevin K Review source

If you love nature and animals then GO HERE, the Deer are wild animals but you can get very close to them, as long as its not mating season or they have their newborn young with them then you should be fine, there are signs in the park telling you what dates these are... I have hand fed them on multiple occasions with grapes, still be careful though.
There are signs saying there are ticks and they can carry disease so stay out of the bushes and id advise not to have legs exposed. (It is highly unlikely you will get a disease from a tick there anyway I'd rather be safe than sorry though)
There are beautiful green parakeets around so look out for them.
The Isabella Plantation is truly stunning, it blooms in may and the bushes are covered in bright reds, pinks, purples, and whites, be sure to check that out.

5 by Mitchell Cornwell Review source

Had a great Sunday picnicking and walking around Richmond Park. It was a hot May day so very busy but thankfully after about a 15 minutes crawl towards the car park on the west side, we manged to find a space. There isn't a lot of parking available so it can be luck more than judgement. Even though it was busy it is easy to find quiet and secluded spaces to rest and eat, particularly in the wooded areas. The view across London is spectacular and a visit to Isabellas Plantation is recommended, especially in late spring when everything is in flower; the smell is amazing. The wild deer are a sight to see too. Will definitely come back when it's a little quieter.

5 by Mark Harper Review source

I love this place, have been visiting g for years. One of favourite things is to take friends to Pembroke Lodge for food and sit on the terrace looking over Richmond.

Great place for walking, cycling, running or just have a picnic. There is a small cafe near Roehampton Gate, serves a great breakfast. Also there is a cycle hire if you fancy exploring on bike. There are ponds, woodlands and deer.

For me my most special place which is well worth a visit, is the isabelle plantation, its like having your own secret garden. This is a place for everyone, come and explore, we are so lucky to have a place like this on our doorstep. What a blessing.

5 by Spike Mclarrity Review source

Beautiful outside space unlike any other London Royal Park. The park is vast so make sure you plan your visit carefully. There are deer free roaming and lots of paths and tracks for country walks and cycles. If it weren't for the planes flying overhead you would think you were transported far from London. We only explored the Sheen gate area as part of an organised 10k run and this area feels more like a national park than landscaped park land. Can't wait to go back for a proper picnic with the bikes to explore further. Another London gem.

5 by Jackie Scully Review source

Impressive large city park with fallow and red deer, ponds, horse riding trails, footpaths and popular with road cyclists. Historical significance for the rich can now be enjoyed by the public. Often overcrowded at the weekends and monitored by police due to cars and cyclists exceeding the 20mph limit, it can be quite a mission to find peaceful, quiet place. The park is closed for traffic a few times a year for organised runs and other sporting events. Cycling around the park early, before the gates open, is awesome.

5 by Vojtech K Review source

One of the most beautiful parks London. Full of deer, birds, trees and lakes. This is the perfect place for a run, walk, bike ride or family adventure. It's nature at it's best. There is a lovely cafe to eat at as well as an outdoor food place.

There are also off road paths for both walking and cycling as well as open areas to enjoy relaxing, picnics and family fun.

If you need an escape from hectic London life I'd highly recommend Richmond park.

5 by Christopher Perry Review source

Huge park with lots of walks and bicycle hire. Cafes and food vans are very expensive. Very pretty fenced off from dogs area. Isabella plantation is best in May when rhodedendrons are in full bloom. Absolutely gorgeous. Parking in car parks can be very busy. Dogs are allowed on leads. Dears should be avoided in October when rutting. Lots of local pubs located near all gates. Wedding venues available but very very expensive. Lots of cycles and 20mph limit.

4 by Jo Harris Review source

One of my favourite places, there are so many hidden gems to explore within the park. My favourite is the Isabella Plantation.

Also if you walk out of Richmond Gate and walk 200 yards up the road you will find a view overlooking the meandering River Thames as well as a park with a quant Vegan Cafe. A short walk up the river from here you will find Richmond Town Centre.

I won't say anymore, just go and explore.

5 by Robert Ede Review source

When you walk into Richmond Park it is like walking into another world. Your whole mood lifts. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty. So many different types of trees and flowers. Stunning brooks and bridges. Deers can be seen wandering around in their herds. There are 2 different types. Do not bother them and they will not bother you. You can see horses as there are near by stables and an equestrian centre. Highly recommended.

5 by christine laing Review source

It’s a lovely park only a 20-30 minute bike ride from central London. Wild Red and Fallow deer roam freely, it’s always a great sight from seeing the males rutting in the Autumn or the newborn fawns from May-July. But I spend most of the time cycling round with hundreds of others, stopping at the Roehampton Gate cafe :) there are two other cafes and don’t forget to walk round the Isabella Plantation or take a picnic on a sunny day

5 by Paul Cassingham Review source

Beautiful park in London, absolutely enormous with trees, lakes, playgrounds amd lots of deer. There are countless areas in the park, with lots of kiosks selling bacon butties (and the rest), lots of grassland, free parking and hundreds of wild deer. Also, in the centre of the park is the Isabella Plantation, a great wooded garden with ponds and flowerbeds. Richmond Park is an oasis in the middle of London which cannot be missed.

