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Edited my review below as I changed my mind. Came here today for the freebie. Got great service and great food too. Steak and chicken skewer were really delicious. Would come back for sure. The restaurant dealt with my bad review really well and added in some more freebies when I came today. Sign of a good place. The biltong was delicious. I usually hate biltong but this was seriously good. Like a fine bresola or a iberico jamon.
Overall was a great experience.


Kitchen closes at lunch by the time I got here at 3 and there is no warning on the website or here. Restaurants who have a gap between lunch and dinner usually let customers know via opening times. Got a bit of computer says no. The bbq still looked like it was still ready to cook and there were about 20 people in there. I was staying in the area and took an uber straight here for lunch and didn't get to eat. Place looked nice for what it's worth.

5 by Rah K Review source

I would have given 4 stars for the food, service, ambiance, etc. The food was unlike anything I have had before, the servers were friendly, the ambiance nice, and ultimately a fun and worthwhile experience. However, they lost a star by the food just being ok, but not great. The lamb ribs were dry and very fatty; in fact, most of the dishes were dry and not too flavourfull. The exception were the shrimp skewers, which were really good. However, they lose another star (thus the 3 star rating) due to price; I considered them so-so despite the fact I went during January when all food was 50% off. At 50% off I felt like it was good not great, and I would have been very disappointed had I paid full price.

In the end, I would recommend it for a different experience and if budget is not a concern.

3 by Brian Needham Review source

Had a surf and turf shared between two people, which was very tasty and top quality but not enough food unless you're on a diet! :) So had to order an extra main (steak) to share, also extremely good. Desserts were really surprising: only three choices, and none of them very appealing at first glance, but when I tried them I had to change my mind, they were superb.

We had a 50% discount on food (January enticement), which made the bill OK. Had it been full price, maybe a bit too expensive. But great meat guaranteed, and to be fair we had the best bottle of wine in the list (amazing choice!). Recommended.

4 by zeno capucci Review source

As a South African and keen Braaimaster myself, I find the idea of bringing a wood fire restaurant to London ambitious. Having said that, I wanted to be one of the first to try it. We started with cocktails at the bar; the Saffa Mule is a revelation. Looking at the menu, it’s innovative by any measure and includes details like indigenous South African herbs. We had a selection of sosaties, lovely braai smoke flavour’s present. The venison fillet was flavourful without tasting “wild” and the lamb chops are a real highlight (as it should be). This concept will mature and I will be back.

4 by Review source

Hammer & Tongs is a great dinner spot! So happy it's in the neighborhood. Chicken wings were really top notch (but salty). Our favorite thing was the Braaibroodjie (Blatjang (Chutney), Tomato, Onion
& Cheese Braai Toasty). The wine by the glass we both thought could have tasted slightly better for the price, and the steak was ordered med-rare and came out more medium+. The meal was awesome regardless, and I would certainly take a large group or friends or even just a date. In fact, I'm looking forward to it. Give this place your business. They deserve it.

4 by Review source

Went for my third time tonight. First if you think its overpriced for what you get, then you don't live in London. The portions are a good size. The chicken wings and seasoned salt are one of the best food items I have ever had at any restaurant. The sausage is very good and the old fashioned was very good. We have gotten all the skewers and love the lamb, chicken and shrimp. All have different sauces that make them unique and great. We also had the lamb ribs that were good but not great. All in all super happy every time we go.

5 by Jonathan Goldsmith Review source

great food cooked on the braii, the t bone steak was immense, the prawns where a good size amd very succulent, the chicken wings were more like turkey wings, the boerewors was top drawer even the fries were well above average.
Very homely feel to the place and the staff very pleasant.
over all a top notch place to eat amazing food and drink quality beverages
I went with the intention to feast on Saffa food cooked on an authentic braii and thays exactly what happened ;-)
even my veggie date enjoyed it lol

5 by Review source

I highly recommend paying Hammer & Tongs a visit. I had the Spiced Pork Belly, Curry Lamb, and Cape Malay Curry- all delicious, all skillfully cooked. If you're in the mood for a cocktail the Great White Sour is excellent as well. If the food alone doesn't convince you (though it should) the service is also exceptional. Very attentive and friendly staff; welcoming and eager to make suggestions. I will absolutely be eating here again the next time I'm in the area.

5 by Review source

The food was excellent. Sadly they got almost every order wrong or were out of stock and then stuffed up the replacement orders. Mains arrived with starters and some mains didn't arrive at all. Very disappointing as the food itself was amazing when it did arrive, cocktails were excellent and the South African wine selection was very good. Never the less we had a good evening. They did give us a few freebies to compensate, and actually got our bill wrong in our favour.

2 by Nicholas Voges Review source

Everything was superb - and we ordered a fair chunk of the menu - with plates big enough to share without having to be too polite over who ate what. You could really taste what a difference the wood fire makes to the flavour of the food - we all noticed and were impressed. Add to that a varied and good value wine list and fab cocktails too, makes it a real gem of a find that I'll be sure to tell friends about... just as soon as all this food goes down...

