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The Watermill, Newnham Road, Cambridge CB3 9EY

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A great recommendation found us here on a rainy Monday night - so glad it did.
We ordered a mix of the snacks and starters for two - I highly recommend the peanut butter pate (yes, really), the shortrib croquette and the baba ghanoush. The cocktails were great too. Lots of the food seemed to have a twist, all was well prepared and fresh.
The building has a mix of spaces - bar, water wheel dinning room, communal table room, and another after that too. There is a mix of styles industrial brick walls and refurbed waterwheel, luxe banquettes and mirrors, and quirky buttons to call someone by tables. Plus great views of the river outside.
The standout was excellent service. Our charming waitress, Nell, hustled our food out super-quick when she heard we had limited time, but never made us feel rushed.
Apparently it's only been open three weeks, I recommend going before everyone knows and you can't get in.

5 by Nicole Mehta Review source

The place is fairly popular, next to the river, nicely furbished inside. The 'switch' service system works very well. I have been there three times. The shared desert was an interesting experience, high quality ice cream and brownies. :) The minimum of three people are recommended for you to stand a chance finishing it after your mains.
At my latest visit I had brunch (bacon pancake) there, the food was served really quickly, but only warm, I feel that they were probably precooked. I also ordered tuna steak, I can tell the chef is trying to be creative, but a mixure of cold sauce, cooked cucumber, raw radish, and warm tuna steak didn't really work out.

3 by Xiaguang Ni Review source

I was impressed with the ambience and decor/styling as soon as I entered the building. staff were very polite, and sat us quickly, taking drinks orders and advising that should we need anything to press the call button (novel but excellent idea) beside the table. food was delicious, fantastic sized portions and tasted beautiful. if we needed anything a quick button push and a member of waiting staff was there eager to assist, no need for hand waving or hunting for a waiter/ waitress. a most pleasant dining experience!

5 by Stuart Fisher-Thomson Review source

Great location by the river. Ok pub style food but expensive for what it was (especially kids menu which had £7 main meals without drink or desert included, and these were pretty standard, smallish kids dishes e.g. fish fingers and chips). Sevice on a moderately busy weekend lunchtime was very slow- we were there 2 hrs for shared starters and main courses (it took nearly 1h to receive the first dishes).
Would not necessarily recommend (not planning to return here) but not the worse meal I have had either.

3 by James Smith Review source

Recent refurbishment of the old mill is superb. Interior decor and atmosphere if excellent, and makes superb use of the old mill wheel (recommend trying to get a table where you can see it). The service was extremely attentive, and the food excellent. The 10oz flat iron steak was juicy and succulent. Would revisit as a often as I can afford!

5 by Daniel Bates Review source

The place looks great,
When I entered the host apologized and said they had some food groups and therefore will take time to get out ... I was very surprised when the food arrived quickly.
Wonderful service, I ordered pork on a bone, can be only was my problem, but dry like ages since I was really dry and problematic eating

3 by Review source

Really nice restaurant with good food, and the waterwheel going round and water under your feet is great to keep the kids distracted for a bit.

Not five stars because some mistakes were made with our order, all fixed with no issues but still it made people wait while others were eating and shouldn't be the case.

4 by Rob Simonis Review source

Food is great. Some of the waitresses are quite rude but I’m willing to overlook. Please not that the Sunday brunch ends promptly at noon. It would’ve been nice to have that explained on the phone when we made the reservation for 12:00. Instead I got a lecture that I should read their website. Not helpful to learn at 12:06

3 by David H Review source

I went here for my 25th birthday and it was great, staff were very friendly, food was fast and very nice. We had a couple of meat platters and a chicken platter between 6 of us and it was more than enough. The integrated water mill is great centrepiece and really stands out. Will definitely be recommending to others.

5 by Daniel Samuels Review source

The decor is nice and the staff are pleasant. The place feels commercial and potentially for tourists, e.g. not aiming for the repeat business market. The food that is served doesn't reflect its price tag, not looking the part or tasting the part. I'd say go somewhere else if looking for a good feed.

1 by George Pink Review source

The best features of this place are the location and the staff. BUT this is a restaurant, so at the end food is what counts.

Without being bad, the food was just OK, nothing out of the ordinary. Also, taking into consideration the small portions and the price of the dishes, this place is overpriced.

