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6-7 Chandos Pl, Covent Garden, London, WC2N 4HU

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I take afternoon tea quite seriously, which now that I write it feels like a strange thing to say. I think afternoon tea is more than just floral wallpaper and mini desserts but about the whole experience and about spending time with the people you're with.

It's all very bright and airy inside which is great. The chairs are exceedingly comfy and all of the china is really cute. After that however the place starts to go down hill... firstly, the seating arrangements are cosy at best and cramped at worst. While I understand that space is money, it's one thing to maximise space and another to be elbow to elbow with people.

The food is expensive and in my opinion, unjustifiably so. £6.50 for a ham and cheese sandwich with what was the most water filled and tasteless ham I've ever had? The cheese was also bland as anything. However, their lemon iced tea was very nice. The cakes were a little synthetic for my liking but they do look good.

All in all I would say it's very expensive and very little substance but to make your margins in Covent Garden I imagine it's a necessity. For tourists who want to be in that area? Go for it. Your instagram photos will be delightful. However, if you live in London? There are so many other better places where you can taste real treats and not be jammed against other people.

3 by Tara Mansfield Review source

Passed by this place this morning and from the street it looks wonderful with very pretty window displays but my advice is keep walking.
The young man behind the counter was very friendly and the cakes looked amazing. We decided to sit near the window but before we had even had a chance to sit down a very rude woman whom I imagine was either the manager or owner sharply told us to keep our children away from the window. They weren't even LOOKING at the window they were deciding which table they prefer to sit down at ! I got the distinct impression that as we were wearing casual clothing that we were not 'good enough' to be a customer here. The time was 11:15 am on a Saturday morning and we were the only clients in the entire room!!! This person really needs to work on her customer service.

I wanted to walk out immediately but my children were so looking forward to the cakes we stayed. The coffee had a slightly burnt taste and while the Vanilla cupcake was delicious the other cake was chocolate one was rather tasteless.

I really felt sorry for the lovely man working at the counter having to work for such a rude boss. It was quite telling that on this wonderful sunny morning while every cafe in the vicinity had several clients we were the only customers here over a 30 minute period.

Shame really.

1 by Review source

I will be perfectly honest - I love afternoon tea but am no expert in the field.

BB Bakery is conveniently located near Covent Garden. It's very bright and airy inside, which is great in a City where a lot of places that go underground are kinda dark. It is also clean and there is plenty of space if you get there on the right day (watch out though because it can also get incredibly busy - aim to go at an unconventional lunch time). I particularly like the china which is a mis-match of pretty prints and the chairs are pretty comfortable.

In terms of the food, the price is steep for what the venue is. Around £7 for a sandwich which isn't necessarily anything special. I did thoroughly enjoy the accompanying root vegetable crisps and the English Breakfast tea - but I can buy the same quality in Tesco for myself.

The staff do seem busy and don't make a point of forming any kind of rapport with customers. It seems like they see so many tourists that one face blends in to another for them but honestly? In Covent Garden I can't say that I blame them if this is the case.

3 by Kimberley Houlihan Review source

I booked an afternoon tea for myself, my mother in law, my husbands aunt and his nieces who came to visit from abroad. It was fantastic! Looking at the pictures online I worried if there would be enough to eat (I'm greedy) but it totally exceeded my expectations and we all left feeling full and in such a good mood with extra to take back home.

The staff were beyond helpful, every one was really polite and always asking if we needed anything. We got to use one of the private rooms downstairs for no extra charge which I didn't expect. You're left to your own devices and not bothered too much which I loved. They also didn't make is feel rushed and we could have stayed for longer than the hour and a half that we sat and chatted for comfortably. Kids are also welcome and they let us order one for both of my two girls to share.

Can't rate this place highly enough, my MIL is now in love with me and I'll be bringing my sisters here soon.

5 by Asmau Hassan Review source

Had an amazing time with my girlfriend and our little tea party. It isn't like you have a private room or anything but it was still great nonetheless for afternoon tea. The staff was really nice and things were a wee pricey but hey everything seems to be in London. They even have an afternoon tea tour bus that's about an hr and half long around attractions in London while you sip on tea and desserts. Not sure how much the tour costs but I believe regular afternoon tea is £29.99. I know for sure we paid £46 each for 'Gin Lovers Tea' which was 3 cocktails (first is G+T, second is bubbles (prosecco) and gin and lastly a gin lemonade) and a three tier dessert plate ending with scones. Lovely time and would possibly do it again if I ever find myself in London again.

