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28 Brighton Rd, Lancing, BN15 8RA

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The Perch is simply a first class establishment and thoroughly recommended. Having recently moved to Worthing we found several places on the beach to eat that are always very busy. There seems to be this thing with many eateries that because they are on the beach or in a prime location by the river, they are always going to be busy so they can get away with serving mediocre food, not being hospitable, average service and not making any effort with the decor or general advancements in the business. So many times have I been met with sour faces at other potentially great restaurants from staff who clearly just hate their job and don't want to be there. THIS IS NOT THE CASE AT THE PERCH! Every time we go whether it's quiter for breakfast or very busy on the weekend the service and standard of dining is always excellent. I don't know her name but the lady who meets and greets us every time we go is always happy and smiling and welcomes us in a timely and friendly manner. My partner and I absolutely love the food, it's delicious and very creative yet reasonably priced. The decor inside is rustic chic with a warm atmosphere and beautiful light streaming through the large windows looking out on to the stunning views. If you have have family or friends visiting from afar I definitely recommend taking them to the perch to show them how amazing it is to live on the coast. Well done to all the team at the Perch, it's clear that someone has stepped up to create a restaurant that delivers a first class experience all round. Of all the many restaurants we have been to in Worthing and nearby this place is our favourite and a rare gem!

5 by Murray Clarke Review source

I was taken here for a birthday lunch in May, and I was not disappointed at all!
The staff were very welcoming and friendly, we were seated quickly and although we did order quickly you don't feel rushed to do so here.
The location itself is right on the beachfront with easy - and cheep £1.50 all day - parking. If you had limited physical ability I would consider this as an easy access area.
The restaurant is very bright and cheerful, with lovely full glass views across the sea, we were near an open window so we could enjoy the fresh sea breeze too!
The food itself was outstanding! You can have a proper meal, or snacks such as chips, cake, sandwiches etc. I have already decided to return several more times to try various dishes, despite the distance! The gumbo looks devine, although I ended up trying the crispy crab sandwich - which was a delight on the taste buds to be sure. I've been told the breakfast is definitely worth a try. Nobody in the restaurant during my visit seemed to have any complaints - and I can understand why. Their chefs should be proud!!!
All the staff deserve high praise in all honesty, the bar, waiting, and kitchen staff certainly make this a wonderful place to visit and enjoy good food! I would recommend it to anybody...and I hope you're experience is as enjoyable as mine was if you choose to go.

5 by Ryan Webb Review source

Been to this cafe on a couple of occasions and with mixed views. Went some months ago and it was OK, lovely place to sit, food was average but atmosphere is good. Then went this Sunday with my family (wife and children and also my mother and brother (mothers day) and it was pretty much a disaster. First drinks eventually came out and we were one hot Chocolate short. They immediately asked to see copy of receipt and order was misheard and only one was ordered so went and ordered another. Only then I realised that the HC is £2.99 but with cream (additional £1) and ONE marshmallow ....another £1 .... £4.97 for a hot chocolate!!!! Sorry but that is a liberty! Then the food turned up, instead of 3 bacon Baps we got 3 bacon pancake stacks ......again ...check your receipt ..... and that is what I ORDERED,....... no it wasn't, I ordered Bacon Baps but the order was input as Bacon Pancakes...... by this time couldn't wait to get out of the place. OK I should have checked the receipt but you don't do you. So went in for a snack and a coffee and came out £70 lighter and wholly unfulfilled. Shame as the place has potential it really does.

1 by Review source

It's a nice spot on Lancing seafront for sure but I can't get past how bland the food was - it's not bad but it's not actually that nice either. Reasonably priced though, so can't complain too much.

For some reason, the burgers are served with an ridiculously macho and somewhat aggressive steak knife rammed into the bun. Not sure if they're trying to send a message there (I jest - I think I know what they were aiming at - maybe tone down the carnivore chic a tad).

The staff seemed a bit detached from their jobs as well unfortunately - that I can't abide by, especially when they're talking to my 75 year old parent. Train your staff to care a bit more.

