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Went today to see jumanji. Sadly a group of 20 teens ruined the whole film. Talking, swapping seats (27 times they made me move) using phones to plan their weekend. I actually saw more of her weekend plans than the film. My son got up halfway through and complained. To their credit a staff member came in at least 8 times to check all was well but they didn't see what was happening. At the end of the film they all congregated on our row and stood on my foot once again for the 4th time. My son pointed out to themp.o. and was told to f@#k off. As there were children in this filming I didn't want to cause a scene but felt I had to bring this to the managers attention.
He was lovely and could not have done more to apologise. This is why the 5 stars. He listened to us and then we were joined by the lady sat behind us who had the same issue. She confirmed what we had said and we were all given complementary tickets for another movie. Well handled Cineworld your staff are great. Will NOT stop me visiting but maybe sitting a staff member in the room would be something to consider. #littlebastardslol

5 by Review source

Appalling, my friends and I went to view a showing at the cinema. 1st we refused entry without ID, which wasn't a problem as we were are all of a suitable age. However the way they treated us was horrible. We were taken out of the queue by a large security guard with unnecessary force. The 2nd problem was when I went to buy my ticket for the 2nd time, the man working the till (named Phil) took my £20 note and charged me £7.80 for a student ticket. He then only gave me back £2.20 and insisted that I gave him a £10 note. I argued the case and was told I would have to revisit the till after the movie for the till to be checked. I was happy to do that as I am on a tight budget and this was money I wasn't willing to lose. My film was a late showing so we came out at around 11:30 at which point all staff had left and I was unable to retrieve my money. I would recommend the cinema only if you book tickets in advance as dealing with the ticketing staff will slowly drive you insane. This is the 2nd time I have dealt with Phil and both times have had similar outcomes so avoid him at all cost!

1 by Sam Graham Review source

Great cinema, seating is tiered and spot on, screens are great, staff are friendly and chatty.
I love Cineworld but I'm struggling to keep loving them for a few reasons -The show times are ridiculous, part of the reason I gave only 2 stars.
For example, War Dogs, rated 15, these are the show times: 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00
So basically, anyone who works, even later shifts, is only going to go to the 8pm showing but then again, if you're up early for work the next day, maybe not! It's very rare there's a showing that starts at a time between 6.30pm - 7.30pm.
Surely they would make way more money utilising these prime times!?!?!
The men's toilets stink!
My other gripe is the serving of ice-cream, drinks and popcorn, it takes a massive queue to build up before someone else reacts and comes over to help out with serving, specially on the ice-creams.
Whoever the manager is, they need to assess the show times and address the staff reaction times to queues building up.
Great Cinema but needs a shake up to make it 5 star.

2 by Paul Brunton Review source

This place has been a great cinema experience ever since it first opened as the UGC, and quickly changed to Cineworld. The screens are decent and after seeing hundreds of movies here, the equipment rarely fails. The staff are polite and friendly and there are usually plenty around. The service is good, and the one time I had cause to complain, everything was sorted out quickly.

The ONLY reason I've dropped a star is because there are newer cinemas in nearby towns (Darlington, for example) that are more modern but charge significantly less for on the day tickets. Although this doesn't affect me directly, it's does affect my pals and anyone else who doesn't have an unlimited card. And on the back of this, the place is just about due a refurb. The seats have been there since it opened almost 20 years ago now and some of them are showing their age, so this is a small like to Cineworld to get on with some investment to justify the additional costs we pay here in Middlesbrough.

