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I like Smith and Western, and we eat there 3 - 4 times a year. The food is good, the wait staff are polite and our family has always been happy to go there.

Yesterday, our family had a meal at Smith and Western Tilgate, at 6pm. We didn't get out until 8pm. Wait staff was thin on the ground, and trying to get a birthday belly buster dessert for our young daughter took ages.

My husband had to tell our waitress that if we didn't get our dessert very soon, we would have to leave. It was past our daughter's bedtime, and her first day of school was the next day.

Drink orders, obtaining the dessert and paying the bill all took way too long.

Our waitress was a nice woman, and I don't think the lack of attention was her fault. But the poor staffing levels meant we will avoid having dinner there during the weekdays to (hopefully) avoid the same experience next time.

4 by Review source

I would say the majority of above comments false and misleading.

I was going to give it a miss based on the reviews however as its based on the 'nandos order at bar style' we decided to give it a punt.

Very good service with a warm welcome and probably the best themed decor Ive ever seen. The place was clean and the toilets fresh.

Portion sizes were bigger than expected, and prices were more than reasonable. They do a lunch menu thats only £7.95! or starter and a main for £10.95. Drinks are around £2.50 and refillable - which on a hot day makes it feel like stealing candy from a baby.

In summary this place is a modern better priced and better tasting harvester backed up by an excellent and consistent theme.

if the bosses/ management are reading we were impressed with the young tallish chap with dark hair who was extremely helpful.

5 by Michael White Review source

I'm only giving a 3 star to Smith & western is tillgate because unfortunately there where afew things that weren't quite satisfactory in conjunction to the price we paid (quite alot) for our meals.
Firstly I had to send my ribs & chicken wings back because is just wasn't cooked enough on a positive note it did taste nice once it had been re cooked!!!
Secondly The fajitas we ordered had alot more vegetables than chicken which was alittle disappointing!!!
& thridly the salted caramel dessert which was yummy sadly was just a big slush under the cream on top (the slush referring to ice cream)
So all in all not great probably won't go there again.
Overall summary: Just another over priced place to eat! nothing to rave about.

3 by Anton Adewale Review source

Awful service, rude staff, took 30min just to get a drink, which when brought to the table was wrong. Then waited 15 mins for the correct drinks to be brought to the table. When the food finally arrived an hour after ordering it, my 2 year old sons meal had been forgotten and our food was extremely poor quality for the price, despite us asking for no bacon with the meals, We were served bacon, so we were not able to eat the food. Complained to the manager and then left without eating anything. Would never visit this place again. Awful chain of overpriced poor quality food. Staff don't pay any attention to customers needs. Putting food on the table without any cutlery to eat etc

1 by Review source

Food and Service is average!!!

Been to Smith and Western a number of times and it has never been anything special (its great for a drink and a view but that's it) every time we have been the staff have never been happy or seem to want to be polite and when the food eventually comes its standard at best.

Avoid like anything on big days i.e. Mothers/Fathers Day as the waiting time is horrible plus when you ask whats the waiting time for food they told us 40min, 2 hours and 2 complaints later still nothing.

When the food did arrive it was cold and we called the manager to complain which she sorted for us, but still it's one to avoid.

2 by Casper Jones Review source

As an American, I'm kind of happy to have this place so close to my (now) UK home. My husband and I go there every couple of months for a treat, and a walk around the Park afterwards.

But like most 'fancy theme' restaurants (in America) you're going to pay out the nose for normal dinner-time meals.

Their lunch menu is the best value £7.95 for a single course or starter and a main for £10.95. Drinks are around £2.50 and come refillable with the lunch menu. (As usual, the lunch menu is not available for Bank Holidays or during 'out-of-school' times.)

