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The food was absolutely amazing and the service was great! We had to wait around 40min to get a table but it worth it.

A staff gave us to try some tiny drinks until we wait our turn to get inside. Then we were escorted to the bar to wait there. Then we were escorted to a table and very friendly staff helped us with the food order. Every staff we interacted with, was very friendly and smiley! The staff gave us great good recommendations for food and it was delicious!

If I may say something negative, the staffs were asking way too many times if everything is ok or of we need to order more. We felt a bit rushed. However, once again they were very friendly and pleasant to talk to!

P.S. They will suggest you to order 3-4 dishes per person, which will be way too many! We were two and ordered one starter and two mains (chicken curry and chicken tikka) and this was more than enough!

5 by Gabriela Vachkova Review source

Very cool vibe, stripped back decor which often worries me; style over substance but in this instance, not the case.

Food was good. Calamari started has a lovely dressing and the coating was crispy and served to soft squid well.

Chicken curry main was BEAUTIFULLY spiced and chicken thigh meat instead if the usual dry breast was juicy. Supported by a perfect, and I don't say that lightly, garlic nan bread and I was a happy chap.

I tried the own brand IPA which was nice and refreshing. Total including service £27, not bad at all for central London.

My only negative is that ALL of the food arrives when ever it's ready... I wasn't warned about this and I suggest you inform folks.

I'll pop back next time I'm around.

4 by Colin McGregor Review source

As with every Dishoom you will have to wait. We had to queue to get into the bar area, followed by a wait at the bar. Whilst waiting outside you get free chai tea or sherry, which is a nice gesture. In total we waited an hour but most of that was drinking wine at a table in the bar, so not too bad. In terms of layout this is my least favourite Dishoom, it doesn't have as much character as king's cross. We sat in the basement which does feel like a basement. The food is magnificent though, something as boring as ordering a chicken tikka results in a delightful taste experience. Dishoom is a must. My favourite time to go is breakfast, egg and bacon naan is an inspired addition to the breakfast scene.

3 by Jack Gillett Review source

I'm giving 3 stars because my expectations were very very high after hearing all these great things about dishoom and seriously the 1h20min waiting time can be frustrating. The staff apologises for the wait on every occasion and provides hot drinks if you're queuing outside, at least that's what they can do.The food is really not that phenomenal, it's just good. It's like a sophisticated version of Indian food with lighter taste more suitable for an European palette. I think what makes the overall experience nice is the ambience, very well designed interior and professional and caring staff. I would have given 4 stars but because the place is so hyped up it will be 3.

3 by Adrien White Review source

We went for a surprise birthday lunch. On initial arrival the staff were very helpful allocated us our seats before the star guest arrived. The waiting staff were very pleasant and didn't rush us into starting our menu. When we were ready to order, they were alert and arrived within moments. The food was extremely tasteful, as we were a big group we ordered a wide selection from the menu. The order didn't take long and the staff allowed us to order extra if needed. Our 9 month old daughter was also with us this day, the charismatic staff were very interactive and brought many smiles and gave her plenty of attention; Thank You

4 by Jamie Smith Review source

It's one of the best Indian restaurant in London. Love the vegan, gluten free and diary free menu. But they do but prepare customized food from the menu. Everything is almost prepared before ordering. We usually do not have onion, garlic (Jain meal) and no red chilli. They had NO food that can go with our requirement.
At last, has no choice but to have the signature Black dhaal with white rice. It was no doubt delicious, but spicy.
I don't really recommend this place, until they prepare food from scratch before ordering.

3 by srinivasan Arumugam Review source

To begin with, I had a bad experience. I was told at the entrance I could order “small plate” at the bar whilst waiting for a table but the bar staff refused outright to take any food order. Twice. I raised this issue with so called manager but instead of inquiring about this in detail or clarify as to why staff refused to take order,they offered genuine apology and also offered a starter(on the house). While I appreciate the gesture I still unhappy about the initial treatment. If not for this bad experience this review would’ve been 5 star.

2 by Madhu Mikkili Review source

Amazing Black Dhal. I heard that it's prepared for hours and it's a plate not to miss if you visit. It definitely lived up to the hype. Okra fried are my second favourite order but it's a bit of a hit and miss - sometimes great sometimes not. I guess it depends on who's preparing them.

