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It has probably been said a million times already,how wonderful it is to visit a place like Battersea Park,and it is,also if you happen to be lucky enough to visit on a day like we did,then you truly feel like the cat that got the cream,walking around on what was a hot and sunny day had never felt more comfortable,with the cooling breeze that was coming from the Thames and the dappled sunlight from the numerous trees,it felt almost ethereal at times,whether your the active type or like me you just want to chillax,then there is something for everyone,there are plenty of places in the park for refreshments or you can bring your own picnic, the toughest decision you'll probably have to make is not what you put into your picnic,but more over where you eat it,the children's zoo was/is one of the highlights and reasonably priced as well,I think my grandson almost had as much pleasure as I did,all in all I/we had a wonderful time and will look to pay another visit before the summer is over,I may even get my grandson on one of the pedalos next time

5 by Don Parker Review source

Everytime I go to this park I just love it even more! At first glance, the park seems endless... Which it literally is! You can enter this park coming from numerous places which can be very versatile when wanting to go to certain places there. A massive grass area and pavements that lead all the way down to another place where the Thames runs. A very spacious park with a range of activities there. Go Ape is also opposite the park giving people the opportunity to have an adventure. A kids train that tours all around the park comes occasionally and you really do get your money's worth even if you're an adult sitting on it. I'm pretty sure only kids can get on but if u want to participate with your child they will allow it. Cleaner and recycling trucks pass by often so while you're either relaxing on the grass or playing on the swings - you know that your rubbish is leading to a better future thanks to those small loading trucks passing by. A very peaceful atmosphere if I might add.

5 by Lizzie B. Review source

Huge park in London. One of the best parks I've been to! It's got lovely grass areas to sun bathe in. Beautiful gardens. Beautiful scenery. Forest trails. Ambient atmosphere. Benches around the park. Bicycles and go-karts for hire (free bicycle hires for WAND card holders I think). Ice cream vans at different locations in the park. A place to eat. A lake to feed ducks and swans. Boats for hire to go boating in the lake. Battersea children's zoo inside the park (which has free entry for WAND card holders). They have 'Go Ape' which is a rope climbing activity. I saw a Buddhist temple but didn't go in. I think I even saw a playground area for kids. Great park!

5 by Marya Review source

Lovely underrated park. I don't think it gets the attention it deserves. There's so much there to like. Of all the London parks this probably has the most stuff.

For a start the park itself is lovely and well landscaped. I like that it's also right be the river. There's a great variety of plants and trees with quite a bit of information about what them.

There's a small zoo aimed at a younger audience by 2 adults went and really enjoyed it. There's also a crazy golf course in the park! And lastly you can check out the peace pagoda which is a cool looking Buddhist shine.

5 by Martin Dunne Review source

It's a lovely park but I'm a little worried about people's shopping habits. I was just minding my own business when all of a sudden I saw what seemed to be a free meal waiting for me on the floor. I picked up the plastic shopping bag and from the warm, soft texture I quickly jumped to the conclusion that it was my favourite: beautifully baked salmon infused a variety of herbal spices and zesty lemon, and thus you would not believe my suprise on my discovery that this was not in fact beautifully baked salmon infused with a variety of herbal spices and zesty lemon but fresh, doggy feacal matter!?!

4 by Daniel Benton Review source

Battersea park is situated in prime residential area in heart of London, the park is indeed spread over wide area of land and is scenic although has to be as good as other prime parks as litter is sometimes scattered over some places the land is uneven in few places, public toilets need to be more cleaner.
The Bonfire night and fireworks event is one of the most beautiful in London, when we visited in 2017 the fireworks were displayed in sync with music, the fireworks seems to be having 3D effect atleast to me at ending.
Good place to visit

3 by VRUNAL SULAKHE Review source

If you can ignore the joggers and public displays of keeping fit which are an unfortunate feature of any public park these days then you'll find this is a great park.
The Peace Pagoda which I believe was a gift from Japan to commemorate the end of WW2 is a thing of great beauty - occasionally spoilt by people who don't understand its significance.
The river views are quite stunning; Chelsea Bridge at one end and Albert Bridge at the other - both lit up like birthday cakes at sunset - well worth a picnic of a summer evening

5 by Jaqui D Review source

This park is really nice, not too small yet not too big. The lake in the middle is lovely and there are so many paths to get lost. The walk along the river Thames is also quite nice and the exciting thing about this park, is that every corner looks and feels different. You walk around this park and you feel like you’re walking into different parks as you go along, there is so much variety, so many different bits to explore. It’s quite a unique park. The annoying bit is that you have to pay for parking seven days a week and it’s not cheap.