5 by Elizabeth Bell Review source

I have eaten here many times it’s absolutely a fantastic place for food prices are good food is fresh clean atmosphere is out of this world it’s like being in the Wild West Very good atmosphere cater for all functions birthday parties with the sparklers in the cake very friendly staff very helpful no trouble here genuine place it’s like one big family you can buy neckties Stetsons kids love it the burgers are in this world situated right in the park so you’ve got lovely seating area outside in the summer it does get busy it’s a very popular place the bar stalls are like saddles which is really cool

4 by Thomas Hatton Review source

Smith and Western is a strange, but wonderful restaurant to visit. It's over the top in its decor and uniforms but you know what? It's a good thing! Each part of the restaurant looks different from the next and it certainly feels like they've transported you to the south of the U.S.
The food is brilliant, service is fast and the staff are really polite. I enjoyed my time but one thing I must say, paying in the mid-teens for a burger is a big ask so because of the cost, I wouldn't be returning too frequently.

4 by Fabio Ibrahim Review source

Expensive drinks and kids options. We paid nearly £6 for each of our kids to have a couple of small pizza slices with tasteless potato shapes. We ordered a 'well done' steak, only for it to be red raw inside (this is the third time this is happened at a Smith & Western restaurant). Couldn't be bothered to question it, as the staff were really busy.

It's a lovely idea, but the prices are way too high and the quality it average. Spent £100 today, but won't be coming here again.

3 by Review source

The American Theme is OK and wouldn't be out of place in a restaurant near Disneyland. However, unlike restaurants in America the service is terrible. The staff appear to walk around aimlessly, avoiding eye contact with any customers. The food was ok but incredibly expensive, I suppose they have a captive audience next to the lovely Tilgate Park. Inside is very dark and stuffy but the terrace outside has good views. In summary: expensive, poor service but nice terrace looking out over Tilgate Park.

2 by Andrew Moffat Review source

Ordered 2 halves of Budweiser from here. The beer wasn't served in a beer glass - it was served in the glasses that they serve the lemonade and coke in... was completely flat. I suggest you buy actual beer glasses so you can serve a decent drink that isn't flat! Especially when you charge an expensive price! Asked for one that wasn't flat to get 2 more flat ones! Asked for it to be poured into a different glass, but refused. Disappointed that the bar stuff do not know how to serve drinks!

2 by Charlyy Owen Review source

Have changed rating due to latest experience. Slow service on arrival. Table not ready despite it being quiet. Then long wait between drinks and starters. No further offers of more drinks which was an issue last time. Starters were good I will add. Chilli was lukewarm with no kick. Chicken melts smaller than before. Steak extortionate. Service poor apart from towards the end then expecting tip. To be frank it's over priced for what it is but kids enjoy it.

2 by M17el M17el Review source

Although it's very expensive it's bit of fun for the kids. At these prices you'd expect food to be perfect. Unfortunately my wife's burger was very dry so she didn't eat it. I complained and the waiter said he'd let the manager know. Who then apparently let the chef know. Any compensation for us? A full or even partial refund for the poorly executed burger? No not here apparently. We won't be returning.

2 by Patrick J Review source

To be fair we went during Feb half term on a nice day getting there just before 2pm but......the staff were run ragged and seemed stressed out when we we arrived and asked for table for 3 we were told 5 mins then another member of staff said no 45 mins suggesting we go and come back later I said we would wait in bar and had to remind them to give me a buzzer . The food was excellent but atmosphere needed much improvement!!!

2 by Review source

Ignored at the bar by at least 3 members of staff, before I asked were we in the right place to get a drink, ignored at our table for about 30mins then it took about an hour for food to arrive, also when drinks were ordered at the table some were completely forgotten about. Family that arrived after us had been served their starter & main, before we had even seen any food!! 1st time there & probably last!!

1 by Review source

Smith and Western restaurants have great atmosphere and good service but the food is mediocre and overpriced, such a shame.

This newer one at Crawley is no different, friendly and efficient staff, all done out really well especially the end that looks like a saloon front but I don't find the food enjoyable and find the bill even less so....£16-£17 for Fajita's....come on that's too much!

3 by Jamie Cormack Review source

Really disappointing. Waited 40 minutes for a pre-booked table, had to ask to order food because we got fed up of waiting for someone to take an order, then the food took a further hour to come out. When it finally came it was obvious that it had been sitting under the hot lights for quite sometime and was awful. Genuinely, I really wouldn't bother and spend your hard earned money somewhere else.

