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I have been there yesterday because my family is in London and even if it is not my favorite pizza place it was convenient for all the guest (we were in 16) and the pizza is not even so bad, if you remember to ask it overcook otherwise is totally raw inside, I have tried different branches and it works in this way everywhere).
Since the begin we were served by a lady dressed in black (I presume the manager) in a very rude way, she was not even able to wait us to finish the questions about the menu (it was the first time for my family of course) that she was starting 'answering' what she thought the answer would be but of course most of the time the latter was wrong and anyway even if it would be right, it was said in a very unprofessional rude way.
When a friend of mine was going to ask another thing she just
exclaim 'WE DO NOT HAVE ANY COKE' while we were going to ask something totally different, I totally felt like she thought we were a bunch of naive italians while ALL OF US (except my family) have lived in London for long time.
Luckily lately a different waitress served us and he was really nice, gentle and patience (mood in which you must be if you are serving a table of 16 people, I have worked as a waitress for 4 years, I know what it means); unfortunately I do not remember his name.
At the end we decided to end with a limoncello so we ordered 20 of them, after 1 minute we decide do take 32 of them (2 each person) and the waitress rolled her eyes and she was annoyed because she had to make 12 more (ehm.....that means money for you, don't you know that?).
I was kind of speechless about the service customer.
the pizza as always is not good and not bad.
Hope the manager (if she was) will find a more suitable work for herself.

1 by Review source

I've been to this specific Franco Manca a few times now but I won't anymore. It's so poorly run. Today we called up in advance to check if they sold gluten free pizza, we came 15 minutes later and they said they didn't. There weren't many other options for my girlfriend to eat. Don't advertise something on your menu which you run out of or don't sell. Pizza Express would never do that.
Most times i've come here the food is decent. Not amazing but decent, but they always forget things i've ordered and are slow to correct mistakes and customer service (namely apologising) is lacking.
In fairness when I complained for a second time today the manager did apologise but by then I'd decided not to come back.
The previous time I complained to a different manager about food being forgotten, they did not take it well or apologise. They had forgotten toppings on the pizza and gave them to us, uncooked, on a side plate rather than recooking the pizza.
Every time i've been here something has been lacking. The restaurant isn't busy enough that I cut them any slack. Overall I enjoy the pizza but the service is so poor that I will eat elsewhere because I end up feeling like an inconvenience rather than a guest.

Edit. I emailed them and they replied but didn't subsequently get back to me. It's been 3 weeks now. If that isn't an indication of how dreadful the service is I don't know what is.

2 by Rah K Review source

I am shocked to read the review of a snooty and racist girl Charlotte Allport, not living long enough to appreciate all good stuff. Rating it as disgusting?Asking for English people to be employed in an Italian Restaurant? You need to get the grip girl, because the foreign people all around you are making it happen! and working the jobs that are 'well below' for Brits. Please do a favour to all Italians, and don't visit Italian authentic restaurants!
The food was fresh, simple and tasty.
The staff proficient in English language (I don't speak Italian), warm, smiley, welcoming, the ambience of the whole place is lively, all staff and guests sang me a happy B-day too. I left my present behind and as soon as I remembered and came back, the staff already holding it for me.
....all mentioned, puts Franco Manca £60/3, well above Marco Pierre White in Chelsea with £145/3 spent, cold ambience and over salted old mash.
Mariano - who took a very good care of our table, well done. Wishing you and all the staff more of Magdalena's type of review's and none of Charlotte's :-)

5 by Review source

This is the only place I've ever eaten at where the customers have been charged on their cards more than what the waiter had said out loud he was going to put on the cards (which included already a more than 10% tip). We were two couples; he didn't give the other couple a receipt so they did not know what they had paid (he did it contactless and did not show us what he had actually typed into the machine before charging our cards) and then when we asked for our receipt, we saw he had overcharged us and pointed it out. He did not apologise (his name was something like Impiaggio) and instead sent another waiter over who was very angry and rude (we did not get his name but he is quite distinctive with two stud piercings on the back of his neck), who also did not apologise for their dishonesty, which makes it seem that they are clearly in cahoots scamming customers everyday. Shameless and disgusting. Service did not deserve the tip anyway. Franco Manca's should fire these dishonest people quite frankly.

1 by Review source

Delicious food and very friendly staff is what I always find in Franco Manca!!
Reasonable price, authentic and always fresh ingredients!!
Place always has a lovely and welcoming atmosphere!!! All the staff is so helpful and cheerful!
Never had bad experience there! Always felt looked after!!!

I hope this disturbing and highly inappropriate comments by this Charlotte Allport gets removed!!! Its very offensive towards hardworking foreign nationalities and untruthful towards this lovely restaurant!!!
Only very shallow and uneducated person could be this inconsiderate!!!

5 by Review source

Absolutely disgusting staff, so RUDE AND UNHELPFUL food was substandard and appeared old! Service was appalling I really recommend you leave this out!! Rude foreigners who can't even understand English and look at me as though I'm stupid!! Get some English talking staff. If you insist on having Italians working there then teach them English or better still employ someone English!!!!! If I had the choice I wouldn't have even given one star I'd have given it minus 5 stars!!

1 by Charlotte Allport Review source

Very basic affordable menu and wasnt really looking forward to going BUT blown away by the experience. The pizzas were amazingly delicious. The service was brilliant. Everything was clean and inviting. The staff were absolutely lovely and have to commend them. They were warm fun and accommodating despite it being such a busy Saturday night. I take my hat off to them and all restaurant should have staff like the ones here. Well done and keep up the work.