EDIT: They're actually doing a refurb!! Upgraded to 5*

5 by Kevin Gething Review source

The staff and facilities are great, but the cinema is starting to get a bit long in the tooth. A lot of the seats are getting very uncomfortable and past their sell by date, and recently on most of the screenings, it's clear that either the projection bulbs are dimming, or the 3d lens is left in places accidentally on 2d screenings, or the brightness is just flat out not set correctly, because screenings are getting EXTREMELY dark and losing a ton of detail and image. All of which can be easily corrected, but if you're looking for the best possible image of a film, I can't recommend it for diehard cinephiles. High marks for staff and convenience, but low marks for comfort and quality of projection. I actually regret seeing Infinity War here, and considering how poor the trailer for 'Solo' looked on the screen, I'll be heading elsewhere for that one unless they deal with the brightness issue.Fingers crossed they do, because it easily jump back up into a 5 out of 5 cinema.

3 by Review source

Good cinema, friendly staff, very helpful on the ticket desk. Sound and picture quality good. Seats could to with a bit of re-padding was a bit uncomfortable towards the end. Needs seating in foyer area. 80yr old Mum is disabled and can't stand for long, and there was nowhere for her to sit while we waited for the rest of the family to arrive. We couldn't go past the ticket collector to an area where there were seats as we had the other family members tickets. Possibly our own fault for not foreseeing this, but could be solved by adding one bench seat.

4 by P Briki Review source

Brilliant place to go with your friends to watch a good film! Prices are decent however it can be expensive for adults and 3D. Normally not packed and the seats are comfy to watch your film. Additionally, they have an arcade when you are waiting for your film outside. Prices for food and drinks however are atrocious, with water costing £2+. Recommend you try and bring your own if possible. The staff are quite lean about that, as long as they don't catch you. Furthermore, toilets aren't the best, but they are usable.

4 by Spiffinly Corbee Review source

We went to see Peter Rabbit. Film was great.
They seem to be going through some changes on the building but it never interfered with our experience.
Since the last time I visited it seems alot more streamlined getting in, all we had to do was show our online code right at the kiosk and let in, so no waiting at the check-in desks. I did notice that some snacks and drinks can now be got at the check-in desks which I can imagine helps the queues from the drink stalls.
All-in-all a great experience

5 by Tom Hutchinson Review source

It is what it is. When it's quiet, upstairs counter is closed so to get food and drinks you have to go back downstairs although you can quite easily get them downstairs in the first place.

It's a nice enough venue in terms of how it feels and has its own bar which is a good place to relax with a drink or two if you arrived early for the movie.

But 3 stars because service during a lot of daytime showings are limited and can affect the overall experience.

3 by Michael Fawcett Review source

Went to go see The Mummy today. I went with my dad and my older twin sister who was reasonably shorter than me. They didn't believe she was old enough because of her size compared to me and my dad and non of us had any I'd with us. We were offered to see a different movie that was playing at the time however there was only transformers. Despite that happening one of the supervisors gave us 3 tickets that let us watch any 2D or 3D movie.

2 by Review source

A cinema right in the middle of town.


Lots of escalators as this is a tall building. It is also pretty small and cramped. In my home town of Leeds I can pick from 8 cinemas with reclining seats and massive screens. This one had pokey seats and a little screen. Not very comfy.

So, I would not be coming here to watch a film unless I had no other choice because it is way behind the times.

2 by PBD Review source

the seating was hard and uncomfortable, whilst the room we watched the film in had a lingering odour of sweaty feet and onions, the staff were unhelpful never bothering to explain to my wife when she popped to the toilets and the bar that it was closed. Before visiting I checked the website for the times of the film we saw but once we got there the time displayed for each film shown was different.

2 by Review source

The staff were pleasant but it was priced a little expensively for such a dated cinema. That said the seats were relatively comfortable, the screen (2) was good quality and the sound was o.k.

The toilets could have done with a really good clean as they stunk of urine. Also, the size of the cubicles was ridiculous. I'm not big and my shoulders almost touched the sides!

3 by Luke Faichney Review source

Great staff, very friendly they would get 5 stars. The only constructive criticism I could give this place is a few things seem a little dated, no contactless payments, the screen I viewed in (3) didn't seem very big compared to that of other cineworlds I've visited. Overall still a good experience and I hear they are getting a bit of an update come February 2018

4 by Review source

I've been coming here for 5 years and i have n9 complaints at all.