5 by Review source

Just stumbled onto this place while walking back to angel from Farringdon. What a delightful find! Being a vegetarian I wasn't very hopeful but it turned out the restaurant has an amazing collection of vegetarian food and it is so stunning. High quality and full of taste - cheese toastie, veggie skewers, Malay curry, fresh bread - all with a delightful smokey flavour. The staff is also very pleasant. Will be returning!

5 by Gurpriya Bhatia Review source

This is real South African braai. The pork belly is a must and the seafood, the steak is incredible, chicken wings and lamb ribs are perfect, I could go on and on. Order your favourite meat, you will love it at Hammer and Tongs.
Went here 3 times during my London visit because I wanted to try everything on the menu. Couldn't quite get to everything, so I'll have to plan another trip.

5 by Mariska from Rubberstamp Review source

Booked a table here for my South African girlfriend and myself. She was almost beside herself with happiness at the quality of the Boerewors (and it was delicious). Really enjoyed the Chicken and the Lamb Sosaties and the Mussels Potjie were so tasty.
She walked away very happy indeed and I walked away with some brownie points!

5 by Mark Maynard Review source

Was taken here by a friend last night who has been several times before. What can I say but 'WOW'
From the moment you open the door and that amazing smell hits you to the sad moment you leave.
Amazing experience, amazing staff, amazing food, amazing recommendation on the wine.
You must come here!

5 by Sandro Vacca Review source

Wonderful little spot, the relatively central location makes it easy to get to. Braai is a new experience for me and I find that this preparation method makes the food taste so much better. If you like meat and want to eat healthy but keep your carbs under control then this is the place to go. An excellent choice!

5 by Mathew Johnson Review source

Lovely restaurant and bar with good friendly staff. Really busy during our visit, which is not surprising given the quality of food and drinks. You can see the barbecue in the open kitchen which gives the dishes a stunning smokey edge. Pork belly was extremely good, as we the driftwood old fashioned cocktail.

5 by Sophie Wilkinson Review source

Best braai I've had in ages. The atmosphere is amazing, I felt at home immediately and didn't want to leave. If you're looking for a great time with spectacular food and wine, interesting & delicious cocktails cocktails and awesome service, Hammer and Tongs should be your first choice.

5 by Mariska Pansegrauw Review source

4.5 stars. Food is good and service is really great and friendly. The belly pork was amazing. Didn't like everything we ordered but that is because only certain meat is better on wood fire. I think the main menu can be extended a little to have more options.

4 by Zheng J Review source

Wow shockingly bad! We paid basically £50 for a little bowl of muscles, a single steak and some potatoes. Service was bad, the offering was confusing, they ran out of a bunch of things which we had to question and just massively disappointing.

1 by Review source

The service was good, the food was...oookay-ish...very overpriced for what you get, the meat was really greasy and the potatoes were way too salty. We are a bit disappointed as we were really looking forward having a nice braai

3 by Review source

A group of a Bad Sign of Us went and enjoyed a fantastic Friday evening meal there it was my first visit and I'll definitely be returning. Authentic South African barbecue 'Braai' and a great choice of wines.

4 by Stav Stavrou Review source

Fabulous little restaurant with wonderful service and out of this world food. Will be recommending this spot to everyone. Don't miss the sausage and be certain to try some of the unique South African wines.

5 by Review source

Fantastic food. I recommend the prawn skewers, but make sure you leave room for the grilled pineapple with ginger ice cream - both are sublime. Friendly staff gave great service. Highly recommend!

5 by Alex Heylin Review source

One of the best dining experiences I have had in a long time. Great service, great food (I highly recommend the T-Bone steak - although everything I had was great). If I could give 10 stars I would

5 by Review source

Oxtail was good - portions a bit small. Unfortunately service wasn't the best and we were the only table in the restaurant. Management unwilling to confront the issues. C'mon guys!

1 by Review source

Food was absolutely fantastic and what is quite rare in London, service was competent and friendly. As a vegetarian selection of food was a bit limited but taste was absolute bombshell.

5 by Drachenfels Review source

Cannot be faulted. Friendly, knowledgeable staff serving amazing, quality food. You will be hard pressed to find another Braai this good in London town let alone outside SA.

5 by Tyvian Vigrass Review source

Really really delicious food!! Interesting menu with some South African inspired foods. Home made monkeygland sauce that's worth a try. Big braai is a huge success.

5 by Kelly R Review source

If you love meat you will love this place. Chill vibes, great drinks and wine, amazing meat. You know the place is legit when you open the door and smell the barbecue.

5 by Review source

Went a few weeks ago with 7 friends - we all love SA and have spent time living/working there (Cape Town). We will be going again very soon, the food was excellent!

5 by Alkistis Pourtsidou Review source

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