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Stretford Mall or 'Stretford Precinct' as It used to be known was wonderful in it's hey day, but it's now I'm sorry to say, it is a dark shadow of what it was in the seventies. For me there seems to be various reasons for this, it started with the original ownners; P&O, when they sold the building to another enterprise. The first big shop to vacate the Mall over the years was Mothercare, a victim of its own success may be?. And again later still Woolworths which seemed to follow a similar financial dilemma, as did Dixons, finally TJ hughes and Tescos then followed.there were many more businesses that disappeared over the years including the Mc'Donalds and Nat West Bank. There was speculation that it was hemorrhaging businesses because of rent increases. It's been well publicized that the Mall owners intend to build housing accommodation within the part which was once the Mall market area. This probably won't do anything to revitalise the shopping facilities, but maybe it'll provide a cash cow to finance it's plans for the future, who knows?
That fact is with the Trafford Center and Tesco (Chester road ) luring shoppers away from The Mall, and online shopping becoming the trend, the future doesn't look great for the people living in Stretford without transport or access to the internet. I've long been an advocate of the saying 'The Customer is King' or queen for that matter,

3 by Review source

Sadly this is my closet shopping area and is a shadow of it's former self. It's great that Aldi and Costa opened at the main car park which has in all fairness, brought the area back to life. Sad to hear Tesco is closing but to be honest, with Tesco / Mall closing at 5:30 most nights, it was pretty useless once home from work. I see that they are demolishing half the Mall that isn't used but in all honesty, it's probably a little too late to save it. No doubt Boots will be next. I hate to say it but the whole lot needs knocking down in order for Stretford to have a proper town centre which isn't dead after 6:00pm

2 by Simon Beattie Review source

Such a shame that the management have deliberately run this mall down and are being 'forced' to demolish part due to poor revenue. Hard to get revenue when there are so few shops. Shame especially when the two coffee shops have the best staff and Lloyds bank staff are superb. If I could care these individually they would get 5 stars. The mall no - at least one lift always broke. Inferior and poor quality loos and why they spent so much money upgrading parking machines is a mystery as car parks rarely full. And disabled car parking places lost when Aldi built. Shame.

1 by helen whittle Review source

I shop here every fortnight for my big shop, got everything you need in that department\\u200b, plenty of parking, and easy accessible by public transport from all over trafford, main shops include but not limited to, aldi (newly opened), herons foods, jd, granger games, whsmiths, quality rave (save), two pound shops and plenty more. banks include - halifax, Lloyds, natwest. With the job centre and maccy ds facing each other, dole day is sorted for you and the kids

4 by Ryan Callaghan Review source

I work in Stretford mall and I love it though there are a few store that have moved there's still a good selection of store remaining I know that the centre is working on great changes I listen to a lot of customer opinions and views many being there needs to be more of a choice of shops / bedding stop and bathroom smelly store these changes will hopefully help those customers do visit peacocks store guys a very good range of clothing lines ☺️

5 by Anicea Haidarah Review source

Can't give them full 5 star review because a lot of empty shops in there and the indoor market must have around 30 stalls and your lucky if there's 9 open the chippy near the market I used to go to when I was naive but learning about government health ratings put me off eating there. A lot of road works around the area hear they are putting a road through the mall.

3 by Bazza L. Review source

Free parking for 3 hours some good shops Boots, Holland & Barrett, Quality Save. There are two coffee shops one in the centre of the mall & also Costa Coffee where you can sit outside and watch the world go by. The downside is there is only 1 supermarket Aldi as Tesco recently closed down. Its definitely
worth a trip

4 by Review source

Very quiet with lots of empty shops. That is probably down to us the shopper going elsewhere and shopping centre politics. This place use to be the 'bees knees' back in the 70's. With aquariums and fountains. Bit like Trafford Centre of today. Sad But still has a purpose. So come on shop at Streford precinct

3 by L Hickson Review source

Unfortunately another town centre shopping centre in decline. The only thing it now has going for it is the recent opening of Aldi. With the imminent loss of the Tesco express however there is now little choice for anything else. The poundshops and other budget retailers are probably the only things keeping it going.

2 by Review source

Useful local shopping centre. Time limited free parking. Some good shops Aldi, Boots, WHSmith, Classy Nails, Saniya Brow Bar, Greg's, Costa, Holland & Barratt, Pure gym, John McHugh school uniform shop, Clarks, etc. It is a bit tired looking and a lot of the shops focus on the low cost end of the market.