All of the staff are kind and helpful and the screening rooms are always clean. There is also a range in the sizes of the screening room, essentially some screens are extremely large an seat over 200 and some much smaller seating around 60.

No complaints! Highly recommend

5 by Review source

Seats are great, I often get a bad back from sitting too long but that has never happened here. I don’t like pre allocated seating as much as just going in and sitting down, but I don’t hate it as much as I thought I was going to. Toilets are often wet looking and I can only hope it’s clean water and not pee everywhere, hence the 4 stars and not 5.

4 by Andrew Culley Review source

Fantastic, reliable cinema. Past times the cinema was good, it still is now. I went to see Peter Rabbit in March and noticed it had an upgrade. The staff are friendly and have always been, and the screens are in super good quality just like other Cineworlds. Five fat stars, highly recommended to Teessiders who go to worn down Showcase

5 by Cool Ocelot Review source

Dirty and stinking toilets. If you go before 7pm there are 2 staff in the building who literally look like they hate life. You will spend 20 mins waiting for a bag of popcorn and struggle to get a ticket as no one on the tills and the machines not working. It is as if they don't actually want people to come to the cinema!

2 by Review source

Lovely place to make memories or enjoy a film, my every visit to this place was positive. The quality of the food or staff was always excellent.This place became one of my favourites really fast and I'm looking to come back as often as I possibly can whether it's a treat or just a spontaneous idea.

5 by Monika Barancova Review source

Cineworld cards are brilliant. The snacks and drinks are extortionate though, they are decent quality which makes it a bit better. Big place and comfortable seating. The bar area is a good place to chill and wait on your screen to open of you are early or watching multiple showings

4 by Review source

Our preferred cinema in the area. More modern and comfortable than the Showcase. We attended the children's showing which is great value and while the snacks are the usual high cinema prices the children's munch box is not bad at around £3 including drink.

4 by Peter Angus Review source

Very dissapointed. There was a fight in our cinema. I went out to get staff
Well done to the staff they were brilliant. The people were ousted and police called. So even though the night was spilt i would like to thank cinema staff for their quick response x

3 by Review source

Visited numerous times... sometimes the 3d are out of focus. Not just me seeing it. Group of friends I go with have all decided to see 2d from now on. Prices are ok but get same experience for less... but guess they have to cover the 2 for 1 some how.

4 by Review source

Service at counter fine but where has the ice cream fridges at the drinks counter gone not everyone wants the scoop service disappointed couldn't get a magnum or hagen day but how much more is a cinema visit going to cost not a cheap night out

4 by Carole Brown Review source

Not the prettiest building but the welcome was! Great staff made my visit! On 3 floors but lift and moving stairs up and down. Nice bar area on floor 2 or 3. Next to me.donalds, and one,s starters and subway. Pizza takeaway over the road.

4 by Julie Hoyle Review source

Can get quite busy, would be five stars but the slushy machine is often out if service and the separation between the availability on the first floor and the availability on the top floor for things such as hotdogs is rarely the same.

4 by Review source

Dont know what is about screen 5 but the sound is really poor ..and it never use to be. The seats are comfy and clean and the toilets are always clean.
My star wars the last jedi experience was spoilt by a poor audio experience.

3 by Review source

Went in the 4D cinema and a great experience, I would recommend trying it at least once. Clean areas and seating. Snacks and drinks available to buy, but you can take your own drinks ( non alcoholic) and food but not hot food.

5 by 0 Review source

Large cinema with all the new films.

Decent food though a little overpriced if you're not a member.

Good member benefits and good friendly staff.

Cinema seating and pictures are very good

5 by James Robinson Review source

Good theater, comfortable chairs and good image. Unfortunately some lights turned on in the first quarter, you can just hope they will turn them off as you don't want to leave the room. They need to keep an eye on it.

3 by Nelson Olivares Cruzatt Review source

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