2 by Eduard Hernàndez Review source

Went there mainly to visit the building which has been recently converted, and they actually did a great job!
Food wise it's ok but not mine favourite steakhouse in the city.
Defenitively worth a try, they have interesting menu options and staff is welcoming and friendly.

3 by Patrick Bellasi Review source

Staff and service were good. I tjought it was cool that there,were switches at the tables that alerts the wait staff. The food was exceptional i had the salad with pumpkin and chicken it was delicious. There is an okd mill wheel that actuallt works encased in glass in the dining area.

4 by Tara Gray Review source

Very nice atmosphere and friendly staff, the inside is superb, having a mill and water running under your feet. Food was decent, we tried the meat fest, however the ribs had to much glazing and to little meat on the bones. Desserts are brill. Would definitely come back at some point.

4 by Andrei Ungureanu Review source

For a £12 salad, one would expect a sizeable portion. We got 5 cubes of butternut squash with a similar amount of feta and some leaves, it was average. The £12 will go much further even in London! Although I must say, when we told the manager, he gave us another salad on the house.

3 by Lakshmi Balasubramanian Review source

Amazing interior and cozy atmosphere. The old water mill is used very well for this restaurant. The staff were friendly and polite. The food was cooked perfect and my husband and I left felling full and happy with our experience.
Thank you for a lovely evening

5 by Jannie Cummerou Review source

The decoration of the restaurant is really nice. They kept the old wooden wheel of the water mill. This restaurant is suitable for large groups. They are very well organise. Even for a big party everyone was served in time. There is not enough beer on the menu.

5 by Hadrien GLAUDE Review source

I have now been to Millworks four times, my food was only good once and on that occasion, a brunch, other people in my group had very disappointing experiences. The place has great ambience but otherwise not recommended. Best thing is the hot numbers coffee.

2 by Babsi Hebeis Review source

Came for lunch with my family and we had to wait more than 50mins for food despite arriving early at noon on the dot with only about 1/3 of the place filled. They are notoriously slow DO NOT COME HERE UNLESS YOU HAVE 3 HOURS TO SPARE FOR A MEAL!!!!

1 by Hien Nguyen Review source

The place is super nice. The waiter very friendly and attentive. The delicious food. We have ordered the ribs and the truth is that they are delicious. For dessert we have ordered 2 cocktails and the truth is that very rich

5 by Iria Gonzalez Review source

Nice restaurant with superb surroundings! The turning watermill inside the restaurant adds a special touch to the interior. The prices on the expensive side, but probably worth the quality of the food, drinks and service.

4 by Tomas Van Pottelbergh Review source

Tried their American style pancakes and was very disappointed that they were stale, reheated and slightly burnt with a horrible chewy edge. Others had the smashed avo which was better. Hot Numbers coffee was good, though.

3 by Simon H Review source

Good meat, the half chicken and the mashed potatoes are delicious! Also really cool design and friendly staff. Haven't tried it but my friends had the burger and the full English breakfast and it looked amazing!

4 by Camille Chabloz Review source

Really tasty food. 2 courses for £23 pounds. We were celebrating a birthday party and we didn't realize they close at 10pm and we were there until 11:30pm But the staff didn't say anything. Very friendly.

5 by David Gavilan Review source

Fantastic! For the food, the staff and the decoration!
I have never seen a place with such a big windmill indoor.
I have a brunch with my boyfriend in this place and the mushroom on toast is delicious.

5 by Lailing Chan Review source

Lovely place for a bite to eat. Slow cooked smoked meat in various servings. Friendly personnel, a turning water wheel and windows in the floor to see the river flow. If possible we will visit here again.

5 by Jaap Overal Review source

Well cooked meats and great service thanks to the switch system that they use here similar to their sister restaurant Smokeworks. The food does come with a premium tag, but it's well worth the cost.

4 by Daryl Lord Review source

Brilliant service, great atmosphere, Food was amazing too - the brownie with ice-cream and salted caramel was the best part of the whole meal, will definitely recommend this place to friends and family.

5 by Imtiaz Ahmed Review source

Steak good; questionable smokey mash. Interesting decor, clean and welcoming. No issues with service when we've been; both as a couple and party of 8. Will happily come again.

4 by Amanda Pinkney Review source

Nicely decorated restaurant with plenty to look at. Food was of a good standard and service was excellent. I especially liked the light switches which are used to call over waiters.

4 by Samuel Macdonald-Walker Review source

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