Siirgista Bros - White City, London

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132 Uxbridge Rd, White City, London, W12 8AA

+44 20 8248 0156




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Tried the Mexican beef burger (forgot the name) since i wanted to have something spicy. It was nice and juicy and the level of spice was perfect,the beef patty was cooked perfectly to keep it juicy. The bun was fresh and soft, Loved the red jalapeños instead of green ones. The overall size of the burger was medium with the right amount of stuffings. The chips were different from other places, i guess they marinate them with some herbs which made them taste great (if only it could come free with the burger). There are dispensers for, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard which save the hassle of opening sachets /sharing bottles with others, with little paper ramekins. There's a beverage fountain as well for Coke, Vimto (that's all i had, love this one), Fanta and Sprite and its all you can drink but that's and extra charge. The place was nice and clean. They have this device to alert you when your food is ready so that it's picked up by you as sson as its done to be enjoyed hot! Loved the overall experience. And it's Halal :)

4 by Furqan Ali Review source

Amazing Burgers.
We had a very light breakfast and got here for about 2pm.

Portions are very big so if there's two of you, one of you get a meal and the other just a burger it'll be enough I'm telling you from personal experience!

We ordered two mexicali meals with Ferrero milkshakes and the food was on point.

They have gone to great lengths to capture the target market and it shows in the fixtures and fittings in the place.

They do have chilli sauce on offer, so if you'd like some you have to ask for it.

Ferrero Milkshake tasted amazing but if I have anything to say it's that it's a lot of Ferrero. Just tastes like a high concentration of chocolate.

Well done to the team at Burgista for a top quality burger.

They have two other stores, one in Picadilly and the other on Baker St.

We went to the one in Shepherds Bush whilst going to the Westfield there.

5 by Imran Mughal Review source

Been here a few times and theirs service is a joke. Just being polite doesn't justify the service. There's a lack of common sense.Burger and the shakes were nice however the fries wasnt fresh considering the wait time of 40 mins plus for the meal.

Ordered 2 meal takeaway at the shop, the shakes was ready to take in 10 mins and waited over an additional 30 mins for the meal. Consumed the shakes whilst waiting for the rest of the meal as it would melt and ended up with no drink when having my meal. Everything they were asked how long it will take for the burger, their reply was either vague or 5 mins.

Regardless of how busy a shop can be its not very difficult to estimate how long it's takes to cook a burger, considering the fries wasn't freshly cooked.

Its unfortunate to see such place with great food and their staff are simply not up to delivering a good service. The owner should really look into training the staff.

2 by Tayeb M. Melksari Review source

I wanted a egg on my burger, they had ran out of eggs. Who runs out of eggs!! I made a point by saying 'Would you like me to run next door and fetch you some.' And instead of realising my rhetorical statement and actioning it. The chef said 'No don't'

Confused I wondered how you could a restaurant run out of eggs in the middle of London on a Thursday night when shops are open 24/7. I could understand running out of buns, because brioché buns are not so commonly available and they probably have a special supplier. Nevertheless, that would also be alarming being a burger restaurant.

No goodbye was said, we collected our own food tray from the counter in an empty restaurant. While the workers spoke to each other in Persian.

Service and attitude was disgraceful even if the burger was good I had a bad taste in my mouth from the service to begin with.

2 by Ali N Review source

The burgers were good although it is not possible to choose the cooking of the steak and it is well cooked, which does not necessarily please everyone.
The Peanut Butter and Nutella milk shake is good and of a good size for the price of the menu.
On the other hand the service was bad, slow enough when we were almost alone in the restaurant, and one of the two waiters remained 40min on the phone! And they mixed the order on burgers by mixing sauces and burgers ...

Burgers were very good and you can not choose the steak cooking, and it's very very well done, which may not be fine for everyone.
Milk shakes are good and a good size. (peanut butter and nutella one at least was).

The service was bad for one of the waiters on the phone for 40min and they mixed the sauce and the cheese or no cheese burger.

3 by Nicolas Mastin Review source

It was here or GBK and we decided on here. The setup is weird in that from outside it looks like a sit down and order restaurant when it is actually more like a fast food place where you got to the counter and order. I ordered a portabello burger for £9.99 plus £3.99 chill cheese fries. Wasn't asked how I would like the burger cooked which isn't a good sign. It arrived well done which isn't a deal breaker but it turned out to be average. Not a lot of flavour. The mushroom and the topping adding absolutely nothing to it other than a £3.5 hike from the £6.49 classic burger. The chilli cheese fries were fantastic however and my friend said his chicken wings were great. My friend's vegetarian chill cheese fries were essentially cheesy chips as there wasn't any chilli at all.