5 by Life Reportage Review source

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5 by Anwar Benny Review source

Yesterday was our first visit to Battersea Park. Quite honestly, we probably wouldn't have gone were it not for us trying a cycle route from Clapham Junction to Covent Garden, and we used this as a break of journey. It was a good thing we did, though, as this is a lovely park with a huge range of different spaces. It was also good to see it being used well by all sorts of people ranging from dog walkers, through to business people on breaks, to school groups. Well worth a trip — we'll be back to see more!

5 by Darkhorse Winterwolf Review source

This is my one of my dogs favorite London parks,and mine also. It has various parts to it. You can cycle around the road that runs inside it, walk the dog amongst the little paths around the pond or walk along the Thames path and take a seat and relax near the huge Pagoda or simply watch the river traffic. Its very pretty all year round.There are 3 car parks at various entrances and they are okish priced. It has a huge kids playing area fenced off and a GO APE inside that area which the kids all enjoy.

5 by Nik Review source

I think this is the best park in London! I don't think there is another park this size in central London where you have parkland on one side and the river on the other. The children's Zoo is nice but a bit pricey compared to London Zoo, as London Zoo is a lot bigger. The Peace Pagoda overlooking the river is beautiful. There is a Boating Lake with pedalos and rowing boats. Plus of course the gardens and green spaces. If you haven't been, you should go, you won't be disappointed!

5 by David Del'Nero Review source

A large park with a mix of open and wooded sites. Beautiful carriageways lined with London Plane trees. Toilets, car parks and eating places at various locations and plenty of activity sites, including a children's play area, zoo, tennis courts, bandstand, scultpure sites (Barbara Hepworth) and more.
Lakes and ponds increase the diversity of the wildlife and the Thames runs along the Northern side of the Park.
Well maintained and a thoroughly enjoyable place to visit, all year round.

5 by Jessica Stocks Review source

Wonderful, medium sizes park in London, just south of the river. They have a large adventure playground for children of varying ages, as well as a 'Go Ape', which is a treetop parcour for older children and adults and looks immensely fun!
Right next to the playground is a small crazy golf course and a restaurant.

There's a small zoo, a Buddhist pagoda, beautifully kept gardens and a Thames path along the top edge of the park.

Definitely worth a visit!

5 by AS Khan Review source

It's cool and beautiful Park and also they're have got football ground and gym and other sports centres that very good and in so safe and cool inviroment and also posh you can have a weekend hiking with your friends or partner or family and also can bring your pet with you and enjoying the view of Thames and historic and architectural Chelsea bridge. Well it's lovely place to be and also it's small cabin is by the gate of the park that sale delicious burger and hot dogs.

3 by Review source

Wonderful huge park to go for a stroll, picnic, day out. Can rent bikes, trikes etc boats. They have playgrounds for children areas for playing sports, flower gardens, water features. A cafe with large seating area outside by the lake (though is pretty expensive). Also has a small zoo inside welcoming visitors. Has it's own carpark which charges but can also park on side roads just outside the park. I love it on sunny weekends for walks with the kids.

5 by Cidalia Almeida Review source

A very versatile park that invites to go running, skating, cycling, to use the sport courts or just to go for a walk. It has a nice cafe in the center which has a large outdoor area which benefits from the sun reflection from the afternoon by the pond and allows to sit outside in spring and autumn and mild winter days. A.big plus are the differently themed areas which will make even long strolls sufficiently entertaining for the children to keep the peace.