5 by Josh T Review source

It was not like something I expected....I had a bus afternoon tea in Christmas season last year with one of my friends. Windows in front of me on the bus were fogged all the time and it was impossible to enjoy the night view in London even though I booked the day for enjoying Christmas lightning they offered. None of staffs took care of windows. The driving was rough, so my tea cup and cup cakes were moving around. My friend were served a half cup of tea which was not warm enough. I tried a hot chocolate, but it tasted awful. Also some tv crew was on the bus which was not informed in advance. Their interview and talking was annoying. You can find better after noon teas than this shop anywhere in London.

2 by Akane S Review source

Went there yesterday and bought a red velvet and a cappuccino cupcake, the cappuccino was a bit too sweet for my liking but the red velvet was the best one I've ever had. I'm 5 months pregnant and all I could think about the next day was the red velvet cupcake, I went to the shop and the guy just refused selling it to me because the shop was quite busy and they didn't have many available so he was saving them for the clients that were going to eat in. I was shocked I've never heard of something like that before, I will definitely not come back ever again. Bad customer service all the way!!!

1 by Nathalia Lopes Review source

The tea room has a lovely feel to it with comfy velour covered chairs and mis-matched china teapots and cups. The window displays themselves are a marvel to look at and in gorgeous, girly shades of pastel. The cakes are all beautiful to look at but sadly the chocolate orange one that I had was a huge disappointment. The sponge was dry and the orange flavour of the icing overpowering and dare I say it too sweet. Don’t get me wrong I still ate it all but those last few mouthfuls really were a bit of a struggle and for £3.80 I really expected something a bit more special.

2 by Ms Leanne Fraser Review source

Three meals a layer of afternoon tea cp value this be quite high. Is to start on a fresh orange juice, tea and a variety of selection, but also find many decaffeinated, not afraid to drink sleep.
Part three shelves from above to below the dessert is salty point, the full amount, you can also take away the outside, and then will be sending the song and with jam and cream.
Overall, really very recommended Oh ~ In addition to sitting in the shop at the same time enjoy, you can also make an appointment to experience afternoon tea in a double-decker bus or boat

4 by Review source

Restaurant as its name indicates ideal pair to eat a few cakes, cupcakes, scone or whatever you fancy typical English for tea or even to eat ... we went to make the tea at 17:00 and we were lucky to be seated since the place is not very big and many, not to say almost all the tables are with reservation ... we ordered a tea together common scone ideal and perfect for those cold afternoons of the English winter ... I did not like that we could not leave tip Carry Cash and we were not even fired

4 by Dani Martin Review source

Great afternoon tea options - if your budget is tight, try ordering tea or coffee with a couple desserts on the side. The scones and French cakes and pastries are well-made. The staff here make the most of a small space with floral decorations and mismatched cups and saucers that come together for a quaint eclecticism. We were very impressed with how attentive the waiters were even though we were seated downstairs and not in plain view of their workspace.

5 by Malika Asthana Review source

Was brought here for birthday afternoon tea and wow was I happy! You can easily miss the store as it's quite hidden away and you can only go in with a booking! We had a private tea room with an array of sandwiches and cakes and the best part was they were halal!!! They refill your tea to your hearts content and they give you the nicest warm scones at the end! Everyone working there are super polite and helpful, definitely recommend to anyone

5 by Vasima Patel Review source

We were in the area wanting to sit down with a cake and a cup of tea, BB Bakery delivered on exactly that.
We ordered a mille-feuille, a lemon meringue tart and the royal (super chocolaty cake) and whilst all three were good, the lemon meringue was a above the rest.
The decor is very girly and quaint, loved it. The upstairs has more tables but downstairs has lovely nooks and crannies. Perfect for a catch up with girlfriends!

4 by 谦寻 Review source

This company provides afternoon tea on an old London bus which tours round London's famous sites and main attractions. Booking is required and starts at Victoria coach station. The tour takes 1 and 1/2 hours. The staff are friendly and efficient. The food is wonderful and they now serve champagne at an extra cost. A must if visiting London. Our bus trip was themed as it's near to Christmas, which was wonderful.

5 by LYNDA CLACK Review source

BB also does afternoon tea on a vintage double decker bus, which we tried. Brilliant ride, 1 hour and a half, fantastic if it's your first time in London - 2 experiences in one! Eating scones and waving to passengers in other buses really makes you feel you are a VIP... The pastries are exquisite - proper French patisserie. And you will get extra ones too. Nice range of teas. Really love afternoon out.