2 by Review source

Came back after a nice first every visit. I won't be coming again. Met with a burnt haze as I walked in and was settled promptly. I ordered the same as last time (fry-up) the bacon was, quite frankly, harder than shoe leather. It must be a meeting place for a local kindergarten as there was more little people than you could shake a stick at, noisy too.
It wasn't particularly busy but my server somehow, even with miles of room to negotiate the table settings, managed to bump into my table, spilling my coffee over into the saucer, without an apology. All I can say is she must have 'rock hard hips' not to have felt that. I finished as soon as possible and scarpered!

2 by Lexa Richards Review source

Nice venue overlooking beach. Gets incredibly busy, meaning long wait a for table. But there is a coffee bar to wait at. Food is okay.
Need to comment on the really poor service here. The waits are incredibly long even when many tables are empty and waiting staff standing around, which suggest staffing issues in the kitchen. Although the menu says 'serving breakfast till 11:30', we were turned away for breakfast at 11am and had to wait 45 minutes until the 'lunch setting' and then another 30 minutes to receive our order. Prices are more expensive than the food warrants and menu options are limited.

2 by Amanda Roestorf Review source

Location, layout and food on offer cannot be faulted. Yes, this place gets busy but I would rather be in a busy GOOD café than a quiet DODGY café - so I think it is a bit sour-grapes to complain about there being a wait, or that there are too many kids (the café is located on the beach), or that there are too many other customers. If you don't like it here there is a greasy-spoon kiosk next door where there is never a queue to be served, you can always find a seat, and the tea/coffee comes in a plastic cup.

5 by Ian Dykes Review source

This place is dog friendly as long as all 4 paws stay on the floor (their words). The food was well cooked but there is limited choice. We had to wait for a table in the resturant side, I couldn't understand this as they had at least 8 empty tables for most of our visit. Service was slow but sometimes its not a problem. They forgot out drinks which we ordered to come out with the food. It was rectified when we asked. Not sure about a return visit. Would probably go to the bluebird cafe along the coast.

4 by Brian S Review source

Starter was tasty. Small portions but main was definitely enough. Not the cheapest but not too bad value either. Smoked salmon tasted great and steak was amazing. Mussles and chips were very tasty too but there was too much sauce. (Even though it was very tasty) Half the mussles were submerged in sauce. ._.
Service was friendly but the waiters talked amongst themselves and didn't look out for customers.
Limited types of food. Only chicken, beef and salmon. (And mussles)

3 by Review source

Myself and a group of friends went to the Perch this evening for the Steak night; what a great evening........... I have been going to the Perch for breakfast and Lunch for more time than can remember and yet again they have excelled themselves, the evening was relaxed, great service, great food and fantastic staff including Irma who looked after us for the evening. All of the staff are a credit to themselves and the venue, Keep up the good work.

Kevin Lade

5 by Kevin Lade Review source

Great place to be to watch high tides and strong onshore winds. The coffee is strong and the food delicious. Weekends, I stay away as it gets rammed, as it's so popular. Thankfully they've taken onboard the early moans, about lack of staff and the time to get drinks and food. They've created another coffee bar, extended the kitchen and increased the staffing level. So well done and long may it prosper!

4 by Martin Bloomfield Review source

The food here is pretty good, so it's a real shame the management don't seem too hot on customer service - it's all part of the experience so worth working on!

We got in touch to find out if we could book a large group for a special celebration, only to receive a very abrupt and dismissive no in reply.

No alternatives, no apologies. Service based business guys, up your game!

1 by Review source

Looked for the breakfast menu online couldn't find it so called them up with was an automated service! Had to dial an extension number to only not get an answer. Tried a second time got through asked how much breakfast was with was quite pricey but my partner and I decided to go. Walked a mile and a half got there walked in and it stank of grease! Made us feel sick so refused to stay and order!

1 by Review source

A really busy and popular place. It seemed a bit frantic with the staff rushing back and forth. There seemed to be enough of them and we didn't have to wait long to be seated or for our meals so I don't know why they seemed so rushed. Food was great, especially the luxury hot chocolate. Lovely views out to sea and the staff were very helpful. Would go again.

4 by Rhiann Houlihan Review source

Fantastic food and drinks. Not cheap but then good isn't usually cheap. Food fresh, staff very helpful and friendly. I hate sullen, bored looking staff serving me. You won't get that at The Perch.

