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Oh wow. Sometimes certain places become synonymous with an amazing food experience, and that's what happened with Bread&Meat and Cambridge. I had the brisket sandwich with melted cheese curds on a toasted ciabiatta. Wife had the honey and soy chicken. Both were perfection, and if they cost £7.50 so what? You can pay half that and get something that tastes less than half as good. If you appreciate attention to detail and thoughtfully, expertly, prepared sandwiches head here. Root beer and chocolate malt milkshakes, aoili, sriracha mayo, so good. Seating for about 30 so try and get there in a quiet time. Highly recommended.

5 by themightychew Review source

Incredible place to eat. The food is very high quality, well cooked and incredibly tasty. They cut the meat fresh off the bone in front of you and if meat is not your thing, the vegi option is lovely.

Not a huge choice on the menu but you’ll want to go back to try all of the options because everyone they do is great.

The only downside is the size of the restaurant. They probably only have 12 - 15 seats so be prepared to take away if you go at peak times.

4 by Rob Woods Review source

When the in-store menu hesitated, the boss take the initiative to introduce out from the front of the counter, kind and patient. Point a chicken bread, and another pork. Do not like to eat bread, but this bread is very tasty chewy, chicken and onions. Unique sauces with them, tastes great! Pork friend point, the skin is very crispy not oil, rich in all kinds of side dishes. Focus is on price lovely to Cambridge, worth a visit.

5 by Chinchi Li Review source

I'm sure they do other sandwiches - but the roast pork sandwich is among the best I've ever had. Pork that tasted of pig, a lovely mixture of meat and unctuous fat. Light as air crackling, of the sort I wish I could produce reliably at home. And no baby-food sweet apple sauce - instead a vinegary salsa verde to cut through the fat. Maybe I'll try the other sandwiches one day ...

5 by Tony Jewell Review source

Fantastic place to eat, great quality food with decent prices (Considering it's in central Cambridge) too. We had two of the Gourmet sandwiches - Topside of Beef and Philly Cheese Steak, both of which were to die for.

Great service, pleasant staff and a great place for a casual lunch with a great, relaxed atmosphere to boot.

Highly recommended.

5 by Charlie Black Review source

Superb sandwiches. Philly cheese steak sandwich was best I have had this side of the pond. Some more iconic sandwiches from around the world would help. Also would recommend serving sandwiches with a side of chips or coleslaw. Buying a side to go with the £8-9 sandwich is a bit much for a lunch café, especially for students.

5 by Dwaipayan Adhya Review source

Good home cooked food. Service was good and choice on the menu was excellent. Little bit pricey for the portion of the chips you actually got so would stay away from them in future however the sandwhiches we ordered were delicious. We did have to prompt for our table to be cleaned followibg the last guests leaving.

4 by Tracy Hughes Review source

Wondefurl place, really great charming friendly staff.. the porchetta sanwich is just WOW, cooked perfeclty, crunchy & tasty skin ,served with fresh light salsa verde. The bread ciabatta is also very good.
I suggest also the roasted potatoes with garlic mayo.

Defanetly you should try it.

5 by Casa Tua Review source

Great food, the chicken with soy and yuzu is by far the best dis, having said that all the others are fantastic tasty too. Decent price. The bowl option, despite no bread is more than ample with the sides they give you. Enjoy it and go here after the punting has made you hungry. Very casual atmosphere.

5 by Carla Curtis-Tansley Review source

Come here to get a good £5 sandwich for £7-8. Not bad but nothing at all special. The do poutine, which I have not yet tried, but have heard mixed reports. Not bad if you want a meaty sandwich, but nothing to write home about. Beers between $4-5 for a 330ml bottle - that kind of place.

3 by Duncan Stibbard Hawkes Review source

The soy and ginger chicken is to die for. Wedges and slaw are also good; one portion is enough for two. Bottled and canned craft beers are also worth going for. Didn't try the deserts; stuffed after the sandwich. A little pricey but still one of my favourite places in Cambridge.