1 by Simon Perkins Review source

Food & Service good but the prices are ridiculously high for what's on offer. I went with a group and we all had double burgers and a few beers. No starter or deserts and it came to £27 a head! FOR A BURGER???? You'll need a mortgage for a Tee Bone steak. Sorry, great food but certainly not value for money in any way especially as the place is aimed at young families.

4 by John Bowers Review source

If you are on any kind of diet or care about what you eat then it's hard to find something to eat amongst all the dishes with cheese, avocado and generous portion sizes etc. The welcome also is a bit confusing as to whether you want to eat in or outside as there appear to be separate menus but it was all done in such a rush I'm still not clear what the difference is.

3 by Colin Smith Review source

Not the first time we visited the Smith and western and won't be the last the atmosphere and setting of this place is great good food and dessert . Had a good evening seated in the jail with the grandkids they thought it was great seated behind bars just wish I could have left them there for the night .Thanks to are cowgirl Claire for making us so welcome.yeeha

5 by terry gillham Review source

Smith and Western is a really fun place for kids and adults. The food is well prepared and the bar offers a wide selection of drinks. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible and the staff are really helpful. I find the food a bit expensive for what it is but when you want to celebrate or have a good time it feels like it is worth the higher price for the atmosphere.

4 by Shannon Clayton Review source

Brilliant themed restaurant : Wild West & Robbers. Entire building themed in the style of Wild West, with lots of authentic looking items to imerse you into everything. Menu very reasonable, with lots of good choices depending on dietary requirements. Kids menu and colouring books avaiable. Reasonably priced with good service. Amazing surroundings.

5 by Andrew Curran Review source

I came here with my friends for a social dinner and we really enjoyed it we had the Nacho Platter to start which apart from the chill lacking a kick was very good. Me and one of my friends then shared the Ranchers Platter which included chicken wings, Ribs etc, which was enjoyable. The only other negative I would say is that the hot sauce is far from spicy.

4 by indi sapara Review source

We just went in to have lunch, stood at the entrance waiting to be seated only to be ignored by no less than 5 members of staff, 4 stood behind the bar talking. One looked at us and smiled and then walked away again. So we turned around and left. It wasn't busy? It was 12.15 on a snow day and no-one was in the park. Won't be returning

1 by Review source

Lovely, cosy and warming place with friendly and dedicated staff and large portions of food however is quite pricey... perhaps they should do a few weekly deals, also I found their onion rings were not properly cooked as the batter was falling off very easily on them, overall, a lovely place, but only recommend to go occasionally

4 by Mission J HD Review source

Seated within minutes waited 20 minutes for someone to take our drinks order. Ignored by a member of staff during this time. Been here an 2hrs now just finished food which was just Ok nothing special. One thing after another called the manager over who was very apologetic and subsidised our meal over all a very poor experience.

1 by Gary Poolman Review source

We went for a birthday dinner. Table of 10. Service was slow. Drinks took 30 mins despite asking members of staff on 3 separate occasions to take a drinks order. Food took ages to come. Waitress keeping saying how terrible her staff members were. Food was a little above average. Better training on young staff members needed.

3 by Tim Moff Nicholas Review source

Awful food at rediculas prices coupled with awful staff, 30 minute wait to get drinks, 40 minute wait before they bothered to take our order, food arrived 1hour 30 minutes after being seated to then be wrong. Staff and the kitchen obviously can not cope with the level of customers and this was a truly horrible experience.

1 by adam cotter Review source

Lovely place to go. They have a great range of dishes and all comes in good time. Staff are nice and friendly and helpful. Got some perfect sitting outside to for summer time,looking over the lake. Recommend to all my friends. Only down side is it can be very expensive. Kids meals for £8 seems abit much.

4 by CCPK Ben Review source

Food was absolutely amazing, and the service was generally amazing, The waiter we had was superb, very nice gentlemen. If you book on your birthday or a Friend/family's birthday, then they do this cool service where they sing happy birthday and bring a desert out. Will definitely being going back again!

5 by Willexx03 . Review source

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