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A perfect place to wind down after battling round the shops or simply enjoy that really big cinema experience - especially good for all-action blockbusters as you might expect and well worth paying that bit extra for. Just be warned that the sound system is a powerful beast so if you don't like things a little on the loud side it's best to sit a bit further back or choose a regular screen instead, though of course the picture won't be quite so impressive. The auditorium is suitably large, though at popular times it's best to check availability or book in advance to make sure of a seat where you want. A particular plus point is that there's wide variety of different culinary options available within a stone's throw of the cinema foyer, providing an ideal accompaniment to that special evening of cinematic\\u200b magic.

4 by Stuart Laws Review source

Best cinema in the area imo. No queues if you pre-purchase tickets and the number of screens means you can usually get a time that suits you, for a bigger film at least. Ticket prices are higher than empire but there are discounts and subscription services that negate this if you are a regular.

Picture and sound quality is always very good, especially IMAX which is worth the upgrade for the big blockbusters. The gallery is also worthwhile with free nachos and soft drinks, together with ridiculously big seats. Midnight screenings in the gallery are especially good as the screens are always packed and often the staff make a larger event out of it (costumes etc).

Food and drink is obviously v expensive but there is a sweet shop right around the corner.

5 by Andrew Review source

As cinemas go, and their well known high prices for film food, the Odeon is actually good value compared to its competitors, and it certainly has the largest portion sizes.
Film wise, as this is a cinema after all, the Odeon Metrocentre beats the competition hands down. The best facilities, the best features, the best screens, Seats, bar areas, and technology. The Gallery is very good too, and arguably better than similar offerings elsewhere.
We all wish cinema costs were lower... But until that day comes, the Odeon Metrocentre is about the best value you can get bang for buck. Vue may be cheaper, but it's inferior too. Empire is poorer in every regard. And Cineworld is old, tired, and dated. Odeon Metrocentre stands out from this crowd...

5 by Patrick Rice Review source

Went to see a movie last night and the house lights remained on full. I complained and was told this is the policy now due to 'health and safety' rules. Very bright light shining full blast straight into my face and eyes.

I walked out after 10 minutes of being hardly able to even see the screen. Totally ruined evening and ruined movie. Will not return and will seek a refund.

This was a normal screen I must add, not IMAX, though it may now be the same in there.


1 by Jim Bob Review source

I visit here at least once a week as I am a 'Limitless' member so I can go as often as I like!! Always a fantastic cinema experience for us. The film food is always really good and fresh...the cinemas are clean and comfortable and the staff lovely! I would advise anyone to give it a try and if like me you love film-going...you'd do a lot worse than signing up for Limitless. I only pay £17.50 A MONTH and as I've said I use it all the time. (you also get brilliant money-off food offers for being a member....love it). Just off to see 3D Sing with the Grandaughter Sophie Goff xx

5 by Review source

By far the best Cinema in the newcastle area, the gallery seats option is well worth it. For an extra few pounds you can leisurely wait in the lounge for your movie to start with nachos (comes with a nice cheesy dip and salsa). The odeon staff will then take you through (carrying your drinks and snack for you) to the cinema just as the adverts end and the film is about to begin. The seating is a sofa style chair so much more comfortable then average cinema seating. Oh and also you get unlimited popcorn and soft drinks, which makes it well worth it.

5 by John Robson Review source

Hated it, absolutely hated it. Lovely screens and seats ran by morons. Turned up at 12.20 got tickets at 12.45 and this was a quiet Sunday. Missed the start of the movie. One poor stressed girl selling tickets with the obligatory forced seat upselling and 5 people selling popcorn, sweets and coke. Two more people standing checking tickets, get through and another 2 stands selling more popcorn and sweets. Made me appreciate the bottle I took from home even more. I'll be avoiding odeon from now on.

1 by Lelisevis Review source

I usually visit the silverlink but for a change we visited the metrocentre. I was not impressed, the seats were not as wide or as deep as our arms were touching and our drinks were too close. The arms didnt lift up either. The back row (which we would normally go for at the silverlink) was too far away and spoilt the cinema experience. To top it off the sweet popcorn had weird tasting bits through it every now and again. Old popcorn mixed with new maybe.

2 by caroline may Review source

Love this place for IMAX films. It's a whole new take to going to the cinema especially when you go into the gallery section. Highly recommend doing this the extra money is totally worth every penny. Unlimited nachos with various dips available the cheese is heavenly,popcorn and soft drinks. 3d IMAX is also brilliant and much better than you'd normally get in a none IMAX cinema. Thumbs up from me every time we go never disappointed.

5 by Emma Haugh Review source

Great cinema, let down by the slow service at the area for refreshments. 2 different Q's staff spread out seemingly at random across the tills one Q moving lots of tills open, the other not (guess which one we were in) No management of the Qing meant we waited 15mins, which had us worried we would miss the start of our movie. Last moan was the poor quality infinity wasrs A4 sized picture, which is not a poster as advertised.

3 by Nigel Morris Review source

I went to see a movie here and was concerned that the house lights were on. I was told later they had been told by Health and Safety they needed to keep lights on. A couple of weeks later I went to Vue in Gateshead and the experience was much much better and only floor lighting was used. Other than the lighting issue it's a good, friendly cinema and very handy if you want to do a meal and a movie.