Don't be afraid to share if you're in a group, as that's the whole point if you ask me. Make sure you get a good amount of puts if you're getting the dhal to share, as you'll be scooping non stop.

5 by Vincent Martínez Review source

I visited as part of a group of 15 on Saturday 13 Jan at lunchtime. Overall good experience in terms of staff, venue, location etc. The one item I was really looking forward to enjoying was the Lamb Shank. To avoid any altercations at our table we ordered two of them. The presentation of it and the tenderness of the lamb was very good. As for the taste both of them were very salty. The staff could not do anything about it. We couldn’t date order more of the same! A real shame. All other food items we ordered were good.

3 by Izaz Ali Review source

Really tasty Indian food in a restaurant modelled on old Mumbai cafes. Be prepared to wait outside or in the bar as it can take some time getting a table in here. The food is definitely worth the wait. I do wish the food menu was a bit more extensive, options are quite limited but the service was impeccable. Masala tea is a must try, as is the creamy house black daal. Breakfast is also very popular at this place and highly recommended. Again the breakfast menu is quite limited but what they do have is really good.

4 by Dhiraj Kerai Review source

One of the best curry houses I have been to, the food was fantastic, staff were very friendly and good prices- will be visiting again.

The waitress explained the menu and recommended dishes based on my spice tolerance and preferred meat.

The waiting time was 1 hour and I got offered free chai while waiting outside and there was a pre-table bar with a selection of beers, wines and cocktails at competitive prices.

Food was delivered to the table within 15 mins of ordering.

5 by Tom Bradford Review source

Great restaurant, the food taste amazing however it is slightly on the pricy side and portions can be quite small. However for the taste it's definitely worth it. The restaurant is nicely decorated and has a cosy vibe.
They have a great drinks menu and bar for drinks while waiting for seats.
Get a reservation before you visit as seats as usually always booked out and queues can last for more than an hour.
I always find the tables aren't big enough for all the dishes.

5 by Review source

We ate here on a Thursday evening. Arrived at 6 and had to wait at the bar for 10 minutes for a table. We were seated downstairs. I had chicken tikka, plain rice and black dhal. It was very tasty and quite spicy. My companions had either the fish or selected from the vegan menu and everybody really enjoyed the food.
When we left the place was heaving and there was a long queue outside the door. The restaurant across the street was empty. Says it all.
We will definitely return here.

4 by Winda Maharani Review source

The place is good overall but definitely not worth an hour's wait. If you really want to eat here have cocktails (they are good!) and snacks at the bar while waiting, though only if you can find a place to sit at the bar... Dishes are not particularly creative but all well executed. What I didn't like was that the chicken tikka was slightly charred on the one side. Service is friendly and prices reasonable for the area. But still, not worth the wait if there is a long queue.

4 by Ali S Review source

There was a power outage when we went so my comment probably isn't representative of others' experiences, but my main issue was the lack of communication from staff after the outage happened. We'd been there for almost 1 hour 45 minutes since arriving and were still waiting to order food (the power outage lasted around 30 mins of that time). Eventually we left without having ordered food as there was no indication we'd be able to place the order anytime soon.

2 by Keith van der Linde Review source

First time at Dishroom! We were three so we had to walk in without reservation. We had to wait 1 hour and 20 minutes but it was worth because the food is amazing! During the queue outside they served hot mint tea. At the bar we had really nice cocktails. Finally table was free! They explained us all the menu and gave really useful suggestions! 3 shared starters and one main each! Food was tasty and well served!
Great location - impressive place - excellent food!

4 by Federica Ponziani Review source

The food is amazing, especially the curries and lamb chops! Also great for weekend brunch. The interiors are lovely, feels like you're taking a break from London and are transported somewhere else which is magical. Compared to more authentic Indian places in London, portions are tiny and everything is overpriced. This whole thing where you can't book unless you're more than 6 people, meaning you have to queue for ages, is absolutely ridiculous, however.

4 by Susan Zhuang Review source

Visited on Friday around 6pm so the queue was not too long. Staff is really helpful and accommodating. Food is quite good but as it is rated so highI was expecting more. The place is really busy but food arrived quite quickly which makes me believe that food was already pre-made. Also, while waiting for our table I had a non alcoholic cocktail which was literally only syrup and some commercial soft drink. Overall the experience is positive just way overhyped place.

3 by Asta Sileryte Review source

Wasn't sure about this place given that there is always a huge queue I was worried it was simply overhyped.

