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I went to shop here (25/10/16) and I can't believe one of the biggest supermarket chains in the country still does not have contactless, and as a protest I won't be shopping at Sainsbury's again until they are installed. I have spoken to several elderly people that didn't like contactless payments at first, now they are used to it they love it, no more need for them to remember pin numbers or cover the machine to hide their number. All the shops I go to in Streatham have contactless except Sainsbury's. Oh, and they are way too expensive.

1 by David Del'Nero Review source

Visited your store for the first time today. The woman serving at click and collect is doing an amazing job, but she needs a light in her van as it’s dark and she must get very cold being out there all day. The service in the shop itself is superb, friendly and hard working staff each still smiling despite being so busy. I can honestly say I’ve never seen such a better example of a well organised and cohesive team. Merry Christmas to you all and keep up the excellent work!!

5 by Katharyn Cairns Review source

Sainsbury's Cafe, is the best place to get a Hot Drink, or a Hot, meal. With any socialise companion, and Nabil is a great member of staff. He always welcome. And he make sure that you. Always, Have a small each time you. visit, so! I will tip my hat to him. Each time I dine there, I will keep on saying to him. Well done. Sir, and I! Hope that he will get recognise for is dedication for looking after the customer's.

5 by Mr.Lucan Wint Review source

Good sized Sainsburys, a lot of product variety of offer and the prices are reasonable. Weekly shop comes out cheaper than tesco's from my experience. The car park is quite big never fully fills up so no worries about parking. Also has 2 cash points outside. The only negative is the drive out junction. Because of where the exit is with a car it takes a while on busy periods and theres usually long traffic queues to leave.

4 by Morph Review source

Thrilled with my trip to the store on Saturday when passing two store assistants in the foyer of the store I was complemented on how nice I looked - such a lovely thing for them to do completely out of the blue. If everyone at the store is so nice then Sainsbury's Streatham Common is certainly a great place to shop. Thank you girls - you made my day - well actually probably my year!!

5 by Jacqueline Broderick Review source

A standard Sainsbury's experience! They have all the little bits and pieces you might have run out of or forgotten on your big shop with the convenience of being able to walk there in a few minutes. Usually the queue to pay is longer than you'd want for an in and out shop, and often you have to wait slightly too long for help at self service, the only real problems.

4 by Hetal Gadhia Review source

This used to be my most favourite store in terms of staff, service and friendly atmosphere. Being a single mum I used to feel like this is a store for me and really local as well and an extremely hands-on management. Recently however, I find some new staff very abrupt, unfriendly and rude. Don't know quiet what happened to my local store. Really disappointed.

2 by yvonne wolkowska Review source

I love Sainsburys; enough class and less pretentious than Waitrose although buying Argos is very doubtful. This is a lovely store particularly the building its in which looks like a renovated storehouse or similar. Will be missed as im moving away from area and as good as they come for supermarket stores.

5 by Sim J Review source

Love to shop here. Free parking for up to 3 hours. Has a coffee shop but was told that they do not have any plugs in the coffee shop (so forget charging your phone battery if its running dead) and custom service in the coffee shop is not at all that great. But ok if you want a bite to eat or a cuppa.

3 by Paulette Jennings Review source

Compared to other supermarkets such as Tesco prices can be steep however the offers they have tend to match or beat others. Signal is very bad in this place with none being available deeper in the store, not the worst thing but if you need to ring someone or google a recipe you are out of luck.

4 by Robert Godden Review source

The store has an increasingly wider range of products and has a decent sized car park. However, the currency counter closes much earlier than the rest of the store, the layout of the place seems odd and too spread out, Also, the prices are not that competitive..

3 by Roxxana Summer Review source

I don't know why the cashiers have the tendency to use their saliva on their hands to open plastic bags but it is absolutely disgusting and unhygienic. They are also handling your goods. I had to clean the items when I got home.Also the prices are too high.

1 by Saz Taylor Review source

On the plus side there is plenty of parking and it's as any other supermarket.
But the cafe is a bit of a joke, grossly overpriced with a poor selection and the service is slow and ,quite frankly, not a lot of laughs

2 by Brendan Whelan Review source

Good selection of vegan products. Large store. Helpful staff. Excellent world food options.

Some issues with keeping certain products in stock (always sold out of my brand of Oat milk, for example), but otherwise great.

4 by Review source

If you have trouble walking or getting around the store you can ask for a mobility scooter to enable to use to do your shopping. It's not advertised in store so just go to customer service and ask for one

4 by Jenny Heathcote Review source

Poor quality fruit and vegetables. Lidl nearby is cheaper and the quality is higher. Tesco Extra, which is five minutes walk is much bigger and better. This is the worst supermarket in this neighbourhood.

1 by Greg Cahill Review source

The dates on the food are not great so be careful. I didn't have £1 for the trolley and the staff made it difficult to over come this situation, quite unlike any store I've been to before

3 by Samantha Balch Review source

Well laid out store, staff helpful, shelves have popular items stocked, even late in the evening. Cafe has good range of drinks and hot snacks and comfy chairs. Toilets clean and fragrant

4 by Simon Boden Review source

I stop here sometimes for a coffee and a bite to eat. Free toilets and hand car washing services available as. There a small section of clothing but there's not a mans section here.

3 by Delboy Headlam Review source

Better than Tesco up the road. Sensible sized shop with full product range but not so big that you have to trek to find everything. Good car park without annoying checkout procedure.

4 by Paul Milligan Review source

Well laid out store and easy access for parking. Very good value, well stocked and clearly labelled. Friendly checkout staff. All in all a very pleasant shopping experience.

5 by Sandra Miles Review source

I shop there every week for my groceries. It stocks the items I like to purchase, and the quality of the food is of a good quality. The staff are polite and helpful.

5 by Mary Boothe Review source

Cash machines
Good cab service
Huge car park and valet service available
Clothing range
Convenient location for Streatham Common

4 by Tiffani Jeffrey Review source

Prices a bit higher than other local supermarkets like Tesco, Iceland and Lidl and some items I like have been discontinued but available in Tesco.

4 by Bob Prabhu Review source

Reasonably quiet on a saturday morning. Very helpful fishmonger and little queues on the tills. Much nicer experience that the Tesco up the road.

4 by Andrew Jackson Review source

I love this store. The staff are friendly and helpful, and it carries a much wider range of products than another 'large' sainsburys.

5 by Review source

Good supermarket with a wide range of fresh and frozen food. Fresh fish and meat counter, fresh bakery and a huge range of cheeses.

4 by Android Setup Review source

As supermarkets go.... Good location opposite Streatham common large store and also have a recycling station outside. Good parking.

3 by Amanda Trought Review source

Minor struggle sourcing a ready supply of lemon thyme, but all was resolved by a less disgruntled than expected employee

4 by Mark Crowther Review source

What can I say? A customer of more than twenty years and I still keep coming back. Mind you, I live about 500m away...

5 by Luis Brazofuerte Review source

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