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Why was it necessary to kill a caged fox on your premises. It posed no threat to anyone. These are our native wildlife that ask no more than to be allowed to survive in places where we have overrun land that they once occupied with our monstrous supermarkets that have grown up all around us to pander to the burgeoning masses.
How ill informed and ignorant a decision, supposedly made by 'the manager' of the store. I would have expected a little more common sense from someone who is purportedly in-charge. The NFWS should always be contacted in these situations and they will always come out at any time to any situation where a fox is in danger. Please take note the next time you shoot an innocent, harmless creature that was evidently only trying to feed its hungry cubs, instead of dispatching it with little more regard than one of your oven ready chickens! HUGE and very costly mistake on your part! I am disgusted at this rash and totally unnecessary action on the part of this store. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT!!

1 by Review source

Always shop here and today I was shocked to how rudely one of the shelf checkout lady staff spoke to me all I asked her to help me with a coupon and asked her to explain why it wasn’t working and she just shouting at me LOOK !!! You cant use it , So another staff member took me to customer service and they done the coupon for me no problem but this lady didn’t even apologise to me or nothing was done about this !!! Surely working in these type of job the staff are ment to b helpful , polite and welcoming to there customers not shout and be rude and not be bothered to help I don’t want to go back to here to be spoken to like that again shouldn’t have to be shouted at by a member of staff

2 by Review source

This store is amazing. It's massive! To be honest, I didn't really like Sainsbury's at the 1st but I realised this store is near the station and is only 2 stops away (7 minutes). Ever since 3 years ago, I've been coming to this store almost every week! The toilet is nice and clean. The store is very clean and organised. Their sales are brilliant and their fonts are so easy to read. On top of that, they have a café on the 1st level along with a clothing store 'Tu'. Their clothes are really nice and comfortable. I love going to Sainsbury's and Tu!

5 by Ashley Chang Review source

Poor experience . Wanted some pieces of cheese cut but was told this couldnt be done as counter was closed at 8pm even though store was open for another 3 hours. Asked for supervisor who said a thorough and intensive clean takes place at 8pm and no cheese could be cut ( poor excuse ! One knife to cut a piece of cheese ) This store employs staff who work through the night , so why can't cleaning be done when the shop is shut and open counters for the opening hours displayed. If it isnt for sale it should be covered up or removed from the counter.

1 by Dave D Review source

All you need from a local supermarket with Argos, banking, travel and more inside plus click and collect available on site. There's plenty of parking, a useful petrol station across the way with reasonable pricing for the area and in my experience shelves at this location are always well stocked. Sainsbury's has a lot of variety and makes forward thinking decisions about own brand offerings, such as aspartame free drinks in store.

5 by C. Amzn Review source

Dates not very good for weekend shopping vivaldi baking
potatoes had 2 different prices. A dulcet gusto coffee machine purchased by my daughter had out of date free coffee pods and out of date £10 voucher. Surely your stock is checked before going onto the shop floor. Out of date by months not weeks. Popular items missing from shelves. There's a lot of competition out there. Sainsbury needs to pull their socks up!!

2 by Review source

A big Sainsburys with all the food you'd expect from Sainsburys as well as, a cafe, bedding, kitchenware, electricals (Kitchen, PC's, tablets, phones, TV's), electrical anciliaries (Charge leads, earphones etc.), toys, stationary, craft bits, books, dvd's, clothes, shoes...

It's a one stop shop and is great for getting all you need under one roof.

5 by Dal Dallas Review source

One of the larger and better Sainsbury's although I am using them less often now as they are quite expensive compared to the competition. A good non-food section including household goods and, upstairs, clothing. In store restaurant, pharmacy and branch of Argos. Attached petrol station usually good prices. No electric charger for card as far as I have seen.

4 by kevin doig Review source

Very large Sainsbury's and well stocked. But I don't really like this one. It's too busy and yet they never have all their tills open. Whatever time you go there's always a queue. Also, most of the parking spaces are quite far away from the entrance. Lots of traffic on the approach too. I usually go to other local supermarkets as a result.

3 by Anthony Hua Review source

Despite looking like a canteen , the Coffee was pretty good and there's a choice of snacks and light foid. I am gluten free and prefer almond milk so the Kings on this canteen was that they SELL bith items below in the shop so why not offer almond milk and a better selection of gluten free food ? Big let down really , they would sell more otherwise

4 by Carol Cooper Review source

Very large store including an Argos outlet, and a sizable housewares section. They stock a wide selection of fresh foods and packaged goods and are open long hours. One criticism: the store looks inviting at the entrance end, but can appear a bit dingy in the far corner where the drinks are located.

