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330 Purley Way, Croydon, CR0 4XJ

+44 20 8662 4730




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Oh dear what can i say............not a bad shop but what else could you expect, it is a John Lewis after all. Can never get any assistance in the store unless you are in the television and audio department where they all seem to be hanging out. Being that the store is located on its own you can only chose to sit there to have a bite to eat and drink but this is a major problem as the lack of choice is really bad and no gluten free options are ever available. lunch time is the busiest time of day and the food has nearly all gone, should you be lucky to find something to eat you then end up in a queue for at least 10 minutes as staff do not seem to be well trained. This store seems to be forgotten by the John Lewis company as its not up to their usual high standards as we have come to expect from this favorite high street giant. What a shame as this was not a pleasant shopping experience.

2 by glenson1133 Review source

After 4 attempts and waiting of mare than an hour I was put through to Tina, I asked her if you price match Costco store and she went on a band wagon telling me quite aggressively that JL don't price match online companies even though I informed her that it was Costco store not online she shouted saying that stop interrupting while I tell u the policy. I explained her that I know about the online policy I am asking about Costco store, she abruptly ended the call. John Lewis service now has gone down. I have been a loyal customer of John Lewis for 35 years and staff think they have a chip on their shoulder. Sadly no more shopping at John Lewis after this incident.

1 by Sandeep Khanna Review source

Bought a panasonic DVD player with extended warranty. Broke down almost immediately. Waited hours for some sullen JW kid to finally take it back to be repaired, TWO WEEKS later got it back with same problem. Gave it back to another sullen JW staff member, (no apology,) THREE WEEKS later got it back (after numerous calls were ignored or they had no idea what was happening,) SAME PROBLEM again. JW clearly pays ignorant amateur staff peanuts and get monkeys as a result. This was a major store by the way. Another store I first went to was even worse. No one there could advise me on anything. Or wanted to. NEVER shop here.

1 by Review source

A down sized version of the larger John Lewis stores. Carries a decent range of homeware and electricals. No clothing however. The cafe is abysmal and lets the John Lewis brand down. After a visit there, I complained because it was so appalling.
The cafe is actually run by a contractor. The food on offer was very limited. The cakes were dried out and the sandwich I ordered was horrible. The service was extremely slow and two elderly gentleman in front of me ended up laughing hysterically.
A nice place to shop but a terrible place to grab a bite to eat.

3 by Lisa R H Review source

Excellent customer service apart from one extremely rude employee. I believe her name was Jenny (old ish woman with short dark hair). We were looking for some cushions and bed sheets and she was giving me and my family dirty looks as we took down cushions to compare. Even before we had finished choosing she started putting them back and was very impolite and getting in our way. However the products are extremely well made and everyone else in the store were very polite and friendly. Would give 5 stars if it wasn't for the particular woman.

3 by Review source

Good customer service and support in buying your goods. The store is laid out over several floors with a variety of different products and services. Although the products are quite expensive they are always to a very good standard and usually the latest version or designers out there. They have good customer services\\u200b. Friendly staff that are always welcoming and helpful and it seems like a good layout for disabled shoppers aswell, due to the escalators\\u200b and lifts.

5 by Jason Grant Review source

Great staff on the shop floor who are knowledgeable. Love the variety of stock. Café cake tasted a bit medicinal. They should take a leaf out of the National Trust style cafés - tasty local produce and efficient and quick staff.

Annoyingly, I always seem to be served by someone ending their shift who leaves midway through my taking my order (invariably only drinks and maybe food for 2 people).

4 by tsr tsr Review source

Large store full of homewares including lighting, white goods for the kitchen, sofas, beds, and electronics. There is also a room fragrance section which is great for gifts. The staff here are usually well informed although sometimes a little slow. There us plenty of parking here so there is never trouble finding somehwere to park. There is also a cafe at the back although i have never bought from there.

5 by Sarah Lynch Review source

service was not great. went to pick up a Christmas tree the employees were just talking amongst themselves. I had to interrupt thier conversation to get some help.

why did I have to say 'sorry' for interrupting thier conversation? they were supposed to be at work! and the customer is standing right in front of them. I didn't go there to look at them!

1 by Kandee Kannan Review source

Great to have a John Lewis in croydon, always clean and nicely laid out store. It loses a star due to higher prices than other stores for similar items and the staff, though polite, are always very reluctant to adhere to John Lewis' price promise. They always seem to come up with a weak excuse for not wanting to offer it even when all T&Cs are met.

4 by James Worthington Review source

Good John Lewis store dedicated to homeware, furniture etc. I felt that the range was a bit limited in certain things on display versus the inventory that John Lewis broadly stocks, particularly on some white goods, beds and bedroom furniture.