4 by Coralie Grassin Review source

Wow wow wow, came here to celebrate my birthday with a group of friends. The experience we had was just lovely. Really nice atmosphere, great service from friendly efficient staff (marvin). We had the gin afternoon tea experience which I highly recommend. Scrummy savoury sandwich and rolls, delicious delicate cakes and sweet treats accompanied by devine gin infused drinks.
Would love to go again.

5 by Review source

Seeing as this afternoon tea cost close to £40 per person you would think they would at least try. When you are paying a small fortune for a pot of tea you expect an elevated service - but nope. Honestly, do not get pulled in by the hyper French exterior, pick yourself up and go to Balthazar, Ivy Market Grill or Covent Garden hotel for afternoon tea. It will be twice as good and cheaper.

1 by SJ Thomson Review source

Did the high tea on a bus tour around London. Was a lot of fun. I’ve lived in London for 5 years and still discovered things and places I’d not known about or been to! The tour was informative and the food/drinks were lovely. Completely stuffed as there was so much food. Got to take a load home. Highly recommend as a present or if you want to explore London whilst eating delicious cake.

5 by karen edwards Review source

We were here on one of the days of our girls trip to London. We had to try out the afternoon tea! This was a good experience. The tea was great. There were three of us and we all had each our own flavour, and then the sandwiches and desserts were heavenly. The scones just topped it off. I would recommend anyone to have afternoon tea here! And enjoy! The staff were also lovely!

5 by Mona Ellevset Review source

Very disappointed! A £5.80 for a scone!!! Only a plain scone, not even the variates of it. Only gluten free option are the maccaroons and one tiny tart. And my friend can't eat anything with the gluten! Overprised! Lovely staff and environment, but that's it! Don't go there. Ps. This is my first bad review ever, but really have had expected a better experience.

2 by Review source

Simply let's enjoy afternoon tea and but will rather than the atmosphere is Cafe expression that went thought a pretty tray and facing great car line near La sent geoun time Well yes syeoreol gallery store before enjoying and dining go sandwiches seemed perfectly nice is eopeotjiman taste I think the last haeteum gel scones in the desire to eat again so delicious

4 by Review source

Exactly as it says on the tin - a French cafe that serves delicious afternoon teas! What they didn't mention was the exceptionally warm welcome and service, the relaxed ambience and the fact that despite the delicate appearance of small cupcakes and bite-sized macaroons, you will be popping full and taking deep breaths to get the last bite in! We will be back!

5 by Renay Pattinson Review source

This was essentially disappointing because the xmas afternoon tea looked nothing like it was advertised. At least three things were switched from what was described in the menu without informing us. The food was alright but nothing tasted particularly nice and I suppose we expected a little more considering the xmas menu did cost us more too.

2 by I Yune Hoe Review source

Good tea room chic and vintage. The tea is delicious, very good scones (the cotted cream is to die for and is fine with). The staff is super friendly and very knowledgable. Small flat on high prices but I think it's in the same order as any London. In short, a very good experience in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Definitely recommended!

5 by Review source

Expensive afternoon tea for my daughter. Candle on the top tier a nice touch. The waiter didn't explain that there were scones to come as well, but later for some reason, so when we asked for the bill ( and the uneaten items to be boxed) he had to box up the scones too...Would have been nice to have had them at the same time.

3 by naomi carr Review source

I had a good time with my boyfriend. The bus was super nice, the staff super friendly and smiling. Aurelia thank you, thank you Louis!
We had the pleasure of discovering the monuments from another angle while enjoying delicious treats ...
I recommend !!! I await with all the sushi wait !!!


5 by Review source

One of my best places for coffee, tea and cakes in London. Wide variety of haute patisserie cakes and macaroons. All prepared daily with exquisite taste and decoration. Cute and cosy atmosphere. Nice choice for an afternoon tea. Nice and friendly staff. Definitely book the bb bus tour. You'll love it!

5 by Konstantinos Trz Review source

English afternoon tea first experience, hot scone accompanied by clotted butter simply a perfect match! Unfortunately, because it was not hungry so could not taste the three-tier afternoon tea, but I guess it should not be too bad.

Seat a little less, a little table, others are great!

4 by Doris Wang Review source

Did the afternoon tea Christmas lights bus tour in London this evening, really good fun with lovely hosts, yummy sandwiches and treats, an interesting experience which I’d do again, attracts friendly people the people who were on the top deck were very friendly and interacting with us too

5 by Hannah Brown Review source

really cute spot with interesting decor. we came here for tea & scones with clotted cream and jam which were delicious. the plates and pots are beautiful too. it's reasonably priced and there's so much to look at. we didn't book but it was pretty busy.

4 by Kristy Robinson Review source

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