4 by Andy Hall Review source

Just having breakfast at Sainsbury's Crayford and no change with the quality ..cold unedible bacon hard egg we have complained on numerous occasions but it doesn't improve...might think of shopping somewhere else . waiting 25 mins for cold over cooked breakfast is just not good enough..

1 by Review source

Great store, it a very large store with 2 floors, and and cafe, clothing, it has a customer lift. loads of parents and children parking space, ample disabled parking bays. polite and friendly staff. Loads of stuff on the checkouts so there's no hold ups it's always a hassle free visit.

5 by Antony487 Review source

Lovely supermarket wouldnt shop anywhere else,bit exspensive but good value for money,we are disabled and Roy your trolley man should win triolley man of the year,absolutly hothing is to much trouble for him,We hae been shopping at sainsburys for many years and he has always been the same,

5 by Review source

Superb supermarket. Modern and has everything under one roof. Its the largest store i have ever been too. Great choice and helpful staff. It even has scooters in store for the mobility impaired. Ample free parking and great level access. Although not 24hrs its open until 11pm most nights.

5 by Debbie Geeves Review source

Managers on the shop flow have got the knowledge of the items in the place. And this Particular manager has time for customers. He is good. Even when you interrupt his with staff he will always have your time. He is good. Thank you sir I will look for his name next time

5 by wilton w Review source

Very nice Super market with friendly staff. Stocks very good produce and has clothing and kitchen accessories from Sainsburys brand. Argos as well placed here making it more convenient. Would have been better if it was 34 hours but atleast its open till 11pm.

4 by Jothibasu Ramachandran Review source

I'm boycotting Sainsbury's after hearing of British wildlife intentionally being shot and killed on behalf of this company. I thought Sainsbury's were a little kinder to the environment than the other big supermarkets, obviously not \\u003e:(

1 by Review source

This Sainsbury's (Crayford) has to be the biggest supermarket I have ever shopped in. May seem a bit daunting at first but once you get used to the layout everything is fine, the staff were very helpful and everything was available including an Argos.

5 by John Athow Review source

Dartford store lack of tills open is getting ridiculous. Staff talking off the tills but severe lack of management of staff and long queues around 5.30pm onwards. Also many puddles in the car park and at the driveway entrance flooded....drains blocked

2 by Karen Baldwin Review source

Lovely big store. Very well stocked. Staff today were extremely helpful and friendly. And to the very friendly and helpful gentleman who collects the trolleys a very big thank you. (You were teasing my daughter about Arsenal football club.

5 by sandy aslet-clark Review source

Half the tills were not working, waiting time at the Tu desk was over 20 mins. Don't bother if you're in a rush oh and your nectar points just furnish Murdoch with more money. Staff were polite when I eventually reached to till

2 by Dettybo D Review source

A regular user, but recently noticed that items on their shelves are being changed to own brands and more expensive. Sainsburys appear to be more expensive than most shops and supermarkets around, don't know why?

3 by Malcolm Raphael Review source

Very busy as so near Christmas but staff helpful and pleasant as ever. Customer satisfaction good. Cafe busier than usual and running out of some food as demand so high. Got what I needed and got a parking space

4 by good taste gal irish Review source

Wide range of items. Argos within the store.
Often queues to pay but they do open more tills when you moan.
Irritating trying to shop before 7am with access limited by trolleys - see photo

3 by Alan Addison Review source

I've shopped at Crayford Sainsburys since it first opened. the staff are really nice & helpful. The layout of the store is large. And the variety of different goods is amazing

5 by Review source

A clean and well presented store with a wide range of products. At the time of my visit during the morning there were not many staff in evidence on the shop floor to handle any queries

3 by Review source

Disgusted by the recent news of the killing of a fox at this supermarket. Put some proper deterrents in if you are concerned about site and food security. Unnecessary and cruel.

1 by James Penna Review source

Probably the largest Sainsburys superstore in the area, with an in-store Argos. (Very convenient fit click and collect). Has a large and friendly restaurant and coffee shop.

4 by Richard Young Review source

A good place to visit plenty of parking though the contactless payment system is too slow I am bias because I prefer Sainsbury products to other well known supermarkets

5 by Dave Seabrook Review source

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