Most of our wait was spent in the bar which is a really nice place to sit and have a drink. On that front they have you covered with a large cocktail menu and the usual drinks you would expect.

When you are seated the food is really good. Everything cooked well and nicely spiced.

Will definitely pay them another visit.

5 by Thomas Charman Review source

Dishoom has a great selection of tasty food and drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner so there is no good reason not to visit. The staff are friendly and are always willing to help you with the menu and there is even a gluten free menu for those that need it meaning that you don’t have to check each plate for allergens which is amazing! The Shoreditch restaurant has a covered outdoor seating area for warmer days too (if you can get a seat!) Highly recommended.

5 by Ben Enderby Review source

The food is pretty good and atmosphere here is great. Really like he colonial feel. On the downside, they refuse to take bookings which basically means they miss out on a huge amount of custom from me. Could never arrange a business lunch here because making clients and investors wait is just not what one does. They don't seem to get that people can't and won't wait for hours for a table and I know many colleagues avoid it for the same reason.

3 by Karin Nielsen Review source

first it all I recommend all to reserve. I came with some colleagues after a whole day of meeting, we arrived around 6.45 and at that point there were at least 5 more groups waiting for a table. they have a bar with some tables where you can sit and wait, also get some snacks. around 9 there were a line outside of people waiting to get into the waiting place. nevertheless, waiter provided these people with hot drinks while they wait.

5 by Julian Mauricio Angel Review source

Second time at a Dishoom but first time at this branch. Food was beautiful, and the gimlet cocktails were excellent. Will definitely be back soon.

There was a queue to even get to the bar to and then wait to be seated, but while we were waiting the staff came along the queue to offer free drinks, which was a really nice touch. The cocktails were great so the wait wasn't an issue, and the food was worth it.

5 by Sam Allen Review source

Staff in the restaurant were brilliant- friendly and approachable. Unfortunately, the waiting time outside in the cold and then some more inside wasn't great- a total time of 2hours 15mins! I'm 6months pregnant so standing around wasn't ideal. Once we got in, food was average, I've definitely tasted better food, presentation however was decent. Overall, 2* as I was expecting much better tasting food.

2 by Review source

Cannot recommend this place enough! Do yourself a favour and get the naan roll for breakfast. A side of mushroom and Marsala beans will go down a treat.
When you're done order the chai (which they re-fill until you've had more than enough)
I doubt there's anything bad on the menu.

Handy tip: try to get a couch seat. You'll be thankful to sink into one when you're done.

4 by Review source

The food is AMAZINGGGG and super well priced. We ate A LOT (to the point of having a hard time breathing... lol) and we paid £23 each (without any alcohol though). The best plates are the black lentils and the Lamb. I would recommend to go at least 4 people so you can get quite a few different plates and share with everyone!

Only bad thing: had to wait for an hour and a half for a table. Worth it? Yes!

5 by Laura Carvalho Review source

The food gets an 8/10. Well cooked, really good quality and the right flavours. A somewhat limited menu but that’s definitely a good thing. It’s not the best Indian I’ve had hence the lower marks. But what really makes this place stand out is the customer service. Top marks, really helpful floor staff who want to ensure the experience is as good as it can be. No wonder the queue is going out of the door.

5 by Sri Aathavan Review source

We heard that this place is populair, so we went to the restaurant around 6pm and luckly got a table straight away. Had a lovely time here! The food is amazing and the service is quick and friendly. Good suggestions and alert of allergies etc. We went back the next morning to have breakfast and again really delicious! Thank you for the lovely time and hope to come back if I'm in London again!

5 by Josephiene Feenstra Review source

Best Indian restaurant is situated at London. The test of all Indian foods is osam. Peoples are waiting here for an one to two hours. The best variety of wine wisky beer vodka rum etc are serve here. We can get vegetarian and nonvegeterian foods . Goat dum briyani is very popular in London. This hotel is awarded number one best Indian restaurant in London. I like this hotel very much.

5 by gk Pawar Review source

The moment I got recommendations from more then one person I knew I had to get here, told there was a 75 min wait which in my books is a massive positive. The food had to be great and it didn't disappoint, this place was very busy but not once did I feel rushed. And I was a saddo eating on my own following business meetings, if I get back to London I will be back.

5 by Joseph Correia Review source

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