Tesco Extra - Petrol Station - BN13 3HR

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Worthing, BN13 3HR




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It's a petrol station. If you need petrol or even diesel, then this is the place to go. If you want to get the car washed, then there are people in the Tesco Extra car park who will do it for you.

3 by Simon Clarke Review source

Party at pump option is a real time saver. Wait times aren't great are rush hour, as expected.

5 by James Review source

Nice big forecourt. They seem to permanently have one pump out of order but it changes daily

4 by Garry Spicer Review source

One of the cheaper petrol stations in town offering pay at pump and pay at kiosk options.

4 by Paul Preston Review source

Typical Tesco's petrol station. 3 staff and only one serving. Even with a que.

3 by Leigh Pullen Review source

Petrol station is close enough to work and under cuts prices elsewhere

4 by Julian Shove Review source

Nice friendly staff nice petrol station handy for Tesco express

5 by Betty Lalonde Review source

Very expensive and they charge you for using pay at pump!

1 by Adam Bernard Review source

its a petrol station but air and water niy working

3 by Sebastien Deborde Review source

It's a petrol station.... air is charged 50p

5 by James Randell Review source

Large supermarket with Costa but no restaurant

4 by Richard Dass Review source

Woops woops go Tesco it's your birthday

5 by Thomas jackson Review source

Pretty good. Good selection for size of shop

4 by Ross Blake Review source

Its a petrol station. They have petrol.

4 by Review source

Always polite and prices well advertised

4 by Christopher Prince Review source

Everything you expect from an Extra

5 by Sina Jazayeri Review source

Always getting fuel mixed up !!!

1 by Sharon Bourne Review source

Usual Track store and produce

5 by Terence Thomson-Dewey Review source

Buy food supplies here too x

4 by Julie Bluepaws Review source

Good all round Tesco store

4 by ian corbett Review source

Get petrol from here always

5 by Jodie Smith Review source

It's a petrol garage

3 by john jeeves Review source

Reasonably priced fuel

5 by Dawn Collick Review source

Good economical fuel.

4 by Graham Triggs Review source

Goof & cheap

5 by Lord Geoff Barber Review source

Has pay at pump

4 by Danny Marsh Review source

Friendly staff

5 by Marcellus Coetzee Review source


3 by Gary Varga Review source

Easy access

5 by Timothy Mills-smith Review source


4 by Lynsey Saunders Review source

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