Dogs very welcome. Even better in summer when you can sit on the beach or have the BIG windows open.

We love it.

5 by Michaela Harper Review source

First visit and will be coming back. It's dog friendly which is a plus for us, nice location and the restaurant looked good although we didn't eat there. Star was removed for a latte and a tea taking quite a while to be served. It wasn't busy so I get the feeling you'd be in for quite a wait in the summer when it is.

4 by Liz Berry Review source

Awesome location right on Lancing beach front, fantastic menu with good sized portions and not too expensive for top quality grub, well presented too (fish n chips 5/5). Very busy most the time. Good beer and cider and wine options. Parking available £1.50 a day. Also a bar next to restaurant. Great staff and buzzy atmosphere

5 by Dan Maroni Review source

Limited menu but food was fine! Dog friendly with more dogs than people .... well almost! Lol. staff where attentive but not over bearing which was great. Reasonably price 4 meals 2 bottles of beer a coffee a bottle coke a pint of shandy for under £60! Disabled friendly with the best disabled loo I have been in so far!

5 by shortyjac 27278 Review source

The Team at Perch were outstanding. The food was great and the service was fantastic. We used them for catering breakfast for a meeting and then hosting lunch for the same meeting. We were all very impressed. Plus we had the added bonus of an outstanding view. Thanks to the team for all their help!

5 by Review source

Went in Friday morning there were four other people in there waitress said she would be back in a minute to take our order 20 minutes later we walked out the two girls laughed and carried on chatting so we went to the rainbow cafe up the road half the price twice as much food really friendly staff.

1 by Review source

Very nice place well run loads of staff very helpful & professional. Food experience superb had snack there chips advocado very nice with odd shaped chips. Also great coffee & top tea not kidding some best breakfast tea I've had In year's. Going again have sitdown lunch. 5*

5 by Darryl Schneider Review source

Nice coffee. Can't comment on the food because we couldn't have any, went for breakfast and was told we had to book.
Website says they only take bookings for 8 or more during the day and as there was only 2 of us we didn't meet that criteria, make your minds up please.

2 by Review source

Great place for families and dog walking. Cafe that accepts dogs. Found indoor cafe a bit expensive to be honest. Cheesy chips were £4 and not very nice. Reheated chips. Service is quite quick. Park for kids and exercise equipment to use for free. Parking £1.50 all day. Brilliant.

5 by Michele Hilton Review source

lovely family meal. we stopped by for lunch today and after waiting about 20 mins were seated in a very comfortable section. we had the chicken skewers with cous cous and our kid ate off the kids menu. we all thought it was lovely food and had a great time, nice staff too. Go!

5 by Review source

I enjoyed a lovely lunch today with family. I ordered the asian salmon salad. Glazed salmon fillet, avocado, kale, baby spinach, spiralised carrot, edame bean and sugar snap peas. Generous portions! This is the first time I have had lunch here and I will be returning.

4 by Bunmi Review source

Great location actually on the edge of the beach. Picture windows with exceptional and unusually presented food. Not too expensive and the service is very good, even when busy. Hope the menus are varied occasionally , then we will definitely be repeat customers.

5 by Peter Hockham Review source

I often go to the Perch to have coffee and chat or lunch with a friend and it really is a good place to be! With a view out to sea (being right on the beach) it always gives wonderful views. The food for Gluten Free people is good with many things available.

5 by Chrystabell Young Review source

Situated on the seafront, has a great view where ever you sit. Food is amazing, with prices to match. Don't know why I waited so long to visit considering I live just over the road. Service was quick and friendly. Highly recommend it.

5 by David Ford Review source

This is a great place for breakfast or brunch after a walk along the seafront. Almost always busy during the weekend so be prepared to wait for service... my tip is to order at the bar and sit outside on the benches looking over the beach.

5 by Tom Houlbrook Review source

Pros - nice view of the sea.

Negatives - expensive for what they offer, stop serving food at 3pm, staff are inattentive and not welcoming.

Nice to visit once for the view but not worth returning to.

3 by Pedro DS Review source

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