3 by Simon Rushton Review source

Great place to see a movie, parking is close by (and lots of accessible parking bays) and the staff are friendly. We had lots of choice as to where to sit, a rarity for wheelchair users. Several screens and decent loos. Coffee shop inside the complex. cinema and toilets are always very clean. Fully accessible property and really helpful Friendly and mostly efficient staff. Great value for money.

5 by AS Khan Review source

Was OK, very little staff on at 8pm (no person to help with tickets - only self service machines).
Toilets were dirty, stains and mess in the gents that had been there for a while and dried.
Seats for an IMAX cinema weren't the most comfortable.
Everything else was good, food staff and ushers were nice and helpful. Food was good but being a cinema waaay too pricey!

3 by Michael Payne Review source

Very good cinema, far better than local alternatives and other Odeon in the area. Staff were very friendly, the seats and floors were clean and tidy, service for tickets and snacks was fast and not too unreasonable considering it's cinema prices.

Definitely our go-to cinema now, slightly more expensive than a local alternative but by far a better experience.

5 by Ben M Review source

Great cinema located in the Intu Metro Centre in the yellow quadrant right next to the car park. There is loads of free parking and the accessible parking spaces are right next to the entrance. The cinema is an IMAX and shows all the latest movies in 2d and 3d, there is food etc available in the cinema as well as all the restaurants outside the cinema in the food court.

5 by Ian Hardy Review source

Great cinema only let down by expensive food prices , unfortunately no different from other cinemas. Usually bring my own food / drink. Wish staff would be on hand in screens to show people their seats as some still can't get the hang of Row and Seat Number , 1 guy was even in the wrong screen ! Premier seats and gallery not really worth the upgrade imo.

4 by Review source

As a whole the experience was great. I found that from the moment you got in the queue to the moment you showed your ticket was quick experience. The screening rooms are very tidy and also the rest rooms as well. Only bad point is the price on confectionery, cost me around £12.50 for large popcorn and drink with small pick and mix.

5 by Anthony Watson Review source

Way too expensive, high cost of everything raises entertainment expectations way beyond the power of any movie, spending 40 quid each (including snacks and travel costs )to see a movie is ridiculous, won't be doing it again, hope the place closes quick and the place is filled with some real quality value for money venue

3 by GGTBod Backwoods Bushcraft Review source

This is a great cinema, the staff are always great and I don't think I've ever had an issue with anything.

The only thing is; when we saw Star Wars in 2D it was a very small screen and thought the days of smaller screens had been done and dusted.

Other than that it is a great place.

5 by Review source

Love this place, it's a bit pricey to watch a movie here but you know you're getting the best of the best when you do. I don't go here often because of the prices, I just save it for my most anticipated movies. The screens are crystal clear and high resolutiones and the sound system is amazing.

5 by Robert Allen Review source

Big, impersonal, lots of screens, usually too loud. Seats that claim to be executive are little different from general, other than having a bit more space.
Food and drink on offer to take in is expensive and limited.
If you want to watch a current movie, there is not a lot of alternative choice.

3 by Jim Barton Review source

Like this cinema plenty of screens has bargain Monday's has a amazing IMAX screen food and drink expensive also if like me you got to the cinema a lot you can get a limitless card get to see as many films you want for a monthly price. Only thing I don't like are the seats not very comfortable

4 by Andrew Mchugh Review source

I always try to get the Gallery seating as even with the additional cost, fue to the amount I eat, the unlimited Nachos, Popcorn and Pop saves me a fortune. The staff are always friendly and happy and keep the place very clean and tidy (even with all the clumsy customers spilling popcorn everywhere).

5 by David Marshall Review source

Worst cinema chain going. Spend half your time here in a que for tickets because the self service machines are crap, then in another massive queue for snacks you need to rob a bank for... Then you sit and watch a horror movie in what might as well be daylight. The whole place is a complete shambles.

1 by Mark Thompson Review source

Brilliant experience! Great seats & staff were lovely & friendly very attentive we were so happy overall! No complaints! We watched Jurassic world few weeks ago and so impressed with the whole gallery experience will definitely be going again! Staff are a credit to the cinema!!

5 by Review source

I admit that normally, the price is a little high for me, but I go on a Tuesday and the price is lower. Coupled with the free parking and the clean, friendly atmosphere, I definitely recommend going to see your movies here.

5 by John H Review source

Probably the best in the area. Massive IMAX screen with good service. Have the D-box where seats provide some feedback. Not the best but its a start. The VIP area is much better with comfortable seating and great service.

5 by Ravindu Ranaweera Review source

Cinema based inside the metrocentre, just a short walk from the multistorey carpark. Huge amount of screens including IMAX & D-Box equipped theatres. There is a gallery, bar, food counter and Costa coffee all inside.

4 by Darrell Hall Review source

Decent cinema in metrocentre so always sure of a parking space and good food and drink round about. Don't ever buy anything other than occasional popcorn cos prices are silly! Comfy seats with good leg room.

4 by julie buckham Review source

A modern and comfortable cinema with a large choice of movies due to the number of screens. A little bit more expensive than neighbouring cinemas however it is conveniently placed next to some chain restaurants.

4 by Review source

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