3 by Justin Perry Review source

Very overated, Customer service is non existent to the point where your not even greeted and shown to your table and you have to collect your own food from the counter, had the guy at the counter nod at me instead of saying hello felt like I was in a chicken shop. In a shop so small they use a vibrating buzzer system? Can understand in a food court but in a tiny restaurant bizarre, why would they not call out orders or have waiters bring to tables? Food is not great either very basic and expensive considering there's no waiters taking orders or bringing food to table. On way out didn't get thank you or goodbye instead staff behind counter were too busy chatting away. Overall too expensive for a very basic experience.

1 by jabir hussain Review source

Burgista Bros is one of the BEST burger joints I have ever been to in a long time. The atmosphere, the staff and the food are top notch.

The food itself was so moreish, the chips are a highlight as they are seasoned to perfection. Quick note. Make sure you order the quesadillas as they are to die for.

I ordered the Portobello burger with fries and peanut nutella shake (hands down the best shake on the menu, no joke).

I would recommend anyone to go even its with family or friends (best place to take your girlfriend, trust me on this).

The best thing about this place is that its HALAL so for all the Muslims out there, don't miss out!!

4 by Nahid Bokth Review source

Very consistent and good quality halal burgers (HMC suppliers). Burgista is one of those regular spots that always delivers with its food. Decently priced for a meal especially with the bonus of bottomless cups. The fries are really good especially with their rosemary salt, they've been skimping on that recently, not giving enough in both shepherds bush and baker Street branches. It's even cheaper if you have a student discount although they should consider offering something for NHS staff. A good selection of starters and overall they don't try to complicate the menu. Parking is a no no and there's no need, all central locations and have public transport links.

5 by Sadrul Alom Review source

Look out folks there's a new burger joint in town!

I've been on a personal quest (burger crawl) to find the best burger joint in London. I think I might need to stop looking.

Very sensible and limited menu, amazingly fresh ingredients, decent sized pattie which was not too big that it falls all over the place nor too small that you end up eating plain bun.

Well priced, good service, nice rustic decor and definitely one of the best burger joints I've visited in London.

Well definitely be going back and telling all my friends aboit Burgista.

5 by Sheraz Khan Review source

Used to work here. On there aggreement they say if they fire you they give you 1 week notice at least. Every employee they have fired they have given no notice, employee will just not see there name on the next week rota and not be told by the manager or boss. They make out you can win money for completing survey, it's a lie, no one wins. Staff will accidentally drop food and quickly pick it up and still give it to customer without them knowing. Handcut fries as stated on menu aren't hand cut they are frozen normal chips. Employees are hardly given a break very hard working conditions

1 by Chant Smith Review source

Location: no parking and busy road
Venue: contemporary and small
Atmosphere: relatively quiet on a friday evening.
Service: order and pay at till. Buzzer system to collect food.
Timing: food was ready within 10 minutes
Food - taste/quality: Ordered a Portobello burger, mexicali, chicken burger, quesadilla,buffalo wings and fries. Burger was overcooked which made it very dry, flavour was ok. Buffalo wings was terrible.
Price: standard gourmet burger price with unlimited refils on drinks.

Overall was not satisfied. Will not be visiting again.

2 by IBRAHIM ALI Review source

This is the first Burgista Bros I have come to and am aware that this is part of a chain. The place itself is well located between two train stations and is served by plenty of buses. The chips are very good and the milkshakes are acceptable. I'm undecided though whether the milkshakes are value for money. The burger was ok. It did taste a bit like a gormet burger but really I was a little bit disappointed as I'm really not sure that the burger is value for money. I can think of a few other places where the burgers are similarly priced but taste better.

3 by Mubin Choudhury Review source

I loved the restaurant very much , a great atmosphere coupled with a caring staff give you a very comfortable feel . There was nothing bad to say about the place , I left feeling pleasantly full and positive, if I had to nit pick something that could be improved, maybe less salt in the patties would perfect the taste and I would have liked for the food to arrive a bit quicker , but I understand that it is more gormet than fast food . I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of his corner store , I entered feeling skeptical, but left satisfied

5 by Hello Sir Review source

Great service
The Best Halal Burgers and always on time n Hot on arrival too.
Wish you guys advertised on the deliveroo, Hungry House sites that you served Halal food so people would know how great hour food is. They dont even have Burgista Bros Burgers in their Halal sections advertised. Lossing customers guys. Sort it out.
I recommened it any most people didnt even know it was Halal. Let alone order it.
Great food. Bravo to the bringings of Burgista Bros.

5 by sham chaudhry Review source

The best burger place I have been so far!! The burgers are Amazing. I have been to eat here repeatedly and have never been disappointed. I love burgers and the shakes !!! The shake taste is fantastic . I have have been told that they use a nice Italian Gelato for the shakes.
It is good that we have a Halal restaurant with this design and quality in London. I look forward for their second shops in Baker street as I live close by.