5 by Johannes Rueter Review source

Beautiful park in central London just after crossing the Chelse bridge. Great for young and old people alike. You can do a quiet walj, jogging or cycling or just can stand and stare at the Thames and wobderful bridges. You habe a Buddhist Temple in the middle of the park just in case you want to meditate. Tea / coffee / ice cream stall too in the middle of the park in case you get tired. You can bring the car to the park and park at your convenience.

5 by Manoj Kumar Review source

Large park with some very interesting paths to walk along including a maze time area. This park also has a playground to keep any young children entertained or it is great for a moderate walk while overlooking the thames barrier. It does close of at night so not very useful if you decided to go for an evening walk but other than that you cant complain. It is very well maintained as there are plenty of bins and no overgrowing bushes or trees.

4 by Luke Merrifield Review source

One of the best parks in London - large, green and also offering plenty of coffee shops, toilets fountains and water features. A wonderful place to spend a relaxing day in open space and yet in the heart of busy London.
The Japanese pagoda gives the Park its distinctive look. There is an area called Battersea Evolution where events and very prestigious functions are held. There is a nice boating pond as well.

5 by Danni Howe Review source

Great park. A lot to do - Go Ape, Battersea Park Zoo, renting bikes. There is a cafe (indoor and outdoor seating) next to the pond, playground for little ones, proper running track and there is a smooth asphalt path around the park - very good for roller skating, scooting and cycling. The park is quite big and has plenty of quiet spots as well. A lot of grass areas. There are public toilets and they are free.

5 by sara gros Review source

It may seem strange to give a review of somewhere that I frequently visited 30+ years ago, but actually it’s because being there was so memorable. If you go there now & enjoy with friends & family, I guarantee you will consider those memories as favourites. I suppose my favourite moments were on the lake. You can imagine the way teenagers are on lakes, can’t you? Yes, water balloons were involved.

5 by Leslie Joseph Pattison Review source

A large, well kept park that is beautifully planted and maintained, as well as providing outstanding sporting facilities for athletics, tennis and football. The park contains a small children's zoo and playground and a large boating lake with an excellent cafe/restaurant. There are three car parks, which understandably are not cheap. Well served by bus routes and the river bus.

5 by John Harrison Review source

We love Battersea park zoo as a fun morning visit for small children. Great play area and lovely animals although no guarantee of seeing all of them, but certainly you at enough, especially if you time it when they're feeding the animals. Lovely to walk along the river and if you've got time the park is huge. You do have to pay to get into the zoo.

5 by Review source

A very varied park with wonderful views along a stretch of the river from the industrial and iconic Battersea Power station to the pretty Albert Bridge. ls convenient for the south Chelsea residents. On top of that is a good selection of quality sports facilities also on offer. And recently they have added some new areas to keep the park interesting tot all.

4 by Mark Cioni Review source

Nice park with toilets and cafes. One problem at least on a Saturday is the amount of dogs off leash. Perhaps I was there on the day they are allowed to leash but was rather annoying having dogs running up to me. Children's zoo is expensive and not really worth the £9.50 should be closer to a fiver. Overall a great way to waste an afternoon.

5 by Andrew Schuler Review source

Battersea park is situated in prime residential area in heart of London, the park is indeed spread over wide area of land and is uneven in few places In one of the largest parks in London, you can contribute to many activities (eg. boating). There are great landmarks to visit, as well as exploring the park, this location is worth a visit!

5 by Review source

Fantastic experience visiting the park. In one of the largest parks in London, you can contribute to many activities (eg. boating). There are great landmarks to visit, as well as exploring the park by walking, cycling or running. This park is well-maintained. Although this is not local to my area, this location is worth a visit!

5 by Josh Roy Review source

Gorgeous park, well maintained. Great for walking the dog and strolls in general. Love that there are different sections in the park so it's good to explore. It's also nice that it's along the river bank. Just moved into the area and have been a few times already, cant wait to go back when it's a bit warmer!

5 by Alex W Review source

Battersea park is situated in prime residential area in heart of London, the park is indeed spread over wide area of land and is uneven in few places In one of the largest parks in London, you can contribute to many activities. There are great landmarks to visit, as well as exploring the park, this location is worth a visit!

5 by Inan Onder Guden Review source

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