5 by Jonathan Crowe Review source

They have a very limited selection in terms of the sandwiches, but boy do they make em'! Absolutely sumptuous honey soy chicken, love the skin on bold fries and lovely selections of brownies(the flavors vary from week to week). Really friendly owner and great bunch of staff.

5 by Amogh Kar Review source

Yet another fantastic meal here. The sandwiches are great, the bowls are wonderful. Cheery staff that cares about quality food. Quite likely the best casual lunch in Cambridge. Oh, the coffee is also excellent, and there is a small but choice selection of craft beer.

5 by Evan Miles Review source

The porchetta sandwich really hit the spot for me. Not a bad price for freshly roasted juicy pork with crackling with pesto on a fresh roll. The potato wedges were roasted, thought they'd be fried so was disappointed. But for what they were they were alright.

5 by Review source

You can't go wrong with Bread & Meat. A little pricey (around £8+ for said bread and meat), but great-tasting and fresh food that does a good job filling you up. The staff are perfectly friendly, and I enjoy coming here as an occasional treat to myself.

4 by Hannah Review source

The meat is cooked perfectly, great flavours with moist roast meat served in good bread.

Head's up though : any other meal you eat on the same day you've had a bread and meat sandwich is going to feel like sacrilege.

5 by Tom Hanrahan Review source

Super tasty food! We ordered the bowl meal one with porchetta and another with honey soy chicken. Both dishes were perfect and delicious. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I will definitely come back!!!

5 by Camila Hernandez Review source

Always get the philly cheese steak when I am here. A clear favourite with the Uni crowd. A rather small establishment so may not be the most appropriate for big groups. Definitely a trendy place for a good bite

5 by Hann Ah Leong Review source

Staff was friendly and helpful, sandwiches we're good, but... as a Canadian, that's not poutine. Needs a thicker gravy, fries were very bland, cheese curds didn't squeek between your teeth.

4 by Matthew Laird Review source

Philly Cheese steak wasn't the best. I expected it be full of flavour. But three bites in I got bored of the flavour and couldn't finish. I'll come back to get a different sandwich though.

3 by Review source

Wow, the food in Bread & Meat is amazing. I unfortunately don't live in Cambridge but if I did I would want to eat here everyday.
Check this place out, you'd be sorry if you miss it.

5 by Grant Riggs Review source

Best sandwichs ever, poutine and the honey chicken is the way to go! Coffee is great too. This is always my go to spot everytime I'm in Cambridge, nice vibe decent prices and amazing food.

5 by Review source

Great service, food is quick and tasty and gluten free option for sandwiches. If you want to eat in be prepared to share a table, not very British but you should not let this put you off.

5 by Ian Gillespie Review source

The crackling is what gets me back every time. I still think about their original Vancouver Gastown shop that I went to years ago; so happy they're now also available closer to home!

5 by Liyang HU Review source

Best Reuben sandwich I have had. We ate lunch here, it was very busy but staff remained friendly. Came back for dinner since it is absolutely the best place to get a sandwich in Cambridge

5 by Julia Vasquez Review source

I took a vegetarien sandwich which was delicious. The bread was warm and crunchy and the vegetables fresh and tasty. I really liked the cozy environment. Definitively a nice spot to try.

5 by Alessandra Cepparulo Review source

Very tasty. Simple menu, nice area to sit, helpful staff. I think the prices are totally acceptable given the quality of the food and the high rents businesses pay in the city centre

4 by Guy Goodrick Review source

Amazing food and great service. Can't say enough good things about this place. Try everything!!! Was feeling down before hand. After feel like a million bucks... but so full!

5 by Cameron Mann Review source

Delicious food, although a relatively small selection. Prices are very reasonable and service is very quick. Love the unusual style of food and the quaint, intimate interior.

5 by Peter Yurasov-Ford Review source

delicious snacks. The chicken for me the best. affordable price, about £ 8 and is authentic bread. Good selection of drinks. young atmosphere. Certainly highly recommended.

5 by Leila Alcalde Review source

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