5 by Conor T Review source

Fabulous example of conservation in action. Thanks to The Royal Parks. Check out the excellent David Attenborough film about the conservation work and the flora and fauna that is continuously playing at the side of the cafe in Pembroke Lodge car park. Take extra care with the deer if you are walking your dog off the lead. I find it necessary to give them a wide berth when out dog walking.

4 by Stephen E Review source

Commercial drivers beware. Do not use the road through the park if you are in a van etc. I got stopped by a Police Officer and given a fine. They think that using a non standard road sign (that is unreadable when driving) is adequate notice to slap on a FPN for commercial drivers. This is clearly a money making con. I had no idea about this Royal Parks Rule. What a load of old rubbish!

1 by Mike Stanbridge Review source

We live about 7 minutes from the park so come here regularly, for walks and jogging. Lovely park, great views on London from the hill, and seeing deer at your door step is always a happy experience. Gets pretty busy weekends with the carparks, the are toilets which are handy. But be warned that the gates of the park close at different times of the year so check when the gates close.

5 by Ally C Review source

Beautiful park with many areas to visit. The Isabella plantation is especially pretty in the summer. I like the free summer bus service that runs through the park to the different gates too, good for getting around without trekking the whole length.
Large groups of doe are in various areas of the park and sometimes can be seen batheing in the water up to their necks!

5 by kurvz kid Review source

Love this park, wild and a real walking treasure, terrains to suit all, the biggest of all the Royal Parkd. A visit to the park would not be complete without spotting a deer or two, either red deer or fellows deer. Please remember to keep your dogs on a lead, plenty of open places to have a picnic. View from King Henry's Mound is breathless on a beautiful, sunny day.

5 by Kelly Yap Review source

You can spend hours here and not see everything (in fact we did while visiting). Things are still very much wild but there are paths all over to let you still explore. Just be careful of the wildlife as the deer really are there and can be just over the hill and will charge you if they feel threatened. But seriously an amazing place that I wish I was able to explore more

5 by Caitlyn Stewart Review source

Richmond Park is a great place to Drive through slowly, have a bike ride or get out and walk round the amazing park. Plenty of wildlife to see and you may even see the wild deer.

Please don’t let your your child or dog chase after the deer!

Enjoy the escape from busy London, get the tube out to Richmond and walk up. You’ll not be disappointed.

5 by iZogAdventure Vlogger Review source

Driving through the park twice a day during the week and there is nothing more relaxing than seeing deers on your way to work and after a stressful day☺️ it’s so big that every time you walk you discover new places. You get to have your favourite trees which you see changing throughout the seasons So lucky to live in this area!

5 by ivka pilka Review source

Wild cute animals around, historical trees, peaceful and calming nature with wonderful flower gardens and few castles to visit. Park is huge so be prepared for full day snacks and water if you planning to visit it all. Very recommend to visit at least once in your life if visiting London because its complete different feeling.

5 by Post Scriptum Review source

Lovely place masses of open space as in country park. Plenty facilities in various areas around the park. Cafe toilets, licensed vans providing refreshments of high quality. Miles & miles to walk. Spot the Royal Ballet School the odd celebs house. Enjoy a dog walk, horse riding bike ride. Lovely area. How lucky we are.

4 by Val Tull Review source

My favourite park in London. Hills, water, plantations and wide variety of deer and birds.
Lived 2 minutes walk from Kingston gate. Enjoyed almost every weekend there for 7 years.
Love this park. Toilets available and few mobile caffeteria too. Ice cream truck by the Kingston gate all summer weekends.

5 by Martin Haba Review source

A lovely place to spend a summers day. Easy walk from Richmond up Richmond Hill with some amazing views along the way.

Walk as far into the park as you can if you’d like some solitude - it gets very busy on the grass verges near the main gates.

Don’t forget to bring 20p for the toilets!

5 by Annabelle Rogers Review source

Lovely building, nice and pleasant staff. Helpful. Usual captive audience bar prices.High!!! Brilliant view of stage even from the Royal Circle. Unfortunately seat excruciatingly uncomfortable. Brilliant transport links immediately next to Leicester Square tube and buses and taxis plentiful passing the doors.

4 by J C Giles Review source

Amazing place for the walker, the runner, the cyclist. An area of beauty not far from the city. Plenty of toilets and a couple of cafes for pit stops & recharging. Wild deer roam around majestically but do remember they are wild, powerful animals so keep your distance especially around rutting season.

5 by Kieren Geaney Review source

Anyone near Richmond park needs to go and have a walk round it. The deer are fabulous and the walks great you can see and do so much in Richmond park. I have the privilege of going through it daily and seeing all the different seasons it's fantastic and a wonderful place for quiet reflection.

5 by Theresa Mclaughlin Review source

Lovely well kept park. Wild deer, rabbits and birds roam free.
Shops/cafes inside tend to be cash only and wuite expensive.
They need to add free water fountains so the public don't have to buy plastic bottles when they finish their personal water.
Beware of those on horseback

5 by Tash N Review source

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