Fleet Services Northbound - Fleet

Rest Stop, Auto Repair Shop, Transportation Service, Workshop



M3, Fleet, GU51 1AA

+44 1252 788528




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Elderly site built before the onset of cheap car transport with problems caused by multiple expansions instead of the radical rebuild it desperate needs.

The car park is built in several undulating sections across a woodland slope, very romantic but a nuisance when moving around on foot.

The extended building isn't much better. First impressions are of a Cramped layout accessed by stairs or a steep uphill zig zag ramp.

The clean Toilets are almost up to modern standards and better than some Motorway sites.

Catering is pretty standard with sufficient choice provided you aren't looking for a restaurant.

Late evening visitors share the car park and wooded area with amorous couples, dog walking during an evening journey break can be educational.

3 by Kevin K Review source

Disabled access is absolutely appalling. The ramp is uneven and slippy, I couldn't get up there without help, and the chairs, aisles and walkways are so narrow my wheelchair wouldn't fit through. The disabled bathroom stank - you coiled smell it with the door closed from 3 metres away! When I went in, there was waste all over the floor, the walls were covered in grime and it looked and smelled like it hadn't been cleaned in at least a month. It was absolutely disgusting and shame on them for putting me and every other wheelchair user through that. We spoke to the staff but they just shrugged and didn't seem to really care.

1 by Sarah Webb Review source

Good services but as a vegetarian it could be better. Always very busy and parking can be a bit of an issue but I have always managed to get a space. Of course they enjoy the usual bonus of being on the motorway so everything is VERY expensive and if you need a break and food you have no choice but pay the inflated prices. Even McDonald's are more expansive and offer a limited menu.

Lots of dog walkers, limited dog walking space, lots of cars and busy place!

3 by C G Ellison Review source

I used to like Fleet until it was rebuilt. The new sprung floor makes a small family sound like a stampeding herd and sitting in to eat is like being on a trampoline:The table jiggles when anyone walks past! The choice of food is quite up-market (aka expensive, even for motorway service areas). This used to be my 'stop' on the way to visit friends but I will be looking for a different service area. Quite disappointed!

2 by Rosie Rigby-Jones Review source

Nice break if you need to chill or have animal companions. First service that I've visited that has lovely pines growing all around. So perfect if you like nature.

I'm not so keen on the variety of food during out of hours. Mc Donald and WHSmith is open but could have a little more to offer on the food range. Sandwiches are nearly £4!!! Shocking... Overall it's good place to have a break.

4 by Edyta Batruch Review source

I really like these Service stations whether you're stopping for fuel, comfort, food/drink or a break from driving. Large ladies and mens room, variety of fast food outlets, healthier food options and convenience shops to cater for all kind of tastes. Prices vary but all seem very reasonable for the location, no other services for quite a few miles wherever your final destination is.

5 by Julie Elliott Review source

Very impressive services, I’ve never stopped anywhere so much as I often drive to and from London and never fail to stop here if I’m passing. Considering there was a huge fire here this year, they have been amazing to get a number of different food and drink outlets back up and running in temporary buildings while they re rebuild a new permanent complex. Don’t drive by if you’re passing!

5 by EllJay11 Review source

Got a reasonable selection of the standard outlets unfortunately while the southbound side is being rebuilt a large section of the lorry park is taken up with workers parking for no good reason as the car parks are hardly ever full. Use of the toilets is free so there's no reason to relieve yourself in the lorry park. Parking is free for 2 hours for both lorries and cars

3 by Rs Davies Review source

Welcome Break is a pretty good services with a Starbucks, McDonald's, Subway and Waitrose. The services itself is set amidst gorgeous pine trees which is very different from other services I have been to. There were quite a few electric car charging points and parking was aplenty. The prices were reasonable for a service stop. The Shell pump was also adequate.

5 by Harikrishnan Balachandran Review source

KFC, Mc Donalds, TWO Starbucks with another Starbucks drive thru as well as Subway, WHSmiths and Waitrose. Tesla Supercharger and nice bench area beneath some pine trees also present. And if thet still isn't enough for you, there is a brige to the Southbound services for even more selection. Pretty sure you'll find what you want here.

5 by Review source

Temporary services here as the old dingy ones burned down. The temporary one is ironically nicer. A number of fast food restaurants (Starbucks, Harry Ramsdens, a couple of others and a W H Smith's). Very busy services, but you can take the bridge to the nicer southbound services for more choice of shops and restaurants.