Still worth a visit if you're doing up your home and relatively local.

4 by Jannat Shah Review source

Great to have a JL home in the area....always love their products, good quality and great service. Only negative is this store is small and does not carry as many products as Oxford st or Kingston. It would be great to have a larger John Lewis store in the centre of Croydonl, ike the one in Kingston it would do very well!

5 by Kirsty A Review source

Very bad experience of staff ordering items on line as they are out of stock. Order then cancelled without explanation. Very frustrating and very difficult to resolve.

I think John Lewis is losing it's way in terms of customer service ....... no one knows anything and no one will take responsibility

1 by Peter Beale Review source

I just come in to buy some towels when it comes down to pricing your searching around trying to look for the price it's like John Lewis's is trying to hide the price very frustrating and stupid because people will just walk back out again you need to wake up for this fact John Lewis's.

3 by Review source

Ordered made to measure blinds through this store to which John Lewis messed up twice. When returning the second time the lady helping me didn't seem bothered and I didn't even receive an apology. There are plenty of other shops that are cheaper and have the same quality blinds.

1 by Review source

Nice store for browsing, though rarely find what we're looking for, and find of a particular product there isn't often a good choice of alternatives.
Oxford Street store is generally better despite not being a dedicated Home store.
Nice cafe.
Easy parking.

4 by S Cartwright Review source

John Lewis never knowingly undersold is a joke. Majority of their products a drastically over priced and low quality compared to what else is on the market and this particular store is like a bad jumble sale. Walk next door to next or Tk Maxx for a far better shopping experience

2 by ben loyd holmes Review source

We wanted to check out JL's rugs, but they only had half a dozen out, and most of them were discount end of line rugs.

The staff also don't seem to care too much that people's kids run around screaming and climbing on all the sofas and carpets.

3 by Adam Grace Review source

Big John Lewis fan .First visit to the store.disappointing.Had none of the items I wanted in stock. Told to buy on line.Store was messy and untidy and disorganised. Very few staff on the layout not friendly.Sorry I will be buying in Kingston and Horsham .

1 by Review source

Not as pleasant an experience as a fully fledged John Lewis store, nor even as big as most of the other Purley Way retail outlets, but it's OK and less packed than Ikea. Decent cafe and good toilets and baby change, which is rare for the Purley Way outside of Ikea.

3 by James Aitken Review source

Excellent customer service. No unwanted questions. Fast efficient and respectfu attitudel towards me considering my foreign accent and my age. I bought a sewing machine. It was brought from a storage room in 3 minutes. The cashier offered to take it to the car for me)))

5 by Olya F Review source

Haven't see fantastic service from their partners yet. Visited this store few times now. Still the staff on floor haven't done anything impressive to be called great. Still buying only hoping that if I require after sales service I wouldn't be let down.

3 by Gnans S Review source

Good for having John Lewis products in an easy-to-reach location without having to go to central London. One floor with quite a comprehensive selection of John Lewis' homewares, a great idea. It's easy to get tempted especially in the kitchen department.

4 by Joe Erber Review source

Great store, nice for a browse around and the partners there are always happy to help. Always manage to find what I need, and if they don't have it in stock, they will order it in for you. Nice little cafe in there too, handy as I live close by. recommended :)

5 by richard booth Review source

Great staff and nice toilets facility very friendly member of staff always polite and treat you nicely. They should include clothing and wait rose addition would be nice with the space they have. As there is no better store in the area at the moment.

4 by Muhammad Saifullah Saleem Review source

A nicely laid John Lewis with confusing car park but on one level which is a bonus .plus it's easy to lose your car after shopping. Rest is normal high standard of John lewis.
Although less expert advisers if you are looking geeky answers.

5 by junaid nawaz Review source

Great service from lovely staff. Felt like I was in 'Customer Service' heaven.

Nice range of products for your home. Plenty of niknaks.

Cafe is quite nice too. Didn't like the look of the soup so had cake

5 by Mark Ketteringham Review source

Great service, happy staff, always willing to help. Such service isn't available in other companies. I wanted a microwave, within 5mins I had been helped, served and collect my item. Thank you John Lewis for a great shopping experience.

5 by Malcolm Baker Review source

Very pleased as I had ordered the wrong item for a click and collect,when I explained this to the man serving me not a problem he said and promptly changed for the correct item,I paid the difference and walked out a happy customer.

5 by Review source

Good for home stuff. Full range not available as its small and on one floor only and they have tried to squeeze in as many things as possible. Not much of a range for anything ( e.g. fridges, freezers, juicers, cooking stuff etc)

2 by N Brar Review source

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