5 by Carmen Tulloch Review source

After having two positive experiences at the Ealing branch, I’ve been disappointed that the Westfield branch has not matched that standard despite being in a more prominent location. Each visit to this branch, we’ve had issues - incorrect orders, inadequate toppings, long delays. Credit to the staff for trying to rectify these issues (providing more toppings on the side, knocking items off the bill), but it’s a recurring theme here!

3 by Manish Modi Review source

Very,very slow service. Staff not friendly, very uninterested. Not busy when I went but the service was still very poor.
it took over 30 minutes for the food to come out. When I raised my concern to the manager I found him very defensive.
Pizza was good but not great. I expected a lot better. I would not recommend. Pizza express far better on food, menu choice and service in my opinion, so a no brainer.

1 by shehzad bashir Review source

Haven't ventured back here since the first limp, not particularly taste, visit. I think it very much varies as to who is spinning the dough and the temperature it's cooked at. The ingredients for its success are all there. It's just a matter of how the pizzas are assembled. I love sourdough bread, the pizzas though don't rise to the same standard despite their exotic names .

3 by Suzanne Iwai Review source

This pizza chain has expanded rapidly and the great thing about this location is that it is large enough not to suffer to find a place that does not take reservations. They have little choice but make the dough with sourdough and it shows, because it is rich. Prices are reasonable and the pizzas are all individual. The homemade tiramisu for dessert is a vice.

4 by Luis Rodríguez Review source

The sourdough bread doesn't disappoint! The pizzas are of generous size and relatively inexpensive, but not the most generous with the toppings (I'm being picky). The menu is small but interesting - it'll have what you want, but it's not just your standard pizza choices. However, service here was very slow.

4 by Michael Karim Rizq Review source

I ordered the meat special and was looking forward to It. Unfortunately when it came I could see small insects on the watercress. It was a clear sign that the watercress was not washed. I know it can happen but I am not impressed. They were anyway very nice as they did not charge for the pizza and they changed it immediately

3 by Marco Domizio Review source

£7.25 for a Medium Sized Pizza!!!! Bargain! Decent Atmosphere & Friendly Staff. The pizzas are very good, not the best, but u gotta say great value for money. The base is very thin, but overall a tasty good quality pizza. Soft drinks were a big let down though as there was only one or two options, no Coca-Cola etc.

4 by A R Review source

Food was very good, but some of the staff behaved a bit strangely. We asked a passing staff member for more water for the table and got a strange look, but no other response. The staff member didn't return for quite a long time, and when she finally did the water was warm! It was a very strange experience.

3 by Kelsey Patterson Review source

With a menu this basic you have to get it right and they certainly do. Great ingredients, perfect flavours and superb value. Eat your heart out Charlotte! And all the other wannabe pizza chains that come nowhere near to Bello Franco. This is pizza for adults!

5 by Review source

Definitely not aligned with Franco Manca standard I've been experiencing in the last few yrs across the other restaurants of the chain.The 'cornicione' was like a chewing gum whilst the pizza body was like a cracker biscuit. Need to improve.

2 by Marco Piscitelli Review source

I love this pizza so much. Beautiful sourdough base with quality ingredients and lovely hard/ soft cheese starters. Staff are friendly and well attentive. Best of all well priced food for the quality you get.

5 by Aaron G Review source

Wasn't overly impressed. Was given the menu then noone to take the order. Finally got a second waiter and a third waiter gave us the bill. Strikes me there's not enough staff on.

2 by Tina Kellber Savage Review source

Very noisy staff , food is good as all the other branches,but the staff here was extremely loud,shouting and talking to each other to add to the slow service. Not great atmosphere

2 by Devika Chowgule Review source

If really good pizza isn’t enough to make you happy, the friendly and attentive staff (one of the chefs and Antonio from the service at this location) definitely is! Thanks.

5 by Katharina Maria Wienen Review source

Lovely place, especially when it's sunny outside. Pizza is simply incredible and the complementary coffee we received can bring you to Italy if you close your eyes ❤️

5 by Elena Encheva Review source

The worst service ever! Pizza is good, but I won't come back never again, because staff does not pay attention and you have to wait forever to served.

1 by Review source

Absolute complete and utter rubbish service - took 45 mins for them to even seat me today. The staff were very rude it's a shame the pizza is nice

1 by Sarah Ahmed Review source

Good quality ingredients, nice staff, but the pizzas at this branch are not as well made as those form most of the Franco Mancas in central London.

3 by Vicki Jardine Review source

It's like being back in Naples! The sourdough is gorgeous, the range of toppings are amazing, flavours are delicious. Proper authentic pizza!

5 by Nishi Nota Review source

Kids pizza was great staff lovely except the female manager an older Italian woman.Maybe she doesn't like kids or prams in her restaurant

4 by Laura Chahrour Review source

Pizza is very good even for a picky Italian abroad but long wait time makes it quite a flat experience overall. Not sure I would come again.

4 by Sergio Fregoni Review source

We had a great dinner there! Amazing service and food as well! Highly recommend this place to everyone.. 5 stars from 3 Italian guy!!

5 by Denise Asaro Review source

Good pizzas Of the first ones I met with sourdough. They are somewhat different from the more conventional pizzas, but also good.

4 by Miguel Flavian Review source

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