4 by David Edwards Review source

Restroom clean and tidy, Starbucks quick and easy, friendly staff, Waitrose easy to use as well. Ideal stop. ATM on site.
Car electric charging facilities available.
Fuel station is OK, cost is higher than supermarkets prices. Waiting restrictions apply (time limits) excess charge applies

4 by Andrew cannon Review source

Expensive, dirty and the bare minimum required. Unless you are in a rush or it's the middle of the night then have a look down the A30 for some better alternatives.

The worst part is the horrid background noise in the dining area. It's unpleasant to be there for very long.

2 by Andrew Thorne Review source

Best for a traveller. You can find free toilets, any food or drink you want. Petrol station and a lot of other things. It is on the both side of the motorway. It is not so cheap as a local store, but it is on the motorway, don't forget. It can save your life. :) We really love it.

5 by Chris Review source

This larger service area has more services than most including a second drive-through Starbucks near the exit. Accommodation is available at Welcome Break. KFC is here as are McDonald's, Subway and W H Smiths. There are lots of charging points here at both ends of the car park.

5 by Brian C Rolfe Review source

Obviously quite convenient as a loo break, but terrible for packaged goods, prices are well over double what they would be elsewhere in the country. Fortunately the fast food and coffee shops are regular prices and plenty. Probably not as clean as the southbound, but not terrible.

3 by Ryan Ayley Review source

Sitting outside is actually very pleasant with the scent of the pine tree, so long as it's sunny anyway. All the usual outlets, Starbucks coffee at this one, but have never found it crowded inside. Fuel at the usual extortionate prices, but who buys fuel at a motorway stop?

4 by Bob Draper Review source

Nice area, a d big parking space. They are doing some refurbishment work, but still easy to access in the welcome break with all the signs in the area.
Clean area, good customer service. Road works going on M3, so quite a bit 50mph driving before reaching there fr London :)

4 by Shawkat Osm Review source

Fleet is by far one of my favourite services, partly because it is always been one of the key service station stops on our trip from London to the Isle of Wight, but I have a strange affinity for the services and it provides a great range of service providers.

4 by Tristan Griffiths Review source

Very busy services with small car parking spaces and an offering that some other services far exceed. Still has some good places though such as a Waitrose and Starbucks drive through. Not many other options on thia stretch of the M3, otherwise I'd avoid.

3 by Joel Kirstein Review source

Free toilets here. Can't complain about that. In terms of food, there's Starbucks, KFC, Subway, McDonald's. There's also a waitrose here. If you drive an EV, you can charge your car here too. Pretty conveniently located rest stop.

4 by Daniel Wong Review source

Great stop off place. Easy to drive into, park and take a break. Always stop there on my trips towards London. Although if everyone stopped there wouldn't be enough parking spaces.
Not sure if there are electric car chargers yet.

5 by M Tky Review source

An unpleasant but necessary place. A couple of places to get food, and of course fuel. Tesla charging points recently installed. A small wooded area to walk the dog on a long journey. Getting old, and feeling grubby these days though.

2 by Jamie Powell Review source

An excellent services with everything you need & they always seem to be kept clean. It will be good when the Southbound services reopen (assuming it will still be accessible via the bridge) as this should allow even more choice

5 by Ashley Dowling Review source

In the middle of a major refurbishment which is long overdue. The best part is that it has a shaded outdoor area under lovely trees that gives plenty of shade on a sunny day. Will be much better once the building work is complete.

2 by Ian Cumbers Review source

Not bad as far as services go. If you have got a nipper in tow with you then you aren't going to be impressed by the cleanliness of the baby changing rooms. Good selection of places to eat though and a nice setting.

3 by Niche Success Review source

The service station is currently under construction following a major fire. There is a temporary building that has everything you may need for a comfort break. Signage not that good to the current facilities.

4 by Helen Wilson Review source

No matter if we have just left 10 minutes ago or are just 15 minutes from our destination it has become tradition that we always stop at Fleet services no matter what. Great place to stretch your legs

4 by Matt Robinson Review source

Friendly place. Wooded parking area for hgv's. Showers ok but could do with a clean after each use. Other than that, probably one of the better ones I stop at. Multiple choice for food etc.

4 by Stephen McFarland Review source

KFC and a crapper. What more do you need? Would be 5 stars, but they expect you to split your own rubbish into 6 different bins. I expect a discount if you want me to work after my food

4 by Matt Quinton Review source

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