5 by K Simab Review source

Everyone in my party really disliked their burgers. In a town with Patty & Bun and Honest Burger you can't get away with selling burgers like this (or maybe you can judging by the other reviews?!)
All these places cost about the same and are better.
Odd tasting sauces, the fries had a weird aftertaste. The buffalo wings were good though.
Btw the manager was a really awesome guy. Just a shame about the food

1 by Joe J Review source

Good service by the team. Cheese burger nice...chilicheese and beef fries are nice. The ground beef tasty.. only need to give a bit more...of the ground beef .unlimited drinks options available. Beef patties are nice
Facilities are clean. Hope this will be maintained in future. Food qualities and facilities..
Restaurant is well heated and circulated
Well done burgista bros shepherds bush green..

4 by Babab Gigirl Review source

Very professional service, loved the atmosphere which was comfy. Both the BBQ and spicy wings are amazing with amazing prices. Good idea with the combo with the burger because it allows me to get a burger which are massive, fries and a milkshake for just a tenner. If you like chilli get the mexicalli burger which is out of this world. Service was amazing and well-organised. Great job to whoever opened the place up

5 by Jack Peaceful Review source

I found this shop like a little gem in the desert! Virtually flawless burger!!! I live in the state and always eating burger as you can imagine!! I loved the taste of Porobello Burger. The bun was fresh and tasty.The only improvement would be make it more supersizing like man vs Food!!
I topped it up with a beef bacon and a shake!! Where is the heaven!!
I will come back with my friends soon guys!

5 by Ali Z Review source

Went with a group of friends, really nice restaurant with friendly staff. The cheeseburger was full of flavour. The barbecue buffalo wings were the best I've ever tasted, and the salads were very fresh. I would definitely recommend this place and I can't wait to come back again (my friend loved the barbecue burger so will order that next time).

5 by Sarah Khan Review source

Excellent burgers - recommend the chicken one. Fries and dark chocolate milkshake are decent too. Service is a simple counter experience where you pay and collect when your remote device vibrates, a bit like Shake Shack. Person behind the till was smiley and efficient.

Would recommend as an alternative to the big chains within Westfield.

5 by Nik Gupta Review source

I would like to express my dissatisfaction of a Cheese Burger which I had today. Although the Staff were excellent and quite helpful, but Cheese Burger was quite fat smelly and it looks to me that a Burger full of fatness was fried in oil rather than grilling. Hence, I hope the management reconsider the choice of meet and also the way of cooking.

3 by Amir A Review source

Had the Chef Burger and thought it was too much for one burger. Honestly, the amount of ingredients in the burger ruined the eating experience for me but flavour-wise was on point! 10/10 would recommend the BBQ Burger and their milkshakes! Restaurant was clean and good atmosphere. Staff are really nice and very helpful! Total burger eleganza!

4 by Hawa Feisal Review source

Serves by far the best burgers I've had in London to be honest, and I've been to quite a LOT of burger places!
Really fresh and healthy burgers and fries, along with their signature milkshakes (the Oreo one is amazing ;) )
Staff are really nice and the location is great too!
DEFINITELY recommending it to everyone!

5 by safa ziaei Review source

Without a spec of a doubt, it is the best burger town in London. The burger is absolutely amazing, the richly defined beef patty mixed with the special ingredients of Burgista Bros explodes a taste of deliciousness and sensation. Not to mention the chips which are by far the best I have ever tasted... Absolutely spectacular!

5 by Ali Akbar Abidi Review source

Awful place. Draughty, toilets out of order and scandalous prices for soft drinks. The 'premium' fries were cold, the cheese burger lacked flavour and the spicy buffalo wings sauce was so salty that it was inedible. And don't get me started on the prices. Better off going to Amigos 50 yards away down the street.

1 by Nigel Filer Review source

The burgers are excellent, the actual beef patties are bursting with flavour. The brioche bun is moist and soft. The over ingredients are fresh and they offer a nice selection of burgers with some great toppings.. Definitely one of the best burgers I have had recently.. Buffalo wings are quite nice too..

5 by The Soloist 01 Review source

Burgers were good; nothing too fancy. Fries, decent, and they took a good stab at cooking them how I like as requested. And soft drinks come with a free refill, although the options are quite limited: Coke/diet, Sprite, a fruit flavour, and one other. Could easily do here again for a late night meal.

5 by J. Murphy Review source

Ordered the Spicy Mexican, burger disintegrated. Very wet burger, but overall taste was nice. Decent chips and the buffalo wings were tasty, slightly different to everywhere else due to the use of pepper. Overall a decent meal not as pricey as other gourmet burger places. But definitely not the best.

4 by Omer Faredi Review source

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