4 by Vicky Riding Review source

A good indoor shopping mall to do your shopping and have a bite to eat. With a variety of shops and places to eat. There are freezer shops, clothes shops, a small market. The most recent shops being jd- sports and a really good Costa Coffee shop. With decent car parking and good access to public transport.

4 by david stevenson Review source

Went here because it was the closest mall to Old Trafford. Thought we would shop here before a game. It was disappointing. We were here for 20 mins and out. Not many stores inside. It was very dated. We just went into the buck store for chocolates. Best things there were. It needs upgrading badly.

1 by Carissa M Review source

My husband is disabled so it's great when the weather is bad, shame there are not more shops here though, much cleaner than it used to be, places to eat and drink, assorted shops ranging from the pound shops to boots, Tesco, Peacocks, charity shops, Butchers in the market, Costa, Aldi.

5 by Julia Barker Review source

Good location for access to a number of shops and stores (including Tesco, Aldi and WHSmith). There is a multi-storey car park (that is free for customers who are there for less than 3 hours). It also has a ground level car park, but the parking isn't free on this level.

4 by John De L Review source

Increasingly a dump which is full of empty units, vape shops and 'buy now pay forever' businesses. Tesco are off soon so they might as well turn the lights out on the whole place when they go. It'll just be one big car park for the new Aldi store then.

1 by John Quigley Review source

Faded old 'Arndale Centre', too many empty shops and others selling cheap, poor quality goods. Aldi has recently built a large extension at one end and opened a huge store, that will bring a lot of people and may breathe new life into the old place.

2 by Alan C Review source

A good place to visit for a quick shop or a drawn out bust. It is clear to see that the mall is designed more around th3 bargain products rather than the luxorious brands, with a couple of exceptions of course! All in all, a good shopping excursion!

4 by Aditya Unnithan Review source

Fairly empty shopping mall with tacky shops and not great range of places. It is generally clean but nothing to write home about. Hopefully new development will come here and brighten it up again rather than having shops constantly leaving.

3 by Barney Howard Review source

Great mall with loads of things to do. Major shops are there and there is a huge food court with food for every taste. There is also a huge play area ideal for kids and for adults too as you can play bowling! Odeon cinema is there as well

5 by Ceecee lb Review source

A feeling of general tiredness carries through the centre. In the 1970s it was the jewel in the crown in Stretford. Now a thorn in its side. A typically 1960s/70s carbunkle. Absolutely no architectural flair, just a box. Avoid if you can.

2 by Victor Szendzielarz Review source

Starting some major renovations which should make this a much more desirable location. Currently doesn't have a good range of shops, but still busy due to discount retailers, post office, aldi and pure gym on site.

3 by Review source

Enjoyed my Saturday morning shopping trip because it was so deserted in there. A shame that several premises are closed down . But very clean and tidy, friendly shop keepers and staff and FREE parking for 3 hours

4 by Andrew Smith Review source

Great location for a small covered mall on two floors, great resource for Stretford. Aldi supermarket, cafes and other small shops. Pity Tesco decided to close, but there is still enough for the local community.

3 by Gill C Review source

It's a fairly useful local shopping area, but not somewhere anyone would go out of their way to visit. It's nicer inside than it looks from the outside and has locally convenient frequent buses.

3 by David Penn Review source

This mall is gradually getting worse for variety of shops.iceland Hughes closed.b+m Tesco have closed so apart from Aldi there are hardly any big shops there.very sad state of affairs

1 by peter horton Review source

It's gone down hill since I was there shopping last time I was in the area, It was a lovely place to shop, 5 years ago, but there spending money on it, so it should be a good place to shop again,

3 by Review source

A few good stores such as quality save, aldi, boots but apart from that the mall is quite basic. Not much entertainment for children although it occasionally has table tennis available to play.

4 by Minahil Review source

I needed some information sending to me urgently today and Jayne was so pleasant and helpful. Within minutes i was emailed the documents. Very efficient lady and very helpful ...thankyou

5 by Review source

Improved in recent times with few more decent shops opening. Aldi is good value and a costa coffee now as well. Still a lot of pound shops but you can get all your basics under one roof

4 by riley Harvey Review source

I love this place..but I am not sure about redevelopment that are planned..they need to fill the empty shops fast. When TESCO leaves later this place to meet and have cuppa..

5 by Sam Coleman Review source

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