Five Guys - Birmingham

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Five Ways Leisure Centre Unit 6 - Phase Ii Board St, Birmingham, B15 1AY

+44 121 643 0439




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Cant seem to get an order right ! I have been to this particular restaurant on several occasions now, headed home with my food to find they have given me the wrong burger or missed stuff off that i had paid extra for I.E Bacon cheese burger turned out to be a standard burger covered in ketchup and lettuce when we clearly asked for bacon cheese and no salad or sauces. Staff are arrogant and rude and have total disregard to what you have actually paid for.

For just under £30 for 2 fast food burgers and fries i expect a decent level of service at least and the correct food to be made. Or is that too much to ask ?

This seems to be an isolated issue as I've eaten at many other Five Guys Restaurants and cant say enough good things about them. But B'ham Broad street... Don't bother.. save your money and the disappointment and go to Nandos over the road.

1 by Arjan Sanghera Review source

Went to FIVE GUYS on Broad Street during lunch time with a friend. The customer service was fantastic, with friendly staff.

Tried the Veggie Sandwich (veggie burger) and fries. Very nice succulent burger but a damn shame we couldn’t try the cheese burger as the establishment doesn’t offer a Kosher or Halal option.

Tried the milk shake too, which was very very average and way way overpriced (robbery) ... 3 stars... may go back and possibly give a 5 star in future but I doubt they will reduce their prices which are very expensive as a meal for one could end up costing £10+.

3 by Kaka Jones Review source

I ordered online so that I could simply collect my order on arrival. Burger was ready exactly on time. Standard size burger us actually pretty massive double burger with plenty of choice of toppings which don't cost extra. If you have small appetite then go for small size as a standard is a double burger. An extra patty costs more but unless you want three or more patties I wouldn't bother. I recommend if there are two of you, just order one normal size chips as they are massive portions. If you like burgers then you'll like these!

4 by Alex Horwood Review source

Overpriced and tasteless food and rude staff. First time here and not sure what to order, cashier rude and impatient and almost mocking when not knowing what you have or what toppings I wanted had the topping list practically shoved into my hand. After payment was made no instruction as what to do next. Food presention could be better than burger wrapped in foil and fries in a polystyrene cup. Will not be rushing to return any time soon

1 by kimberley nunns Review source

Kind of pricey but the burgers are top notch, the fries are amazing and shakes are some of the best I've tried outside of a popular burger place inside Star City. I also have to mention that the service is really good too.

One word of warning that I will give is that Five Guys do use peanut oil for their fries, and therefore people with allergies to nuts do need to be careful if planning a visit for just their burgers.

5 by chomerly Review source

Five guys is great for a treat! The ingredients are high quality and are never processed which explains the high prices and is the only con. The burgers and fries are huge portions -- with a standard burger having 2 patties. The extra toppings are extensive but free thankfully and the same with their milkshakes. For taste, this is unbeaten compared to McDonalds and KFC (although they do not serve chicken)!

4 by J SC Review source

Expensive, better go to a pub and get a proper burger with less. Went to this place today and then while trying to return to use the toilet was stopped by staff claiming that I could not use the toilet without paying for something. After having spent 25£ on 2 tasteless burgers ... Would never step into this place again definitely ....

1 by Bernardo Sarruf Review source

After seeing Five Guys all over London and never going, when I was in Birmingham I thought I'd see what all the fuss is about.

Giant burgers, made with whatever you want in them, exactly how you want them.

And if that isn't good enough, you get a ginormous portion of hand cut fries to go on the side!

5 by Matt Morris Review source

Love this place. Staff are really pleasant. Don't have palpitations at having to serve someone who is obviously not a millennial.
Loud and brash. Great Rock and roll soundtrack.

Lot for a burger, but not for a meal, which it is: and the are amazing, along with the equally excellent
Be back.

5 by Glenn R. Review source

DON'T let this five guys put you off! I went to the one in merry Hill and it was lovely so clean and friendly. I came to the one here (broad st) staff are lazy all they do is stand around talking. The food was bland and the fries tasted like there were cooked in dirty oil!!! NEVER AGAIN.

1 by Laila Afif Review source

BLT was awful, I really wish I'd have taken it back but it was my son's birthday treat shopping in Birmingham and didn't want to rock the boat..... turns out he wasn't impressed either, £20 down the drain Sorry guys we won't be coming back

1 by Sara Coyle Review source

The food looks, tastes and IS gross! It isn't worth the amount paid. Also, one of the times we had visited, we waited ages for our order despite the fact that there were about 10-15 poeple working there and only 3 other customers! I would NOT recommend!

1 by Yacoubinator Review source

Actually really nice compared to other international chains. The only thing I would say is that it's quite expensive for what it is even when taking little portions. These little portions aren't that little though so it's not too bad.

4 by Mathieu Leroy Review source

I understand their idea. Fast food but premium ingredients.
But it doesn't work for me.
The burgers taste brilliant and you have it your way, but the prices are far too high for a fast food joint.

3 by Christopher Whelan Review source

Sit in the back of the restaurant if it's cold out as the front door is generally propped open which will freeze you and your food. Otherwise standard five guys. Good food, clean restaurant, good atmosphere.

4 by Kyle Seeber Review source

Five guys is the best burger place. This one is nice and big and clean with really friendly staff.

It is expensive, but it's a great meal and perfect just before hitting the cinema.

5 by Chris Key Review source

Five guys is amazing everywhere. This branch is very big and it has many seating area. Try their awesome 'add what you want' milk shake. Perfect for finishing a quick night out.

5 by Korn Damrongwisetpanit Review source

Just came in for a quick burger on top of a very healthy dinner... Yeah.
Really great burger it was and friendly service. All a bit expensive but very tasty. Recommended.

4 by Dirk Jüttemeier Review source

Love the food, love the staff, don't love the price. It's a very fine balance between being expensive but worth it and 'a nandos is same price but better'

4 by David wyatt Review source

Over priced for what you get, seems they taken the American price converted it to gbp, but then used an equivalent to tescos value range. Better value at Nandos next door.

2 by Jamie Bell Review source

Five guys is amazing. Expensive, but I still keep finding myself coming back here! The burgers are great, the fries are spot on and the drinks options are numerous!

5 by Daniel Caddick-Brown Review source

Pricey but brilliant.

Bacon cheeseburger, all the way, cajun fries and Cherry vanilla coke,


Love this place!

5 by Craig Simmons Review source

The food is great, much better than McDonald's or Burger King. But because of this you have to be willing to pay more than those places too.

4 by Jamie Pilsworth Review source

Great family burger restaurant, it’s just a shame they do not offer gluten free buns but u can have a lettuce wrapped burger instead, high quality

4 by Dharmindar Chahal Review source

Nice restaurant . Usually crowded during lunch or dinner time. Serves burgers, fries, shakes etc freshly made ingredients. It’s an American chain

4 by Capt Barnwal Review source

One of the best burgers I've had in a while, however 30 quid for 2 burgers, 1 portion of chips and a beer each is very, very expensive.

3 by Davey Walmsley Review source

Meat not juicy at all - in fact, too dry. Ok, it is better than McDonald's, but at this price, who cares? (I have not tried the fries.)

2 by 石傲枝 Review source

Children enjoyed it, it's pricey and they have an array if flavoured drinks - not only fizzy drinks but still drinks aswell.

5 by Retain Interest Review source

Completely overpriced food with no real thought for service and presentation. Bag of loose chips with a cold burger anyone?

2 by Simon Johns Review source

Without a doubt the best fast food burger chain in the country. Its just a shame its also the most expensive by a mile!

4 by Tom Nicholls Review source

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