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51 Montague St, Worthing, BN11 3BW

+44 1903 212381




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Marks and spencers has always been a shop with good standards throughout. This store is no exception to that ethos.

Great selection of clothes for all ages, all sizes and all tastes.

The shop has some really great quality goods at fair prices. After All, you get what you pay for in this day and age.

If you get chance I would always recommend the cafe in this particular store due to a great view of the sea and like all other marks and spencers I've been to, the quality of the food is bang on.

Only lost the one star due to the layout not being as clearly marked as it could be and the condiments trolley In the cafe seemed to be hidden away.

Will of course visit again. No worries

4 by Bob Hope Review source

I come in most days for lunch . The usual staff are lovely . Went in today being Sunday . There is a huge cue for the till 1 fruit scone no cheese scones and a few plain scones . Cakes were running very low plus people walking out . A Sunday cannot be run on students .standing waiting to be served I was watching coffee being made and when I my coffee was being made had to tell the lad to bang the bubbles down on my milk to make it foam .I used to do this work and hate getting to the to the table with half a cup of cuppachino . It's quite busy in here . Come on marks you need more staff with common sense and a smile would help sorry to complain but but this is a lovely cafe .

1 by Review source

Last year in November I complained that the guard kept watching me for no reason, last week he had eyes wide open and looked at me before I even came into the store approx 4.30 9th march. The cafe staff a few weeks ago had no idea if any of their meals or sandwiches or toast were gluten free. The shelves for fresh gluten free food such as chicken with breadcrumbs are often empty. Last year I asked if they sold toy cuddly cats or dogs and they said no they only had rabbits, I then visited the store a few days later and they did have puppies.

1 by Review source

If only the Staff on the Food Tills at Worthing would help with packing, the queue lines would be far shorter, the Lady on the Till today watched me struggle with the Saturday Telegraph trying to fold it into a carrier bag, with several other purchases, she just watched with hands in her lap. When you know you are holding up a line of people it makes you twice as clumsy and nervous trying to place the items into bags quickly !

1 by Anne Page Review source

Usually I am visiting the food hall as it opens on to the seafront which is where I regularly walk. It's a great branch and I like the fact the food hall has self checkouts, ideal for small amounts. The clothing section is good, offering a wider selection than my local branch. The cafe has great views over the sea front and the pier. Good selection but the cafe lattees are too milky for our taste, not enough coffee!

4 by Diane Hellyer Review source

I think the food department is keeping this shop alive but unfortunately I tried to buy the ingredients to make a stew and found they did not have half of the ingredients, what a shame as the food is first class if you can get it, in the end I had to go to Waitrose which was way out of my way but they do have everything there and of course it is top quality

2 by george Carrott Review source

Love Mark's food hall always lots of different things to buy that I haven't seen in other shops for instance the Wasabi peas in the snack section can't get enough of these. Go down lovely with their bottle of port and lemonade. Gorgeous lemon shortbread dipped in white chocolate.

5 by Dawn Dawson Review source

Fantastic store that has an amazing range of ladies, men and children's clothing, cosmetics, household, a good in-store cafe, plus a great range of food plus alcohol in the food section, with manned and self serve tills to make your final purchases, this is my favourite M&S.

5 by TRACEY ARMSTRONG Review source

I love my local m&s it sells a bit of everything, women's and men's wear, shoes, kids clothes and school uniform, food, beauty, lingerie etc and yet is not too big a store either. The staff are always helpful too. Lovely cafe upstairs with fab views across the sea.

5 by Review source

This store is very pleasant to shop in. The stock is displayed well and not too crammed in, so it's easy to find what you want. As well as clothes, there are cosmetics, household goods and the lovely M & S food of course!

5 by Tania Till Review source

The long socks which were expensive are no longer worth the money so I stopped shopping there but the last time I went the shirts are still good value the food is excellent if pricey £10 meal deal for 2 is awesome ( no really !)

2 by Johanas Cabal Review source

Always an enjoyable experience shopping at Mark's. Excelent Store with quality products. Excellent service from staff. Very happy with my visit to Marks and Spencer Worthing. My regular local branch is in Brighton.

5 by Nigel Allen Review source

Took grandchildren in to buy them some tops. They easily picked what they liked from a good selection. Fair prices and good quality as usual. Paid at cash desk staffed by 2 happy friendly ladies.

5 by Peter Scott Review source

Great M&S food as always but the store is too cramped and you need a map and compass to get through the maze of clothes to get in and out of the food section from Montegue Street.

3 by Bob Haselip Review source

Great place for food and snacks then cross the road at the traffic lights then on to beach or sit on one of the many benches and look at the sea while you have your lunch or snacks.

5 by Anthony Jones Review source

Smaller branch of Mark's with a limited range but perfectly functional and probably the best all round shop in central Worthing given the poor choice afforded locally.

4 by Graham Woodroffe-Stacey Review source

I love M&S. It always has what I'm after. Every time. The Worthing store isn't too big either so you can find everything, the beauty dept is especially good.

5 by Review source

Another ugly blot on Worthing Sea front. Shop itself is poor, I keep going there for clothes but never buy. Food hall is too small and not great. Bad example for M&S.

2 by Mirek Slobodzian Review source

Always used to think of M&S as quality, but having bought three pairs of their shoes to last a single school year (because each in turn fell apart), now not so sure.

2 by Oblivion Bar Review source

They don't have staff for bra fittings on weekends. So if you want to buy a nicely fitting bra you'll either have to take time off work or arrange childcare.

1 by Becky Spicer Review source

I like the rest rooms and the cafe , but personally i can't afford to go shopping there for me and my family,it is to expensive for a normal family house income

2 by Martina Funke Review source

Food is exceptional for its quality, the customer service is brilliant, but the toilets, the facility for nappy change in particular definity lack of hygiene

3 by Giulia Lenzi Review source

Typical M&S has all their usual products. Restaurant is good but check your change because it seems that some of the catering staff forget the prices

4 by Helen Gillanders Review source

Staff are quite helpful and usually you can get what you need but toilets are never very clean and always smell awful, coffee shop staff very slow too

3 by Irene Cozens Review source

Not the best of Marks stores much prefer Holmbush Shoreham. Very cramped but the restaurant is really nice with fantastic sea views.

5 by anne carnell Review source

Wanted to buy a suit but when enquired with staff at the store was told they don't stock them at this store. Otherwise an OK store.

3 by Review source

It is an okay M & S, I think it is too small to offer all of the range, if they dropped homeware, then there would be more choice.

3 by Mark Harris Review source

In M&S cafe you now have to ask for your free biscuit!!!! What next, ask for butter for your scone. Penny pinching or what?

4 by Review source

Only M&S cafe in the country with a sea view service is slow, they don't seem to be happy unless there is a queue.

4 by Norman Kirton Review source

Very helpful staff and a decent sized food hall in the center of town. Always popular for sandwiches and the coffee shop.

4 by Ken Ward Review source

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